Two Arrowheads Are Better Than One

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Archer meets Archerette

Hawkeye, Hawkette

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01/03/13 20:00

Central Park - New York

During routine patrols, Clint runs into an amateur crime-fighter.

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-----==[ Central Park - New York ]==------------------------------------------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Central Park is the green heart of Manhattan. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Central Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.
There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk donated to New York by Egypt; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.
Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Nearer the north end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - though it no longer provides drinking water for New York residents, a decision that has cut down significantly on the number of supervillain attacks on the Park.

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Kate Bishop sticks to the shadows. Even with her costume on, it's still too ostentatious to be out in the open. She keeps to the trees, joggers still out at this time of night. The city put out tons of lights to keep it safe, but light is just a thing. Waves of radiation emitted to illuminate. The jerks know this and don't care. They keep themselves hidden in plain view. She takes up a perch in one that still had its foliage and... there. She sees the potential target. A cute blonde with a tight bun, bobbing up and down as she jogs, earbuds fully in. And there's the shark, going for the blood. A masked thug with a beat-up hoodie and a beat-up jacket over it. They make it almost too easy.

Skycycle FTW! It means you don't have to sit down below with the other folks. Well okay it just means that Clint can position himself so that he can use his natural talents to help people. So he using his Cycle to fly high about the people down below, good thing it is silent as it doesn't alert most normal people that it's there. Flying around he also sees the same thing that Kate does and grabs an arrow to be ready. But hey can't do anything until the guy tries something, it's one of those rule thingies. Though out of the corner of his eyes, his awesome cool eyesight does pick up Kate, he decides to watch the young hero for a moment before acting himself.

Still a rookie, Katie doesn't notice the cycle. It's Central Park. The big heroes are out stopping apocalypses, saving the world. They're too big for the Park. Kate's not. Central Park's been her turf since her attack a few years back. No one was there for her, so she's making sure someone's there for the next victim. She eyes the perp as he pulls out a knife. He steps out from the shadows as the jogger comes around the path. Before the girl can scream, Kate has an arrow out and nocked. She takes a half-second to make sure it's a blunt tip. The added weight kills the aerodynamics but she's not out to kill.


A scream emits from the man as his kneecap is taken out and he hits the ground. The woman stands there screaming for a good minute or two before the weight of the situation settles and she gets the hell outta dodge. Kate's not done teaching this guy a lesson. She slides the bow over her shoulder and slides out a battle staff from its sheath. She jumps down from the tree and deftly makes up the space between herself and the man on the ground.

Clint watches for a moment and just blinks. Arrows, really now, Arrows! That's totally his gimmick, what the heck is this girl doing trying to steal his thing! But hey she didn't do too bad, didn't even hurt the guy, much. Yeah he would have used a net arrow or something, but well maybe she doesn't have one of those. But well Clint has to let the good thing end and decides to make his own presence known. He flips a switch on the skycycle and spotlight turns on, lighting up Kate and the attacker.

After that one happens he decides to act as well. He fires his own arrow, it's the very same net arrow that he was just thinking about. "Hey lady, you need to work on your arrow supply, there are just so many good choices out there to use."

Kate Bishop looks up as she's now all lit up. Is it the cops, or worse? "Merde.." She looks at the net that now covers the perp. HER perp.. and it also stops her from interrogating him further. "Dammit, I don't go crashing your gigs, leave mine alone!" She says, all indignant. She puts her hands up, seeing as he's in some kind of hover cycle and can go after her no matter which form of retreat she takes. "Are you taking me in too?"

Wait, she's talking back to him? Okay he already likes this girl, using arrows and just talking back, wait does he have a kid that he doesn't know about? Clint smiles at her for a moment, of course with the light in her eyes she probably can't see it. He navigates the Skycycle, so well that it lands on the ground. He can't talk to her from the sky, that's just awkward. Once the cycle is landed he starts to walk over towards her, "Why would I want to take you in? For not realizing that this guy was pulling a gun on you while he was on the ground?" Once closer to her he looks at her then at the guy then back to her, "Need to keep your eyes peeled, or else you will end up dead."

Kate Bishop swallows a bit at the thought, but doesn't want to lose face. "He's in too much pain to pull a gun." For good measure, she kicks the man in the gut.. "Now aren't you?" Her eyes widen for a second after she realizes exactly who the man is. The one Avenger she was hoping to never run into. "I... I.." She sighs. "I'm not trying to steal your gig. I just...." She tries to explain but can't find the words. "Just don't arrest me?" she shrugs in defeat.

Clint keeps up that smile of his, hey when you can rock the cocky smiles just constantly rock the thing. "Yeah, they are never in too much pain to pull the gun, gotta do something to make sure he can't fire the gun." He takes his own bow off his shoulder and points it at the guys shoulder. "See you were right at going after the knee. But also need to fire one here, it will numb his arm so he can't use it against you." He looks at the girl some more, "Two things. Just do the archery thing right, if you're going to do it at all. Can't have amateurs giving us Archers bad names. Also why would I take you in? You just stopped a crime before it happened. That is a good thing you know."

Kate Bishop blinks in shock.. "Well, yeah. I just.. " She shrugs. "You're right." Then at the whole 'Archery right' bit she stops... "Right?! RIGHT?! Why you..... I'll have you know I could be in the damn Olympics if I wanted! It doesn't GET more right than me!" She huffs, than realizes that he's cutting her some slack. "Well.. thanks." She looks around. "Did you want to make the call into the cops? I'm feeling a bit exposed out here.. I mean, we're both in purple... People may start to talk."

Clint just laughs a little when she goes into her deal about the Olympics, "Kid that's not real archery. Real archery is making the one shot that will save your teammates, while you have giants robots, time traveling tyrants, or things like world devourers around you. That is real archery grasshopper." Once he says his little deal he starts to pat around on his costume, until he finds a pad and pen, never know when you'll need those. "I'll call the cops if you don't want to." He says that as he starts to write some things down, and then offers her the piece of paper, "Meet me at this address in 2 days. Gives you time to prepare, and we're going to see what you can do kid. Deal?" He stands there, just waiting to her reaction.

Kate Bishop blinks again, dumbfounded.. "Devourers....." She didn't think this thing through. She just figured she'd help the cops with keeping the streets straight, and now this guy's giving her a ticket to the Big Leagues? "Um... I was never really planning on that.." A team? She reaches out and takes the offered piece of paper. "S..Sure. I'll be there..." She smirks.. "Don't expect too much... That way I'll be able to wow you." She says with an exaggerated wink before turning and heading off. "Thanks.. I'd really like to keep my name out of the paperwork as much as possible."

"I understand that. Plus this way you don't get mistaken for the bad guy." Hey it happened to him it could happen to anyone! He smirks at the kid some more, "You better be there kid, or else I will hunt you down." Clint winks at that one though. "Don't worry, about the name though, I'm gonna tell them I found this guy like this though." He ain't taking credit for it, nope gonna let them try and figure out who it was. "One more thing kid, keep up the good work, okay?"

Kate Bishop turns and gives a thumbs-up before ducking out of sight.

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