Lunch of The Gods

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Two Gods Take a Lunch Break

Ares and Loki

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06/01/12 04:49

A Park near the Avengers Mansion

Ares and Loki have a chance encounter and end up discussing the concepts of morality.

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The middle of the work day in New York city and the world is alive. There's the steady white noise rumble of the crowd as it walks and goes about its business, the occasional honk and rumble of traffic, the distant cacophony of construction. Yet if one's familiar with the city they know where to go to get at least some semblance of peace. Like if you happened to be one of those construction workers at that site repairing the damage from a few months ago, you know the site, near the Avenger's mansion repairing the building that was shattered by one of the Titans let loose on earth. It definitely needed fixing up.

So if you were one of those construction workers and had to take a late lunch, this particular park down the ways from the Avenger's mansion would serve as at least a buffer from the noise of the city and give something else to look at besides people and cars. Something like trees and a small fountain serve as a measure of distraction for most of the passersby. For a God of War, it serves that role as well.

Non-descript for the most part, Ares leans forwards on the park bench, a paper bag at his side. He looks like any other schmoe for the most part save that he's a bit taller than most. He's got his fingers interlaced, his forearms resting on his knees. His eyes are distant upon the fountain, though he occasional squints sidelong at a citizen or two.

Even the Asgardians need a break from the noise now and again, and Loki has returned to the general area of the Avengers mansion. He told them he'd stay in his cell until Thor arrived, but they should know by now what a promise from Loki is worth. He stayed /close/ to his word, though, by staying nearby. Perhaps he is attempting to turn over a new leaf, or perhaps he's still just messing with them and enjoying the fact that they completely freak out every time he even moves, or perhaps he just doesn't want to get clocked upside the head a third day in a row. He wanders toward the fountain and sits on the side of it, letting his long slender fingers dip into the rippling pool of water, watching as his reflection distorts. He frowns for a moment at the image of the man that looks to be in his late 20s, early 30s with the piercing green eyes and the slicked back black hair. He still wears a bandage around his head, mostly for sympathy. He was able to regenerate most of the damage from Susan's photonic blast and then Beta Ray Bill's catastrophic blow to the same spot, but the bandage has earned him a sympathy vote, which continues to work right into his plans.

A tilt of his head is given as Ares looks across the way. His gaze narrows somewhat, expression shifting grim. He casually leans to the side, scooping up his bag of lunch and depositing it into his upturned yellow construction hat. Food secured, he straightens up from his posture. Nostrils flare faintly, then he lifts his voice and says levelly, "I smell Asgardian." If those words were accompanied with a 'Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum' it'd almost be perfect. He gains his feet slowly, taking up his hat and reaching for an errant backpack that rests at his side. Over one shoulder he slings it and starts to walk over towards Loki and that fountain.

Loki moves his head just slightly so he can look with just his eyes at Ares as he approaches. He draws his fingers across the water, causing it to ripple and ebb more rapidly than it should be with just the fountain spilling into it. He smirks wryly. "Oh, and to what do I owe the pleasure of your oh-so engaging company?" he asks, hand moving back and forth more quickly, the water cresting but not overflowing.

"Coincidence," The other god comments idly. Ares slips the helmet under his arm and looks across the way then back at the settled god of deceit. "Though with you it is rare for such a thing. If it is truly so then that in and of itself would be a curiousity." Then Ares stops to stand before Loki and the fountain and offers the paper bag towards the other. "Pastrami on rye."
That having been said, Ares takes a seat beside the man, looking around casually. "Here to wreak havoc in some form or another or being a tourist?"

Loki watchces the man warily, then lifts his hand from the water. "I don't know how you can eat that." he says with a slight twitch of his shoulders, shaking his head. "It is both a coincidence and not a coincidence. The Avengers believe they can keep me locked in one of their pathetic little cells as if I were some common rodent. What they don't know is that they've been falling into my plans perfectly. I could ask you the same questions. What brings you to this particular location?"

"Remnants of slivers connecting me to here and beyond." Ares' gaze slides along the way towards the construction site that can barely be seen off in the distance, just a hint of a yellow crane from behind a building is visible. The tall man looks back towards Loki and cants his head to the side, a faint gleam of crimson can be seen in the eyes of the God of War, but barely noticable. "Well it is good you have plans. Good to see you still up to it after all this time." The stern visage of the Olympian shifts to the side as he takes in the surroundings. "I do have an agreement with the Avengers, it is feasible they could call me to their aid in some capacity. Nothing personal if it comes to that."
As he makes this pronouncement, Ares casually reaches into the bag and unwraps the sandwich, the foil crinkling faintly. He tears off half of it and offers it to Loki. He waits for the fellow's answer, then shrugs when he receives it and starts to eating his own half.

"Nothing personal if I am forced to respond with action as well. I haven't been in the city for quite some time, I just came back from the dead, you know. Not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do." he sighs, drawing designs in the water and watching as it stays as if drawn in the sand, then ripples away. "The Avengers believe that they have tamed the God of Mischief. I have done nothing to make them think they have done otherwise, but if they continue with their current behavior, I shall have to put them in their place." his stomach growls as Ares eats his sandwich, but he continues drawing in the water, ignoring the hunger. "I haven't gone soft, if that's what you're thinking. Some plans just require a bit more strategy."
You aren't carrying anything.
You have 799 dollars.

Setting Loki's half down beside him, Ares continues to chomp contentedly on his own sandwich. He looks across the way towards the ebb and flow of the crowd while the two Gods converse casually. He pulls from inside the paper bag a bottle of grape soda and twists off the cap with a snap and a turn of his wrist.
Glancing sidelong towards Loki, Ares adds. "This is what has always confused me about you Asgardians. You seem to get lost in the minutia." The God of War takes a swig of his drink and straightens up. He smacks his lips for a moment and then lets loose with a small belch, stifling it with one hand over his mouth.
"You're taking umbrage at this group of mortals daring to something something, your something or other, and you'll make them something." A rough and calloused hand lifts, gesturing to the side as if brushing past all those words he just spoke. "We are Gods. You Asgardians seem to just focus on the here, the now, this one limited perspective. It's as if you forget what lofty things we are."

Loki shrugs one shoulder as he folds his hands over one knee. "What would you have me do? My brother kills me, yet I'm not supposed to be upset about that. That is what this entire world is about, living in the moment. Their lives are so brief, yet they spend it on such ridiculous pursuits. I am the god of mischief, or evil, depending on who you ask. I don't seem to have the ability to sit around and enjoy the sunshine. Perhaps these mortals are so wrapped up in their own ridiculous lives that they have to be reminded how fleeting it truly is." he tilts his head to the side, gazing at Ares for a moment, then looks away. "I tried being nice, and that failed. I tried being myself, and that too failed. I just cannot seem to make anyone happy no matter what I do, therefore it doesn't matter." he smiles. "You should have seen the Avengers lose their minds when I left my cell, though. I thought they were all going to drop dead right then and there. Such noisy people, they are."

"Yes, but what sort of victory is that?" Ares crinkles his nose slightly, taking another swallow of soda. He takes a deep breath and looks across the way towards a group of high school students on some form of field trip. He looks back towards Loki. "You set a group of mortals, albeit strong mortals, trembling. Shall I rally all of Olympus to applaud your triumph?"
A small dismissive sound is made then Ares looks back towards the crowd. "Thor did injury to you, took your awareness for a time. Yet here you are now. All part of the great game where we jostle for position. The ultimate prize we gain is what? Pride? Prestige?"
Another gesture is made calmly to the side as Ares seems as if he's just tossing that whole concept in the trash. "Your pride is injured, you seek to salve it. Very well pursue that, but don't mock it up in some form of masquerade making it what it is not."

Loki makes a sneering expression as he turns and looks away, balling his hands into fists. The tension is clear in his body language. "I feel an overwhelming need for vengeance. Thor took my life and there he still sits as if nothing ever happened. Thor can do no wrong." his words are quickly taking on that venomous tone as his frustration builds. "Everybody loves the mighty Thor, god of thunder, but there is no love for me. No matter how many times I have proven that I am every bit as powerful as Thor, every bit as worthy as son as he is, Thor is always cherished like a golden egg while I suffer at the hands of those I spent my entire sniveling life trying to please. If I cannot please them, I may as well destroy them and show them that I am worthy." he smashes his fist down into the fountain's stone surface, but not hard enough to damage it. "Call it what you will: pride or prestige, but what I will gain is satisfaction of knowing that even if I have to bring about Ragnarok itself, I will have shown them all."

Ares looks sidelong towards Loki and makes a small 'hnh' of sound. He straightens up and then reaches over to secure the other half of the sandwich that Loki shunned. A bite is taken before he responds, then another. He chews for a moment or two, swallows, then speaks levelly.
"You do realize Thor was 'dead' recently as well?" Ares scritches a fingertip along the curve of his jaw thoughtfully, the stubble making a faint scraping noise. "His death came as a sacrifice, however. He was saving people. Very heroic. There might be something of a difference."
A deep breath is taken, then Ares scrunches up one eye and considers Loki. "I could elaborate on the differences if you were inclined. But you seem more likely to just want to fuel your anger or vent."

Loki folds his arms over his chest, crossing one leg over the other. "How would I know that? The only people I've even been remotely able to have any type of conversation with that weren't trying to shoot me or DID shoot me are children who worship me and then, and then when I try to show a bit of gratitude by trying to protect the child, I get shot in the head. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I've been around for so long, I just don't know where one thing ends and another begins anymore." he runs a hand through the top of his hair, causing it to tousle slightly. He looks at Ares, his emerald eyes almost pleading for answers. "There is no redemption for me, so I may as well make sure that whatever is left of my wretched soul is damned to Hel."

"You're in a bad situation," Ares says calmly, "It's unfortunate since you are somewhat damned simply from the role that has been assigned you. Your sphere is deceit, deception. That is where you draw strength from." Ares stands up, brushing some crumbs off his work shirt and frowning at a faint stain of mustard. He turns to look fully at Loki.
"If you sought redemption it'd be a long difficult road, and you'd have to fight temptation. It'd take a long time. But then again we have time on our side? You could perhaps focus your efforts to doing what you can, remaking your image to something other than what you've been cursed with. A hundred years or so and you could be known as the God of Wit, Skill, Craft."
Then, there's a subtle flare of crimson in the old god's eyes, his expression curving wry and wicked like a newly drawn blade. "And of course then, after a hundred years or so, you strike."

Loki listens to Ares as he speaks, his expression that of desperation, but then begins to lighten a bit. "Wit and Skill, eh? I rather like the sound of that..." he smiles, then laughs at the last bit. "Oh, yes...can't let them get too comfortable! I suppose I can always try it, and if they make it too difficult, I can always crush them like the insignificant insects they are and then outlive them for a few centuries until a more friendly group turns up. I'm only what, two thousand years old? I still have several millenia left to wait them out." he clenches his fist, seeming to bounce between one side and the other. "Or I can spend those centuries crushing them under my boot heel until they learn that they should- ahem." he clears his throat. "I was trying to be good, I honestly was!"

"It'll take patience, and effort." Ares slings his construction hat back on his head and then his backpack fully over his shoulder. He adjusts one of the straps and then adds, "But then again you'll do what you wish. I have no horse in your race, so do what you like."
With that Ares starts to walk towards the wrought iron gate that leads out of the small park, his footsteps calm and even. Over his shoulder he says. "Til the next time, Loki."

Loki's temper has been all over the place the past few days, so when he is left with the same sense of lack of direction that he started with, he plunges a hand into the pool and sweeps it outward, sending a long water serpent flying for the other god, aiming for his yellow construction hat, which would allow the water to flow perfectly over it and possibly soak him thoroughly. He then folds his arms over his midsection and sighs. "Entirely unhelpful Olympians."

/SPLOOSH!/ The water serpent cascades into a heavy splash right onto Ares. To which the God of War is caught in mid-stride. He stops and turns slowly, holding his arms out as the initial chill of the water gets to him. He smirks distantly from across the way towards Loki and he says, "You see, you're getting better. Ages ago that would have been icicles instead of water." He wrings out his shift between two large and rough hands then shakes his head as he heads to that gate. One hand is lifted in a wave over his shoulder, even as he leaves a trail of wet footprints behind him.

Loki sighs and mutters to himself. "Damn. I should remember that for next time." he says as he watches Ares walk away.

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