Training Day

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Kate Bishop is tested

Hawkeye, Hawkette

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01/06/13 19:00

Abandoned Warehouse - Seaport

Hawkette meets Hawkeye per prior instructions and is tested.

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It's an abandoned warehouse. Beams lying this way and that, dust, dirt, grime, and cobwebs everywhere, broken or fully missing windows, et cetera. The building extends upwards for four stories, though the only additional floors line the wall, allowing for large cargo or machinery to be stored in the center. Off to one corner is what was once likely the main office of the building, though the door is missing, and the small room itself is empty. It's almost half-surprising that the place is still standing, but the homeless that occasionally use this building for a dry shelter don't complain, so hey.

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[O] - Seaport and Civic Center - New

So the last time Clint saw the young archer lady he gave her an address, he wanted to try and test her some more. So he went to an abandoned warehouse that he knows of, and setup a small little archery range. Several targets of course, some setup to move, and few other surprises he went to some friends to rig for him. But that has all been done already, which leaves Clint doing something he hates to do, waiting. So there he is sitting in a chair, spinning an arrow around in his fingers, waiting to see if the girl shows up to his little test.

Kate Bishop made it to the warehouse early. She made her way around the area, examining the outside, gauging entry points and possible traps. She's in full costume, including scarf and glasses. She can't take too many chances with her identity, even now. She makes her way through the entrance, bow in hand and arrow at the ready, just in case. She sniffs the air... not that she can sense anything super, just to see if she can sense *anything* at all. "Mr. Hawkeye, sir?" She says, knowing his name because he *is* a public figure. "I'm here, like you said, and taking this very seriously..." She looks around cautiously...

Clint was lost in his own thoughts so the lady actually startles him. But well he doesn't let it show, sign one of a being a good hero don'thca know. Anyway he looks at the girl as she enters and watches her, "Bout time you showed up, I was getting bored waiting for you." Once he says that he gets up and walks over towards a package that he has on a box. Grabbing it he tosses it at the lady, "Here this is for you. Think you'll find it useful." It's one of his spare bows, with less of a draw strength than his usual one, "Figure that will be better that what you are using." Hey his bows are better than anything that can be bought in the store. "So here's the deal, I will be testing you to see what you are really made of and how well you can handle that bow, okay?"

Kate Bishop blinks and catches the package. "Recurve versus Compound? Really?" She rolls her eyes, and hopes the glasses hide it. She shrugs and places her trusty steed down on the ground and switches to the recurve. "What are the stakes here? If I prove myself to you, or don't, then what happens? I'm also more than just an archer." She says, not to brag, but for informational purposes. She nocks an arrow into the bow and pulls, just to get a feel for the draw strength. "Not bad.. This should be do-able."

Clint snorts at the mention of a compound bow, "Compound is good for a pinch, but the art of archery comes from the simplicity of aiming and letting the arrow fly and do it's thing. You lose that with the compound bow. Also a compound bow has a lot more parts to it, leaving a lot more that can go wrong in the field." Clint starts to size her up a little after that, "Yeah well I'm more than an archer as well. But I'm not going to start testing you on the other things." Hey she's a kid and a girl, that's like a double no no right there. "We'll decide the stakes later, right now I want to see what you have. For starters," he gestures at a target about 50 yards away from them, "see where you can hit on that one."

The target isn't moving, its just standing there, taunting. Kate pulls back on the string and lets the arrow fly, easily scoring a headshot. "Ok.. Next? I do hope you have more of a challenge in mind." She cringes to herself a bit. She's supposed to respect this guy but, c'mon... 50 yards? She knows he has more in store, she just likes to push his buttons. "And I know about the bow. I'm always cleaning it."

Clint picks up the other package that he had with him, his is a cheap store bought bow that doesn't have the feel or balance of the one that Kate is now using. With that bow he fires his own arrow and lands it right next to hers. "Okay not bad." But that was just the warm up for the events. "Now same target, lets see if you can do more than one arrow at a time. You can pick how many you want to do." When Kate goes to fire, there will be a loud sound, which sounds like gunfire going off. It's piped in of course, but well there just to try and rattle her.

Kate Bishop smirks to herself and had trained for this. She grabs three from the quiver sets them up against the string. Pull back.. and *BANG!!* The noise startles her and the arrows go flying. If she's lucky, she's nicked the target with a stray. She lost focus on that and ducks, looking for the source of the... "Dammit! You scared me half to death!" She sighs, and without hesitating grabs three more arrows and shoots at the target. Two hit while one flies wild to the side. "I should've expected that."

Clint starts to make the tsk tsk sound when she misses with the noise, "You know when you're fighting people you're going to have a lot of background noise around you. You need to learn how to focus past that and ignore it, or do you think everyone will stop fighting so you can make your shot?" Hey he's gotta lecture her after misses, it's part of the roll of mentor or something like that. Once again he mimics her, but he lands 3 on the target with ease. "Okay now were going to try a different target." He has a small control panel and presses a button on it. A new target emerges and starts to swing, with a ring in front of it, swinging in the opposite direction. "So see if you can hit that one."

Kate Bishop sighs and nods. "I know, but it's not like this was a fight, where that kind of thing is expected." She says as she grabs a single arrow. She takes her time, timing the shot just right. She takes a breath... lets it out... and hits the target through the ring. "That's better." She says, of the challenge. "I'

Kate Bishop sighs and nods. "I know, but it's not like this was a fight, where that kind of thing is expected." She says as she grabs a single arrow. She takes her time, timing the shot just right. She takes a breath... lets it out... and hits the target through the ring. "That's better." She says, of the challenge. "I'm just glad you don't have giant robots in here, or something."

"Always expect the unexpected." He watches the next shot, and once again presses a button the same target happens once again. Clint takes the shot and makes that one, "Don't worry about the giant robots. Those come into play much later in the test." Yes he is smiling when he says that one. "The next one you will have two seconds to hit the target once it appears." He presses a button on the control and after 5 seconds, and 100 yards away, the target appears, yes shaped like a human once again.

Kate Bishop swallows. Time constraints have always been her weakness. She pulls out an arrow and sends it forward. It hits the target, but barely. A little further away and it would've missed entirely. "Merde." She says with a sigh. She reaches back and pulls another arrow. "Did you have to train like this?"

Yeah you know this part, he duplicates the test and hits the target exactly. Once she asks her question he glances at her, he walks over to his bag and gets two bottles of water, offering on the girl, "I still train like this every single day of my life. It's simple, I fight alongside some of the most powerful people in the world, and I have a bow and arrows. So I train constantly, so I can consider myself their equal. The question you'll have to ask yourself, is are you willing to do the same?"

Kate Bishop nods as she takes the offered water. "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't." She takes a sip. "I get the lesson. I'm not at your level, or the level of your team. I don't try to be. I'm just trying to do the best I can, and hopefully, someday, I *will* be at that level. Until then, I'll continue to do my best to keep people safe and protected from the low-life thugs that use New York City as their hunting ground." She takes another swig before putting the bottle down. She takes off her glasses and places them on the floor next to the bottle. "What's next?"

"That's one thing I wanted to know. It takes work for people like us, need to make sure you are willing to do it." Clint walks over to where he was sitting and grabs the chair, as well as another one that was next to it. He moves them over to where Kate is and puts them facing each other. "We get to do a question and answer period now. You get to go first and ask me anything you want." He sits in the chair and points towards the other empty chair, "But you have to promise me that you'll be honest, deal?"

Kate Bishop nods and takes a seat. "I'm honest, at least as far as I can be." She nods. "I know. neither of us have anything special other than our determination and our skills. You fight alongside gods and geniuses and super soldiers, I'm just a glorified cop without a badge." She looks to the man and asks her question. "So.. how did you get in in the first place?"

Honesty is good, at least he'll get that one out of her. But at her question he chuckles, "Well I started because I was jealous. I used to be a carnival performer, and when the heroes showed up on the scene people stopped paying attention to me. So I wanted to show the world that I could do the same thing the heroes could, but the first time I stopped a crime, I was mistaken for a criminal. Even fought Iron Man a few times after that, but ended up on the Avengers when they lost a lot of members. And well the rest is history." He takes a sip of water from the bottle that he has and looks at the lady. "So I'll give you an easy one, what do I call you? I don't think I got any name out of you yet."

Kate Bishop nods at the answer. "First impressions can be difficult. I'm just glad that you gave me a chance." At her question, she swallows. It's taken a lot to get her to this point to begin with, and there's no turning back now. "I.. don't have a special codename yet. I can't think of one that doesn't sound stupid.." she smirks... ".. and Hawkeye's already taken." She says with a wink. "My name is Kate... Kate Bishop." She sighs, and follows with the piece that she usually hates to use but thinks might be pertinent. "You might know my father, Derek Bishop."

Chintaps for a moment, trying to remember the name, "I think I remember him. But well can never remember all of the people that I meet. We will need to work on the codename for you though, we'll have to think of that soon." He smiles at her, "But one day, when I'm ready to retire, hopefully you'll be ready to take over the name of Hawkeye." Hey he wouldn't mind having someone take over the name, "So it's your turn for the question now."
Kate Bishop blinks and... nods. "O....Ok...." She thinks. "Um..." She stammers trying to focus. "So... retirement. Does that happen with people like us? Do you think you can ever hang up the cowl and bow?" She sits up straighter. She was expecting to answer questions, but not ask them.

Clint shrugs at the question, "No idea. Will let you know when it happens. Do I think I could do it, possibly. Would I be in full retirement? Maybe not, maybe I would be teaching the newer generation of heroes. But would I like to hang up the bow? Sure that means that the world doesn't need me as a hero anymore, and that would be a good thing." He watches the girl be a little uncomfortable on the asking the questions thing, "So my turn. Why did you decide to go out and help people?"

Kate Bishop swallows again and knew this would happen. "I..." She takes another breath. "I was attacked... Back there... in Central Park." She takes another swig of water. "No one was there for me. I want to make sure that that doesn't happen to the next girl." She thinks.. "And I know there are people out there suffering in other ways. I volunteer at soup kitchens, food pantries, and homeless shelters. I'm doing what I can to make things better for those that seem to have been forgotten." She looks to him. "So.. what now? Do I cut the muster, or do I get labeled as a vigilante and get tossed to the police?"

Clint blinks at what Kate says, "I'm sorry about that. Hearing that makes me realize we spend too much time worrying about the big guys, rather than the little people. I have to say that is much better than my reasons for going out and doing it." He actually gives the girl a hero, "One thing you should know, I would never toss you to the police, you are doing what you think is right. I have a tendency to do the same thing." He stands up from the chair now, "The bow is yours to keep, use it, it's better than the compound bow you were using. Also I heard that us Avengers have a school for heroes. If you want I would like you to attend. I will need to talk to Ms. Marvel to see what I need to do to get you in there. Would you be interested in attending?"

Kate Bishop blinks and nods. She stands as well. "I would, but I need to ask you one thing. Can we keep my name out of this? I know you'll need to run checks and everything but..." She sighs.. "I need to keep my true identity secret. If my father finds out, he'll have a coronary and most likely cut me off." She stops and smirks. "It's not what you think. I can survive on my own, but., I can do so many good things with the money. More than he'd even think to do." She swallows and nods. "Thank you for giving me this chance."

Clint thinks about that for a moment, "Well I will probably need to tell your name to Ms. Marvel just so we can do any type of background checks. But well the avengers Identities are secret, not even the government knows ours unless we want them to. So you don't need to worry about that. And as long as you're 18 we wouldn't need to get permission from your parents or anything." He chintaps one more time, "But I will double check with Ms. Marvel before I confirm anything. But other than that anything else you'll need?"

Kate Bishop nods. "I figured as much, that's what I mean." She shakes her head, then stops and pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to him. "That's my cell, if you need to get ahold of me. Anything that needs to look official in front of my father can go through the house phone. I'm eighteen, but if I happen to get into some "prestigious prep school".." She even uses the air-quotes.. "Dad will be ecstatic and it'll make things easier." She smiles. "Other than that? I'm cool. Thank you again. One of these days I'll have to challenge you to a rematch." she says with a wink.

He chuckles at that one, "Anytime you want I will be ready for the rematch." With that he walks out the warehouse, he'll have to come back later and clean up or something like that. "Take care of yourself, Kate." He calls out as he's leaving.

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