To The Moon P5b

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Nightcrawler Shadowcat Domino Lockheed Havok

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12/03/12 10:01

Mutant Diner, X-Factor Tower

This segment of the team finds the virus bomb and contains/destroys it.

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-----==[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==---------------------------------------

The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.

From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.


Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Domino pass through the open portal from the lunar base to SHIP. They then inform SHIP of the issue and are body-slid from SHIP to in front of the address in question, which is only 1 block away from SHIP. It is the Mutant Diner. A perfect place to plant a viral agent.

Upon entry, they see the various mutant patrons and staff of the facility. It's during a regular meal time, so the place bustles with activity. Many people take note of the X-Factor members, while others just want to ogle Domnio in her leather with lots of clevage. None realize there's trouble, not quite yet.

Smiling to the purple dragon on her shoulder "Ok Lockheed, find it for us, c'mon search" then looks Domino and Kurt "We need evacuate everyone from here, just to be safe"

Going with it, Kurt says out loud, "Sorry to intrude everyone, but there is reason to believe there is a bomb in the diner. If everyone could evacuate, orderly, X-Factor will handle the situation." Whatever panick and uproar might ensue, he tries to get a waitress or staff member, "Sorry, but that includes the staff. We'll make sure the building isn't damaged." He doesn't care if they want to question him about it. He turns to Kitty and Domino, "Physical search, just in cae Lockheed can't sniff it out?" Then he begins to start looking around.

To Kurt's remark, people look quizzical and think it may be a joke. After all, he is the comical member of the team. So they stand or sit and stare. Someone starts to laugh.

That's when Domino lifts a large sci-fi looking rifle that she carries, points it to the ceiling and yells, "EVERYONE OUTTA HERE!" she pulls the trigger and it makes a horrendous laser fire noise (yet does not destroy the ceiling - just sound).

Lockheed snorts and then will leap off Kitty's shoulder, taking flight to circle around the diner as everyone starts to scatter.

Nodding to kurt in agreement she frowned sadly at the snort from Lockheed but began her search for the bomb "I'll make you your favorite when we get thru this Lockheed, I owe" Looking under tables and booth seats.

If Domino's BFG doesn't do the trick, Kurt doesn't worry about it. He'll head for the kitchen, "I'll check the cupboards. Domino, do you have any gizmo's for scanning the walls or anything?" He'll go through waitress swinging doors, try to stay near the window to stay in sight of the main dinner while begining to open doors/fridges/freezes/etc.

People scatter.

Domino answers, "Affirmative." she states as she pulls one of her gizmos from her belt. She turns it on and starts a scan. She does a 360 sweep and starts heading in the direction that Kurt went. She calls, "Shadowcat, get your dragon to check the ductwork above the kitchen."

Goes to get Lockheed "You're the best x-dragon ever Lockheed, but do you think you could do us a favor and check the ductwork while I check the basement/boiler room? Be careful ok?" she wasn't going to make him of course, it was always his choice "I'll make you some steak tips when we get home ok?"

Hearing Domino and presuming she's doing some scanning stuff, Kurt looks up at the ductwork now, curious himself. He'll jump up on counters and attempt to remove a grate, or grates, so that Lockheed can proceed to look up there if the drgaon so feels inclined. "I'll go up there for some steak tips ...."

Domino enters the kitchen as Kurt is inspecting. The ducts are in the form of a large H and Kurt is able to peer within the bottom left leg. Domino indicates as Lockheed flits within, "I'm seeing something in the middle duct (the bar of the H)."

The ducts are thin sheet metal and approximately 10 feet off the floor (up against the ceiling).

Getting a cart Kity climbs up and phases her head thru the duct to look in "Alright, steak tip dinner for the three of us when we get home. Looking for the bomb "Really the ductwork makes the most sense for it as far as dispersal goes"

As Kitty is looking up at (into) the duct by phasing, Kurt notes the location Domino is indicated. "Come out one second Kitty, Domino says the bomg is over here in the middle of the ducts, I'll wheel you closer." He climbs down off the counter, away from the ceiling so he can push her cart when she's ready. Then, "Take a look, maybe we can phase it out of the duct so we can all help with disarming the device?"

Within the bar of the H, Kitty will find: The bomb is a high-tech looking device with three canisters and a simple atomizer with which to disperse an aerosol into the ductwork. It is not explosive what so ever; it is designed to disperse the virus over a long period of time as patrons move in and out of the diner. The electronic workings present with a lexan encased series of wires and an interactive (10 key w/screen) display mounted atop it. Though high-tech, it seems very straight forward. Kitty will likely recognize the need not to jostle or blast it. For through the lexan, she will see a mercury trigger (akin to that of a thermostat - if the mercury shifts too far to either side, it will make a contact and set off the device.

Kitty does as Kurt suggests and then takes a closer look before sighing "Good news and bad, it's high tech bus the design is simple. Designed for slow release to optimize exposure, but it can't be moved until we disarm it, mercury trigger. We so much as bump the ductwork and it'll go off. Studying it as she tries to decide if phasing a hand thru the electronics would fizzle it or set it off

"I think that's your area of expertise," says Kurt, looking at Domino and implying bombs (or terroristic activities?). "If Kitty describes it to you, could you help her disarm it?" Then a grin, good thing he didn't try climbing up into the ducts, he's probably large nough to create that bump that would set it off."

Any sudden disruption of power will surely cause the 'bomb' to disperse the deadly virus. So phasing through is likely out of the question - <unless of course Kitty wishes to kill everyone - when in that case she should +request genocide and start on a non mutant alt>.

Domino indicates, "I know a bit about explosives, yes. Kitty, describe it to me as detailed as you can."

Kitty explains the details of the device, Domino listens carefully and says, "You will not be able to break the Lexan seal or jostle the device. Else it will trigger." She is looking over her device and pulls up schematics, looking for the particular design described. "You're going to have to phase. Here, you'll need this?" she offers wire cutters.

Kurt listens to both, including Domino whom he lookes curiously at when she hands over wire cutters. "So, she can't just phase it, its attached to the vent?" That's his speculation based on what she's saying and giving to Kitty. He ponders, "Can we do anything from here ..."

Domino relays to Kurt, "If she phases it, it is out of phase with her. She sets it off, it will still spray the virus all over the place." - Kurt knows from experience, that when things leave Kitty's phased form they immediately become solid. It would still kill everyone.

Domino then finds something on her handy dandy pda like device and says, "Kitty, can you see a blue wire with a red stripe along its length that connects to a negatronic isolation tab?"

Kitty answers after a second or two, "Yes, is that the one I cut?"

Domino rapidly responds, "NO, do not cut that wire."

Kitty says, "Then why did you? waitaminute! This thing just armed itself and the counter is counting backwards from 10."

Kurt calls out, "Domino, open a hole to the cannister .... Ship, prepare a container pool side." Then he waits to see if a hole opens it, he'll reach for and try to teleport the cannister to the pool, which sould be within his range. His fingers are twitchy the whole time.

Domino doesn't hesitate, but she doesn't shoot either. She leaps upon the rolly cart that Kitty stands upon, pulls out a laser torch and slices around the ductwork. She drops, as she does, she pulls the other side of the ductwork down. Thus exposing the device and kitty's head and arms just to the side of the device peering in.

Kurt leaps up to cling on nearest ceiling, etc. - or cart - whatever gets him within arm reach of the cannister in the time allotable. He'll reach in to grab with both hands to support the device and teleport to the pool side where hopefully Ship is making a containment area. He'll do his best not to jostle the bomb.

Grabbing and teleporting the device is easy. The second Kurt hits the poolside the device is jostled enough to set it off. The electronics make a loud long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Hoping the container is ready, and made of glass so he can see inside, Kurt will quickly try to port into the container, drop the device, and port out.

The split second before Kurt ports out, the device starts to hiss as the fan on the back starts to whirl. The device is contained in a protective transparent canister.

Kurt will port to medical facilities then, announcing, "Ship, contain me here ... alert Alex I might of been exposed. Then start testing me or whatever."

SHIP responds, "Understood, purging upper levels." - which means the entire upper floors are engulfed in white hot fire.

Kurt arrives in the medical bay and the sweeps begin.

Isolated, Kurt finds himself cut off from everything and SHIP's holographic doctors/nurses do their best to make him feel comfortable. Nurse Goodbody fluffs his pillow. Nurse Candy massages his feet. Nurse Chasey holds his hand. Doctor Proctor uses the scanning wand all up and down Kurt's body looking for hints of a virus.

Doing his best not to oogle the nurses too much, but in part, he probably does play around with various touches and such, as if he's trying to play a joke on Ship by being too forward. Still when it comes down to it and the scan is taking place, he ponders of Doc Prostate, "So, good news or bad news?" Kurt keeps himself as serious as he can, knowing he might be terminal even.

"We won't know for sure until we extract another two liters of blood from you." Doctor Proctor explains. "We will need saliva, mucus, urin, and feces. The virus in question was not able to be analyzed due to the purficiation and during your teleport you may have pulled some along with you since you travel through a dimensional tunnel."

"Well, hopefully you can get enough cells to see if there is anything infecting them," says Kurt. There is little else he can do, but he ponders, "Have Alex or Dani checked in to say how things are going on the moon." He asks in times when he doesn't have swabs in inappropriate places. If he can provide urine and feces on his own, he'll take that option.

SHIP interjects, "I am just now in contact with them. The MLF base was jamming my signal. It seems that the base is exploding now and they are unable to speak. Notation; Dragoness, Tempo, and X-Force have passed through Ariel's portal - however, none others will be following.

"Ship, can you send an unmanned vehicle to the base to start scouting? Let assume they might get trapped or be away from a door. Send me the controls, I'll pilot it, give me good visuals, a few cameras to monitor all directions ...." Kurt gets that out, gives him a focus while the holo-doc gets the samples and blood needed.

"In compliance." SHIP notes and will dispatch a probe.

Controls emerge from the wall with a few wrap around screens. The nurses still attend Kurt as he's given the means to pilot the probe.

The screens show rapid travel between the Earth's outer atmosphere and lunar orbit. The base is located within one of the side facing craters and seems to have various explosions transpiring. No sign of his teammates.

SHIP reports, "I have once again lost contact with the team.

Kurt will take the controls and pilot for the base, out loud to Ship, "Can you indicate on the monitors where the remaining members were last heard from, I'll start the search there." That is, if the base is there ... still, even if its blown up, if he could be pointed to the surface to see if they're bobbing around in space suits.

"The location of former members is unclear. Dragoness reports many were located at this location..." a blip appears on the monitor indicating an erradicated location of the base.

Doctor Proctor states, "You are clear of the virus, Nightcrawler." and the doors start opening up. The lovely nurses depart.


SHIP intones, "Communication is once again open. I have a clear channel and signal from Havok."

Havok notes over the com, "Dude, we totally kicked their asses!"

The End

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