To The Moon P5a

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Havok Mirage Tempo Cable Stryfe Cannonball Phoenix

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12/03/12 10:00

MLF Lunar Base, Scotland

This segment of the team goes to stop Cable from killing Stryfe

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Tempo indicates, "Stick close, I'll speed time for us so we can get there quickly."

In a pocket, out of time, Tempo, Havok, and Mirage run down the hallway. Mirage may take note that the gravity here is slightly more than that of Earth (even though the moon is less, the artificial gravity has been adjusted to aid in physical exertion).

More explosions rock the lunar base and lights flicker this time. Tempo expresses, "The second Stryfe detected your assault, he brought the security system online. The team was training in the holosuite and he dispatched me, Forearm and Reaper to intercept a potential third strike team in the lab - which is where you all met me. The larger team was left to face the bulk of X-Force allowing Stryfe himself to create a diversion and set up other systems. But he was engaged by Cable and Cannonball - but I guess you already knew that.

Stryfe was in the hanger, last I checked. That's where we're headed now."

Saving most of her breath for running pell mell through the base Mirage doesn't verbally respond to most of what Tempo says. When the lights flicker she does finally speak up "Seems like that are trying to bring the base down with them. Hope there is a hangar left when we get there."

Rounding the next corner, they will find the hangar access. Alex says, "Hold up. Before we go in there? Tempo, do what you can to keep the two of us sped up. Mirage, you target Stryfe - hit him with everything you've got. He's a telepath, so use your arrows, not your mind. I'll target Cable, but only to prevent him from taking out Stryfe when you drop him, got it?"

Stopping at the access hatch, Mirage nods, "All out. Got ya." she pulls the bow from its harness on her back. A few deep breaths are taken. By now the stun effect should be worn off of Forearm so she can hit Stryfe will all she's got, hopefully it is enough. She gives another nod to Tempo, indicating she is ready to go.

The speed of the moment increases (or rather the world around them slows down), and Tempo hits the door open button. The heavy door slides open (slowly) allowing Mirage and Havok to enter the room at regular speed.

MLF Lunar Base - Vehicle Bay/Hangar - A massive, cavernous room with walls of solid rock supported by metallic braces. The floor-space is vast and flat, large enough to contain a small jet if necessary. To one side there is a 'repair station' with mechanical tools, both conventional and advanced, adorning the walls, cabinets and floor. Another area is set apart for storage, holding several large crates and metallic boxes. Upon one wall is a massive door capable of opening to lead into a hidden underground tunnel beyond, which in turn leads to the airlock that will take the traveler to the surface of the moon. The roof of the cavern has also been hollowed and blocked with a large, sliding door for vertical takeoffs that leads to a more desolate area of the mountain and into the lunar surface, above.

Cannonball is seen crumpled just to the left of the hangar access. He's unconscious. Stryfe and Cable are nearly in the center of the room grappling with one another. Their eyes flash as they struggle to take one another down. Punches are dealt, kicks delivered, blocks deflecting, and the two seem as if they are made for this eternal struggle. Neither is particularly more open than the other when it involves Mirage shooting Stryfe.

With the two men openly fighting in the room, Mirage has her pick of vantage points in which to fire from. She does from in concern when she sees that Cannonball is down, but he will have to wait for the moment. Circling the combatants, bow already up and the brightly glowing psyarrow ready to be fired, she waits for a clear shot at Stryfe, or the clearest shot she is likely to get considering they are trying to punch each other into oblivion. Once she has it she fires, assuming Havok is ready to take blast at Cable.

Releasing her arrow, it leaves her immediate area and immediately slows - temporal effect of external vs internal sight. Mirage however continues moving at a higher speed.

The arrow does not strike for what seems like a minute. The energy strikes Stryfe squarely in the left shoulder and seems to be reflected by the armor. There is a psychic flash and Dani will see the arrow coming straight back at her. Regardless of trying to dodge, the arrow will strike true and she will find the effects of the arrow put upon herself. It's shocking, but she will not drop from the attack. She will be able to fend off its effects.

Circling in the other direction, only a few feet, Havok waits for the arrow to strike true and bring Stryfe down. When it does not, he sees it flying back toward Mirage. He calls for her to dodge, but sees she cannot. He will then realize that something else must be done. Havok chooses to take down Stryfe instead. He aims for Stryfe's hip, gets his torso instead FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, and blasts Stryfe with such force that he's sent into a nearby spacecraft. Thus pulling the unwanted attention of Stryfe from Cable.

Cable remains where he was, glances both ways to identify Mirage and Havok and then looks to Stryfe, he starts running to engage Stryfe again.

Stryfe is only out of it for a split second. He peels himself out of the fuselage of the spacecraft and will draw both hands up toward Havok. Suddenly, a violent bolt of purple energy streaks across the room, striking Havok with such fever that he's knocked into metallic crates that line the wall. He isn't out, not yet, but while on the floor, other crates collapse on top of him.

Mirage's eye roll back in her head as the psyarrow hits her. Knowing the effects of it certainly helps in being able to fight off what it does. She lists forward as if she were about to pass out putting a foot forward is all that keeps her from doing so.

Focusing on the sounds of the battle she forces herself to shake it off. In time to see Havok being blasted across the room thanks to Stryfe. She begins to run to where he went down but only gets a few steps when Cable once more goes after Stryfe which makes her stop in her tracks.

"Cable you have to stop this." she brings the bow up again, (strange how she is using her mundane bow to fire them instead of the psysic one) and manifest another psyarrow aimed at Cable this time "If he dies we all die." she hopes that Kitty and Kurt aren't having as much problems as they are.

Cable does not listen. He's too consumed with his obsession to /end/ Stryfe. They return to their punching/kicking fest with Cable's back directly to Mirage.

Havok is trapped beneath crates, dazed, but not out (he'll act in the next round).

Tempo is doing her best to keep Mirage/Havok in a faster time, but Cable/Stryfe are naturally fast.

Aiming at Cable's back, Mirage let's the psyarrow fly at him. The battle has to stop some way or other and taking Cable down is just as effective. She begins to walk backward after firing the arrow to where her team mate is buried under crates. Her bow is still up, fingers on the strings, focus still on the combatants.

Cable is struck in the back, there's a flash and his knees buckle. Cable drops at Stryfe's feet. Stryfe gives pause, looks to Mirage. He smiles, then intones. "I knew I could count on you, Mirage."

Tempo yells, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and immediately shuts the hangar door. Yellow beacon alarms begin to flash and a female voice announces, "10 seconds until hangar decompression."

Havok stirs and starts kicking off crates. "What the heck happened?" He asks because he has no idea what just transpired.

Mirage only has a few seconds to look perplexed at Sryfe before Tempo screams and the warning systems start to go off. "I'll explain later. Right now, we have got to go." she quickly moves to help Havok get free of the crates. Since time is of the essence and they still have to get Cannonball and perhaps Cable to safety she isn't going to waste time explaining.

Cable/Stryfe are approximately 50 yards from Havok and Mirage. Cannonball is another 10 yards away from them to the right.

Havok gets to his feet and looks around. "What the hell?" he asks noting Cable down and Stryfe standing over him.

Stryfe uses his foot and pushes Cable onto his back. He notes, "It's too bad you did not join me sooner, Mirage. We could have taken Cable down so long ago."

Time is normal, everywhere. The counting down continues, 8,7,6...

Havok will resist departure and raise his arms with the full intention of blasting Stryfe again.

"It'll be a cold day in hell before I join up with you Stryfe." Mirage spits back at him. She isn't going to stop Havok from blasting him if he wants to. Her main objective is to grab Cannonball, since he is the lighter of the two and procur the 3 (or 4 if Cable is grabbed) of them a safe route to escape, but it handy-dandy space transport, a access hatch or if they are lucky a call to Ariel for a door.

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!, Havok blasts Stryfe one more time, sending the villain back into the spacecraft and cracking the villain's chest armor.

There is a nearby small transport with the hatch door open. Something perfect that Mirage seeks.

There's no open communication between the team and Earth, all signals are being jammed. The hangar door (into the structure) is sealed. There's no opening that, unless Havok blasts it.


Having tossed her mundane bow aside, Mirage grabs Cannonball by the arms and starts to drag him toward the transport, as Havok blasts Stryfe, "Come on!" she calls out. Hearing the count down get lower she realizes that they probably won't have time to get in the transport, not with Cable in tow at least.So she is left with a decision. Free Cable from the stunning effect to fend for himself and possibly go after Stryfe again, or let him be and hope that Shadowcat and NC have done their part.

She goes for the former. She doesn't bother aiming, just drops Cannonball halfway into the transport, manifests her psychic bow and shoots in the general direction that Stryfe flew backwards. Just the act will cause Cable to immediately wake up. With the hangar decompressing hopefully he will have more important things to worry about than pounding on his nemesis.

The second arrow wizzes through the air striking a metallic bulkhead.

Havok dashes into the transport and pushes Mirage back, "Get back!", so that he can close the door. He pulls it shut.

Cable wakes, looks around, hears the countdown notes Stryfe and pushes a few buttons on his electronic bracer.

Stryfe lunges once again toward Cable.


The hangar doors open. A violent shift in pressure that blows Cable and Stryfe out into the vacuum of the lunar surface.

There are very few cases in which Mirage doesn't take offense to manhandling, this is one of them. She assits in whatever way is necessary to help in getting the ship closed up after she is pushed back. From moving their unconscious ally to someplace out of the way to simply getting out of the way herself. She does wince at the noise created by the pressure shift and spares a glance out the transport window.

Havok holds the door, even after it sealed shut and prevented their explosive decompression. He remains silent. His heavy breathing is heard as he tries to calm himself.

Two seconds later, a blue/green flash occurs which illuminates the hangar with stellar intensity.

Havok shields his eyes, but when it fades he shifts and looks out the port hole to try and discern what occurred.

Kneeling behind the co-pilot seat she is looking out the window in silence as well. When the flash occurs a hand quickly covers her eyes but despite that everything she looks at will be blurry at best, at least for the next few minutes.

Without waiting for comment or instruction she moves to sit in the chiar she was kneeling behind. Squinting at the controls, she scans them, looking for either a remote hangar door control or a comm device of some sort.

Havok, Mirage, and Cannonball are trapped inside a space transport within a hangar that is open to the vacuum of space. Cannonball begins to wake and mutters, "What happened?"

Havok and Mirage were both peering out the port holes when they saw a flash, they're likely still seeing spots.

The floor trembles, another series of explosions is felt as other parts of the lunar base begins to erupt. The hangar doors (to base) are blasted open by another explosion and various sounds of impact are heard against the transport's hull.

The announcement from SHIP comes across the communicator that Kurt could be infected by the virus.

Havok taps his communicator and responds, "Get him decontaminated, fast!"

Glancing back at Sam, Mirage blinks back the spots in her eyes, she opens her mouth to say something, either an explanation or perhaps to ask if he is alright, but all that comes out is a string of colorful curse words, in Cheyenne and the rocking of the transport and the communication from SHIP.

"Explanations will have to wait." she turns to the transport control panel, eyes and fingers running over it as she fires up the engines, trying not to be jostled from her seat at the impacts against the ship.

Another explosion from the super structure casts the transport dozens of yards and causes it to tumble onto its side (think 'V, the series' transport design). The only gravity in the transport is lunar. They find themselves near the open doors of the hangar peering out into the vast expanse of the lunar surface.

Alex says as he pulls himself up off the floor, "Any time you'd like to get us outta here..."

Sam struggles to maintain consciousness, he mutters a few choice words, 'rackin frackin frickin frackin'

Mirage picks herself up after being tossed around what passes as the cockpit, "You could help you know!" she drops back into the pilot seat, hoping that the tumble didn't damage the transport to bad. Grabbing the controls she pulls back on them, pushing the necessary button or levers to get the thing in the air. Of course she is in a hurry to get them away before the base totally blows up so she probably hits the "accelerator" hard to get them out of there.

Havok and Cannonball cannot help when they're thrown and then pinned to the rear of the craft. Both yelp with ow! upon impact as Mirage skips the transport across the hangar floor, into the dunes of the lunar surface and then up into the night.

No sooner does it become truly spaceborne does another fiery flash occur and the ship suddenly stops as if it were grabbed by something significantly strong. Havok and Cannonball are thrown around again.

Engulfed in flames, the outer hull of the transport, cockpit glass, and all portals are blocked from vision. Until the lithe frame of the Phoenix (Rachel) appears before the front cockpit windows looking in and directly at Mirage.

Finally starting to get a hang of the controls of the ship, Mirage starts to bank the ship to head toward Earth when it suddenly stops. Momentum being what is is, she doesn't and konks her head on the control panel, letting out another native swear "Isn't that..." she rubs her forehead, starting out the front window in surprise, "your neice or something?"

Dragging himself forward, Havok looks out the windows and says, "Rachel..."

Suddenly the four of them are standing on a field of green grass. Looking further, it's a golf course somewhere chilly. There are men wearing kilts and putting a few dozen yards away.

Havok continues, "...yeah, she's my..." and then stops again.

Rachel says, "I came as quickly as I detected the temporal disturbance."

One would think that with everything she has been through Mirage wouldn't be at a loss for words in this situation, but apparently she is, at least for a few moments. In those few moments she looks around at the grassy country side, giving a shiver at the chill in the air She finally speaks up to ask the obvious question, "What temporal disturbance?"

Havok starts to speak. Cannonball takes a seat on the ground and holds his head. Havok is interrupted by Rachel who seems very detached, as if she's in two locations at once. "The one created by the displacement of Cable and Stryfe. They are now thousands of years in the future in some eternal conflict of man versus himself."

Obviously that didn't really help for Mirage, but she just takes the explanation as is "So where are we then." she looks around again "Scotland?" having been there a few times it is here best guess.

Havok glances around then back to Rachel, "Wait, what about the others? X-Force and the MLF, did they make it out?"

Rachel answers, "You are correct, Dani. We are in Scotland. But that is not the pressing matter at hand. The MLF and X-Force teams were able to escape the explosions..." Then she seems to realize there's more. "A virus. That will destroy all of mutant kind. No... nevermind, we are safe. Kurt was able to stop it from infecting the world."

Mirage breaths a sigh of relief that there was no loss of life on tne moon base. "I guess that means he wasn't infected by it then?" she is obviously relieved at that too. "What are you not telling us?" since none of that explains why they are in Scotland. She gives Rachel a suspicious look.

Still detached, Rachel becomes more ethereal and fades away.

Havok exclaims, "Dammit, I hate it when she pulls that crap."

Cannonball asks in a muttering, head holding tone, "Did we win?"

Starting at the spot where Rachel was standing, Mirage runs a hand through her now unkempt hair "Now now Sam." she glances down at her former team mate on the ground and then at Alex, "I hope you guys wore comfortable shoes, it's a long walk home."

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