To The Moon P4

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Havok Mirage Nightcrawler Ariel Shadowcat Cable Cannonball Sunspot Rictor Boom-Boom Warpath Feral Domino Dragoness Forearm Kamikaze Reaper Strobe Sumo Tempo Wildside Zero Stryfe

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12/03/12 09:00

X-Factor Tower then MLF Base

X-Factor and X-Force go to the moon to kick Stryfe's ass.

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-----==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==----------------------------

The Penthouse level is three floors (45 feet high) subdivided into three distinct areas; the pool area, the gathering hall, and the lounge.

The floor itself is wide open and allowing flow between those areas without walls or major obstructions. Additionally, all four sides, including the roof, is made of polarizing transparent metal. This allows for sunlight to stream in from all directions, visualization into, out of, or one way, and of course total polarization preventing light completely.

The Pool Area - The swimming pool is a marvel of alien technology. It occupies all 45 feet including has roof access. As a standard pool, it is sunken into the main floor of the penthouse, but then has static and flowing water areas which allow for movement from the lower pool to the rooftop pool via swimming or back down via waterfall/slide. This is made possible by gravitational adjustments by Ship allowing the water to stand vertically, diagonally and horizontally. This means that if someone were to wish to swim from the penthouse floor to the rooftop, it would be possible. The pool area also offers a 'outdoor kitchen' area where one can prepare full meals.

The Gathering Hall - This area is malleable to serve whatever purpose deemed necessary. Presently it presents as a dance floor with stage. However, it can take the shape of a great dining hall, a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and so on.

The Lounge Area - This area is devoted to the relaxation part of the top floor. Where those can sit back, relax and watch a very large projection screen. The area is near to the pool. Walls can be constructed to block out light, noise, distractions and so on.


Earlier today, Dragoness came to X-Factor and told them that Stryfe has, and plans to use, a virus that will wipe out all of Mutant-kind. It's called Legacy. She informed the team that Stryfe knows that Cable is in his final full court press. That he's just looking for Stryfe's main base and will attack when he finds it. The other members of the Mutant Liberation Front are wary of the virus and Stryfe's plan to use it. But they're too afraid to do anything about it. Further, they do not understand why Stryfe would want to wipe out mutant-kind. Stryfe argues that it's a virus to wipe out non-mutant-kind. But the team knows better (or at least in the backs of their minds).

Mirage spoke to Cannonball. Affirmed that X-Force knows where the base is, but is unable to get to it. Mirage offered the means of attack (Ariel's power), and Cannonball would be talking to Cable about the option.

Nightcrawler spoke to Dragoness about the opportunity to stop Stryfe and to see if her team would help. She will be going along on the assault and hopefully persuading the MLF to work against Stryfe.

We open with X-Factor and X-Force gathered for the assault. They all stand within the upper floor of the X-Factor Tower/SHIP. In attendance are:

Details have been worked out as to the tactic of assault. Due to Ariel's door power, they are able to directly assault the moon base. The team will be divided into three separate factions. X-Factor and two X-Force teams. Cable intends to directly assault Stryfe with the aid of Cannonball. The rest of X-Force will be there to handle MLF flunkies. While X-Factor is to work with Domino to locate the virus and secure it.

Departure time is upon them, Ariel has 3 doors ready to trigger. Her cosmic awareness gives her the ability to open a door to an assumed location. There's no disorientation (just like stepping through a doorway) and there's no nose or foul smell. Kurt should just stay home.

Luck is wished. Door number one opens, and Cable/Cannonball rush through.

Door number two opens, X-Force is rushed through.

Door number three opens, X-Factor is rushed through and the door is left open for evac (as Ariel is staying behind).

MLF Lunar Base - Medical Bay - Your average, sterile, super-enhanced Medical Bay, lined with ten plain white beds all attached to their own computer consoles and various scanning equipment. There are cabinets containing a vast array of medical supplies, and the computer databanks hold the most advanced medical knowledge on the planet. Lined against one wall are five plain looking white robots, known as AutoDocs, who once activated will assess the damage to any patient and begin treatment. Linked with the databanks, they possess the knowledge and skill of the most esteemed surgeons. As well as the examining beds are four large tubes standing against one wall, capable of acting as life support systems to freeze a body's metabolism till a cure or remedy can be found.

The alarms are already sounding and flashing red lights are seen. There are three exits from this room. One is labeled: Laboratory.

Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage, Shadowcat and Domino are found within the Medical Bay. The other door slides open and Forearm and Reaper rush into the room. Left in the doorway is Tempo, then again she only appears to be there, when she's actually to the side, behind, and in other locations (nature of her power).

Assuming there was some sort of preparation about opponents and who was left on the base - the stuff Ship should of picked up from Dragoness before Kurt did the less formal inverview. Seeing Tempo, even if she is slightly time displaced, the Kurt will make his best guestimate to whether he is slowed down or her teammates are sped up, then he'll attempt to meet Forearm, to grab him and multiport him into confusion and stupor, hopefully his friends will deal with the other two. "Are these extra hands in your pocket or are you just glad to see me," he'll chide while trying his manuver (sp).

Mirage has been all business since everyone has gathered, even remaining so in the prescence of her former team mates now being lead by Cable. It's a short trip into the MLF medbay where they intend to find and secure the supposed virus. It's no suprise to her that they quickly have company, she was just expecting more than three. She isn't complaining though, they should be able to handle them in pretty short order.

Quickly assessing threat levels of the three she targets Tempo, pulling her fears from her minds and letting her expereince them first hand.

First take out the opposition that'd give them some breathing room to find the computer so she could work her magic and pinpoint the virus. Least that was Shadowcat's plan, heading for Reaper with swords drawn. Focused but definitely not business like, this was fun for her. What was life if you couldn't have fun doing your job right?

Stryfe is Tempo's worst fear; finding her sabotaging a MLF mission and then punishing her for it. She screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and suddenly Mirage is able to discern that Tempo had actually sped up X-Factor and slowed down the MLF goons.

Domino is acts against Reapear just as Havok does. They blast the villain back into a wall, practically crushing him into the structure and knocking him out.

Forearm is teleported all over the place far faster than Kurt realized and instead of three teleportation effects, he moved six. Kurt himself, was slightly disoriented because of the speed, but nothing he cannot handle. However, Forearm falls down in the corner under the distress of vertigo, he hurls; some gets on Kurt's foot.

Kitty will know that the Laboratory, adjacent to the Med Bay, will be the access point. It's a door away (or a phase) and she'll be able to move and be in that room (if so chooses) before the combat is over.

"I'm going for the laboraty in the next room, think you guys can take these three?" running for the wall as she sheaths her swords and goes tophase thru.

Somewhere else in the base, two massive battles are taking place. It's suddenly apparent by the shaking of the floor with the sounds of rumbling and an explosive shudder.

Kurt accidently wipes his foot on Forearm, most likely his pants as he's usually shitless while on the job. Still, a little woozy himself, he looks around, "Hopefully Kitty finds the location of the virus soon, sounds like things are under way." If he thinks any assistance is needed with Reaper, he'll move to help, otherwise, he'll keep an eye on Forearm to make sure he doesn't get up so fast (and no, he doesn't ziptie him to hold him down, he assumes the large fellow can easily escape anyways).

Realizing her error Mirage quickly dispels the illusion that Tempo is caught in. Had she known that she time altering MLF woman was on their side in this altercation she would have went after someone else. But she will kick herself for that later. Next time a mission like this happens cheat sheets will need to be used. Hopefully Tempo won't hold it against them until after all this is dealt with..if she is going to at all.

Glancing around she puts a hand on a nearby autodoc for stability as she floor shakes under her feet. "Need him stunned Nightcrawler or is he down for awhile?

Kurt replies, "Ja, please ..."

Tempo was seen in three places, now one. She is down on one knee and her hands are placed upon her helmet to remove it. Revealing her true face, she states, "Not cool." She will then wipe her face while placing the helmet aside. She offers commentary, "That helmet was supposed to protect me from psychic attack, Stryfe said he tuned it up? son of a bitch." She rubs her face and looks around at those assembled.

Havok hesitates from blasting again, seeing his target is down.

Domino reels around and starts moving toward the door that Kitty phased through <to the lab, Robin>. She comments, "Get Tempo sorted, we've got work to do." And the door will swish open for her to pass through.

Mirage makes quick work of stunning Forearm for Nightcrawler. Not hard in the state he is currently in. She then moves toward Tempo to help the woman up, giving her an apologetic look, but not a verbal one "He's an SOB alright." is her only comment to the woman. Once Tempo is on her feet Mirage will follow Domino into the other room.

Kitty will have found an expansive laboratory. The room is divided into several work environments. Most of which are biological in nature - all have sealed airlocks between each (for safety). It's VERY obvious which area is for viral research (three doors in and to the right) and Kitty will have secured the workstation.

"I know, too soon after," begins Kurt talking towards Tempo, hitching a thumb at Mirage in reference to her psychic attack, "But, I think we could really use a little more time." His eyes look up and around, as if looking beyond at wherever the noises of battle and explosion are coming from. He doesn't know what she could do for them, but hopes she has something in mind. Moving to reach a hand to her, to help her up or just give moral support, "Let me know what I can do."

Kitty trusted that her team would keep anyone from attacking her from behind even so she was on gaurd as she worked her way into the system looking for files about the virus "Just need a little time for this"

Tempo appreciates the gesture from Nightcrawler, she even smiles a little - perhaps thinking he's cute and if things were different, she could use a little fuzzy elf love.

Havok disregards the situation and moves into the lab after Mirage and Domino. Domino states, "I hope your girl is as good as Cable thinks she is. Otherwise we're going to be gassed." - Her implication is associated with special gas tubes noted in the corners of the ceiling.

There are three closed/sealed doors between the team and Kitty (who phased to get to her destination). Everything is glassed in, so the team can see Kitty clearly approximately 40 yards away.

Domino states, "We probably need to wait here until she gets access. I'd hack the doors, but I don't want to chance messing things up.

Alex stands quietly, he glances at the chronometer on his gold bracer and then states over the com, "Kitty, I don't want to rush you? But we're on borrowed time."

Kitty hacks, but is not in just yet.

Eying the tubes that run along the ceiling, Mirage is at the moment unconcerned about how bad things could go wrong, at least unconcerned for herself. She can't say she is not concerned about her team mates.

She positions herself near the doorway, not for a quick escape, but to act as look out in case the two that were taken down wake up or the one of the other MLF members decides to show up and stop them.

As time stands on Kitty for the moment, Kurt looks on through the glass at Kitty as she hacks away. Then he side comments to Alex, "Depending on how soon she's done there, we should have Ariel on standby to get us back to earth, nein?" Its all said nonchalantly as he watches Kitty, as if the world depends on her hacking and finding that virus - and literally, it could.

Kitty's fingers dance over the keys "This is a bit more delicate then just plugging in a thumb drive and letting a autorun program boot up Alex. I'm almost there but there's been some security programs in place and if I do something wrong we're all doomed. Sides, this was why you let me join the team Alex. Oh and Domino, I won't get you gassed...I'm better then Cable thinks. Have some faith and cross your fingers. I doubt the virus is here anyway, soon as I'm in I'll find where it's positioned on earth" Why did everyone want a quick fix to things?

Tempo also watches for a moment and then decides to fill everyone in. "You all should know - myself, Sumo, Strobe, and Selby are definitely on your side. We have no idea about the others and couldn't really openly talk about it. I think Forearm would be too, but not while the odds are in Stryfe's favor and especially when his buddy Reaper is around to stand against."

Alex notes after glancing, "Ariel is on standby, the door is still open in the Med bay. The way she talks, she can keep it open indefinitely.

Another explosion occurs somewhere else in the base. The ground rumbles.

Kitty finds the /in/ she's been looking for. She then will see streams of information and finds the right path to follow to find out about the virus. She will realize that the Virus is already on Earth and the delivery system is in Mutant-Town, one block from SHIP. The bomb will be set off the moment Stryfe dies.

"Oh holy crud...want the good news first or the bad?" her fingers pausing over the keys as she stares at the screen in dismay. Maybe Cable hadn't gotten to stryfe yet and they could peel him away?

Kurt throws out, "Bad news, then good news ..."

Mirage is pretty sure the only news that could qualify as good right now is the news that they have secured the virus and we can all go home. She is confident that is not what is going to be coming out of Shadowcat's mouth "You should always give the bad first." she says in agreement with Nightcrawler.

Kitty looks over her shoulder grimly "Bad news? We have to protect Stryfe from getting killed. She dies and the virus gets released" turns back trying to find a way to deactivate the programming for whatever device monitors stryfe's vitals to trigger the bomb without disrupting the signal between the two "Good news is I found where the virus is, mutant town a block from Ship"

Alex says while leaving the lab section for the medical bay, "Get the address. We cannot afford to wait any longer. Domino, inform Cable of our discovery and make sure he doesn't kill Stryfe."

Domino says, "Copy that." - not to be confused with Copycat whom she used to be posed as. She will start the radio conversation.

Alex continues with the instruction, "Kurt, Kitty, take Domino and secure the bomb. Mirage, you and Tempo are with me. We've got some cleanup to do."

Kitty sighs and turns away from the computers walking smoothly thru the glass "Alright, let's go" She just hoped the bomb could be prevented from going off.

"How did they get something like that placed right near us without us knowing?" Mirage frowns as she asks. The answer though will probably have to wait as they have to make sure that Cable doesn't kill Stryfe "Tempo what's the fastest way to where Stryfe and Cable are." this is if they can even get to the fighting men with the damage that has been done to the base.

After a few 'good lucks' the team breaks into separate factions to handle the dangerous situations at hand.

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