Ultragirl vs The Dragon Man

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Ultragirl vs Dragon

Ultragirl (emitted by Black Panther)

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seaport district

Ultragirl stops The Dragon Man's attack on the docks.

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The seaport district is found on the lower east side of the isle of Manhattan. There ships come in from all parts of the world, dock, unload or load their cargo, and within an incredibly short period, depart again. The seaport district is dotted with warehouses, piers, cranes, ships, shipping containers, and all sorts of other maritime accessories and it stretches for countless yards in all directions.
The evening has fallen on Manhattan, cloudy skies threaten rain and the humidity is high right along with the heat of the summer day that still radiates from the buildings and ground. The seaport is always filled with activity as ships do not wait around for daylight to be serviced. Constantly people are moving containers, shipping to and fro, and otherwise very busy.
The routine goes unchecked; and like ants men/women operate machinery, move about, and do their duties. Until something goes horribly wrong.

A roar is heard, not human, not animal, but something beyond that of normal vocal range. It resonates throughout the seaport area and causes the people within to give pause. Things come to a slow halt as ears tune in to hear the origin of the roar, hoping that it's not another monster or supervillain attack.
Another roar is heard and then the rending of metal follows. Clanging, then suddenly coming out from between shipping crates the creature known as the Dragon Man is seen. It lumbers toward the metal foundation/framework of one of the taller cranes. Opening its large maw, flame is expelled which assaults one of the four feet that supports the 200 foot tall structure. Then the creature closes the distance.
Workers start running, scattering in fear. The workers in the crane (3 of them) aren't fully aware of what is happening. At least until they hear the metal being twisted and feel the crane they are in tremble.
The Dragon Man rips the metal crane leg out of the foundation causing a sudden shift in the crane (however it will take breaking of the second leg to cause it to tumble into the sea).

It's probably a good thing Ultragirl was close by when all this started, flying over the area 'on patrol'. The roaring gets her attention, and she pauses, hovering in place, to try and figure out where from where the sound comes. The blast of flames over by the crane helps her to zero in on the location, and she's already flying that way when the big machine starts to teeter. Angling her flight down, she speeds towards the ... thing... that seems to be the cause of the problem, aiming to tackle it away from the crane long enough that she might have a chance to save the workers before it falls.

Smashing into the 15' behemoth, Ultragirl's tackle doesn't exactly go as she may have thought. Had she herself had more mass, more speed and been a touch more sizeable, then yes, it could have gone nicely. Instead. She smashes into the hard leathery hide of the Dragon Man and grabs. The creature pauses, looks down at her, and if she could imagine it (or if the beak allowed it to) smiling, it would. The wings of the creature unfold and it twists, roars, and will attempt to knock Ultragirl away with 50 tons of force. Mainly just to knock her off of himself and could take the breath out of her, depending on resistances.

Ultragirl takes the hit, but hangs on. Then, shifting her grip on her larger opponent's body, she muscles Dragon Man off his feet, spins him around... and hurls him with all her might out over the water -- and away from the people and equipment of the docks. This done, she leaps into flight after him, intent on keeping his attention on /her/, and the fight away from the docks-area.

Propelled into the air, the Dragon Man is no stranger to flight. Outside of 100 feet; His wings catch the air, he pulls up and arcs back around to face the oncoming UltraGirl. His mouth opens, roars, and a gulf of flame erupts toward her in a cone line fashion.

Ultragirl flies right into and through Dragon Man's fire. She gets a bit 'cooked' on the way through, but her bravado seems to take her opponent by surprise, when she comes right out of his flames and lands a powerful punch to his mid-section that sends him flying back, farther away from the port and over the water. Ultragirl begins closing on him, again - although now she's moving a little more slowly, wary of that fire-breath of his!

The grand-slam dazed Dragon Man, shook him up a bit and made him lose altitude. He splashes into the water and sinks like a very heavy rock into the dark blue and brown of the harbor.

Ultragirl's eyes widen. "Oh crap... if I KO'd him, he'll drown!", she says to herself, and dives down into the water, holding her breath as she tries to find her downed opponent to drag up to the surface -- little knowing that this particular opponent doesn't even HAVE to breathe...

It being nighttime, there's no ambient light to assist her in her search. Ultragirl finds the very deep (250ft) water confusing, dark, and will find no sign of Dragon Man therein.

Ultragirl flies herself back up out of the water and looks around, to see if Dragon Man's anywhere in sight... "Oh, man! I hope I didn't drown him... it...whatever!", she says as she spends a few moments trying to spot her opponent.

Nothing but the churned up waters of he harbor, plus a very large cargo ship coming in Ultragirl's direction.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

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