Truths and Consequences

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Sandman and Scarlet Witch

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2013/06/21 16:26

Joe's Coffee House - Greenwich Village

Bill Baker and Wanda meet up and talk about what has happened since they lost saw each other, but information regarding someone leads to an appearance by Flint Marko

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A letter had been mailed to the new Avengers headquarters by Bill Baker. Unfortunately the mail system is even slower in New York City than most and so the past few days, Bill Baker not dressed for the weather in a long trenchcoat and a pair of sunglasses that he wears indoors. Sitting at this coffee house across the street from the Voodoo Lounge, Bill stares out the window to the lounge, hoping to see one of two witches. One he has connected. The other he just wants to see. A waitress comes by, “Hey stranger, another cup of coffee?” There are already 5 empty cups on his table. Bill nods his head without answering as she sighs and goes to prepare another cup.

Wanda walks in shortly after that order is placed, commenting, "You're going to get some serious jitters if you keep that up." She slips into the chair opposite Bill, tilting her head a bit as she looks at the waitress, "Chai, please." Her eyes look over at Sandman, and she gives him a faint smile, a surprising lack of judgment in her gaze.

As Wanda enters, “I’ve had a lot to be jittery about. The caffeine helps keep Flint at bay too. Not sure why. I just feel more alert as myself and less as him.” He smiles a bit, “So I presume this is the real Wanda, right? I’m not going to have to fight a clone, right now.” Bill mentioning the clone serves as a bit of common bond between the two heroes having been replaced or taken over by others.

Wanda smiles faintly, "Not a clone, and also relatively sane." She steeples her fingers, sighing a bit, "As sane as I ever seem to get, given the life I lead." Her head tilts a bit as she regards Bill, "How have you been?"

“Well, I’m here now, which is good. I’ve been able to get more control. More of the memory s coming back. I had some run-ins with Topaz, which also helped. . .not sure why or how. Don’t think it’s magic. Just some connection.” Bill smiles a bit, “And how’ve you been? How’s the new team?”

Wanda chuckles, "The new team is... well, it's definitely more interesting than a lot of the previous ones. We've had some good new recruits, as well as some of the old standbys coming in." Her lips quirk, "Since Steve went to take over SHIELD, it's been a little odd seeing his protege with the shield and uniform."
“Oh yes, the new Captain America. Maybe he’ll be cooler than Steve was.” Bill shrugs, “So, I’m sorry it has been years since we spoke. And well Flint has mostly been in control. Other than an incident with my father and a few moments of clarity, he has been dominant. But I want you to know when you were taken and that whole thing with the Avengers and the reality warp. . .I would have tried to help you.”

Wanda smiles a little sadly, "Yes, after that... well, things changed. There were a lot of things that clone did that took time to repair. Particularly with my reputation." She shakes her head, "Even though it wasn't me, to know that my face was associated with all that, it was rather difficult." Her eyes flicker back to Bill, "The new Captain America... well, he hasn't really joined up much with the Avengers yet, I think he's still trying to get his bearings with everything that's happened."

“Yes. . .um, are you and Steve still a couple or trying to work it out? Or what? The whole clone thing must have made things pretty difficult in the romance department between you two?” Bill asks curiously. Odd segue, but between the old friends, it is a fair question.

Wanda shakes her head, "No, we just... well, we drifted apart a bit, and then Vision and I, well, we reconciled a bit. Then I, or rather my clone, killed him." She gets a flash of anger in her eyes at that, which probably explains why she went up close and personal in her fight with the clone during House of M. "It still... we never really were able to be close, after that. Though my personal life hasn't been boring." A faintly amused look, at that comment.

Smiling, “Well I am glad to hear you are not bored. . .I, on the otherhand, well I have a daughter now.” Bill sighs a bit, “That was a shock to me when I found out. Preparations have been made so thatI do not see her until I am better. But Flint seems to be trying to get to her.”

Wanda blinks, then smiles, "Well, that's great news that you have a daughter." A pause, then she nods, "And yes, that does seem like a prudent option. At least until things are a bit more... settled."

Offering a half-smile, “Well, it would be great news if I knew to be a father and was rid of Flint Marko. . .for now, it is best that I stay away from her. But I need a favor to ask. I would ask Topaz, but considering how things were. . .probably best not to involve her more than she already is. . .” The barista brings another coffee for Bill and chai for Wanda, “Should things get out of hand or with no reasonable solution. . .I need you to end this.”

Wanda nods once, "Of course. I was ready to do it before, if I had to." She looks at Bill, then sighs a bit, sipping her chai, "I'd rather not, but if that is what it takes to stop you, then that's what I'll have to do.'

“Perfect actually. I’ve set up a fund for Keemia.” Bill smiles and reaches into the pocket of the trenchcoat pulling out a picture. It is clear the picture is taken from afar. The girl playing in the park, sitting on a swing. “Yeah, so while I cannot be a good father in life, my death will result in something good for her.”

Wanda smiles at the picture, "Oh, she's gorgeous. You did good work, there." She gets a bit of a wry look, pulling out a picture from her purse as well, showing herself with Billy (Wiccan) and Thomas (Speed). "It's... well, lateral reincarnation is a tricky thing, but I guess I didn't lose my boys after all."

“Oh wow, Wanda.” Sandman looks over the picture and grins wildly, “Wow, Billy looks just like you and Thomas looks just like Pietro.” He hmmmns a moment as he has no idea what lateral reincarnation means and just sums up the fact that her kids are alive and teenagers to magic. “They look familiar, but I guess it is their looks. How does Visz. . .?” Bill pauses and then continues, “Vizh must be pretty happy to see them too, huh.” He puts the picture of his daughter away and goes back to his coffee.

Wanda hmms at that, "I don't... well, Vision and I have been a bit strained, though we do talk occasionally. I mean, after he was dead, again, for a while and I came back... well, I started seeing someone else." She shrugs and tucks the photo away, giving Bill a wry expression, "It just... well, happened. I wasn't exactly looking, but there it was."

Quirking his eyebrows, Sandman lets loose in an urban manner, “Dang. . .playa! Who’s the lucky man?” Bill smiles as he finishes the coffee. This is the first time in about three years that he has smiled and been able to have a conversation about something other than Flint Marko.

Wanda sticks her tongue out at Bill, then chuckles, "Kurt Wagner, actually. From the X-Men. He and I... well, we hit it off rather well."

Laughing loudly, a few people in the coffee shop look over. Bill tries to contain himself a bit more, “Really? Nightcrawler?” Helets out a few more chuckles as he tries to contain himself, “Well, I don’t know Wanda. First a rob. . .er. . .synthezoid. . .now a elf. . .er. . .demon. . .er blue furry man.” Bill catches his breath a bit, “Well, he is funny. I’ll give that to him.” He looks out the window over towards the Voodoo Lounge, “It’s nice to be involved. One of the other suckier things about Flint is losing the life I would have had with Topaz.”

Wanda gives Bill a glare, "I'll have you know that he is nothing but a gentleman, and he's also quite charming. Plus, he was also raised by gypsies, so that's something else we have in common." She loses a bit of the heat when Bill mentions Topaz, and she nods, looking sympathetic, "Yes, I'm sure... I studied with her, when I was staying with Strange."

Tilting his head a bit to the side when she mentions studying at Strange’s house. He shakes his head a moment, “What do you mean studied together when staying with Strange?” He continues to stare out the window at the Voodoo Lounge, not quite making eye contact with Wanda.

Wanda ahs, "When I first... well, after the whole mess with my clone, I felt very... disconnected. So I started training in the mystical arts with Doctor Strange. Topaz was there as well."

When Wanda admits that Topaz was at Strange’s residence for some time, Bill seems to almost have a saddened expression on his face. The sand making Sandman’s head seems to twitch and grow a shade darker losing its fleshy appearance into a more pssamic look, as does his body. Sandman looks to Wanda and starts to laugh. Laughing louder than he did before, the waitress walks over unassumingly. When she gets close enough, Sandman reaches for her arm violently yanking her forward and his other arm turns to hardened sand smashing the window. Looking at Wanda, Flint Marko speaks the tone and volume different than Bill’s. “Even think about using your magic and the bitch dies.” Firmly holding onto the waitress.

Wanda narrows her eyes, "Alright Flint, what do you want?" Apparently she's savvy enough to know what exactly happened, though perhaps not the reason why, resting her hands on the table, "No magic, no tricks, but let her go. Now." Even in this position, she doesn't seem to have a tone that warrants much argument.

“I want you to give a message to the curry-flavored witch and that I am coming for her. She can’t keep me from Keemia. . .and now. . .Poor weak pathetic Billy Boy is gone. . .that little sliver of hope. . .is gone.” The waitress grimaces with pain. The sand hand firmly around her arm causing major bruising and the slight sound of bone breaking, “The Avengers failed Bill and now he knows the Indian didn’t love him. . .” He laughs as he stands up knocking the table over and surprisingly and uncharacteristically allowing the patrons to flee, Sandman holds the waitress ready to slam her down, but stops as his sandy face begins to expand out like a balloon. His facial expression showing that Flint is surprised by that.

Wanda, however, looks actually less than surprised as she leaps back out of the chair. She suddenly chants a string of syllables, gesturing to Flint's arm holding the waitress. The arm suddenly loses cohesion, as the waitress doesn't even wait for Wanda's order to "RUN!"

As the arm comes undone, the head of Sandman balloon up growing bigger and wider until it explodes. Dust and sand fill the coffee house as patrons flee and run out. As it settles Sandman stands with a smile on his face, “Cute trick, but that won’t keep me from getting Keemia and from killing Topaz! Just like I did, Keemia’s mom. . .” With that, his body like the head and arm lose cohesion and a large blob of sand woshes out through the broken window, “They are all as good as dead!” A disembodied voice sounding like Flint’s yells as the sand disappears into the sky.

Wanda smirks, "You can't even handle me... I'd like to see you /try/ and tackle Strange on his own turf." She then picks up her phone and does a speeddial, "Wong.. yes, it's Wanda. I need to talk to the Doctor about some things..." Best to let him know in advance what's coming. Not that he needs the warning, but it's polite.

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