Treating Wolfsbane

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Treating Wolfsbane

Leyu Yashida, Wolfsbane

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06/22/12 23:30

Medbay, Xavier Mansion Sub-Basement

Wolfsbane drops by medbay, in need of help. Dr. Leyu Yashida is there to help.

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Having been notified that someone was headed towards medbay, Dr. Leyu Yashida is waiting when the doors hiss open to reveal Wolfsbane, limping along without aid. So naturally, the good doctor makes her way over to lend a supporting shoulder, helping the young woman over to one of the medbay tables and settling her there. "I could ask what happened. And maybe I will. But first, why don't you just lie down and let me get a full scan, please?"

Wolfsbane doesn't look like she wants to be here, but Logan told her to come down and may well have called ahead to be sure she showed. Since returning earlier in the day, she went directly to the woods for a number of hours. Now it's later in the night by the time she's in the medbay and she's yet to change out of her costume. Looks like it's been a long couple days. There's the limp with one leg and the arm on the other side appears to just hang there, not used very much. "Manhattan happened, an' I told him I'd be fine." All the same, she sits then settles onto her back with a little groan.

"Just relax." Doctor Yashida offers, gently. "I'm only here to help." She starts up a scan from the medbay table, and examines Rahne in detail while she waits for the scan to compile and present its results. "Looks like someone could use a nice hot soak. Perhaps a jacuzzi after a bath?" She lightly brushes her fingertips through some tuft of fur at Rahne's brow, and then turns to examine the readouts. "Mmm. Seems you have a dislocated left shoulder, with some nerve inflammation due to not being treated. And your knee appears sprained. Neither are exceptionally serious, so long as we treat them and don't allow them to compound these problems with more."

"I know," Rahne answers, the wolfen features somewhat evident in the coating of fur, though not too thick, plus claws, pointed ears and such. Still a mostly human face though, faint hint of a muzzle with an altered nose. Eyes close during the scan, then there's a little sound when the fingers are felt at her brow, a couple fingers twitching in the good hand. "Mmm, feels..I mean, sounds good tae me," she murmurs, squinting up toward her as she eyes the shoulder, then the knee. "It was from th' fighting. I've na been in something like that for a while."

"Alright. Well, I want you to brace yourself a bit. I need to re-seat your shoulder, and that's not going to feel good." Leyu offers, with a gentle smile. She fetches a few things from various drawers, arranging a half-splint and a sling that will help her to apply even, strong pressure in proper alignment. "I am glad that you made it back in decent shape, Rahne. Now, let's just get you fixed up. Ready?" she inquires, before leveraging to pull, working to pop that shoulder's ball back into its socket joint where it belongs, while watching the monitors to be sure she doesn't catch any nerves in there in the process.

Wolfsbane sucks in a breath. "Carrying Dani on it probably didna help." Neither did spending hours in the woods, brooding. She chews at her lower lip as the prep is done to make sure things will go the way they ought to, then she pants a few times as the good leg bends at the knee a couple times, fingers and toes curling as a bit of a yelp escapes, followed by a brief snarl as she fights to resist the urge to grab at the shoulder. "S-sorry..tha' for ye," she grits through a clenched jaw.

Leyu doesn't seem overly disturbed by Rahne's reactions to the discomfort and pain, as if they are to be expected. "That's alright. Just lie back, now, and let the scan finish. Hopefully, we got it right the first time." She waits for the scan to come back clean, and then delivers a small hypospray. "That should dull the pain from both, for now. I want to put a brace on your knee, and I want you to keep the arm in a sling. The brace should only be needed for perhaps a week, given how your body has healed in the past. The sling may be for as much as two weeks, depending on how careful you are. That means, no using that arm unless you have /no/ other choice.' She tries to be firm, but she does recognize 'things happen' around here. She's been here long enough to figure that out. "Now. Should I be checking on Danielle, as well? You do know you will need sleep, and good food and liquids. Your body is exhausted."

Wolfsbane holds her tongue, still working on dealing with the added soreness in the joint. Of course it's going to hurt more before it hurts less, though the spray on the bare part of her the costume doesn't cover is welcomed. "I should heal faster," she thinks aloud, though the time given might not be far off. "But..two weeks is better than more." She says nothing about the part reminding her not to use it unless needed, except, "I suppose tha' means nae shifting further." As in, wolf. She already did that back during the fight, which probably didn't help. "I'm na sure. I think she was just verra bruised an' worn oot." The scans show the truth of what hours upon hours of fighting without the chance to rest causes, visible proof included.

"No. No shifting further." Leyu answers. "The gait of your wolfen form requires the use of all four limbs, and that would do more damage to your vulnerable shoulder." She almost sounds motherly, the way she makes a point of explaining /why/ Rahne shouldn't do something, rather than just commanding it from on high like many doctors might. "Do you want help changing?" she offers, expecting Rahne will be wanting that bath. "I imagine you would rather clean up before worrying with the brace and sling."

Wolfsbane does know this, whether she needs to hear it or not. A nod follows even if she's not happy about not being able to shift more if she wants to heal faster, but she murmurs, "I'll try na tae, but I canna promise anything." That's the way it is for all of them sometimes. Then, "Supposing I might need a hand, aye." It's a rear zipper, neck to where the base of the tail would be, and unstable molecules. "Th' hot tub sounds good," she has to agree, rolling carefully to her feet.

Doctor Yashida helps Rahne to sit up, and then helps her up to her feet, supporting her against the table so that she doesn't need to put weight on her 'bad' knee. "It will be easier for me to help you in a shower, to get cleaned up. With only one arm, it's going to be challenging. If there is someone else you would rather help you, I'll call them." Leyu isn't going to just impose herself on Rahne's privacy and modesty, but she's offering to help.

Now that she's been off the knee for a few minutes, it may be tightening up. Wolfsbane flexes the leg to keep a bit of motion in it, grimacing in spite of herself. "Nae, we'll manage," she says, and before Leyu's eyes her fur thickens where it can be seen. "I have ways o' keeping muh modesty." She needs the shower or bath, though. Especially after all the fighting.

Leyu nods. "Alright, then. The shower is this way." She slides her shoulder under Rahne's and helps her across the room, behind a divider and into a large open shower stall. "Use the bars to support yourself. Thankfully, your good arm is over your bad leg. I'll be back in just a moment. Let me just get the water started heating up, and I'll change." She starts the water - it heats up quickly, but it isn't instantaneous - and then heads back out. She returns in a few minutes, dressed in a modest red one-piece bathing suit, barefoot, and pads back in to help Rahne over towards the pulsing hot water. "I assume you use a low-foam shampoo?" she comments, as she takes out a few necessary implements.

Someone else offered a shoulder or arm to lean on earlier and Rahne turned it down. This time she accepts it and it's easy to see how much she can use the help based on how worn out she is. "Aye, it'll be fine," she says to no part of her words in particular, though once Leyu's returned and changed she says, "Muh costume's gaunae need a good cleaning too. An'..whatever works for th' shampoo."

"Alright." Leyu offers, once she has Rahne steady. "I'm going to undo the zipper and work your costume off. Hold onto the bar for me? And tell me if anything is wrong." Communication is key, and there are no telepaths here in the medbay. Leyu finds the velcro flap covering the top of the zipper and peels it back, careful of Rahne's fur, and then starts working that zipper down the nearly invisible seam until it bottoms out. Then she comes back up and starts working the costume over each shoulder in turn, working hard to keep the recently-restored shoulder still while doing so - a challenge only possible with someone else's aid - and then down her body slowly until each arm is freed and the suit rests at her hips. Leyu keeps working the suit down carefully, assuming Rahne stays stable, until she is ready to work it over her feet and set her free. "I'll send it to the laundry, I promise."

Wolfsbane's good and steady during the process, though a twinge of pain here and there is pointed out so things can be done slightly different. For part of it she rests her forehead against the side of the shower wall and by the time it's all off it's much easier to see how the general thickness of the fur allows for more modesty than one might expect. "Thanks," she murmurs. "Let's just get me rinsed off, then I can soak for a wee bit. I think it'll help."

"Alright, then. You doing alright?" Leyu checks on the other woman, before she gets started. She applies some low-foam shampoo pretty liberally, and starts scrubbing through Rahne's fur, starting at her head and around her ears, and working her way carefully down her shoulders, back, arms and sides, eventually working her way down to her toes. She leaves certain places for Rahne herself, making sure she can reach them on her own with just her good arm, and helps support her as best she can, until they are done. Then begins the process of rinsing all of that out of her fur, leaving her clean and fresh, if a tad soggy. But that's what towels are for!

Wolfsbane stays mostly turned toward the wall to give a bit more modesty on top of what's already afforded. Yes, there's a bit of a positive reaction when head and ears are worked on, other ares including her sides and parts of her back and legs, but she handles those other areas just fine on her own with the good hand, keeping the other arm carefully held in place. It's a little awkward a few times; it's been a long time since she hasn't been able to fully bathe herself, and by the time it's over she might just look a but funny with the fur matted and wet like it is. Not a good time to shake the excess water off, so towels it is. "Tha' felt good..I needed it." A decent amount of grime has been cleaned out, though some fur collects at the drain. Smells better, though.

"I know you would probably prefer to shake out. There's more than enough space here to let you do that. But since you wanted to go to the jacuzzi, maybe I should just go up and get you a suit and help you to it?" Not much point in getting all dried if she's going to go soak in hot, bubbling water, right? Leyu smiles. "I'm glad it feels better." Hey, that's a doctor's primary motivation, right?

"I..had th' urge," Rahne answers with a hint of a grin, that wolfen side evident in the desire. "But ye're right, if I'm just gaunae sit in th' hot tub after, what's th' point?" Towels can help in moving from the shower over there, then she adds, "A suit?" Seems she was thinking of staying this way, at least initially. As something else to ask about, she wonders, "How is it in X-Factor?"

"Well, I thought with a proper suit you could reduce your fur covering, and thusly make it easier to dry off after the jacuzzi." Leyu answers easily enough, smiling. And it would be more modest, now would't it? "X-Factor? It is a challenge, to say the least. But that is something that I wanted for myself. I wanted to challenge myself, to be the kind of hero my brother has always been. But on my own terms. As my own woman."

Wolfsbane's head cants to one side, the obvious purpose of the suit making her shake her head with a small smile. "Good point. Sure." She can lessen the fur, get rid of it entirely if she wants, but she seems content to keep some of it at the least. A few fingers brush her ears, as if judging the way that feels compared to when Leyu was scrubbing around them, then she admits, "A few people I know are involved but I've na felt comfortable enough tae rejoin."

Leyu nods. "Well, we all do what feels right to each of us. And we each have to find our own path. At least, that is what I am trying to do." If only she knew what lay ahead. But since she doesn't, Leyu excuses herself and heads upstairs to Rahne's room to search out a bathing suit, returning after not too long to help the other woman into it. It won't take /too/ much help, but a little would be handy for getting shoulder straps in place, etc. "If you're ready, we can move to the jacuzzi. It should already be up to temperature." It's usually kept at temp, and she checked earlier.

"Aye, an' I think yuir reasons are good. I've just been going through a point where I'm na sure what I want tae do with muhself," Rahne replies before sitting down to take a load off until Leyu's back with the outfit. It's a one-piece, modest enough but perhaps less than what might be expected given what others know of her, and she's soon in it enough that the fur is thinned out to just a light layer overall. "Aye, I'm ready."

Leyu wraps a big, warmed and fluffy towel around Rahne's hips and tucks it in, then slides under her shoulder again to support her on the way around, out of the large open shower stall and over into an adjoining room, where a large sunken jacuzzi awaits, along with safety rails clearly useful for those with lessened mobility - like those who might be paralyzed. Leyu helps Rahne to the edge and then slowly eases her into the very, very warm water. "Once you're settled in, we can start up the jets. What sorts of things are you considering? Higher education, I hope?"

Wolfsbane remains receptive to the helping hand, allowing herself to do so instead of trying to be stubborn about what she can or can't handle right now. "Thanks again," she mumbles, moving along until she can step carefully into the hot tub, using a hand at the railing to help. The good one, of course. Soon she's in up to her neck, sans towel, and her eyes drift slowly shut. "I dunno. I could take some college-level courses, but I've been used tae more action, tae be honest. It's hard finding other ways tae..keep at a certain level. I mean, there's a kind o' feeling tha' comes with it, like a rush."

Leyu nods in agreement. "Of course. I am rather new to it, by comparison. But I can imagine it could become ... habit-forming. Something one would miss if one didn't have it." She can imagine that would be true. "So, you need something more active. But you are not certain about rejoining X-Factor. What of the X-Men? Surely they would have you? or X-Force?" Leyu steps slowly down into the waters herself, settling in to visit with Rahne for a bit, since the other woman seems to need to talk.

Talking also helps get Rahne's mind off of what happened toward the end of the battle, and that's good right now. "I think..I dinna want tae call it an addiction because it'd be daft tae put it tha' way, but I guess I'm in a spot where I feel like part o' me is missing something I'm used tae. I'm na sure what's going on with th' other teams." That's the best she can put it, shaking her head with a shrug as she undoes the ties to the ponytail, tilting her head back so most of her hair gets in the water as well.

Again, the doctor nods. "Of course. Part of it is that you feel that you cannot quite challenge yourself in the same way, save by engaging in those kinds of activities. So you cannot quite ... what is the American quote? 'Be all you can be'? Is that it? And, you want to make a difference. Hence why you chose to go into the City when all of this happened." Of course, one might wonder what Leyu was doing, but she hasn't mentioned it. She turns on the jets, letting them thunder against Rahne's body and her own. "Those should help a bit."

"I'm Scots, remember," Rahne points out. "So I'm na all tha' up on all th' things Americans say. I know what ye mean, though. I can do these things,'s been a long time since I've really done them th' way I was used tae." That's pretty much her dilemma: restlessness. "I went intae th' city tae find Dani above th' rest," she adds, and that's a fact but it also leaves her looking saddened briefly, before the jets hit her along the back, shoulders, neck, even legs. "Ooooh..." Eyes flutter.

"Why does the thought of going to the City to find Danielle upset you, Rahne?" Leyu inquires gently. Rahne may be a Scot, but she has spent more time in the US and amongst Americans than Leyu has, so it's pretty sure she'd have a better chance of knowing such things than the doctor would. "I told you the jets would feel good on your tired muscles."

In spite of the soothing feeling of the jets, even where the injured shoulder is concerned, Wolfsbane looks across at Leyu and frowns. "Because I ended up attacking her just before th' end. I was tired an' sore an' I'd been fighting muh way tae her for hours, an' I was possessed just long enough tha' I turned on her."

Leyu frowns a bit, and nods. "I can see why that would upset you. I'm sorry that happened, Rahne. I am quite sure Danielle does not blame you. But I am equally sure that is not as soothing as she - or I - might like it to be." For a bit, the young doctor just sits quietly, letting Rahne relax into the jets, while she perhaps fishes for something better to say.

"I know it was th' shadow..darkness..whatever it was," Rahne says, the bad but fresh memory offset by the comforting jets of water that leave her a little wriggly. "She already told me it wasnae muh fault, but I dinna feel any better for it."

Leyu nods. "I understand. I wish there was something more I could say to help, Rahne. But I am afraid in large part what lies ahead must be your own path. You must search yourself, find that truth, and find the way to embrace it in your heart, to set you free."

Nodding, Rahne shifts in place, careful to avoid tweaking that shoulder, a couple clawtips poking above the churning water. "I think, just finding a few ways tae distract muhself from thinking about it is better right noo. This is a good start, a' least. Like a good massage."

"Yes. It is much like a good massage. And I am sure conversation and company does not hurt, in distracting yourself from those thoughts." Leyu offers, understandingly. It would explain why the other woman has not shown a desire to send Leyu away, or to leave for her own privacy.

Wolfsbane nods one more time, though she begins to grow quieter as the force of the jets helps knotted muscles loosen up. The effects of that shows in a twitch here, a shift in her expression there, but overall relaxation. Before much longer, she murmurs, "I think we'd better stop before I fall asleep in here."

"Alright, then. I'll get the towels. You wait, and I'll come back to help you out. Then we can get you dried of and tucked in for some sleep." And Leyu will get her fitted for her sling and her brace while Rahne rests. "Your body needs sleep. But let's avoid that including drowning, shall we?"

"Aye, we can do th' stuff ye need tae get before I head upstairs," Rahne answers, grabbing one of the bars with her good hand so she can hoist herself back up higher in the water, about to the level of her modest bust. "I feel like I could sleep for days th' moment muh head hits th' pillow."

"And you should let yourself do just that. Rest is one of the key components to allowing your body to do the work it needs to do to heal." Especially true with those mutants with enhanced healing abilities, of which Rahne is one. Maybe nowhere near to the level of some, but better than an average human being, for sure. Leyu returns with towels, one wrapped around herself, and helps Rahne up to her feet and out to the floor. Then she starts drying Rahne off, starting at her head and working her way down, briskly and efficiently. It won't get Rahne completely dry, anymore than a towel can get a long head of hair completely dry. But she won't be dripping anymore. "Alright. Lean on me. Let's get you back to the table and fitted for your sling and brace. Then I can help you back to your room, if you'd like. You would be welcome to sleep here, but I'm sure you would prefer your own bed, and I've no reason you can't sleep there."

Once out of the hot tub, Rahne's hair drapes to halfway down her back, longer than it's been for much of her past. The toweling off is made easier when she completely loses the fur and other features, skin as bare as anyone else's, if pale. "I will," she promises, and she helps with some of the toweling as she can before heading over to the table. "I'd like tae get oot o' this suit an' change tae a regular shirt an' shorts first," she says, picking at the upper portion of the bathing suit.

"Of course. I did not think to gather more 'normal' clothing when I was upstairs. My apologies." Leyu answers, a tad chagrined. Nevertheless, once Rahne is more properly attired, she'll get her fitted for the brace and the sling, and put both in place, advising Rahne on how to assure that each is in the proper position and working to aid the limbs and joints in question. Given Rahne is the adopted daughter of a doctor, chances are she'll get all of this easily enough once it is explained. "Sleep well, Rahne." the good doctor offers, once she can see the young woman off to bed.

Rahne does have enough experience to understand slings and braces. She's just not used to needing them. It happens in this line of 'work.' "Thanks for th' help, an' th' company," she says, sounding appreciative for it once she's all set. Aided further up to her room, just so there are no issues with walking in the brace or just collapsing where she stands due to fatigue, she settles in with what she needs to let her body get to work on the healing process.

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