Touching Base

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Cyclops and Jean Grey

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07/15/12 22:00

Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Scott and Jean touch base with each other…

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Study time proves to be a great time in the evening for most of the faculty to relax - unless they were behind on grading papers, or Scott Summers and Jean Grey respectively. The two headmasters of the school are surrounded by the gleam of steel walls as they walk from the Danger Room upon checking on Hank McCoy's status. "--I don't think our long distance will reach the Shi'ar. Nevertheless, we need to refrain from further interactions with the Danger Room," Jean says, as they round a corner in the sub-level of the mansion, heels echoing throughout the hallway. "Ruth seemed a little on edge when I found her talking to Namor at the cove." She gives her boyfriend a small glance, almost knowing he would do the same, concern ever-present in her tone of voice.

Seemingly lost in thought regarding the Danger Room and how despite a previous interaction where he himself got hurt and a foreboding vision from Blindfold, he still trained with students in there. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Scott tends to punish himself a bit harder than most, feeling responsibility for all the residents of the Institute, student, staff, and adventurer alike. “Yes, I agree, Jean.” He says it almost absent-mindedly, but Jean knows him well enough to know that he was paying full attention to her, despite his straying thoughts. Suddenly as if awakened, “Namor?” He asks. “Why was the Sub-Mariner here?” His tone of concern matches hers.

"To see Charles, apparently," Jean answers, mulling over the scene in her head for a moment before continuing. "He said he wanted to see about getting his memories restored, and I politely asked him to leave and to use our front door next time. He didn't seem too pleased about that." The headmistress is in her professional garb more than Marvel Girl, and tonight is no difference. Pins from a wavering bun are removed and crimson strands act as a waterfall, cascading against a neutral colored blouse. "He also knew our young precog quite well, it seems, and she admitted to a few... instances of rule breaking."

“Well, we may have to tighten the reigns with the students. While I do not want them to feel trapped or imprisoned. . .” Scott shakes his head a bit as he stares at the doors to the Danger Room. “Ruth had a vision of the Danger Room seemingly coming to life or something. Some sort of robotic female. Diagnostics have shown nothing to be wrong, but I think the room will be completely shut down. Even to the X-Men at this point.” Scott, with a half-smile on his face, “Though admittedly, I was impressed with Seth and Ruth. They both handled themselves well and it was teamwork that allowed us to defeat Deluge. I may lessen Seth’s punishment, for ‘good behavior’ as it were in the Danger Room.”

As she listens to Scott, Jean starts pulling her hair into a ponytail, replacing the pins for a rubber-band from the pockets of her dress pants. "I may extend Ruth's punishment for pure bias reasons," she says, adding, "I don't want the students to get hurt, or to imprison them either, but I'm not losing any of them." The comment is a sly pity for the Hellions that lost their lives.

Nodding his head in agreement and showing similar sympathy towards the lost Hellions, “Well, for now, we will have that under order. As for the Danger Room, Beast and Bishop will keep working on it as long as it takes.” Scratching the back of his head where all too long brown locks hang, Scott ponders, “Well, between the Danger Room, the students, and the issues within X-Factor, it seems Charles picked the wrong time to leave. But we will have to make due.” He smiles, “I think we need to prioritize and take each problem as it comes. With regards to Kurt, have you picked up any stray thoughts or anything which show he may be influenced by any of the Hellfire Club members? While I genuinely believe he wants to help the Hellions. With everything that is happening, maybe Alex is right.”

"They are troopers, those two." More cosmetic maintenance comes from Jean as her stride begins to slow, stopping in front of Cerebro. "There are more issues with X-Factor?" Jean asks, a crimson eyebrow arching in response. Simply, she shakes her head almost as if saying 'I don't want to know about it', and leans her weight against one leg. "Nothing seems out of the ordinary with Kurt from my psychic perspective, but telepathy is complicated. Because I don't want to take sides, I am thinking about meeting with Emma."

“Well, Kurt has agreed to be scanned. He works at the Massachusetts Academy every Friday and when he reports back, if you agree, I would like him to be regularly scanned. As for meeting with Emma, I believe the problem does not come from here, but more from Selene, or even Amora the Enchantress. She is a part of the Hellfire Club now. If you do meet with Emma, I know you will be careful, of course. But perhaps, it might help to have someone with you. Maybe we can call in one of the Betsy’s over from England.” Scott’s concern is two-fold as leader of the X-Men who have had negative experiences with the Hellfire Club and more importantly, his concern for the love of his life.

"As long as Kurt consents, I will do what I can. But I'm not too prided to say Emma's mental prowess is... cold," Jean admits, a sigh of resignation escaping afterward. "It could take more than a day's work of scanning to find something in Kurt's head if she is purposely hiding it, but I can identify the trail." Again, Jean listens to Scott as he voices his concerns, which warms the telepath slightly. She shakes her head at his latter suggestion, saying, "If I bring someone else, she will think my intentions are suspect." A pause. "Hell, she'll probably still think the same, whether I do or not. But Emma is not all that everyone says thinks she is. She cares, if not for anyone but those kids."

“I agree about Emma. She genuinely suffered when the original Hellions were killed. I am just surprised she agreed to reopen the school. I wonder if Charles made the right decision to just kick her out from here. At least here, we could keep an eye on her, so to speak. Well, if you think meeting with her would be a good idea, then do so. We have a presence at the
Massachusetts Academy. As long as Kurt is not unduly influenced, then we should be alright. I don’t want anything happening to them or to our students.” Scott seems satisfied for now with that issue. “As with X-Factor, Alex seems to have his hands full. Many members have left the team recently. Lifeguard went to the Shi’ar space. Polaris and Revanche went to England. Dervish left under mysterious circumstances and now with Nightcrawler and Gypsy Moth being dismissed from the team. I wonder how he is handling it. Though I wonder if it is wise to let Surge intern with him and go on missions. I think it should be ok, but I will keep a watchful eye with that too.”

"I'm sure it's as good a decision as him going into space." There is no hint of sarcasm in Jean's tone, but the attempt is there. "If Emma agrees, I think a middle ground would be good, considering the intentions of Selene and the mystery of Amora." The telepath is not quite sure what the focus of the Asgardian is just yet. When the subject shifts to Alex, Jean's expression turns more serious, taking note of everything that has happened with X-Factor since the original members formed the group. "Do you think Alex is ready for that role in X-Factor again? He wasn't an ideal leader the first time around, Scott."

Taking a moment to contemplate his answer about his baby brother. Jean is of course aware of Scott’s thoughts, a replay of Alex’s life and his time with the X-Men and X-Factor. Scott hmmmns, “Well, he is doing the best he can. Alex has always been impetuous, but his decisions are sound and logical, though the thought process behind them may be questionable. Alex is ready to lead X-Factor and I am always keeping an eye on him. It’s my job as his big brother.” Scott smiles and actually laughs a bit, “Plus I meet with Valerie sometimes without him knowing.” Scott seems to look away and then confidently states, “Alex is right with X-Factor.”

The thoughts spread like wild fire through their conjoined mind-link, and the affection felt within that link filters to Jean. "Of anyone's judgment, I trust yours Scott. Lets just be sure it doesn't become clouded." Her concern for the team and Alex filters in return, her expression maintaining its serious outlook. "How is he doing with Lorna in England?" Jean asks, changing the subject from professional to personal.

“Well, I think they are on a break. After her recent capture by Arcade and X-Factor going in to rescue her. . .I was surprised she returned to England.” Scott shrugs, “Unfortunately, Alex’s romantic life is always unstable. Those two love each other. They just need to figure out how to do it right. . .” Scott winks, “. . .Like us.” He smiles and pulls her in for an embrace and tight hug with an affectionate kiss for good measure. He then smirks, “It probably doesn’t help matters that Alex is surrounded by pretty young women. With Kurt and Ali off the team, Alex is the only male. . .I have heard jokes about renaming X-Factor to Alex’s Angels . . .or Maidens of War. . .”

The embrace is welcomed, as is the hug and kiss, with Jean wrapping her arms around his neck and being sure not to affect his ruby-quartz glasses. "We are pretty perfect," she jokes, giving him another kiss with a bright smile to follow. She settles in his arms for a moment, wishing time would freeze at this very moment, and then Jean turns around to issue a security code to
Cerebro. She pulls Scott behind her as their fingers intertwine, leading them down the pathway to the psychic technology. "Cerebro has been picking up a few traces of new mutant manifestations lately. Were you able to get in contact with that student you were interested in recruiting?"

Pulled into the Cerebro, Scott smiles as he thinks a rather provocative thought of privacy for the two, but then quickly dispels it when asked about the new student. “Oh um. . .yes, I met with Vaughn. We cleared up Seth’s little mistake and I invited him to join the school. Poor kid. He is a runaway. His father tried to kill him. He is working two jobs. He is busy, but manages rather well for a minor. I was a bit surprised he did not outright say yes. He actually wants a tour of the school first. I gave him my card and information on a sympathetic friend in Mutant Town who can help him out.” Shrugging, Scott adds, “He is a DJ, perfect for his powers. I was thinking, perhaps, a dance of some sort for the students. He could DJ and I recently met two singers, but then again, we can contact Alison or Lila at any time.”

The private thought grazes across the link lightly, swiftly, and Jean takes notice of it. With a just as quick glance in Scott's direction, she settles on ignoring the imagery of what could be brought up in their quarters for a later hour, and then she sits in a chair before the control panel. "What are his powers?" she questions, wondering what his specific connection would be with music.

A bit embarrassed as he let the images out of his mind for Jean to see, but then shrugging and grinning, Scott continues with the subject change, “Vaughn is a sound manipulator. Pretty advanced too. He was able to hide our conversation in a wave of sound so no one could hear us. He also has a sonic blast that I have not seen. But that first trick was impressive enough. He can also ‘see’ sound.”

Jean activates the control panel and the sound of whirring machinery comes to life. When it does, the infamous helmet of the Cerebro unit is put over her head, revealing only crimson locks at the base of the back of the helmet. "That proves interesting," Jean says, adding, "Don't move, love." A small amount of concentration is all she needs to set the psychic amplifier into motion, and within seconds, Jean feels a rush of power that causes her to gasp in air.

Remaining completely still, Cyclops watches as Jean activates Cerebro. Despite having seen this numerous times, whether with the Professor or any of the other telepaths that have dwelled here. Scott Summer is always impressed and surprised at the display from the machine and the effect on telepaths when the rush of power hits them. And then getting a call on the com from Beast, Scott sighs and heads towards the Danger Room.

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