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Ecuadorian Festival Sabotaged

Arachne, Black Panther, Blacklash

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08/07/2012 10:00

Flushing Meadow Corona Park - Queens

Blacklash goes after a hit, is stopped by Arachne an Black Panther

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The Ecuadorian Parade and Festival, entering its 28th annual occurrence, decides its a good time to really put on a show and celebrate their heritage. This year it is being held in Queens, ending in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Festival stands have been erected around the promenades and the circular Industry Pound, allowing the festival to make use of the nearby sports fields. Even as the parade is beginning to make its way through the streets, festivities here are already underway. Ecuadorian music, and flutes, fill the air to mingle with the smells of various Ecuadorian styled smoke meets. While the smoke from the cooking process is heavy in the air of a few areas, this is good because it completely masks the smell of those few individuals smoking on the parade 'grounds'. Amidst the center are several small 'caged' booths for the collection of money as well as the 'gambling' with such games as pickles and between these are larger tents for people to sit and eat food at long tables, drink libations, and listen to the music of various nearby sound stages set aside for this purpose. All to close to the recent events that had the earth at a standstill, its also a fair target for other activities, thus there are a few police officers hired out to patrol the festival grounds during the activities.

Julia, aka Arachne when she is in costume, may not be from Ecuador or even really know what the whole thing in the park is about but a festival is a festival and when you have a child that is out of school and needs entertainment a festival is a good place to be.
Dressed casually in jeans, long sleeved silky blouse and walking shoes. Julia meanders through the various stalls with a small group of adults and children, probably people she knows from her daughter's school. Holding one of the girl's hands she stops at a stall that sells a Ecuadorian sweet pastry waiting in the small line to purchase a few.

Everything is going splendidly, until a crack resounds from somewhere in the center. For most of the festival goers, it blends right in with music, the noise of various festival games and the festivities in general. But there is a stir of people from the center where the food tents are placed. Anyone noticing or hearing that turns to look will see one of the tents going down. This only increases some confusion as others move towards the area while others move away; either they are going to see what is happening or going to help with the tent presuming it has blown over perhaps.
It could be written off as an accident, a metal pole snapping, some confusion thrown in with libations. But another crack erupts nearby, splitting metal on another tent close to the meat smokers. This causes a smoker to spill and dangerous hot coals find the tent covering, blending black smoke with the white smoke of the meat.
911 ... fire and confusion at Flushing Meadows Corona Park and Ecuadorian Festival taking place presently, requesting multiple units to help with crowd control.

Taking a few of the pastries from the vendor and handing them out to the kids and parents Julia and her group talk amongst each other, gesturing to some performers and deciding they should go watch them while they enjoy their treats. As they watch the folk dancers they pay little heed to the first of the commotion. Like the rest of the crowd they thing it is just part of the festival. When the festival goers start to get nervous and the second crack is followed by the heavy smoke Julia determines that not all is well. At her urging the small group moves away, Julia in the lead, subtly using her strength to push through the crowd and getting the others to safety "Leslie, take care of Rachel, I'm going to make sure the security officers know what is going on." the woman called Leslie looks a bit confused but takes the girl and the group heads to a safe area while Julia disappears into a tent, that is quickly emptying thanks to the fire.
Tapping at her ear she speaks over the com she was recently given "Back up needed at Corona Park." once the small tent is empty she is quickly into her costume, most of which was already under her clothes, the few accessories (gloves and mask in her purse) and she is slipping out of the tent and toward where the cracking noises came from.

The Black Panther was flying over Roosevelt Island in search of familiar faces when he hears the call for assistance by Arachne who is presently at the Queens festival. "This is the Panther, I am in route. ETA, 15 seconds."
The Panther then leans into the flying craft, and like a Segway, the craft responds to his movement. He plots his course directly for Corona and Arachne's signal.

As the crowds move to and fro from the tents, a good hundred yards away from this activity comes the sound of crushing metal. One of the left over pieces of art from the old World Fair is being bent, twisted and otherwise ripped apart it would seem. Yet, for anyone with an eye for it, it’s not being ripped up to be thrown or pulled apart, but is following down on itself. It looks ready to collide with something akin to a cake walk, but with good, traditional Ecuadorian foods (cow brains probably, full llama heads, or something).

With backup on the way, Arachne races around and probably leaps over tents to get to where all the destruction is taking place quickly. Scanning the area where the sculpture is folding in on itself, which while she finds strange, dismisses unless it proves to be a threat to a person or people left in the area, at which point she will deal with it. Until then however, her main goal is to find the person who has started this wave of destruction. She really isn't doing much to conceal herself, at least not immediately.

Soon, the Panther is streaking over the festival and will do a shallow orbit to look for the cause of the trouble. He maintains an altitude of 100 feet and speed of 40mph. Circling, he notes the collapse of the structure and states over the com, "Arachne, structural collapse, eastern aspect, no civilians, no clear cause. Do you have eyes on a target or targets?"

Arachne won't notice the culprit but at her level, she will notice that the 'ticket/pickles' cages between the large food tents as she moves towards the chaos have been ripped open and metal boxes have been pilfered. It doesn't seem like much, but considering most central booths at a festival are ready to hand out upwards of 1,000, a few of these cages becomes a decent little mark. Someone could assume it’s like taking candy from a baby, practically.
Black Panther, and his intuitive eyes, however, will be scanning near the sculpture, and probably notice a bolas flying out from the crowd chaos moving toward the 'main' area where the festival organizers usual sit. The bolas if flying towards one of the small kiddy rides, arching over the crowd and will easily hit its target. He can either be curious about the bolas or look for the thrower.

With the festival taking place on a large field in the park and no way to get a aerial view, Arachne is having to do her survieling from the ground. It is doubtful if the tents can hold her, though if a ride is high enough she will scale one of those in an effort to seek out the perpetrator, like a Ferris wheel. "Not yet Panther, though it looks like someone has raided the ticket booths for cash. Not sure if that was someone opportunistic or the perp." she replies through the com.

Leaning into the flying platform, the Black Panther charges the bola targets. He announces over the com, "Target is in the crowd moving toward main area, close to intercept. He, or she, has thrown bolas toward the children's ride area. I will take care of the bolas."
If possible, the Panther intends to use his flying platform to block the bolas. If he is not fast enough, he will either launch the Panther Net from the platform to try to entangle them or leap off the platform when in range and help with potential collateral damage.

Following Black Panther's suggestion, Arachne can easily get to the main area with her enhanced speed and super leaping abilities. She'll be there in time to see a man wearing a mask, costume, and cap of dark colors come to a stop from the spring he made through the festival grounds - the same route as the destruction mostly, save for a few gravity bolas used to spread the chaos and hopefully lead others away from him, or just cause chaos in general. Certainly police are off dealing with the crowds and damage already. Still, he wields two whips, but one he lashes onto a pole of the main pavilion and it detaches from gloves on his hand. From that hand comes more links on a whip that seems to crackle with electricity. "Edgardo Rodas Gonzales, Maggia is upset with you," which times out to about 3 seconds or so and that whip that lashed onto a pole and detached explodes. It spread enough to push anyone leaving the tent around that area to the ground (15' radius) and the tent starts to billow and collapse over the caped man and his target.
Meanwhile, it wouldn't be hard to get the saucer in front of the bolas, but this would cause the bolas to 'explode' (activate) and the saucer now has the additional strain of 25 tons of force pulling it towards the ground. If its meant as a personal device, this might bring it down quickly or if it can withstand several dozen tons of gravity, it could be struggling with its flight pattern. Either case, children be saved, too bad the attendant shut it off and ran, leaving poor kids scared and trapped on the ride.

She gets there quickly enough, but in not enough time to prevent the tent from collapsing on the two individuals. Under normal circumstances Arachne would be pleased by this development, but since it appears the target is under there with the Perp it isn't such a good situation. "Got him, one of the Maggia's guys." she says to Panther over the com. She leaps over the crowds that were knocked down as they came from the tent, to where the edge of the tent lays fallen on the ground.
Going down on one knee she lays palms against the ground, sending lines of web under the perimeter of the tent which she uses to fling the tent upward and away from where it will be a threat and exposes the two individuals under it.

The Panther careens the flying platform into the bolas. Just before impact, he leaps to safety. Striking the ground, the Panther rolls out of the fall and bounds to his feet in the direction of the kiddy ride. He is intent on getting them moving.
Over the com, "I will be there shortly."

As the tent flies up, controlled by Arachne and her psychic webs, it is revealed that Blacklash whips his normal high strength whip at the man, Edgardo, and has caught him by the ankle, the bones crunching from the force, before the target can escape. Before he can pull the victim to him and show him his other special weapon is when sunlight falls on the two of them once more. This causes Blacklash to pause and look around now, aware of others if not recognizing anyone just yet. Perhaps not wanting the trouble though, he says, "Edgardo, you have a short lease on life." A flick of the wrist and the man's ankle is released, "I'll return for you." Looking around a moment more he begins to spring towards the wire globe just as the sounds of the parade can be heard coming into the park over the sounds of chaos around the main festival grounds. The dual whips remain out and ready, one crackling with energy.
Getting to the ride, it’s not hard for Black Panther to start unloading the cars, just that it becomes time consuming. And, kids being kids, some want to cling onto him in thanks, while others are terrified of the man in the black costume. Needless to say, kids will be saved, terrified or thankful.

"A man in dark costume with energy whips is on the move, Blacklash?" Arachne has just recently arrived back in New York so she is having to reacquaint herself with the criminal element that pervades the city so she makes it a question instead of a blanket statement through the comsys to Panther.
Fortunately, unlike the other spider based hero in the city, Arachne doesn't have to originate her webs in her hands, and since she already has some at hand it is only a matter of a thought to send them flying at Blacklash in an effort to wrap him up and stop him from getting away.

The Panther hears the name and his skin seems to tingle, muscles contract and he states, "I'm on my way." And will hand a child off to a parent then take off running toward Arachne's position. As he moves, "Restrain him and above all, avoid his whip."

Not much he can do against psychic webbing to say the least, but as the tendrils of web begin to entangle him, he uses his regular whip to flash out towards a tree to grab on to. It’s as if he's being pulled apart really though, so instead of trying to pull himself out with his whip, which is close to losing that battle, he instead grabs another gravity bolas and chucks it at one of the park's trees with the intent of dropping it near enough the culprit to free himself. His intent is that even if it’s real webbing, if the culprit stops holding their end, he can eventually work his way free.

Arachne isn't holding the webbing physically, mentally though is another story, since she is using her ability to control it telekinetically to wrap around the costumed villain. In order to do so she has to be able to see him so she moves quickly in his direction, leaping and sprinting forward, though at Panther's warning in her ear she avoids getting to close to him. As he begins to slip free from the initial web wrappings the ones he has managed to free himself from wriggle and snap toward him once more, mimicking his own whips as they snap and wrap around arms, legs and torso.

The Panther leaps on all fours toward his destination, he bounds off fixtures, structures, and surfaces. Leaping through the air and finally getting within sight of the conflict. He notes over the comm, "Good work, yet do not underestimate Blacklash. He plays his abilities down and close to his vest."
The Panther cannot act at this point while he is still a score of yards away.

His gravity bolas misses but it is within short range of the tree he intended. There is the slight splintered foretelling that, eventually, the tree will succumb to the gravity field, not the full 25 tons that hit T'Challa's saucer, but something closer to 10 tons of pulling force. Splinters fly towards chaotic crowds clearing the area, while others run in from further down the line where the tent fire grows. He lets go the normal whip, it explodes within seconds, cutting and dicing another tree in favor of another necorlash. Two lines flaring with electrical current and he slashes at the psychic webbing to no avail. As if in a stand off, threatening anyone to come close to those flashing metallic whips but unable to free himself from the strength of Arachne's webs.

"I have him held, but with his whips can't get close enough to disable him." Arachne says into the com as Panther makes his way to the scene. She realizes that Panther won't be able to get very close either with Blacklash's arms free so she sets out to rectify that. Concentrating on the web wrapped around what she assumes is his dominant arm she creates another whip like web from it and flails it out to wrap around his ankle, tightening and making it shorter so that he can't move that arm or leg freely.

The webs entwine about Blacklash's arms at Arachne's commands as the Black Panther leaps into the mix. Even as the panther closes with his tiny claws, Blacklash smiles. Even with arms pinned, the metal necrolash whips flicker with a life of their own, whipping at his suit. As they near the black material of his armor, the sounds of high static or shocking emit from them. How much his suit can handle of the electricity and how much control Blacklash has over the whips still most likely dwindles respectively. When he finishes his leap and slashes, Black Panther will find mesh armor under the dark material of Blacklash's costume. Enough to catch the hero off guard perhaps, but if focused, Black Panther will find his claws can eventually rip through the metal material.

Arachne inches closer, flanking the costumed villian, but still staying well away of any of his weapons. With his one armed pinned she focuses now on taking the whip out of the picture, but with it moving it isn't going to be easy and will take a bit of time. She starts with an insulating method, sending a long tendril to wrap around the handle first and continuing to wrap the entirety of the whip in her web to insulate it like the plastic around a live electrical wire. Once it is completely wrapped (next round?) the tug of war starts.
Now close, the Panther uses the advantage of his subdued enemy and does a double nerve strike to the villain's neural plexus in hopes of rendering him unconscious.

Even as the Panther closes, Blacklash is still struggling with the webbing as it encloses around his whips. When the subduing karate chops come down on him, even beneath the mask, the Panther can probably see Mark's eyes do a proverbial jaw drop, his smirk vanishing. Its a sort of 'Oh, that would of been a good place to add some armor' realization. As the blows strike home, his eyes roll back in his head. It delivers an entire system shock, but Blacklash's own training stops the shock from doing more serious damage to his entire system. He is merely sleeping like a baby rather than needing to go to the hospital or have a date with the AED cart.

With the whip(s) encased in her webbing, Arachne begins to tug at them to keep them from being used effectively, if she can pull them away, even better. Though that becomes moot at Panther's effective attack on unguarded pressure points. When the whip master falls she dissipates the webbing around the whips, but tightens and secures the webbing around Blacklash's body, keeping him secure until the authorities can come and take him away. Only then does she approach, glancing from the villain to Panther "Thanks for the assist.

Doing what he does during the police investigation and collaring, the Panther segues through it without issue.
Then when approached by Arachne, "Always glad to help." the Panther intones then adds, "You're quite skilled with your webbing."

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