Two Schools of Thought Coming Together

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Xaviers-Avengers Make it Official

Cyclops and Ms. Marvel

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09/02/12 15:00

Cyclops' Office - Xavier Mansion

Cyclops and Ms. Marvel set the foundation for the combined school

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Given the time and day, Sunday afternoon, most people would not be in an office working away, but given Scott Summers profession and home and world, it makes perfect sense with the leader of the X-Men. Dressed in costume, blue and gold suit with golden visor flashing red every so often, he sits at his desk and peruses some paperwork on reports of the students and expenses for the school. “It’s Labor Day, so may as well labor on the day.” He chuckles to himself as he tends to make corny jokes in the presence of himself and just himself. Expecting a friend and leader in her own right, Carol Danvers. Scotts put the papers into a drawer and notes the time, a few minutes before the appointment time.

Carol Danvers arrives at the school entirely low-key. She pulls up in an unmarked sedan. She keys open the front gates with a controller unit given to her by the X-Men a long time ago. She drives up, parks her car, and gets out, dressed in a simple grey skirtsuit. No costume. No flashy powers. No flight. She has always respected the need of the school for security and secrecy. She walks across the courtyard, giving the rebuilt school quite the once-over, before making her way through to the office suits. It's just at the appointed hour - not a minute early or late - that she knocks on the door to Summers' office, seeking admittance.

Rising from his seat when he hears the knock, Scott moves the door and quickly opens it, “Carol. On time as usual.” His tone is pleasant as he offers his friend a hug, rather informal but customary among friends. After the embrace, he gestures for her to enter, “Have a seat, Carol. Is there anything you want? Coffee or tea or anything?” He closes the door as he moves to a small tray with coffee, tea, and other customary office type imbibements.

"If you're having aything, I'll take some water, Scott. It's good to see you too." Carol offers, accepting the friendly hug before taking the indicated seat. If she is surprised to see Scott working in his office in costume, she says nothing about it. She'd be the last to judge on matters like that, and for all she knows he just came from the Danger Room an hour ago. "I'm glad that you could see me. I know we can both be very busy, especially lately. Thanks for making the time."

Carol waits for Scott to deliver the water and take a seat, before she continues. "I'll come to the start of the point. As you know, the Avengers are interested in starting a program to educate and prepare the next generation of heroes. Our internal votes and discussions have concluded, and we're getting ready to move ahead." She pauses to sip her water, and then continues. "We would like to continue to pursue the idea of lending our support and aid to this school, and finding a means to enroll the students we select here." And now it's time to see what Scott and his people have to say about that.
Getting some bottled water and pouring it into a glass for Carol, Scott brings over the bottle and glass placing it on the desk before Carol as he sits opposite it, He listens to her as she speaks concerning the Avengers idea and vote. “Well, I’ve sent out word to the staff here as well. While there was some hesitation from a few, the majority are in agreement with the Avengers and welcome the support and aid.” Scott takes a moment, “Charles would be proud of this idea and I have have sent word and expect to hear from him. This is exactly how his dream can come to fruition. We enrolled our first non-mutant student last semester and she has done well interacting and working with her fellow students. So I see no reason not to go forward with this.”

Carol nods, perhaps slightly surprised that they already have a non-mutant student. "I'm glad that you and your staff support this idea. Working together on this is really a much better result, I think, for both of our programs. Obviously, there will be some challenges and concerns to be addressed. And we're open to that." The last thing they want is for this to fail, after all. Why bother to pursue something that will just fail? "Obviously, we will pay the tuition and fees for any students we bring to the school. We will also supply whatever technology and resources we can to further assist the school, including security, and members to act as teaching staff. Few of us are qualified teachers with certification, but we will be working on that." Bringing all of this up is her way of opening the door for Scott to bring up any concerns that are at the top of his list.

Nodding his head as well as the two leaders discuss the merging of resources for the school, “Well, all of that is fine. We are all for bringing in non-mutant staff as well. The Avengers are trusted allies and similarly to the X-Men, you do not just pick people to join your team. Since the school has been recently rebuilt, I propose that this location be used for classes. The Avengers and those you suggest as teachers and staff would come here. A list of those who you feel would make the best staff should be given to us ahead of time, just so we can prepare.” He hmmmns, “I know you understand the need for secrecy and privacy of our students, currently enrolled. So I know that will be respected by the Avengers and I also know you should understand the need for heightened security on our part, so we would appreciate the assistance your team could provide. Those who come here from your side, should be comfortable with telepathy as that is a primary way that Jean communicates with others. It makes it easier. So the Avengers should be aware of that.” He hmmmns, “How would you select your students?”

Carol listens, mentally noting each point so that it can be addressed with her team soon enough. When it's time for her to speak up, she does so calmly, obviously prepared for these discussions. "We would select our students by reviewing those of appropriate age whom we have encountered, and whom have been noted by the Avengers meeting them as viewed having potential, especially any that we have taken the time to reach out to beyond our first encounter. We would not make an offer like this to a potential student until we've run a background check on them, and gathered a reasonable psychological profile, leading us to believe they would both accept the opportunity, and be able to accept the conditions of schooling here." Like making sure none are raging anti-mutant hate-mongers. That would be important. "Once we feel comfortable making the offer, we will approach them, lay out the general requirements and possibilities, and wait for their decision. They will not know where they are going until they have accepted, and have been brought here and scanned." Carol trusts the need for telepathy in this matter, given all she has seen and done. "I expect that some of our staff, and potentially our students, will want the ability to commute, at least infrequently, back to the City. We'll need to arrange the means to do so which is safe and maintains your security. Final responsibility for our students and their actions will lie with the Avengers. If they cause a problem, it will be up to us to correct that problem. Obviously, we will work together. But the responsibility will be hours, since we will have been the ones to consider them eligible and bring them to the program."

Smiling with everything that she has stated, Scott seems to be in full agreement, but then pauses a moment. “That is fine. We would prefer the students be housed here. The new dormitories are even better than the previous ones, but I understand the need for commuting and with some concerns from the parents. Perhaps the policy for residential life on this campus can be altered for a case by case basis. And while I understand ultimate responsibility for your students being with you....but I feel there should be uniform policy. I think I made the mistake by referring to students as yours or ours or mutant and non-mutant. Perhaps, we should refer to them all as our students. Policies should be made to incorporate both of our ideas and rubrics. And while we just promoted two of of staff to positions of dean and vice-dean, perhaps we should consider some of the Avengers having similar titles? We can set-up an office here. That way we both have an official presence on the campus?”

"Given the public profile of most of our members, and the need for safety, security and viable anonymity for the school," Carol opines, "I think it probably best that we keep our involvement here private. I have every desire to support this process, but not at the expense of safety and security. And the best security this school has ever has has been the fact most of those who would threaten it and what it stands for don't know they could find it here." Obviously, having Avengers working here on staff, their names on the masthead and the websites, would virtually assure a second look by interested parties, with predictable results. "I agree that the students should not be segregated, and that it is important that we all view them all as 'ours', rather than 'yours' and 'mine', 'ours' or 'theirs'. If we can set aside some office space for those of us who spend time working here, that would be ideal. We'll rotate personnel through those offices as we do. We'll work cooperatively on curriculuum, including training scenarios. And whatever means of secure transport we arrange between the City and the school will be made available to the existing staff and students, as well as those brought in under the auspices of this new joint venture."

“Well, Carol, I think that sounds great. I appreciate you coming to us with this idea. After all that had happened with Ultron and the destruction of the old school, I have to admit I was feeling the need for a union of sorts with our groups. And that fact that it was that all the heroes came together to take down Ultron was great. I know I would never have been able to make that shot to take him out with Hercules and American Dream. It was all of us together working in unison to defeat him...and so I think this merger for the next generation of heroes is necessary . .and very very welcome on my part.” Scott stands up from his seat and extends his hand out towards her to shake.

Carol stands, smiling, and offers her own hand. "Your school - Charles' school - has the history and experience that we lack, and a facility already tailor-made for the needs of such a program. It would have been arrogance personified to believe we could just pick up and start a program on our own and have any chance of it being as good as what this joint venture can be. We - none of us - could have taken down Ultron the way we did on our own. And I don't think we could prepare the next generation for a better world alone, either. Not nearly so well as we can together." Carol shakes. "I'll forward along a list of our prospective candidates as soon as I have cleared them, along with our first check, and our list of available staff. You can rest assured that nearly all of the Avengers will make themselves available in some capacity. And we'll find the proper means for secure transport between the City and the School."

With a firm handshake between the two leaders, “Then it is official.” Scott beams a smile one that has not shown in a long time, “Very well. I am excited for this.” With that, there is a knock on the door. A meek voice can be heard asking, “Professor Summers are you busy? Can I talk to you, please, sir?” Recognizing the voice as Aquatica’s, Scott looks to Carol, “I try to have an open door policy with the students.” He smiles, “Thanks for everything, Carol.” WIth that he walks to the door and opens it for her as a young little girl stands on the opposite side ready to walk in. She looks over at Carol and smiles and waves meekly before taking a seat.

"And thank you, Scott." Carol offers, smiling. She turns to watch Aquatica come in, and smiles. "Hello there. Nice to meet you. Why don't I get moving, so you can talk to Mister Summers alone? Mmm?" The tall blonde walks over to glance down warmly at the girl, and then steps out into the hall, closing the door behind her.

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