Ultragirl meets Miss Marvel

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Ultragirl meets Miss Marvel

Ultragirl, Miss Marvel

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in the skies over NYC

Ultragirl meets Miss Marvel

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Given everything that is going on, some might wonder how the Chairwoman of the Avengers finds the time to step away from a building crisis to deal with something else. The answer is pretty simple: Carol Danvers eagerly snatches up the chance to get away from the stress and go deal with something somehow 'normal' - for her - as a break. So when a SWORD dispatch brings to her attention that Kree communication signals have been detected planetside several times in recent weeks, and that one of them is ongoing /right now/, Ms. Marvel takes action.
As 'normal' as it may be. Ms. Marvel doesn't just barge right in. She takes one or two overflights at much higher altitudes, getting a good read on the situation. The signal appears to be coming from a position on /that/ rooftop in the southern reaches of Midtown Manhattan. And the signal goes off every time /that/ figure comes flying by on another circuit around the City. At first, Carol can't be sure why the Kree would care. But it doesn't take much to get a visual match, and a data search pulls up a video clip of a modeling photo shoot in Central Park. A Sentinel. And its first words. Oh, crud.
As the young woman now calling herself Ultragirl flies by once again, a form comes blurring down out of the sun, a dark blur with a rumble of thunder that follows. Ms. Marvel skates right by Suzy at a range of perhaps five yards ... and then beelines across towards that rooftop. Unfortunately, she lands with a grimace and some very 'unladylike' language, as a flare of energy signifies an immediate beam-out by the Kree spy. "SWORD Control, this is Marvel. Do you have a bead on the other end of that transport beam?" More cursing follows.

Ultragirl's, indeed, just flying about over the city, doing her 'on patrol' thing, because she's still new to this heroing thing and hasn't got a clue about how else to go about making herself available in case she's needed. Hey... it worked that day when Dragon Man attacked the docks, right?
Suzy's got no clue about SWORD or Kree, and she hasn't realy thought about the words that big robot said when she kept it from smushing her parents, since then. She has no clue about any signal being sent when she flies past certain parts of the town or that Miss Marvel's flying overhead... until the elder heroine swooshes past her so suddenly.
With a yelp of surprise, Ultragirl 'skids' to a mid-air stop that leaves her hovering there and looks down to where Miss Marvel's calling in to SWORD about the beamout. "Oh wow! An Avenger!", she says, mostly to herself, as she recognizes the woman on the rooftop, below, and starts down to see what's going on. "Hi!", she calls as she nears. "Something going on? Anything I can help with?", she asks.

Oh, fudgecicles! Ms. Marvel clamps her mouth shut before more profanity can slip out, demanding control from herself even when she's wound this tight with frustration. Then she spins around, regarding the hovering young blonde, giving her a slow once-over. A reasonably practical costume, decent coverage, good support, bright, and not unattractive. All of that flows through her head pretty quickly thanks to a lifetime spent with Janet van Dyne. "Hello. You are the young woman they've taken to calling 'Ultragirl', aren't you?" Well, if she's not going to catch the Kree, she can at least say hello to the newbie. Besides, girl helped out Hercules. She deserves a little face-time, even if the Mansion is largely on lockdown right now. Carol floats up to face Suzy, extending her hand, still in that mid-bicep length black glove. "I'm Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers." As if she needs any introduction?

"Yeah, I'm Ultragirl... Suzy Sherman", is the teenager's reply as she accepts the hand that's offered to her. The girl's not wearing a mask, and she gave her name straight-up in reply to Miss Marvel's introduction. Of course, with her oh-so-public 'awakening', she never had a chance at a 'secret identity', did she?
Then, as she's grasping that hand, her eyebrows furrow together and she scans down Miss Marvel's body and then holds out her other hand to look at it, then back at the Avenger. "Hey...! Your aura's like mine! I've never seen someone with an aura /just/ the same shade of green as mine", she says.

"Good to meet you, Suzy." Carol comments with a nod. Yep, that had been what she'd heard from the brief reports and overviews she'd picked up. Maybe that makes it easier, the two of them, since neither is dealing with a secret identity? As if anything in the 'heroic life' is ever really easy.
The taller, older blonde eyes Suzy curiously as she goes on about auras and colors and such. "Not really sure what you're going on about, Suzy. I don't see people in colors. I've heard about auras - you can't hang with Strange and not hear the word - but I don't see them." Carol concentrates her sometimes forgotten electromagnetic senses on the other, and then on herself, considering. She'd have to agree with the blasted Sentinel, naturally. "That being said, you and I do have something in common, kiddo. Kree genetics." Y'know, besides being built, buff, blonde, and flying.

"What's 'Kree'?", asks Ultragirl, her tone of voice matching the puzzled look on her face. "Oh, hey! That's the word that giant robot used, the one who tried to squash my parents!", she suddenly adds. Then, hands falling to her hips as she continues to hover, she adds, "... but I still don't know what it means. I never really thought about it much, honestly. Is that some kinda special sciency way to say I have super-powers?"

Kids! Carol thinks back, trying to remember if she was ever this young, this self-absorbed that nothing in history could possibly matter to her life. Probably. She shakes her head and tries to answer Suzy, all the while imagining the girl is likely to panic any second now. Great. "The Kree are an alien humanoid race, far older, more technologically advanced than humanity. Their homeworld is Hala. Their empire has tried to take over or destroy the Earth a few times over the years." Moving on!

"One of their greatest heroes, but also one of their most reviled traitors, was Mar-Vell, the hero who started me on the path of super-heroics." Carol pronounces the name 'Mar-Vale.' "I was a friend of his while I was at NASA. I was bombarded with energy from a Kree superweapon, which imprinted his genetics on me. That's how I became Ms. Marvel, with these powers." Or something close to them. "From what I can tell, it seems something similar was done to you, imprinting Kree DNA on you. Not sure how, or why. But that's what the Sentinel was picking up: to its scans, you are a human-Kree hybrid with superpowers." And there it is.

Ultragirl listens, with an only /somewhat/ incredulous look on her face, hands still on her hips as she floats. After Carol finsihes speaking, a few heartbeats pass before the girl finally replies.
"... you're trying to tell me that I'm an alien? How can I be an alien when my mom and dad aren't aliens? They even have a video of when I was born, and I came outta my mom, not outta a spaceship...", she says, lifting one hand to gesture vaguely upwards as she finishes that statement.

Bah! "I didn't say you were an alien, Suzy. /I'm/ not an alien. What I said was that you are, somehow, a human-Kree hybrid. I /know/ what happened to me to make this happen. But I haven't lived your life, so I have no idea when or how this went down." Carol explains. "And while I could posit a hundred different possible scenarios, at the moment I don't think any of that really matters. It will, someday, and when it does if you want help finding out the truth, I'll do what I can to help you. But for now, all that matters is I know why it is you have powers, and why it is that the Sentinel - and others - detects you as being of Kree origin."

"So... I only have powers 'cause I'm, like, part-alien?", Ultragirl says, pretty well just repeating what she's just been told. "... I don't remember ever getting zapped by a bomb or whatsit, though. I'd think I'd remember something like that", she adds, with an 'I am sure!' nod of her head for emphasis. "I'm just glad I found out about my powers when I really needed 'em... my mom and dad would've died."

(OOC NOTE: I don't know -what- happened here... there's at LEAST two poses missing, probably more... They just didn't make it into the log, somehow, even though I'm quite certain the log was running when those poses came up. Basically, in these missing poses, Miss Marvel suggested that Suzy could, someday, visit the Avengers' Mansion, and Suzy went a little 'fangirl', excited at the prospect.)

"Yes. You, at Avengers' Mansion." Ms. Marvel offers, stifling the urge to laugh at the girl's excitement. She'd never forgive herself for that. She /knows/ how that feels. How it felt to be invited into the homes of legendary women pilots and astronauts, given a chance to share time with them. It rocked her world, and they all respected her. Spoke well of her. None of them laughed, humiliating the fangirl. Carol will show Suzy the same respect and warmth to the best of her ability. But she does have her limits.

"Woohoo!!", calls out the teenager, throwing her arms up into the air, and, again, flying in a loop-de-loop. "That'll be awesome! Thank you!", she says, once she's finished her loop. Excitement? Check. Huge smile? Check. Done with the fan-girl squealishness? Yeah, that, too, even if she's still /totally/ full of excited energy, right now. "I'm gonna hafta tell Mom and Dad! Oh! Can I bring them, too?", she asks. "Or is that place only for people with superpowers? I /know/ they'd wanna check it out, talk to people and stuff... they've always been kinda protective of me, I guess. It feels kinda... OVERprotective, now, with my powers and all, but they're my parents. They'll wanna know for themselves."

Carol womanfully resists the urge to groan. She considers it for a moment - what may feel like forever to one of such fangirlish glee - and then nods. "Yeah. Sure. You can bring your parents by. But it needs to wait until we're not on lockdown anymore." Considering, Carol pulls out a card from a thin pouch secreted behind her long red sash, holding it out to Suzy. "You have your parents call this number. We'll arrange a time for your visit, them included. And I'll try to have a few more Avengers around than just me." Not to mention the support staff. Poor Jarvis, preparing food for a teen palette. Cruelty beyond words. "For now, I want you to do one thing for me, Suzy. Keep yourself aware of your surroundings. I showed up here today because we're picking up Kree communication signals. I think they're watching you. And you tell your parents that if you disappear, they're to call that number and tell them it's an emergency. I don't know if the Kree watching you would try to nab you. But I don't want to ignore the possibility. Hear me? You /did/ learn 'Stranger Danger', right?"

"Signals? ...Disappear?", Suzy says, taking the card. She glances at it, then stuffs it into the pocket on the side of one of her legs. "Yeah... 'don't talk to strangers' and all that. If they're aliens, though, I'll be able to tell", she adds, reaching up to tap gesture at her eyes. "I can see people's auras, after all, and if they're the same kinda alien you say we are, I'll know for /sure/", she adds. It sounds /almost/ silly, but she says it seriously. "... and I'll tell Mom and Dad what you said.... but... what if it's /them/ that disappear? I got 'em bodyguards as part of my contract with UnderArmor, but what're those guys gonna do against /aliens/?"

Carol nods sagely. "If they disappear, Suzy, you call that number. Same answer." The rest, she lets go. The girl seems to have a solid hold on things, so there's no need to pick it apart. It'll do, until it doesn't. When it doesn't, Suzy knows she can get help, that she's not in life alone. That'll have to be enough. It is for the rest of them.

Suzy nods her head. "Okay...", she says, after a moment. Her happy-go-lucky mein of a bit ago is gone, with the thought of danger to her family. "I better keep flying around, I guess? Kinda doing the 'patrol' thingie, even if I don't feel a buzz in my head the way Spidey said he does", she says, with a gesture vaguely behind herself, in probably just a random direction. "You probably got important stuff to do, too, being as you're an Avenger and all."

"Unfortunately, I do. But don't ever thing that you aren't important, too, Suzy. Take care of yourself. Your family. And everyone else. Good luck." That said, Ms. Marvel gives one more smile, and lifts off, taking to the skies above at high altitudes. She's going to check in with SWORD about this, before she heads back to the Mansion.

Suzy watches Carol fly away, marvelling at how /fast/ the woman can fly. "Wow...", she says, then turns to resume her 'patrol' over the Big Apple.

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