Trip to Atlantis

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A trip to Atlantis

Namor, Mockingbird

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11/27/12 12:23


Namor takes Mockingbird on his promised visit to Atlantis

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-----==[ City of Atlantis - Atlantic Ocean ]==--------------------------------

The architecture of the city reflects the best features of many ancient cultures such as Ancient Egypt and Rome, yet has a sleek, unique style that is all its own. The main road into the city leads to the central square, and then continues onward toward the royal palace. The main square itself is lined with statues of the Atlantean gods, some fearsome, some beautiful. As with any other city, there are shops and theaters, schools and homes, and likewise, its unique landmarks - particularly the looming architecture of the Circus Marinus to the west. Looking to the north, the city seems less constructed, giving over to more natural terrain as well as the central temple of Atlantean worship.


Namor pilots a small Atlantean submersible vessel through the depths. Instead of a sealed cabin like any standard sub would have, this one is more like a framework for the engines, with seats inside and a winshield to keep the rushing water out of the passenger's faces. Something of an underwater Fantasticar, frankly. Although it features a plug-in bubble helmet in each seat, in case the passenger there needs to breathe and doesn't want to wear a facemask the whole trip.

Namor's mood drifts into 'brooding' territory every time he's not actively talking to Bobbi, probably due to his thoughts about visiting Atlantis. He's been exiled, then lost his memory and was lost for nearly a year, then when he surfaced had rejoined the Avengers again. He's honestly not sure what kind of reception he'll have in his old floating grounds.

Mockingbird has dressed for the trip, discarding her usual bodysuit for an insulated one-piece swimsuit. It's in her black and white colors, at least. Fighting sticks on each thigh more as professional accessories than anything else, a pair of swim fins complete the outfit. Rather than fuss with scuba gear, she trusts to the Atlantean sub's bubble helmet.

Noting Namor's silence, she reaches out to lightly touch his shoulder. "So tell me again what's going on here, and what we're walking... er, swimming... into." Start with professional dialogue, to see if she can get through.

Namor sets the ship on autopilot and turns to face her. "You will recall that at first this was a simple visit. A chance to show a fellow Avenger that the undersea realms where I am from are not so different than your own. But then I started to realize, what is good for one," he gestures at Mockingbird, "Can also be good for an entire people." He turns to look at something in the distance now, a source of light on the ground rather than from the surface of the water high above.

As the sub draws closer you can vaguely make out the outline of Atlantis.

Namor holds out his hand in that direction now. "My people have had a...difficult relationship with the surface world. I am forced to admit that my own leadership, while strong and effective, may have contributed to some of the 'tensions'. But now Atlantis is ruled by a council. Much like the rulers of your own United States, they engage in debate and compromise for every decision. Things are slower, yet they also change. And perhaps that is for the best."

Mockingbird listens, nodding slowly in the glass helmet. "Well admittedly, the surface world probably hasn't helped to make relations easier. Democracy has its pros and cons, but on the whole it's worked pretty well for us." She watches as the underwater city comes more into view, and offers. "Wow... I'd heard that Atlantis was beautiful, but the stories don't come even close."

Namor guides their sub into a small cave, revealing a large spherical chamber that's only half-filled. Vines and moss line the walls, perhaps replenishing the oxygen inside. Namor climbs out and then triggers a control on the side of the 'garage' that causes a walkway to extend to the side of the sub, big enough for Bobbi to climb out and stand for a bit.

"Indeed," he replies. "And I think you'll find it surprisingly comfortable even for outsiders." He studies a tiny side tunnel leading up and out of the chamber. "Another air-filled section," he remarks. "Impressive. Things have changed here."

Mockingbird climbs out of the sub, removing the bubble helmet once they're in the air-filled chamber. Fingers casually brush the sticks strapped to her bare thighs as she looks around. "I take it Atlantis wasn't always so... receptive... to air breathers?" she asks curiously. A moment of consideration, and she leaves the swim fins in the sub. "The whole breathing underwater thing can certainly put a damper on social visits, to be sure."

Namor leads the way up the tunnel, that ends in another chamber, this one a half-sphere that is mostly glass. Those inside are treated to an excellent panoramic view of the city proper all around them. There are a set of chests discreetly positioned around the chamber, some labelled with symbols, mostly in alien script, while others are blank.

Namor blinks at one that is printed with a small blue number 4, circled - some Atlantean artist's version of the symbol of the Fantastic Four. His hand creeps closer as if he can't quite help himself, and opening the chest reveals a few vials of the Reed Richard's latest water-breathing serum, along with some additional scuba type gear. "Curious," he remarks. "If I'm reading some of these other markings correctly, this is something of a diplomatic area. It would appear we're not the only ones who would like to see things change between our peoples."

Mockingbird follows along, quite comfortable with being barefoot in the chamber. Running fingers through her blonde hair, she looks around and smirks at the familiar emblem. "Well at least we're seeing Reed Richards' emblem, and not Hydra's." she offers. Approaching one of the chests, she crouches down to examine the writing more closely. "So the current measure of diplomacy is pretty new?"

Namor says, "Yes. In previous eras," he corrects himself halfway through, remembering that for a while Atlantis was ruled by Attuma, who by all accounts was an even more hostile and reactionary leader than Namor himself, "All outsiders were viewed with suspicion. Atlanteans had little contact with anyone from any other way of life. And we preferred it that way. I wonder what has changed." Right on cue, Namor comes to a stop next to a small person-sized circle in the floor of the viewing chamber, filled with water so still that at first it seemed like a solid disc in the ground. A similar opening is visible in the floor on the other side of the viewing chamber - it's a tiny tunnel leading into the city. "Shall we go find out?"

Mockingbird arches blonde brows, giving the tunnel a suspicious look. "So long as we don't test Atlantean hospitality by whether or not I drown along the way." she replies. Flashing him a grin, she tips the tip of her big toe into the water. "How about I go first, so you can save me if something happens?"

Namor nods in agreement. "After you."

Mockingbird pads over to pick up one of the helmets in the room, slipping it on and setting it up. There's trust in her eyes as she slips into the water and down into the tunnel. She sinks slowly into the city below, looking around at the passing citizens. and the blonde certainly attracts her fair share of curious looks, as well.

Namor follows along after, and his appearance attracts just as many stares. And then a small crowd of Atlanteans who huddle around the two Avengrs in wonder - here in Atlantis he's the ultimate celebrity. Namor's imperious demeanor breaks down just a bit at the adulation and he permits himself a warm smile, exchanging greetings in English and Atlantean with a few of the natives who conventiently often reply in English. It's all very normal, 'you're my son's hero, where have you been, did you hear about the seaquake last month,'. Along with a few innocent 'Are you Susan Storm? I like your new costume' for Mockingbird.

Soon the commotion draws a few officials, who disperse the crowd. One gives Namor a slight nod, which he returns.

Mockingbird is getting more used to notoriety as an Avenger, although it's certainly in sharp contrast to all of her S.H.I.E.L.D. training. No, that was all about blending in and remaining unobtrusive. She courteously introduces herself as Mockingbird of the Avengers, figuring that her hero personna is more likely to be well received. All the same, when Sue is mentioned she flashes Namor a brief, small smile. The officials get her attention, then, and she drifts closer to Namor.


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