Training the New Girl

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Cloak and Pinion

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CEC - New Warriors HQ

Cloak puts Pinion through her paces.

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==[ Combat Enhancement Center - Warriors Central ]==

This room is the main training center for the Warriors. It's where the team goes to work up a sweat and hone their super-hero abilities. The room is roughly 150 meters squared with a super high roof. All around the room are obstacles left up from the last routine being run, climbing walls, open pits, trips lines and all sorts of other fun things. Panels in the roof and walls hold laser gun turrets. A pane of bullet-proof glass sits high in the north wall, with a door at ground level. Behind this glass is the observation room where other team members can sit and watch the action.


Afternoon on a Wednesday and Cloak finds himself in the rare area of the New Warriors HQ. Even rarer is the site of the tall cloaked figure in the work-out combat area. He looks around at the different contraptions and ponders training against one of his teammates. Using the comsystem, he suddenly requests the presence of one of his teammates.

It isn't long after the request that Krista strolls into the training room. She is still undecided on this whole costume thing so is in her usual street garb. "Not sure who else is around. But here I am." being in the habit of daily workouts she is quite familiar with the room and all it has to offer.

"Ah, Krista, Thank you. . .first lesson. . .always be prepared. . ." His cloak animates and lashes out to whip Krista. Cloak gives minimal warning to his teammate.

Pinion gahs! in shock as she is suddenly attacked by her team mate. Instinct kicks in and she shrinks down to make a smaller target. She still gets smacked in the chest and is knocked a few steps backward by the impact. "Dang that stung." and quick glance is given around the room and she grabs one of the heavier barbells from the rack she is near, she lifts it easy enough with one hand and tosses it under hand at Cloak, "Here, catch." she is not throwing it offensively, more like to draw attention to it so she can move acoss the room without getting another slap.

His cloak whips her, but she is able to take it. Cloak smiles, "Good. . .Pinion, is it. You can take a hit. . .now can you deliver one?" He asks. He braces himself ready for her move. With little warning she throws the dumbbell and is simply goes through him as he teleports directly in front of her, "Boo!" He grins.

Smiling, his cloak lashes out this time to entangle the newest New Warriors. Cloak simply hover in place as the cloak basically takes a life of its own.

As soon as the barbell leaves her hand Pinion is off, dodging around equipment, or under equipment, shes not as agile as a lot of the other team members, but her diminutive size when she shrinks partially makes up for it. She probably should be paying more attention to her opponent as she moves, when Cloak appears in front of her she is surprised and if it weren't for being grabbed by the animated cape she probably would have slid right into him.

Squirming she grabs at the tendrils that hold onto her, attempting to pull them off.

Cloak puts the strength on and keeps her wrapped up and draws her closer to be pulled in, "What s the matter? Can't get out?" Cloak does not ask to be insulting. He is trying to figure out ways to help her. "Try shrinking out of it, if you can." This training is as much for her as it is for him.

"I could do that, yes." Pinion stops squirming to look at him with her green eye, the metallic one covered with her hair "My concern there though is shrinking so much I fall in. And I've hit my quota for journey through the dark abysss, thanks." despite that she will give a go, trusting that her teammate will prevent such a thing from happening.

Making no move to stop her, he keeps the same pressure and strength on the entanglement though. This portion of the training exercise is to see if she can escape on her own from such holds, "Not to worry, I can spit you out if you fall in." Cloak laughs.

An eyebrow goes up and Pinion smirks but instead of shrinking she is suddenly growing back to her original height and with it her hefty 500 lb mass. Hopefully the surprise of her sudden plan change is enough to get him to drop her, if not the increase in weight.

Surprised by the sudden weight gain and height increase, Cloak loosens his grip on Pinion until he simply lets her go. "Ok, let's work on some offensive stuff."

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