To The Moon P2

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Mirage, Cannonball (emitted by Havok)

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11/20/12 09:15

Top Floor, X-Factor Tower

Mirage and Cannonball talk about Cable and Stryfe

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Ring ring, ring ring (Dani calling Sam). Sam answers, the muffled sounds of his rocket flight are heard over the com, "Hallo?".

Having retreated to the sparse confines of her office, Dani paces the empty floor in front of her desk as she makes the call "Seriously Sam? Talking on the phone while you are flying. You could take out a plane if you aren't careful." she of course assumes that he will realize who it is my voice and attitude.

Sam chuckles and says, "Hands free. Sept when Iah'm textin while flyin. Then the birds and planes better watch out. Speakin of, you got a visitor in your place, Dragoness. Iah was just comin your way ta check it out. This why you callin, or you just missin my sexxah voice?"

"Yes." is said into the phone though Dani let's him intrepret the answer however he wants, "How did you know about our visitor?" her tone becomes suspicious and she stops her pacing for a moment.

"Uh, like you don't know. Cable is paranoid. He's got ah network of spies all over the place. Your 'cross the street' neighbor sits in his window all day long watching your place. Ain't hard to keep tabs." Answers Sam.

Dani notes that for future reference "I think Cable is looking at paranoid in his rear view mirror Sam." she glances at the time "How soon will get here?

"Two minutes.", Sam answers, "Iah'll see ya when Iah get there."

"See ya in a few." with that Dani hangs the phone up and leaves her office to head upstairs. If she is going to be fishing for information she is going to at least do it in the comfort of the penthouse living area.


Landing on the glassed rooftop, Sam is allowed within by a opening door where he descends to the patio by foot. Presently, he wears his X-Force uniform of purple, gold and white with a modified jacket and goggles.

Dani is not having one of her patient moments as she is seen pacing behind the sofa. When she hears footsteps on the stairs she has no doubt who it is "What took you so long?" she chides, though she isn't serious about it, as she stops her pacing and goes to greet him.

Sam smiles as he closes the distance with open arms, "Missed you to, darlin." and will gladly embrace her if given the chance.

Hugs are exchanged but as this is technically not a social call it doesn't last long "Of course." she moves toward the bar "Want something to drink?" she asks before getting to the point of this visit "Well you already know that Dragoness is here. Do you know why too?

"Soda, thanks." Sam says as he moves to the bar and takes a seat. "We reckon she's here ta turn herself in, cause we're bout to take tha MLF down and she's lookin for some immunity like what Rusty got."

"If it were only that simple." Dani grabs a couple of sodas from the minifridge and hands one over "She came to warn us about the showdown Cable and the rest of you are about to have with Stryfe." she sets her own soda on teh bar but she still has it in a tight grip, "Kurt is getting more information from her now but what she has told us so far is not good, for anyone.

Taking the can, he'll pop the top. His brow furrows, "Warn ya? What tha heck is that all about? She thinkin that she can get yall to intervene on Stryfe's side?"

There is a quick shake of Dani's head in response "She's not an idiot. She wouldn't march into our headquarters and risk getting arrested to ask us to help Stryfe. She knows we would laugh in her face at that." she frowns as she goes ahead and tells him the rest considering their history "According to Dragoness, Stryfe has a contingency plan if he gets captured by Cable. He plans on releasing a deadly virus that targets mutants.

Sam's face goes flat and he starts processing what Dani just revealed, "Hang on, what? You sayin that Stryfe has a virus that'll wipe out all of mutantkind?"

"That's what we were told. And whether she has telling the truth or not is beside the point. A threat like that we have to take seriously." Dani finally opens her own soda and takes a drink, though at this point she would probably prefer something harder "We need to now what Cable is planning. At this point we have no plan on getting between Cable and Stryfe. We just found this out right before I called so really we have no plan except to prevent the extinction of the mutants.

Sam pauses a moment, sighs and struggles with the revealing of information, "Listen..." he says in a quieter voice as if others are listening - which they are not, "...We know where Stryfe's base is - it's on tha Moon. And we've been considerin ways of gettin up there all stealthy like, nothing stands out. So we've ah been holdin off on tha trip till we can get a sure-fire way to sneak attack."

A nod with a half-hearted grin is given, "We know. Dragoness is scared to death of having this virus released so she is being very cooperative so far." she points a finger at Sam "X-Force has the means to take down Stryfe. X-Factor has the way to get you guys into the base with no one realizing it until to late." she doubts she has to say much more to get Sam to realize where she is going.

Sam smiles, "Dayum Dani, you know how ta sweet talk ah boy. Lemmie run it by Cable, see what he says. Iah'm sure he'll be on board and it'll be great workin with ya again."

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