Trouble in Chinatown

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Antman, Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Chinatown - Manhattan

Several villians try to to steal some guns, they are stopped

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-----==[ Chinatown and Little Italy - New York ]==----------------------------

Rumor has it that Chinatown has turned into a pure tourist trap, and in places, that's true; some of the bustling streets offer nothing but high-priced stores or kitsch, and Canal Street, the area's northern border, houses perhaps the biggest of the area's outdoor markets. Even those streets, however, are still recovering from a two-year depression that stripped most of the tourists away. The rest of the area - where the tourists *don't* flock - is largely residential, and its businesses reflect its makeup. Traditional herbal-medicine suppliers, acupuncturists, and low-priced noodle shops and teahouses cater primarily to the locals. Signs and conversation are frequently not English; overheard music is rarely Western; and one of the major local shrines is the Wall of Democracy, covered with newspapers and posters describing the situation in China.

Just the other side of Canal Street is an area marked off with a sign - tattered glittery letters strung on wire across Mulberry Street, saying 'Welcome to Little Italy.' Though there are few Italians still actually living there, the bakeries and restaurants reflect that original makeup, and the area still celebrates the ten-day Feast of San Gennaro every September.


It's a pleasant fall day, late afternoon and Chinatown is as busy as ever. Sounds of merchants, tourists, traffic and locals fill the air as does a plethora of smells from little shops, restaurants and sometimes, unfortunately the people.

Today amoung the Chintatown crowds is Dani. She has invited her BFF Rahne out for a day of shopping and just hanging out in the city.

No fur for the time being, just casual civilian clothes for Rahne. Some of the smells are bad enough that even without senses on high, she's wrinkling her nose. "They /eat/ tha'?" she murmurs to Dani, pointing at something that looks particularly nasty to her. She carries a small bag so far, not much shopping done yet.

Scott Lang too finds himself in Chinatown today, not quite the same purposes however as he's rather hanging out near some construction and seemingly helping 'friends' relocate as their home needed to be evacuated due to recent construction.

Dani chuckles as she looks from Rahne to the questionable food product "I'm sure you have had the same question asked about haggis." she continues through the busy predestrian traffic, past various carts selling produce, one selling blackmarket dvds and one purveyor of seafood before stopping before a small garage style shop selling scarfs and other accessories "Just be glad they don't have the bucket full of bullfrogs they had last week." she frowns slightly, "That was sad.

"I knew ye'd say tha'," Rahne answers with a hint of a smile, shaking her head. "'tis better than it sounds, an' most places use other casings instead o' th' stomach like ye've probably heard," she informs her friend. Her steps keep pace with Dani's, deftly slipping her way through whatever openings there are. "Bullfrogs?" she repeats, squinting.

Exiting a tech shop, Scott checks his bag to make sure the small items are within it and then heads out to the more street level venders and, most likely, the food area of the open markets. He doesn't see Rahne or Dani just yet, but he is headed in their general direction.

Examining a few of the silk scarves on display Dani holds one up to Rahne, then to herself "Yes. I almost bought all of them, but what am I going to do with a bucket full of frogs." she pauses to shoo away the shopkeeper, "Not like I can free them, they could wreck an ecosystem."

As the two young women chat and Scott makes his way in their direction there is a commotion across the street. It goes unnoticed at first. There is a lot of commotion in Chinatown, but this one starts the stand out. An elderly couple and a few young woman are violently shoved out of a shop. The elderly man is yelling (in Mandarin) and waving his fists as the shop door comes slamming down. The young women gather protectively around the elder woman who is cradling her arm. They look to be part of an extended family.

"I have nae idea what ye'd do with a bucket full o' frogs," Rahne answers, more or less in agreement with her friend as she considers the scarves with a shrug. "Besides.." That thought is interrupted as something on the opposite sidewalk begins and reaches the point of drawing more than just casual attention. Pointing, she says, "Look over there. What do ye think happened?"

As Rahne points up, the motion catches Scott's attention and he looks inquisitively at the young woman first. "Rahne?" The question is called out as recognition comes to him, more so than what she is pointing at. But then again, being human, he eventually gives into the second urge and turns to see what she is pointing at, and what may be starting to draw more attention even. He pauses where he stands as he turns to look.

Dani idley puts the scarves back on the rack as her attention is brought across the street. "Not sure, but it looks like someone is trying to clean out the store." she begins to make her way through the crowd but pauses she her friend's name is called. Since she isn't the one whose attention is wanted Dani continues across the street to see what is up and if assistance is needed.

The old man's tirade at the door has stopped and now he is yelling in mixed english for someone to call the police. There does seem to be something going on in the shop, there is a bit of muffled yelling and what was that a gun going off?

"Hmm?" Rahne's eyes are drawn away from the store long enough to search out the owner of the voice calling for her. She's still shorter than most, so she actually jumps a couple times in hope of getting a better view before a flinch follows at the crack of what appears to be a gun. "What's going on in there?"

The gun get's Scott's attention even as he is already gazing in that direction. His feet betray him and he starts heading in that direction unlike other denizens that ignore the gunshot and go about what they are doing, try to actively leave the area, or pick up cell phones to take pictures and or call authorities to make a report. Then he pauses in consideration, he's not in a costume, he has no cool powers. His eyes scan around, he'll have to improvise if anything is about to happen. He looks for makeshift bludgeoning type weapons.

"What ever it is, it isn't good." Gunfire is never a good and hearing it makes Dani move even faster across the street "And we need to stop it before things get more out of hand." approaching the elderly couple and their granddaughters she quickly questions them about what happened.

The eldest of the young women answers, quite upset "There are four of them, three men and a woman. The all had weapons and said if we don't leave they would hurt us." she gestures to the grandmother "I think they broke my grandmother's arm." as the young woman explains there is the sound of an explosion from underneath the shop. It's not a big one, but certainly enough to take out a basement wall.

Whoever was seeking Rahne out may have to wait unless they end up closer during the growing commotion. "Ye're right," she tells Dani, though for the moment she keeps the fur away so as not to startle the women further. "We need tae get in there an' stop it, whatever they're doing."

Bypassing the direct approach taken by Rahne and Dani, Scott instead skirts to a nearby open market stall and dismantles a portion of it - a metal bar 2-3 feet in length to support overhead awning - giving the owner some money, promising to return the bar.

"Five minutes ago." is Dani's only reply as she goes directly to the pull down steel door that serves as front access to the shop. She pulls up on the door and it goes up a about a foot and a half, far enough to crawl under, but no further. She pulls upward a few times but it's stuck. "Go under and hold it on the other side and I will follow." she says to Rahne, or she could get it unstuck, which ever she prefers.

If the gunfire didn't cause people to flee the area, the explosion does, or it at least gets a majority of the tourists and other-non-locals to leave. The shopkeepers though aren't going anywhere though. And yes, finding a bludgeoning weapon is pretty easy the the market that is Chinatown.

The inside of the store has been pretty much left untouched though the register was smashed and there is broken glass. A crowbar is jammed into the door gears, getting it out will take some time. Long enough for Scott to get under the door should he choose that approach.

It's an Apothecary Shop, FYI.

Rahne doesn't appear to understand what Dani means with the five minutes comment, but she quickly moves beneath it and by the time hands can be seen helping hold it up for Dani to join her inside, there are signs of fur and claws if one is noticing such a thing. Meanwhile, she's looking around at what she can spot initially, senses coming alive.

The most noticable thing in the shop is the mingling of the aromas of herbs and spices, teas and tinctures. The smell of gunpowder is fading but another smell, more chemical in nature, is coming up from below. At the back of the shop is a set of stairs that go down into a basement. There are muffled voices, and the sound of boxes being moved around, opened, etc.

Ducking under the door, Dani probably notes the shift, not by the change of appearance, but by the remergence of the bond shared by the two of them. "Thanks." she gives a quick glance around the shop and makes a hmming noise at the contents.

The scents, many of them at least, aren't bad! Wolfsbane stops to focus on more important things first. "Aye," she answers, caution and wariness in her thoughts as she looks back. "Is he coming?" the wolfen woman wonders.

"Is who coming?" it's Dani's turn to be confused "You mean the person that called out to you?" she then makes a one moment gesture and gets a stool from behind the counter and uses it to prop the door open "Not sure, but we can't wait." she heads to the back of the shop where the stairs lead down to a storage area.

"Nevermind," Wolfsbane shakes her head and moves forward. "Best ye be thinking about tha' bow o' yuirs in case we need it," she remarks in a quiet voice, knowing there's something going on that they're about to enter into the midst of.

Dani slips down the stairs as quietly as she can, which is pretty dang quiet actually. Rahne gets a mental agreement, but nothing verbal, since being sneaky is the way to be at the moment

Downstairs is a store room, full of boxes and crates and typical store room stuff, on the back wall though there is a hole where a large man stands. A man that instead of hands has long blades. He is facing into the other basement though so at the moment is unaware to the two ladies sneaking up on him.

Perfect opportunity! Wolfsbane frowns at the sight of those blades, a quick glance at her own hands coming before she makes a gesture toward him. The cue is easy: shoot him! Meanwhile, she's creeping closer in hope of catching him if and when he begins to fall.

Nodding at the unspoken suggestion Dani stops, waiting for WB to get into place. When she is Dani extends and arm out and goes through the motions of drawing and firing a bow. As she does the action the glowing bow manifests and the arrow follows to fly through the air where it sinks into the large man's back.

The large man, Razorfist, quickly starts to topple over.

This leads to Wolfsbane almost letting Razorfist down gently as she drags him off to one side and out of the way. There was no chance to ask how long he'd be out for, but they'll just find out. With the way past now clear, she pokes her head around the doorway to get a look at what's next.

What the two women see through the hole in the basement wall: On the other side of the hole is another storage area. In this one though is stored boxes and crates labeled with names of weapons and types of ammunition. Apparently this is the secret weapon storage area for probably one of the Chintatown gangs. Going through the stuff is a man with a red armor like bodysuit with white markings (Crossfire) including a a headpeice with a cybernetic thing over an eye. He is instructing a female (Bombshell) and a man armed with a bolo (Bobcat) in what to do with certain items.

Weapons. Lots and lots of weapons. Wolfsbane remains crouched at the edge of that doorway, then after a glance at Dani her form melts and shifts, clothes loosened to fall off in a little pile by the time she's done. A moment later, she pads down into the area as a wolf and makes a pitiful sound, whining at the three at work. One way or another, it'll get some kind of result.

Speaking of results, Scott has finished procuring that metal bar from the vendor, haggling over the price which probably included giving more money until the vendor stopped cursing in Mandarin at the Avenger in street clothing. So, as the wolf is moving to take attention, Scott clatters down the steps then, making more noise than is worth but hopefully covered by the attention the wolf is brining on herself.

Dani pushes the clothes out of site with a foot as she watches Wolfsbane become a distraction. Of course she is distracted herself when Scott comes down the stairs. She immediately turns to take a defensive posture not knowing if it is friend or for coming behind her.

Of the three on the otherside of the hole Crossfire is the only one that seems to care for the animal in thier midst "Who let this mongrel in?" he asks of the other two.

Wolfsbane can act, if a little, tucking her tail between her legs to make herself look scared. She's already heard the signs of another clambering closer, but hopefully it's not about to lead to further trouble. Bark. Hungry!

Scott will emerge from the steps with bar in hand, most likely looking menacing. Without Rahne to even justify him as friendly in any context, he might look like one of the thugs - or just a guy in street clothing carring a metal bar as a weapon. Inversely, without Rahne, he doesn't know who Dani is in relation to this. Hopefully she doesn't have her bow drawn and pointed at him, he pauses to try and make sense of who is who.

Dani does not have any weapon in her hands at the moment, so he is lucky there. She eyes the weapon in Scott's hands but since he isn't attacking her immediatly assumes he is a good guy. She makes a few gestures at him that can be easily interpreted as Rahne and I will take the two on the left (Crsossfire and Bobcat), you take Bombshell. Dani will relay this as best she can through the link with Rahne.

The Bobcat and Bombshell are making enough noise to cover any noise that Scott made coming down, unless they have Rahne's hearing. Crossfire is having none of this hungry puppy business and grabs guns from holsters to take care of it.

The good thing is Wolfsbane's fast. She's also just got 'word' from Dani that it's looking time to act, cemented as Crossfire's hands move for the guns. In that moment she shifts gears she charges from close range, leaping to bowl into him and clamp down on one of his wrists with powerful jaws and a snarl. It's on!

Taking the gestures to heart, Scott is glad for the current distraction caused by Rahne - even if it means guns coming to bear on her. However, by the time she charges in get the jump on Crossfire, civilian Scott is ready with a bar to go for Bombshell. Since they apparently didn't care or bother with whiney dog, hopefully that means they have their backs turned on him and Dani. When Rahne jumps to action, he rushes in as well to take on his character, swinging to subdue at Bombshell.

For her part Dani is ready, the motions are made and bow and arrow manifest simultanously and the arrow flies true to Bobcat, who immediatly falls over stunned.

The other two, Bombshell especially are taken by surprise and is quickly subdued by Scott, with a metal rod to the head that knocks her out cold.

Crossfires guns go flying as Wolfsbane pounces on him and knocks him back.

It's about this time that Code Blue and a bombsquad storm in from both directions, the hole in the wall behind them and whatever kinda of store happens to be above them.

Wolfsbane reverts to her midform in time to twist out of the way of some gunfire, striking to knock the other gun away as Code Blue arrives on the scene. She's left seen in her blue and gold uniform and as order is taken control of she moves back cautiously. Seems there's going to be some explaining to do, but information is already being gathered from the people who have been victimized. This is going to require some paperwork and briefing.

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