Tracking down a Wolf Cub

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Jean Grey, Richenda Gray, Blindfold, Wolfsbane, Wolf Cub

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Xavier's Mansion, then somewhere in the woods

Partial log, joined in progress as the presence of someone in need of help is discovered

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(RP had already been taking place in the Grand Foyer, Blindfold figuring out that Wolf Cub was out in the wild and in need of aid)

"Pranked?" Chenda asks. "And why do we need Rahne? For that matter, will I need my shoes? 'Cuz I should go get 'em if I do." She half-turns for the stairs, anticipating the answer.

Jean Grey nods, "Get your shoes, yes, if we need Rahne then we'll be going outside to do some tracking." She frowns, "I can't pick up anything specific..." Thoughts of bloody vengeance are put aside, in favor of rescuing a lost lupine. And with the mention of Rahne, Jean closes her eyes, searching through the grounds and immediate area for Wolfsbane, asking for her to come to the foyer.

The mental touch finds Wolfsbane out near the edge of the grounds, a cross between her wolf and human sides. Her path was headed in the direction of the woods but she stops at it, a questioning sort of thought returned as she turns to head back toward the main building.

"Oh. I thought you might mean to sniff out some dye remover," Chenda relies, quite seriously. Weirdness is just one more thing you get used to around here. "Be right back!" And she bounds up the stairs at full throttle.

Blindfold nods checking herself, coat? check, earmuffs? check, hand woven blanket of softness? check! "Poor Wolf Cub..yes thank you"

Jean Grey blinks at Blindfold, and smiles a little, "Okay, do you have a general area where we should start looking, Ruth?" She seems to have a knowing look on her face, as she sees the work Ruth did for the cub in need.

While the others talk, Wolfsbane makes it closer to the building, breaking into a jog to shave off a few seconds. She sends back a thought that she should be reaching them in a few more moments.

Blindfold nods her head "He's in the woods in NY north of here, yes thank you" and gives Jean a general area to start searching.

Chenda's back in seconds, pausing at the bottom of the stairs to pull on a pair of hiking boots and a borrowed ski jacket. In this weather, her fave tennies just don't cut it. "I'm good. Lead on, O Seer?"

Jean hmms, "Well, Rahne will be here shortly, and then we can go retrieve him. If he's not too far, anyway. I don't want to take out the Blackbird unless necessary. Could spook him." She smiles over at Blindfold, then gives Richenda a bit of a wry look, "Ready?"

At that point the door opens and Wolfsbane steps inside, wearing a plain shirt and jeans though she goes barefoot. "I'm here, Jean. What's..oh, hullo. What's this about th' Blackbird? Who are we spooking?" she wonders, looking around.

Blindfold smiles "I don't think he's too far, no thank you. He has been a bit sheltered though, yes thank you, I'm ready"

(Location change)

-----==[ North Westchester Woods - RP Suite #1 ]==----------------------------

It's New York in winter. Very cold. Very snowy. Very not the place to be if you're a scared and alone lupine.

============================================================[ suitehelp ]=====

Blindfold was following along with Rahne as the feral girl sniffed the air and ground. Ruth was in snow boots, coat gloves and earmuffs with her blindfold in place "I hope we find him safely, it must have been awful, yes thank Rahne for helping. He's a wolfboy similar to you, his parents were killed by the people who are now hunting him, home schooled and sheltered" An older blue haired woman and another teen came behind them "Hopefully we find him without tipping off his hunters, why do people have to hunt each other like animals, so horrible, yes I'm sorry thank you"

Nicholas is currently unaware that another group is out looking for him as the young mutant makes his way through the woods. Every now and then the fur along the back of his neck rises up, making him pause and look around for some place to hide. He hasn't seen any trace of them for a few days now, but he just knows they're still after him. After all they've already done he is convinced that they won't stop until they catch him. His passage through the woods is not a very stealthy one, but he has enough woodsense to not leave an obvious trail behind him.

Before getting filled in on anything, Wolfsbane adds, "What in th' world happened tae yuir hair?" as she stares at Jean. Then it's Ruth who becomes more her primary focus. "He's a me? Really?" The news she gets about his parents being killed and him now being hunted causes her to frown, deeply. "Well, they'll na have him, na if I have a say in it."

Jean scowls a little, "/Katherine/ happened to my hair. I'm going to figure out some measure of retribution. Eventually." She then shakes her head, making her way after the kids as she sends out telepathic feelers, trying to reach the scared young mutant, sending out empathic waves to try and lure him closer.

Chenda, listening in on that conversation, frowns at the mention of his parents having been killed. She can definitely relate. "I hope we find him before they do," she murmurs, unconsciously cupping one hand. A power-seed flares into glowing yellow life within it. "But I wouldn't mind if they found us after..." Her eyes sweep the area every few seconds, on the lookout for the missing mutant. Or something else.

Blindfold smiles with a little sniffle as she reaches out to hug Wolfsbane around the neck "Thank you, thank you all. He's...kind of like the 80's version of a werewolf, yes thank you" following Rahne again as she tapped her cane along the woodsy ground "Just because others are willing to use any tactic and go to any level to reach their goals doesn't mean it's right nor should we stoop to their level. No it's not right to kill another because they killed someone else, I'm sorry no. We have to find him first, yes thank you" she wasn't exactly stealthy by any means, but being blind wouldn't let you be stealthy.

Nicholas shakes his head slightly, a strange sensation passing through him and making him feel a bit fuzzy for a few moments. Clearing his head of it he continues through the woods, no real destination in mind, just a desire to get away from those chasing him. There are a few hunters after him, in fact, but they're well behind the youth, having lost a few dozen miles to him over the days that he's been running.
"Shhh, please. I'm trying tae pick up his scent if it's nearby," Wolfsbane says as Blindfold speaks, the shushing a gentle thing. In fact, she undergoes a shift in the process, needing to slip out of her clothing to do it so she doesn't tear the shirt and jeans. A full wolf is left behind, trusting in the others that one of them will take care of the items for her, nose currently to the ground as she sniffs, ears alert.

Jean quietly telekinetically gathers Rahne's clothes, holding them under her arm as she telepathically links the group together, >> I'm trying to send out positive thoughts to lure him towards us, but I don't know how well this will go. Be ready for anything, and we are not here to start a fight... we're here to prevent one. <<

Chenda gives Blindfold a quick glare, but nothing else. In her heart, she knows the other girl is right in principle. Of course, it's also related to the fact that prisons are overcrowded with the kind of scum the world doesn't need.
She shivers as she feels that telepathic connection take hold, blushing at the rebuke. >>In that case, I hope the prevention works, for once,<< she ripostes. So far, it hasn't got a shining record of success.

Blindfold nods falling quiet as she followed the sound of Rahne's pawprints. With Jean telepathically lining them all Ruth could just think and they'd hear <<His Name is Nicholas, he came from Cleveland I think. His parents called him Wolf Cub, he's kind of like a werewolf, thank you yes. It's alright Richenda I know what happened that made you run away, yes sorry. If you ever want to know what happened, you just have to ask you know? thank you please>> Ruth was...probably the least stealthy of the group, but she also had a blanket with her that she'd woven by hand <<It's what separates the good people from the bad, good people try to prevent fights, bad people take joy in starting them and causing pain>>

Nicholas slows down his movement, a grumbling in his stomach telling him that he needs to eat something before he continues. He reaches behind him to try and draw out some of his saved food from his pack, then has to devote more of his attention to the task as he has a bit of difficulty with the zipper. As a result of this he's not fully paying attention to everything around him, distracting him enough to not pick up on the group approaching him.

One of the side benefits to being a wolf means not having to talk if you don't want to. In Wolfsbane's case, she even goes mostly silent mentally, trusting her nose and other senses to tell her when she's found the right path. Ten minutes go by before she pauses and looks side to side, altering her direction after a sniff. Food! At the very least, something is conveyed to Jean that indicates it's not food she thinks is natural to the area they're in. They must be getting close, for she shifts back to her midform as the unstable molecules costume appears with the change. "I think we're close," she whispers.

Jean nods a bit, >> Careful everyone. << She then focuses her telepathy, sweeping out to try and find the Wolf Cub, >> Don't be afraid, child. We're here to help you. << She continues focusing her thoughts, sending a low-level comforting 'vibe' out with the telepathy.

>>Forgotten that the good people usually end up fighting the bad people, whether they enjoy it or not?<< Chenda doesn't look at Blindfold this time, looking instead at the suddenly-alert, suddenly-changed Wolfsbane. "I'm getting a very Witch-Mountain vibe from all this," she whispers to nobody in particular, banishing the power-seed and moving up beside Rahne. If this goes well, she won't be needed there. If it doesn't... well, in spite of her mood, she'd really prefer it to go well. "Hello?"

Blindfold nods moving slowly staying quiet, she knew hr walking made enough noise as it was <<I hope we can convince him, he must be so scared and on edge, poor Nick..yes thank you>> hearing Chenda move up she rests a hand on her friend's shoulder as tried to tap her cane as quietly as she could, hard feat indeed and still get a lay of the land.

When he 'hears' those words Nicholas immediately drops down into a crouch, his ears folding back against his head and he glances about. "What... Who's there?" growls the youth. His fur is standing on edge and his fingers curl up slightly. The more normal 'Hello' in a different tone than what he heard before causes his attention to turn towards it. He rolls his shoulders to slip the pack from his back, letting it sit quietly upon the ground behind him so that it doesn't burden his movement.

Wolfsbane extends a hand toward the others, an indication for them to stay back as she points first to herself. She moves closer, making no effort to hide it, calling over, "Nicholas? Muh name is Rahne. Muh friends an' I know ye're on th' run, trying tae avoid th' people hunting ye. We've come tae get ye away from them, if ye'll let us. Can I come closer? I think ye'll see ye an' I have something in common." It'd be easy to pinpoint her location, partially obscured by a tree. She's waiting, giving him the chance to decide.

Jean stands pretty visibly... she's not clad in her costume, as she waves towards Nick, "I'm Jean Grey, Nicholas. We're here to help you." Her lips curl into a friendly smile, "We can bring you someplace safe, if you want."

Blindfold smiles in the direction of the growly voice, keeping her lips closed "Nick..please thank you don't be scared, we're mutants, my name is Ruth, I brought my friends, sorry my apologies yes. We just want to help please thank you" her voice soft and quiet as she stayed where she stood holding a white cane with a red tip, and blindfold plain on her face.

Chenda, in her borrowed blue ski jacket, won't be much better at blending in. Of course, she's already up beside Rahne, so the best she can do is stay put. And /that/ she isn't going to do, not with a scared, hunted, lonely person nearby. She's been there.
She steps forward as well, though not behind a tree, and not quite as far forward as Rahne. "We want to help," she says softly. "We're mutants, too. We know what you're going through."

To be greeted by random people in the middle of the woods is a very strange thing for Nicholas, let alone the fact that they're referring to him by his name. As he's being chased by people who seemed to know a lot about him before that terrible day it doesn't put him at ease. When Jean gives her name to him he frowns slightly, a nagging feeling that he should know that name but he can't remember why. The words from Blindfold causes him to frown as he moves slowly forward, trying to get a glimpse of those trying to talk to him while still remaining obscured. He catches sight of Jean and Chenda first, eyes narrowing at their appearance, then he notices Blindfold and Rahne, the appearance of the latter causing him to blink in surprise.

"Let me," Wolfsbane says to the others once, though by now they're all close enough to see and hear each other. She knows better than any that whispers won't hide anything from Nicholas if his senses are anything like hers, so she switches over to the mental side. << I was trying to be the first one he sees, in case it helps put him at ease. Give me a chance. >> It'll be up to Jean to relay that, but by now it may not make a difference. She moves fully into view away from the tree, hands up to show Nicholas she isn't carrying any weapons aside from the same natural ones he's got, but the costume might be an oddity. "I've been in a similar spot as ye. Do ye know how close th' ones after ye are? Are we in any immediate danger?"

Jean raises her hand towards the others, sending out through the link, >> Let Rahne handle this for now. << She then sweeps out with her mind, trying to pick up any additional thoughts beyond the immediate group. Particularly hostile ones.

"Okay..." Chenda murmurs, staying where she is. But she'll be watching, just in case. Watching Rahne, Nick, and the immediate surroundings.

Blindfold sweeps her cane around the ground before slowly sitting down, a sad sympathetic look on her face as turned toward Nick, pulling out the blanket she'd woven, something to fidget with <<This must be so difficult for him...not knowing who to trust, yes thank you>>

The hunters that are after the young mutant are many miles away, dozens in fact, but they are still following after him, slowly making up the distance as he's come to a stop with his encounter with the group. He watches Rahne as she moves into view, rather surprised with how she looks, being both similar to him in some ways but very different in others. "No..." replies the male, having taken a few moments to understand Rahne through her accent. "They have been after me for a while... ever since...." he trails off, shuddering as he pushes away that thought before it overwhelms him.

Jean frowns slightly, "Well, let's make sure that we aren't interrupted." She concentrates, and murmurs softly, "I can keep us from being detected... but the more minds approaching the harder it will be to conceal us from perceptions." Despite all that, the frown curves into a slight smile, "I'll let you handle this, while I keep trouble at bay."

Wolfsbane appears to carry herself like someone handling a nearly wild animal. Slow movements, careful with eye contact, calm body language as she crouches at whatever distance Wolf Cub will allow or seems comfortable with. "We..we know what happened. Ruth over there, with th' blindfold, told us. I'm verra sorry it happened, but we can offer ye protection an' a home. Ye dinna have tae run any longer. We could talk about what ye are. I know what it's like, because I've been hunted before as well."

Chenda looks back at Jean, her attention to the area faltering as she watches the red... er, /blue/head work. She nods, reassured, and looks back to the meeting of mutants. It looks like Rahne /can/ talk a lot, given a good reason!

Blindfold nods looking like she understood how Nick felt, still fiddling with the blanket, soft and plush in her lap, thick as it nearly spilled over her knees onto the ground.

Nicholas gives Jean an odd look at her words, an intense frown passing over his features at the odd things that she says. When Rahne speaks to him again his attention returns to her, his ears perking up while he watches her and hears what she says. Another frown crosses his lips as she speaks of knowing what happened to him, something that strikes him as being suspicious. "And who are you?" he questions warily, eyes narrowing. "If you knew, why didn't you stop it?"

Wolfsbane looks back to woman. "That's Jean Grey, an' she's a telepath. Tha' means she can speak tae people in their minds." That's not all Jean can do, but it's best not to complicate things too much. "Um, her hair's usually red," she does add, and there's a glance back to the others. "Richenda an' Ruth are students a' Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, an' I was a student as well for a few years. I still help oot around there. It's a place where people like us, mutants, can learn how tae control what we can do." She takes in, holds, and lets out a breath at his last question. "We only found oot about it this evening. Ruth's able tae see things tha' happened in th' past, an' she can see things in th' future as well. She's th' one who found where ye were an' could tell ye were in trouble, so we came tae help." She stays put until the end of it, venturing a few steps closer to offer a hand toward him, palm down, waiting to see what he does about it.

Blindfold sighs with a sniffle "I didn't know in time...I'm sorry forgive me, I wish we'd known in time, I really do, please I'm sorry. My mother died along time ago..." her voice soft and hushed, giving a wave of her hand as she mentioned.

Nicholas listens to Rahne as she talks, the male glancing at the others as they are introduced to him. He nods his head slowly as he moves some from his cover, giving the others their first look at the young mutant. "Xavier?" he questions softly, "Think I heard that name before..." he rumbles before he looks at Blindfold, her sniffle causing him to frown slightly. "Forgive you?" questions the male, then he blinks and shakes his head, "Oh... no, sorry. I wasn't blaming you!" he stammers.

Chenda bites her tongue on her own reply. Better to let Rahne handle it... no, not alone. She comes forward slowly, to avoid alarming Nick, staying a little behind Rahne. "Believe me, Nick, if we had known in time, we would've tried to stop it," she says, keeping her voice down. And it begins to thicken as she goes on. "My family was killed, too... murdered in their sleep by some very... very evil people. I've been hunted, too, and I barely got away more than once. I don't think any of us could see someone else in that situation, and not do something about it."

Wolfsbane frowns. "An' muh mum died when I was born an' I have nae idea who muh da' is." If there was a group of people with one thing to tie them together past the fact they're mutants, there it is. "I know us telling ye this is na gaunae change th' past, but we just want ye tae know ye dinna have tae be alone, an' there's a place for ye if ye're willing tae trust us an' see. Xavier's one o' th' world's experts on mutants an' how tae help them." Then she smiles enough that fangs show, keeping her hand out toward him. "Go ahead, ye can take muh scent."

Blindfold nods sniffling with a soft closed lipped smile, apparently not wanting to sem like she were baring her teeth at him "I wish I'd seen it before it happened, I would have told Jean and we would have done everything we could to stop it, yes sorry, forgive me. I'm still learning to control it, sometimes I ick things up and sometimes I don't, people shunned me for what I could do when I was only trying to help. Xavier began the school, his dream is that one day everyone can live in peace, mutant and human alike, and the world can be a safer place for everyoe, yes thank you"

Nicholas is having a bit of trouble understanding Rahne through her accent but he thinks he has a fairly decent idea of what she's saying. After Chenda speaks as well he can only shake his head. "Why?" questions Nicholas softly, shivering a little before he continues, "Why so much hatred of us?" asks the young mutant. When she holds out her hand to him he gives her a strange look, his eyes going briefly to her hand before he tentatively touches it with his own. When Blindfold speaks again he looks back to her, his ears folding back against his skull as he frowns, "I can't blame you... I didn't even know you all existed until now."

"I don't know..." Chenda says, shaking her head. "My family was killed by mutants, and I hated them, too. That was before I found out I was one, and not just... infected by... by something they did to me." She hugs her elbows, lowering her gaze. "But now's not the time for talking. Those people will come here, sooner or later. Will you let us help you, Nick?"

It strikes Wolfsbane that perhaps what she expected Nicholas to do as far as scents go didn't register with him. "Because they dinna understand us, so they're afraid o' us. It's nae help tha' some oot there truly are evil, but that's nae different from good an' bad people, mutants or na." She does slow down her words just a fraction, sniffing subtly in his direction as his ears go flat for a moment. Rather than lean forward, she inches closer about a foot and moves to cover his hand with hers, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I dinna want tae rush ye, but we'd best na dally here one way or another. I'd like it if ye a' least let us get ye further away from th' ones after ye, an' maybe we can help ye bring justice tae them for what they did."

He considers what they are offering, his attention going from one to the other before finally settling on Rahne right before him. For a few moments he just looks at her while she gives his hand a squeeze, then he nods his head before slipping away from her. Less than a minute later he's back again, this time with his backpack on once more. "Don't have any better plan. Somewhere to go is better than nowhere."

Blindfold smiles "I'm still sorry we couldn't have come sooner, yes thank you. Xavier's school is for people like us to learn to defend ourselves as well as control our abilities so we don't hurt anyone, thank you please. Humans don't understand us, so they fear us because they aren't sure how to control the bad mutants and they're afraid they wil die out and mutants will rule, I'm sorry yes. We can be quite powerful and containing us is very difficult so they aren't sure how to adapt legislature to us. I...I made you this blanket if you want, please thank you"

"Well, we definitely have somewhere you can go." Chenda turns for the mansion. "It's big, it's warm, and it's very safe."

"I'm glad, Nicholas. Jean will help us get back home, but it's na a way ye'll be used tae. She can explain," Wolfsbane says, leaving it up to Jean to describe further what she's about to do. The costumed wolfen mutant is there with a supportive hand again if the lad needs it, adding, "I'll do what I can tae help ye settle in if ye want tae stay. We do have forests bordering th' property. I think ye'd like them."

"A blanket?" questions Nicholas of Blindfold, his eyes going to it as she holds it up. "Umm... Thank you?" he offers, finding that gift rather surprising. As he accepts it he looks to the others, nodding his head a little before he speaks again. "Better than running. Camping is fun... this isn't." states the male. "Umm... okay." is all he can respond to Rahne's words, not quite sure how to interpret what she says, though he does take that offered hand again.

Blindfold nods rising to her feet as she got her her cane in hand from the wrist strap it hung from "I'd seen you several times but not in trouble I didn't know when I'd meet you" but she drops her hand as she somehow realizes Nick was more comfortable with Rahne at the moment.

(Players were very tired, so things wrapped up here)

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