Ultragirl and Night Thrasher vs Sea Urchin

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Ultragirl and Night Thrasher vs Sea Urchin

Ultragirl Night-Thrasher

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Docks, NYC

Ultragirl happens upon Sea Urchin in the middle of a heist, with Night Thrasher already on the scene.

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The Docks are a mess right now. In the wake of all the robotic madness that has erupted all over the world, some people believe they can take advantage of the confusion. One of those people? A villain in a power suit known as Sea Urchin. Sea Urchin had hired a crew of hoods, obtained a boat and was using the distracted civil authorities to do whatever it is he does that determines his villain-hood.

Well, not everyone is working on rounding up robot parts, cleaning up broken buildings and other post-Heavy Metal Mayhem. Night Thrasher's had a run in with Sea Urchin before, but this time he's not backed up by the New Warriors. Thrasher is kneeling on the rooftop of the warehouse that Sea Urchin is transferring huge crates and cargo into. A gauntlet is raised up to the side of his helmet; He's using zoom lenses in the visor of his helmet to scope out the people on the boat and what they're moving around.

Ultragirl's flying along, about eight or ten stories up over the city, doing her usual 'patrol thing' - she doesn't know any better way to come across villainy in progress than to just fly around the city and try to happen upon it, after all. Her flight-path takes her out over the area of the docks and the bay, where she listens for sounds of mayhem and destruction, or the sounds of people in distress, etc.

From up on high, the boat that Sea Urchin is using doesn't really appear out of the norm. The only thing odd about what's going on is that Sea Urchin's armor is big, bulky and gaudy. Sea Urchin stands on the deck of the boat, coordinating and barking orders to his hired goons while they unload everything.

Night Thrasher lowers his hand from his helmet and backs off from the edge of the rooftop. He makes his way to the back of the building and hops down, landing in a darkened area behind the warehouse. Thrasher slips through a backdoor, breaking a lock to do so, and heads inside.

For her part, Ultragirl doesn't know villains on sight, yet... even she might think that big, gaudy armor that looks like THAT is a serious fashion faux paux! She keeps flying along over the general area, though, circling because... well... it /is/ big, gaudy armor of some sort, enough that she noticed it from way up there where she's flying... and she's decided that she'll keep an eye on things while she's in the area. Just in case, y'know.

Sea Urchin continues to bark out orders, "Hurry up! The authorities ain't going to stay off our backs for long. I know the NYPD's Riverwatch folks are still fishing a robot leg out of the harbor... but that won't take all day!" Forklifts and handcarts are being used by the goons to quickly remove the cargo from the deck of the boat.

Night Thrasher peruses the insides of the warehouse, discretely trying to check the contents of the crates or see if he can spot an errant manifest. That is until he bumps into one of Urchin's goons. From outside the only thing that be heard from that sudden meeting is short squeak of surprise and a thudding noise. One of the other goons calls out, "Sea Urchin; I think something fell on Jimmy!"

Not yet noticed, Ultragirl comes to a hover over the guy in the armor and starts losing altitude, slowly. She's only about four stories up when Urchin barks orders at his men, trying to hurry them up in their larceny... and she's able to hear it, at that distance.
A little frown comes across the flying girl's face as she ponders what, exactly, to do to take down the bad guy /and/ keep his goons from escaping. She finally settles on a course of action... and flits to one side and stops flying.
Gravity takes over and, keeping her legs straight below her, Ultragirl lifts her arms over her her head so that she arrows down into the water at the back end of the boat, splashing down and in all at once, an orange-clad 'torpedo'. Of course, the splash is noticable... and she very well might've been seen as she simply dropped out of the sky that way, but she's likely not easily seen once under the water, holding her breath as she looks about to try and spot the boat's propeller blades...

Sea Urchin continues to bark orders, not really doing any of the heavy lifting himself, until he is startled by the plume of water that erupts beside the vessel. Urchin grumbles, "What the hell was that?" He waves a mechanical arm at his goons, "Keep unloading! Screw Jimmy, if he was stupid enough to have something fall on him-" He pauses and turns to look at the warehouse, "-Scratch that. If he was stupid enough to break ANY of my merch, I'll kill 'em!"

There's another thud and another squeal from inside the warehouse. Thrasher met with another of the goons. Thrasher walks towards the open entrence to the warehouse and raises a hand to his helmet. Activating his voice modulation unit he calls out like he's using a megaphone, "Sea Urchin! Are you a one trick pony? Is this more stolen Atlantean relics? You know Namorita isn't going to be happy about this!" Sea Urchin had looked over the edge of the boat, but twisted around at the sound of Thrasher's enhanced, booming voice. He calls out, "What?! How?!"

Under the water, Ultragirl uses her ability to fly to propel herself towards the boat's props. She's not nearly as fast, but she /can/ make herself go in the direction she wants just by thinking about it. Once at the props, she grabs hold of one with both hands and brings her strength into play, bending and twisting the blades into uselessness - then sets to doing the same to the boat's other props, so that the boat won't be able to go /anywhere/, if the bad guys try to use it for escape.

Sea Urchin doesn't notice the groaning of metal of the props being bent into uselessness. Between the sea water insulating the noise and the layers of metal and alloy seperating him from the props, he probably wouldn't have heard it anyways. On top of those hinderances, he's a little pre-occupied by the sudden appearance of the leader of the New Warriors. He points towards Night Thrasher, "You alone? Stupid! You can't take me and my boys by yourself! Get 'em guys! I'll finish up here." Sea Urchin stomps over towards the steering and propulsion systems of the ship.

The various goons start to converge on Night Thrasher's location. His fists clench and raise in front of him in a defensive posture, "I hope this guy's paid you already, cause if payday is coming after this than I suppose you guys worked for free." The goons are wielding crowbars or they've picked up ropes or chains from around the dock.

Ultragirl, meanwhile, finishes her bending and twisting of the props, leaving the boat unlikely to go anywhere in the near future - while still being able to float. This task completed, she propels herself upwards the the surface, taking a breath as her head and shoulders break the surface. Catching her breath, still mostly submerged, she listens for clues as to what's going on -- not like she can see up onto the docks or the boat from where she's currently at.

The goons circle and descend upon Night Thrasher. The goons haven't been a team for long, so their attack strategy lacks finesse and coordination, actually it's pretty easy for Thrasher. One or two goons comes at him at a time, swinging their sailing ropes, chains and crowbars. Crowbars are deflected with his gauntlets and chains and ropes are wrapped around his arm as a means of neutralizing and taking down the attackers. Thrasher clearly knows how to handle these guys.

As for Sea Urchin, he sets the engines of the vessel into an active status. Signal lights indicate there is a malfunction with the props, "What the heck? Not now!" he steps away from the controls and points at Thrasher, "I'm going to tie you to the back of this thing and drag you across the Atlantic." He then shouts at the goons, "Hurry up and finish him off. These things ain't going to make it to the Black Market by themselves!" Urchin stomps towards the back of the vessel to glimpse out over the edge of the boat towards where the props are located. Maybe he thinks they've been wrapped up in sea weed?

Ultragirl floats herself up out of the water. She's dripping wet, but at least her costume isn't the kind go to 'showy' in this sort of circumstance. She comes up to the back of the ship just as Sea Urchin's looking over. "Hi!", she chirps, with a happy smile on her face... and throws a punch at the villain, trying to knock him back onto the boat and away from the edge.

A couple of more of Urchin's goons go down. A solid open hand strike to the jaw drops one and another is tripped up and tethered with the rope he attacked Thrasher with. Thrasher takes a couple of steps backwards towards the warehouse door and looks at the remaining goons who are recuperating and re-evaluating attacking the New Warrior. Thrasher calls out to them, "Oh, done coming to me? You want me to go to you?" A toothy grin forms on the Warrior's face as he dashes towards the group.

Sea Urchin is startled by the appearance of Ultragirl. He takes a fist dead on in his armored suit's chest and flies backwards. He lands heavily on the deck of the ship and skids across it. Wooden planks that the deck is made of get shreded and ripped up due to the skidding. Urchin props himself up, "Who the hell are you? So Night Thrasher did bring other New Warriors? Huh." He points his power armor's arm towards Ultragirl, "You shoulda stayed hidden!" Little rockets are fired from small sockets in the wrist. They corkscrew towards Ultragirl.

Ultragirl floats towards Sea Urchin. "Don't you watch the news? I'm Ultrag-", she says, then the rockets come at her and she doesn't even dodge out of the way, as if caught by surprise. She does have time to bring her arms up in front of her face, defensively, and 'brace' for the impact as best she can while flying. The rockets hit her in the arms and torso, exploding. She's knocked back and up into the air about thirty feet, but gathers herself... apparently completely unhurt by the attack.
"Is /that/ the best you've got?", Ultragirl says with a grin as she flies down to land on the deck of the ship. "If it is, I think you might wanna give up, now", she adds, putting her hands on her hips. "... or I'm gonna hafta kick your butt!"

Thrasher landed a flying kick against one of the crowbar wielding goons. After he lands on the ground from that strike, he reaches into his armor's belt and pulls out a smoke pellet and a fist full of other objects. He drops the pellet on the ground and it immediately begins blanketing the area they are fighting in a thick, haze. Thrasher takes this opportunity to run towards Urchin's boat. He bounds up the ramp towards the deck and as he does so, he tosses his fist full of objects down on the ramp. The objects? Many caltrops or spurjacks. Good for shredding tires and hurting feet! Thrasher skids to a stop when he notices Urchin's back to him and there's a girl hovering in front of him.

Speaking of Urchin, he's lifted himself up off the ground now, "No, that isn't the best I've got!" The large grasping claw on one of his arms clamps and unclamps menacingly as he says this and he charges towards the posturing Ultragirl. He attempts to grab a hold of Ultragirl with the claw, if successful a powerful surge of electricity will course through the claw and into Ultragirl.

Ultragirl doesn't even try to move out of the way of the claw, apparently satisfied that her invulnerability'll keep her safe from whatever Sea Urchin can throw at her. The claw lands... and she smiles, then looks surprised when electricity arcs up and down her body. "Hey! You have a joy-buzzer!", she says, trying to make light of it, even though she clearly /felt/ that one.
The teen heroine then throws her arms, pinned against her sides by the claw, up and outward, forcing the claw open and releasing its grip on her by breaking it apart. Free to move, she darts toward the villain, seeking to simply drive her shoulder into his armored 'gut' in a (literal) flying tackle.

Night Thrasher jumps to the side and lands in a kneeling position there. Why? Because Ultragirl's shoulder check of Sea Urching pushed the both of them into his 'personal space'. Otherwise, he would have been flattened. Speaking of flattened, there is the sickening crunch of metal as Ultragirl's shoulder meets and greets Urchin's armor. The armor buckles and cracks under the force of the blow. Urchin tries to roll away from the shoulder check and he comes to a stop on the opposite side of the boat from Thrasher. He is propped up with his armor's good arm and he's waving his broken claw up in front of his face, "What the hell, man?" Thrasher stands up and there's the sound of metal sliding against metal as a foot-long claw slides out of a compartment in his gauntlet. He approaches Urchin, "I'm calling the cops, Sea Urchin. You aren't going to accomplish anything here."

The smoke from the smoke pellet that Thrasher dropped down on the docks starts to fade away as the wind pushes it away. It leaves some coughing and hacking thugs. As they gather their breath, a few of them make a run for it rather than continue the fight. Two or three stay behind and there's half a dozen others laying prone on the ground from the fight.

Ultragirl floats up off the deck about four or five feet, hands on her hips. She glances at Night Thrasher, not recognizing him -- but willing, it seems, to let him approach Sea Urchin with what looks like some sort of restraint device. Glancing over at the goons, she calls out to them, "If you're smart, you'll get on your knees and put your hands on your head and wait for the cops, nice and peaceful-like!"

As Thrasher approaches Urchin, the armored man seems to push himself backwards along the desk until he collides softly with the railing of the boat. The armored man's head can be seen through a faceport (Kind of looks like a diving helmet) shaking frantically, "No, man. Come on. Shouldn't you be off fighting robots? Can't we just have one score?!" Night Thrasher shakes his head, "You made a poor choice, huh? Regretting it, eh?" With the gauntlet that doesn't have the blade, Thrasher smashes the viewport of the villain's helmet. He then rips the helmet off. With the blade, he slices at a chain and cuts it free. The length of chain is a good few feet long, "You know this whole thing was mis-timed. A few days ago and you may have gotten away with this. Oh well for you, huh?"

The goons that hang behind do as Ultragirl says and drop to their knees. The few that ran off? Continue to run... this time with a little more haste as they know that they've been spotted running away.

Ultragirl doesn't chase after the fleeing goons. If she left the immediate area, the others might cut and run, too, and there might be fewer for the cops to actually pick up. That, and the armored bad guy's not tied up, just yet. "Just tie him up and quit hitting him, okay?", she comments for Thrasher to hear, as she continues to hover in place. Then, to Urchin, she adds, "You really /don't/ watch TV, do you? The robots're all beat, now... the Avengers went up into space and took out Ultron and all that", lifting a hand to gesture vaguely upwards as she informs the villain of current events and where they took place.

Thrasher turns his head slightly to glance over his shoulder at the hovering Ultragirl. He humphs, "The girl wants you tied up. She's sparing you a few more broken face bones." The blade slides back into its compartment on his forearm and he commands, "Stand up." Urchin does so, slowly. Thrasher reaches up and grabs the armor by the 'collar' or what could best be described as one. He pulls Urchin down a little so that he can look at him eye to eye, "No squirming and no escaping. I'm going to hang you from a crane by your arms and you're going to hang there 'till the cops come. Know why?" He releases the collar and goes behind the villain and ties his arms up with the lengths of chain. He pushes Urchin towards one of the fishing ship's cargo/net cranes and starts to attach him to a hook, "'Cause I just put a miniature explosive inside your armor. I just dropped it. It's motion sensative. Cops can deactivate it." He hauls the armored badguy up on the hook and steps away and towards Ultragirl. He asides to her in a whisper as he passes by, "Not really, I just want him to wet his pants."

The goons escape and the ones that remained behind remain where they are... not wanting to mess with the girl who took rocket to the face. Police sirens can be heard approaching in the distance.

Ultragirl frowns a little at Night Thrasher's words, then the frown eases up when he fills her in on his bluff. "You better tell the cops it's in there, so they know to find it and turn it off", she says to him, loudly enough for Sea Urchin to hear. She floats, at about walking speed, over off the boat and over to land on the docks near the remaining goons. "Thanks for not making me work harder to catch you, fellas. I'll be sure to tell the cops you surrendered peacefully, so they know to treat you better, okay?", she says to them. Clearly, too, she intends to stick around and wait for the police.

Thrasher waves a hand dismissively at what Ultragirl says, "Nah, the cops'll find it eventually. They like to think of it as a game, you know? They haven't missed an explosive yet..." he pauses and kneels down to collect his spur jacks, "Oh-" He pauses and looks up, "Except for that first guy. Oh, that was a mess..." He shrugs, "Oh well. I'm sure they'll figure this one out too."

Urchin's eyes go wide and the muscles in his neck and face tense up, "Oh come on! That's rediculous!" He bellows after the New Warrior. Thrasher gets down to the docks and looks at the thugs on their knees, "Stay in that position. Can't run anywhere, anyways. Cops probably have all avenues blocked off at this point. Hear 'em coming right?" He humphs and starts off towards the side of the warehouse. He waves for Ultragirl to follow him.
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Ultragirl lifts off her feet, not really gaining any altitude, just... floating instead of walking. She follows Night Thrasher over to the side of the warehouse and asks, "Who're you? You're not an Avenger, I'm pretty sure, 'cause I'd recognize most of them from the news stories and stuff."
Ultragirl's still wet, too... though, by now, she's not -dripping- wet, anymore. She also looks absolutely none the worse for the wear for having taken on Sea Urchin face-to-face the way she did... though her costume has a couple of singes on it from the electrical jolt and the sleeves show some 'wear' from her arms having taken the brunt of the explosions of the villain's rockets.

Once Thrasher gets to the side of the building, he turns around to look at Ultragirl. He introduces himself, "I am Night Thrasher, Ultragirl. Founder of the New Warriors." He bends his legs at the knees and there's the faint sound of hydraulics engaging. He then leaps veritcally upwards. He doesn't quite clear the edge of the building, but he knew he wouldn't. So he grabs the edge of the rooftop and easily pulls himself up to the rooftop. From there he walks towards the center of the warehouse. He turns to see if Ultragirl follows him up.

Ultragirl floats upwards after Night Thrasher, after glancing at the surrendered goons and wagging a finger, as if scolding, at them to let them know she's still watching. She makes sure she hovers where she can see them, and they can see her, too. "Never heard of ya, sorry", she says to the New Warrior, one hand on a hip, the other reaching up to push wet hair off her face.

The cops arrive at the dock area and start fanning out. Several members of the NYPD head for the unconscious and conscious goons. Another group head for the armored, hanging Sea Urchin. They go about apprehending them all... Sea Urchin interestingly enough starts babbling about an explosive in his suit... which prompts the cops to back away from him. Apparently the bomb squad is now getting called in and a few negotiators as one of the cops thinks Sea Urchin is some kinda suicide bomber with the way he's babbling.

Thrasher shrugs his shoulders at her, "I don't do what I do for notoriety. I've caught glimpse of you on the television though, Ultragirl. You haven't been doing this long, have you?"

Ultragirl shakes her head. "Nope... my powers woke up only... a couple weeks ago, maybe? I haven't really kept track of the time that much, I guess", she says, waving down at the police when some of them finally notice her. If any 'official' awknowledgement of heroics is given, it seems likely it'll go to her, now. "... I guess you don't really have powers, just your suit and gizmos?", she adds, looking back and giving Thrasher an up-and-down sort of looking-over.

Thrasher nods at her response to him, "Yeah, I kinda guessed that by the way you interacted with Sea Urchin down there." he gestures over his shoulder to indicate he means on the boat. He reaches behind him, opening up a section on his backpack assembly. He takes out a smart phone and glances up at Ultragirl, "My having powers is argueable; But you're right. I rely on my armor, my weapons and my skills." The New Warrior looks down at the smart phone and starts hitting keys on the touch screen. He humphs at something on the screen before sliding it back into his backpack. He asks her, "You ever get hit with something that hurt you? I mean, since your powers manifested?"

Ultragirl nods. "Yeah... there was this robot that stole Hercules' strength. I /felt/ it when it hit me. And that Red Ronin robot I helped stop in Washington... when /that/ thing hit me, I felt that, too. I got toss a few blocks away by /that/ one. The big sentinel-robot at the park, though... I dunno if that one was just a wimpy big-robot, but it didn't faze, me really. And there was this fire-breathing dragon-looking dude here at the docks, over thatway, by the boat with the big cranes on it... he packed a punch, too, but his fire-breath's what really hurt!"

Night Thrasher crosses his arms over his chest as he listens to Ultragirl recount her recent adventures against robots. He nods after each instance she mentions. After she divulges that bit about the fire breath he clears his throat and asks, "So you've gotten hurt before, but still you just kind of stood your ground against that imbecile." He again references Urchin. He grins a bit, "He's a bit clunky in that armor, you could have easily dodged him I think." He hrms thoughtfully.

"Yeah... I just didn't expect him to shoot /rockets/ at me, is all", Ultragirl admits, though her tone and body language indicate she feels a bit sheepish about not having seen it coming. "I never ran into him before, after all", she adds. "Anyway... the only thing he did that actually hurt a little was when he used his claw-thing to zap me. After his rockets didn't hurt me, I didn't think he had anything bigger... but I guess he did, huh?"

Thrasher nods in agreement, "He did. He's got other weapons on that thing, too. I can really do a number on an Atlantean. He's got something in that thing that dehydrates 'em pretty quick." He shrugs his shoulders, "It just takes training and practice to assess these guys, you know? You've only been at it a few weeks." He reaches behind his back again and unlatches the skateboard that was latched there flush to his back. He drops it down to his feet and puts one foot on it. He looks at Ultragirl, "Give it some time, you'll figure it all out." He gestures with a sweeping motion of his hand, "You regularly patrol around here? Wanna hook up with me on a patrol sometime? Despite my questions you kind of impressed me a little, I'd like to see what else you can do."

"Yeah, I do... and sure. You want my cell number?", Ultragirl asks, reaching for one of the pockets on the side of her legs. It turns out the pockets are watertight, because she pulls her own cellphone out - and it's nice and dry. It also seems to have been, luckily for her, spared from the concussive blast of Urchin's rockets. "As for what I can do... what you saw's pretty much it. I fly. I'm tough. I'm strong", she says.

Thrasher has a smirk on his face at her response, "Being strong and flying isn't all I'm interested in seeing, Ultragirl. What you do with it is more my concern. I can't fly. I am not super strong." He gestures towards where Urchin still hangs from the hook babbling about explosives, "I could have taken him down despite his armor's enhanced abilities. All due to other factors." He asks, "So what's your number? I'll give you a ring next time I'm out roaming the streets."

Ultragirl rattles off her cellphone number. "What's yours?", she asks, flipping open her phone. "...for caller ID, of course", she adds.

Thrasher doesn't take his phone out to input those numbers, he just listens to Ultragirl rattle it off. He offers a nod of acknowledgement and then says, "Ah, I could give you a number. But the phone I call you on isn't going to show up as having the same number twice." He offers a smile, "If you don't answer me, Ultragirl, I'll text you and append the message with my initials, so you know who it is." He puts a little more weight on the leg resting up on the skateboard, "Good to meet you, Ultragirl. Look forward to working with you again."

With a nod of her head, Ultragirl flips her phone closed and tucks it back away. "... is that, like, a flying skateboard?", she then asks. "Like in the cartoons?", she adds, leaning down to look at it. "Oh wait... it has wheels", she goes on, answering her own question. "How fast's it go?", she then wonders, aloud. She's still hovering, hands on her hips again as she straights back up after inspecting the board.

Thrasher looks down at the skateboard, "Nah, it doesn't fly. I don't have the balance and dexterity required to pretend to be the Silver Surfer. It does have some propulsion though. Fast enough to go with the flow of traffic. 'Bout sixty Em-Pee-Aich" he shrugs, "Got to roll, Ultragirl. I'll give you a ring." He kicks the ground, hops on the skateboard and careens over the rooftop. He hops the edge of the building and jumps to the next rooftop. He does this again and again, until he disappears amongst the urban sprawl.

Ultragirl, hovering in place, watches him go. "Huh", she says. "That's pretty cool, anyway, even if it don't fly!", she comments to herself. Glancing down to see that the cops have the situation well in hand, with the bomb-squad finding nothing in Urchin's armor that even resembles a bomb, she takes to the air and flies away.

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