Ultragirl meets Spidey

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Ultragirl meets Spidey

Ultragirl Spider-Man

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07/24/12 13:30

rooftops over NYC

Ultragirl meets her favorite web-slinger… and unsuccessfully flirts

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It's been a busy day for the young man known as Peter Parker. The classes went well, he finished up his last off season lecture, and he was able to even get in some swingtime. It was straight from Empire State University that he leapt off the roof and across the small park before he /twhipped/ into the air. Swinging from one building to the other he was able to build up a good head of steam.
Of course those are the moments he lives for. The times when he's rushing across a rooftop, leaping off the end of it and diving straight down without a care in the world, only to snare life from death at the last moment by firing a webline into the air and snagging the corner of a building. His momentum is snared, the fall shifted fluidly into a graceful arc that launches him upwards. He lets go of the webline, twisting and turning in mid-air as he breaks the bonds of gravity. For a time he seems almost to float before the world retakes its primacy upon his falling form.
Another webline, another thwip, and he's rushing along the side of a skyscraper. The mirrored glass of its windows reflecting the iconic image of the red and blue hero as he runs along it sideways, defying physics and gravity. He leaps off and then lands upon a perch atop a water tower, tilting his head to the side as he picks up the slightly tingle of his spider-sense granting him some echo of warning for something distant.

Down out of the sky above, from where she saw New York's favorite web-slinger moving along, Ultragirl floats down out of the sky, where she'd been flying and relaxing a bit after having /just/ helped take down a big, bad robot that had one heckuva right hook. She's not /intentionally/ trying to sneak up on Spider-Man, but she's not flying fast or making a lot of noise... until she happily chirps, "Heya, Spidey!" as she comes level with him.

It's so strange how sometimes people can get the drop on Spidey. Of course it's never a person who has malicious intent, so it's always the good sorts of greetings that sneak up on him and rattle his cage.
He blinks quickly, whirling with a smooth flip to twist around and land upon one hand, then settle into a perch on the edge of that water tower. The mirrored lenses in his mask reflect her image back to him as he cocks his head curiously at her. Balancing on the balls of his feet he rests his arms upon his knees, "Umm, hey there, floating orange girl." He pauses then gestures slightly in the direction she came from where the Super-Adaptoid went down. "You didn't happen to have anything to do with that ruckus over yonder?"

"Over by the park? Yeah... some copy-cat robot copied Hercules and then me, but me and him and some lady cop with a long-ass name that I can't remember... we took it down. Herc called in the Avengers' clean-up crew and I decided to just fly around and chill for a bit... then I saw you swinging around and thought I'd drop down and say hi!", Ultragirl says, almost all in a single breath, and ending with a hand-wave and a bright smile when she says the last word.

"Hnh," Spidey says that as he takes in that steady stream of words from Ultragirl, then he looks off in that direction again. "That's weird, lotsa robots and all." For a time Parker muses to himself about something then he gives a nod back to her. "Well good to hear it's ok now. And oh hey, hi back at ya."
That having been said he /leaps/ off the perch on the water tower, twistingsmoothly in the air and then extending one arm to fire a webline with a _thwip!_. The line catches a distant billboard that he swings around... and around until he's able to take up a perch there. Perhaps he's assuming that she'll get bored and fly off, but then again he probably doesn't know her very well either.

Ultragirl watches and flits over in that direction. "Hey, you going somewhere in a hurry?", she wonders. "I only just finally got to say hi, after seeing ya web-slinging over my head for so long!", she says, still all smiles. Oh god... is that a flirtatious tone to her voice, too? Oh, yeah, the way she's cocking that one knee up and has her hands on her hips, too... yeah, she's trying to 'look pretty' and all that, too.

"Well, I tend to do this whole thing of, you know, fighting crime... and all?" And what Spidey wouldn't pay for like a nice mugger to swoop down on at the moment, or heck even a parking violation would server right now. Not that he dislikes Ultragirl, really not her fault, but after that write up that the Bugle did on her and all those glowing things people have said on one hand he feels petty for being grumpy about it... and on the other well if she gets caught hanging around him then her rep my take a hit.
Another leap and he drops straight down, snaring a flagpole as he falls and using it to /launch/ himself back into the air with a loud _thrummmm!_ of sound as he flicks through the sky. Another webline fires and he pulls himself forward, almost seeming to fly as he lands upon a rooftop's industrial air conditioner. It's perhaps then that he resigns himself to his fate and most likely can't lose her too easily, so when she draws close again he offers. "Did you, umm, want an autograph or something?"

Ultragirl watches, almost awestruck at the acrobatics that're even WAY more than she can pull off... and she's far better at that sort of thing, these days, than most any normal person. When he swings forward in one directly, she flies over thataway, too, easily keeping up. "Well... I don't think Spidey-graphs sell real good, and I don't collect that kinda thing in the first place", she says as she settles down to sit on the edge of the air conditioner next to where Spidey's perched. She even crosses one leg over the other, at the knee, and leans back onto both hands, so that she's looking sorta back and up at him, still all smiles. "I just always thought you were cool, even with that paper always writing bad stuff about you. Whoever let them print those stories is a dummy, 'cause /everyone/ knows you're not a bad guy, like they try to say!"

Spider-Man, for his part, is not entirely so rude. So he takes a small moment to sigh behind the mask then he shakes his head, "Well that's nice that you think so, wish some folks at the Bugle would too. I mean cripes, it's been how many years?"
Having said that, Spidey straightens up, taking a few steps across that large air-conditioner as one of its fans kick on. He hops down onto the gravelly rooftop and moves towards the edge to peer over the side. At least here people aren't hugely likely to get a photo-op of her chatting with Jameson's nemesis. He turns back to her and says, "Ok, confession time. I did totally read that story they did on you. I saw the whole fighty fight thing you did, and to be fair you've done decently so far. I mean lotsa folks would've turned the whole powers thing into a money deal and... oh dang." She might not know him well enough to recognize that he's teasing, but then again some part of it might bug him too.

Ultragirl pouts. "Well... my modelling jobs all got canned after my powers turned on... and UnderArmor offered me a job... /and/ I got them to hire bodyguards for my folks, too...", she says, losing her 'flirty' aire, even putting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. "You're not the first one who's said I'm some kinda sellout. I've seen the stuff they've written about me in magazines and newspapers, too...", she adds. "It kinda sucks... just 'cause I have superpowers, I can't take a good job when it's offered to me?"

"Hey, not calling you a sell-out. I mean, ok maybe a little..." Spider-Man kneels down there upon the lip of the rooftop and peers downwards. Nothing tingles his spider-sense yet, but he's 'listening'. A glance back is given to her and she'll see herself once again in those mirrored lenses. One bewebbed hand opens towards her and uncurls as he gestures in her direction. "And really, hey, who am I to say anything really? But just from my own experience it rarely works out when you try to capitalize off of your powers."
The way he moves is smooth, fluid, something almost preternatural in that ease of motion. He looks back towards the street. "It can lead to problems down the line. What if you start to worry about your image, your contracts, what if they start to send you notes asking you to try and be more high profile? You're no longer trying to help people. You're just trying to help you."

"My contract spells out what they're allowed to tell me to do and not do, actually. They wanted a superhero spokesperson? They got someone who wants to be a superhero, dangit!", Ultragirl says, almost defiant in tone. "I just hafta do a couple of commercials each year and do a few in-person spokesperson things each year... and wear the outfits they make for me. That's it", she adds, more calmly. "... they pay me for all that, /and/ they pay for bodyguards for my family, 'round the clock."
Getting up, the girl walks to the edge of the rooftop, too, and looks down as if trying to see what Spidey's looking at. "anyway... it was the best way I could think of to keep my folks as safe as I could, getting those bodyguards added to the contract...", she adds, in a quiet voice. "... they'd've got killed if my powers hadn't woke up that day, y'know..."

"Well, just make sure you keep your dad up to date. If you have someone looking out for you that'll be a good thing. I just know that I had to make a lot of the same choices you've made and I kinda live how I do for a reason. Not to say you can't do well as you're doing. Hey, maybe it's just not for me." Spider-Man rolls back up to his feet and steps past her, casually planting a splay-fingered hand upon that air conditioner and lifting himself up to balance there on just a pair of fingertips, holding himself aloft with that preternatural ease. A smooth carthweeling flip sees him land upon the edge of the air conditioner to look across the way at her. "Here, let me be more of a jerk. There is no Santa and the Tooth Fairy isn't real."

"Aw! So much for my childhood!", Ultragirl playfully whines, a bit of a smile returning to her face, again as she follows the joke that little bit. "I don't think your choices're the same as mine, anyway... you have a secret identity... I can't ever have one, thanks to whoever it was that filmed me in the park and then sold the footage. I didn't have a choice with that, and I didn't have a chance", she adds, heading back over to sorta half-lean against and half-sit against the machinery. "... just outta curiosity... is there a 'Mrs Spidey'? You /gotta/ know that lotsa girls in New York'd wanna know, and nobody really knows anything about you, 'cept what they see, hear, and read about you."

"True," Spidey gives her that at least, "Stinks you didn't have that option. So I guess you in part had to make do with the hand you were dealt." Spider-Man, for once, stops moving. It's clear he has a lot of nervous energy and often doesn't know what to do with it. But then when she gets off on that other tangent he eyes her sidelong and smirks behind the mask. Not that she can tell, though perhaps eventually she might get good enough at reading him. "Oh, a Mrs. Spidey? Nah, there's not. Ever since I got my mutation I've stopped dating what with the mandibles and ovipositor I grew. Very gruesome, remind me to never let you watch me eat soup. Very nasty." His head bobs as he makes this oh so heartfelt confession even as he balances on the balls of his feet.

Ultragirl looks surprised for a moment, then leans in closer, as if studying his jaw under the mask. "Nah... the way your face moves under your mask when you're talking, there's no /way/ you look like /that/ under it!", she says, insistently. Straightening back up, hands on her hips, she adds. "'sides... if you looked like /that/, why wear a mask? There wouldn't be a point to having a secret identity, would there?" She looks pleased with herself, and her little bit of logic. "Too bad you don't date, though... probably a lotta girls out there who'd wanna go out with a superhero", she says. Nope, not a /hint/ of suggestion in that statement she just made. Not at all. Wanna buy a bridge?

"Yeah, I know. Terrible isn't it. Oh well, the world will just have to keep on keepin' on." And with that Spidey seems to allow the topic of his datability to pass. Instead he opens his other hand towards her and offers, "Though if you want any advice or have any questions about the whole vigilante gig, ask away. I know I'm not exactly Captain America or Thor or whatever, but I've been doing this for a bit so can share what wisdom I have. Such as it is." His smirk is there again behind the mask, but again hard to tell what it is. Maybe it's the subtle movement of a mandible arranging itself against his carapace.

Ultragirl nods. "Well, I can't think of anything, right now. Too bad you can't give me any way to find ya, if I think of something later. You can probably find me easy enough, though, if you wanted to...", she says, as her feet lift off the ground and she simply hovers where she was standing. "Oh wait... how do you know where to go to find bad things happening, to try and stop? I just kinda had that robot show up where I happened to be, but I haven't had any luck finding places to be a hero at..." Yep, she's definitely young and brand new to the heroing biz.

Spider-Man takes a deep breath and squints at her sidelong, though from her point of view it probably just looks like his mask is twitching. He crinkles his nose and then says, "Sort of one of my things, I get this sort of vibe when something bad is about to go down if I'm in the area and I can hopefully get there in time to do something about it." Girding himself for her reaction he then adds, "I kinda call it my spider-sense, it's pretty useful."
That having been said he gets to his feet and stretches his arms above his head, his back arching as a few subtle crackles are heard even as he limbers up to get back under way. "As for getting in touch, I kinda have this sort of phone thing that Reed Richards set up for me. I can give you the number, but you gotta promise to only use it for emergencies or if you're in a moral quandary about being a hero or something. No youtube videos of cats, no planking photos. Noneathat." He points at her then, he's serious.

"Right, I won't send any bikini pics, I promise!", Ultragirl jokingly replies, although it also seems that she understands what's being asked of her. She goes into the pocket that's on the side of her right leg and pulls out a very flat little cellphone. Flipping it open, she makes a 'whew' sound. "I hadn't thought to check this after my fight with that robot, til /just/ how... I'm glad it didn't break!", she comments, holding the flipped-open phone out towards Spidey, so he can enter his number.

"Alright," Spidey walks to the edge of the rooftop and crouches on the end of it, his back to the abyss of the between buildings. "It's #337743376626, just give it a second, takes a little bit of time to bounce off the satellites and all." He lifts a hand towards her even as a small tingle starts to play in the back of his head. He glances over his shoulder, then looks back to her. "Alright, I gotta go. Keep on truckin', stay mellow, and all that stuff." With that said he simply drops off the side of the building backwards into a beautiful dive... that ends with him swinging off into the distance.

You want help?", asks Ultragirl as she puts the number in and then flips closed the phone to tuck back away. "Not like I'm busy right now...", she adds, as he's already swinging away. Pursing her lips, hands on her hips, she hovers in place, watching him go. "Well... /that/ didn't go like I thought it would...", she says, mostly to herself, before lifting off into the sky.

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