Two Mutants Catch Up

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Cyclops and Scarlet Witch

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09/04/12 08:00

Foyer - Avengers Mansion

Cyclops stops by Avengers Mansion and chats with Wanda.

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It is early Tuesday morning, Scott Summers has arrived at Avengers Mansion unexpectedly and is greeted by Jarvis in the foyer. “I apologize, Master Cyclops. Ms. Marvel is currently not present. May I help you with something?” Scott Summers is dressed semi-casually with a black polo shirt and gray trousers and his requisite ruby court sunglasses. “That’s alright, Jarvis. I was no expected and was hoping to catch Carol.” He smiles, “But just leave her a message, I was here to discuss more things for the school.”

Wanda comes up from the basement, "It's okay, Jarvis... I can take care of this. Oh, and let Namor know that he's my backup for monitor duty." She smiles a little, "Cyclops, this is a bit unexpected. Is there something I can help with, regarding the school? Carol has told me about it."

Smiling when he sees Wanda, Scott greets his old friend, “Wanda, it has been too long.” He offers a friendly hug and then tilts his head, “That’s fine. I was on my way to Mutant Town for some outreach work at the clinic and I thought I would pass by to see if Carol had some prospective students or staff for the joint school.”

Scarlet Witch returns the hug, "It has, Scott... Jean's doing well, I hope." She smiles, "We've had a few prospects, but nothing solid yet. Carol would have more information about that, however. We were talking about that earlier today... well, yesterday, as a matter of fact. But we hadn't really gotten too far with it."

Nodding his head, “Well it is a new idea. Carol and I only spoke of it recently as well. But I thought I would stop by since I was in the area.” When Jean is mentioned, he smiles even more so like a man in love, “Jean is well. We are busy with the school, so the Avengers assistance is greatly welcome.” He hmmmns and tilts his head a moment, taking a serious tone, he asks, “How is Pietro doing?”

Wanda hmms, "I don't hear from him too much, with his work on X-Factor, but we do correspond a fair amount. He seems to be liking it... well, as much as he likes anything." She looks a bit wry at that, "You know Pietro, of course. But Crystal is keeping him grounded, he's mentioned reconciling with her, which is good for him. I guess I can't really judge him for that, though."

Showing a bit of surprise on his face, “You haven’t heard?” Scott grimaces a bit, “X-Factor has undergone some changes since he was a member and. . .” The grimaces turns to a frown. “Pietro was recently involved in a fight with X-Factor, but he was against them. He was teamed with your old teammates on the Brotherhood. Well a cross combination of the first and second incarnation of the team. He was with Toad, Avalanche, Pyro, and Blob and ended up in a fight against X-Factor. Thankfully, Crystal appeared. She mentioned he was not doing well and she disappeared with him, stating she was getting Inhuman aid for him.”

Wanda blinks in surprise, "WHAT? When was this?" She looks at Scott with a startled expression, "I'll have to talk to Crystal, it's been a few weeks but..." She sighs, "Thank you, though, for bringing me this news. I'll need to see him soon, before my father decides to do something inappropriate."

Scott offers witha sigh of relief. “Yes, X-Factor would have investigated more, but Crystal just appeared, apologized, and then just left with Pietro. The rest of the Brotherhood were defeated and it happened last week. I apologize my brother didn’t reach out to you, right away. Alex is still feeling his way as leader of X-Factor.” He shrugs, “And as always, Wanda. If there is anything you need from me or the X-Men. . .please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve always consider you and your brother honorary X-Men, of sorts.”

Wanda smiles, "Thanks Scott. I really /should/ come up and visit you all in Westchester, it's been a while since I was up there. Well, Bobby invited me up to Harry's, so I went up for a little last week, but that's not the mansion." She shrugs a bit, "And don't worry Alex about it, these things happen. I'll talk to him later, I'm sure."

“Oh yes, I heard about Bobby’s pantless moment in Central Park. I apologize for his antics. He is one of the original X-Men and yet at times, he acts like a kid.” Scott laughs, “Though your response was great. We’re currently getting the video to remind him to refrain from pranks.”

Wanda laughs softly, "Well, he was /very/ apologetic afterwards. And I think I reminded him that one should be careful who they prank." She smiles a little, "Hopefully that taught him a bit of discipline."

Still laughing, “I don’t know why we didn’t think of it years ago. . .” Scott ahems as he lets out a few more chortles, “Well, we have been having a rash of pranks at the Institute, so I recently put an end to that. Though I found it was mostly X-Factor doing them.” He shakes his head and then laughs, “But I am sure the Avengers have their fair share of tomfoolery.”

Wanda looks quite serious, "What? Pranks? Here? We would never do anything like that, as we are all dedicated to defending the world from..." She is /trying/ to keep a straight face, but fails rather miserably, "Actually, we tend to go in phases with it. Depends on who's currently on active duty. Clint is really bad for that." Her lips quirk a bit.

“Well, good to see Clint has fun. I can only imagine Steve’s response to them.” Scott tries to envision it and then shrugs, “Well, Carol seems like she would handle them well, I suppose.” With that he smiles, “It is good to see both teams know how to have fun too. I think it was that camaraderie between the teams that helped against Ultron and will make the new school work out well.”

Wanda nods, "Certainly, and I'll try to make a trip up to Westchester this week. It would be nice to see everyone again, and I can use it as an excuse to scout out school techniques." She smiles at Scott, "But I'll definitely let Carol know, and who knows... maybe I can talk Steve into coming up as well." Her smile grows a little bit when she mentions Steve.

“Thank you, Wanda” Noting the time, Scott exhales, “Ok well I have to head to Mutant Town now. . .” He smiles, “It was nice seeing you again. And if you ever need anything, let me know. . .and give my regards to your brother.” With that, Scott waves and heads out. “Bye.”

Wanda smiles and waves, "Stay safe, Scott, and give my love to Jean, Alex, and all the rest. I'll try to come up this week." She walks Scott to the door, "If you ever need anything, don't hestiate to call."

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