Tiger and Magic II

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Tigerstripe, Tanya

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10/28/12 night

Central Park, NYC

The demon from Part 1 gives a hard fight back….

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--- last 4 poses of the last scene ---

The horse snorted again anxiously, and Tanya grit her teeth as she turned to look back "... I do not think the police are the ones to handle this." she admits, watching. Then she looks back once more, somewhat uncertain of what to do "But it is better than nothing. I can stand gard, if you call? I ahh, do not have a phone like this." She confesses

The woman nods, pulling her phone from the pocket of her coat. Meanwhile the demon cocoon bursts open with the stench of sulfur, forcing the feline away a bit as she tries to get the call to 911 established.
Long, slender, no bony legs work their way out of the cocoon, soon followed by simmilar arms.

Tanya ughs herself as she kept the horse steady, watching now. she grimaced, blade still out as the other woan calls emergency. Her eyes flared a little bit, the inky blackness shimmering over her body as she held the reins tightly "... Only in New York I think is what they say..."

"hello? police? uhm... I am in central Park..." Monique Coppersmyth - that's her name - tries to get the announcement to police. The Demon slowly pulls itself into the moonlight. Just bloody skin and bones and sinews, covered in a glistening red substance... Blood... "uhm... I think we have... a demon here..."

---back into the scene---

A shudder went through Tanya as she watchd, glancing down to Monique now, and then back once more, looking disgusted as she murmers "I cannot hold back much longer... are they coming?" the horse was prancing as though wanting to charge forwards into glorious battle, the woman holding it back. Until she realized it may be best to catch this thing off guard.
And she let the animal have his head, the black equine plunging forwards in a charge, that thin but super sharp blade lowering to try and skewer the daemon before he climbed out entirely.

The Blade strikes true and slices through the cocoon and body of the demon. The cut appears as the body slides a bit down on it, glistening blood appearing in it. Monique describes what she sees "I believe it just got... cut... but..."
A wet sound as if a squid hits a hard and smooth surface breaks the silence as the wounded upper part grabs for the lower one with melting flesch, pulling itself back to the center where it belongs without closing the gap totally - the whole demon is a hand taller now! "it... it just healed being cut in half!" Monique nearly yells into the cellphone as with a disgusting sound the gap is filled with muscles and aditional length of spine.

Tanya grumbles. of course. She started to pull the horse around again, looking as though she'd rather be elsewhere as she stares at the creature for another charge as it stood there, still reforming. Well if he was that tall... she this time walked the horse up to him, the animal snorting in agitation as she calls over "Tell them to hurry. I do not think I am very effective."

And the half feline does, yelling something back at the rider "Do you have some cross or such?!" she tries to use what she knows from bad horror movies. Heck, it is just a few days to Halloween!
The Demon bends the reformed back, the spine cracking as it does. Bending forward again, the spine begins to grow spikes through the thin skin. the hairless skull opening the mouth. teeth. sharp teeth. several rows of the, at least three line the jaw. With a hissing sound the demon shakes its body, the long arms spraying the blood from them.

The blade sliced up and through, its' keen edge stronger than regular steel as she grunted, turning the horse to get more leverage, watching the transformation continue as she hoped to finish this before it started.
Tanya then calls over "No! Of course not!" just her medallion, but it was not exactly holy.

Grabbing for a tree branch Monique tries to rip it off, but it is quite perfectly attetched to it. The Cellphone drops to the floor tumbling.
As the blade drives itself into the shoulder and neck, the head almost falls off, only barely being caught by the long hands. The demon stumbles back a few feet, the neckless head seeming to snarl as the headless rump works like a fountain of blood. Eventually the staggering demon seems to fall backwards, lifting the head with the arms over its head, and just before it falls completly, it hurls it at the rider. In the air the damned beings head catches fire, the jaw wide open to bite that shark teeth into her. The body however rebounces, breaking apart into glowing shards and ashes as it hits the floor.

The horse reared up in shock at this. Horses, even magic ones, dont like fire and the black beast kicked out with hooves against the body of the Daemon, even while that flaming head sunk its' fangs into the animals' neck. As the body fell apart, Tanya's horse fell beneath her and she rolled away quickly, an expert roll designed to avoid damage as the animal expired under the teet of the daemon "Ugh!" she came back to her feet again, puffing a little bit.

Again the feline treis to bbreak down that tree branch to use it as a weapon, eventually succeeding as she hangs herself from it with all her weight and using a jumping to gain kinetic force into it.
The demons head seems to laugh as it had killed the knights horse, rolling over the floor and leaving a trail of flames as it tries to get into the direction of the gangs very first victim. Demonic blue flames on the stones, staying there several meters before they vanish...

Tanya lowers her blade, sighing shakily at what had happened. She shakes blood off her sword, fortunately having dodged the main spray as she looked across to Tigerstripe "Are you okay?" she asked, voice rattled.

Nodding the woman swings the improvised club at the head, but instead of smashing it, the head bites into it, clinging to the wood. With a scream like "EHHH!" Monique tries to get rid of it, clubbing it against the floor. But instead of letting loose the burning head bites more and more onto the wood, getting closer inch by inch. Only 2 feet of wood remain, and she tries again.

Tanya blinks at this and leapt forwards, her blade slicing again at the head, confident enough in her abilities to NOT dehand Monique. "Why wont this just DIE?"

The Head hits the floor, biting another piece of wood, then it gets pulled up once more. Tanya's swing at the head hits it in the uwpards move, not decapitating the half feline, but not hitting the burning head either. Instead the wood is cut in half, just an inch in front of the demon's jaw, sending it up in a tumbling and rurning line. The one foot long club in the hand of Monique is swung at the flying thing, changing the direction of the object a bit. a bit away. From afar now the blue light of the police can be seen...

Tanya sighs a little bit "I am staying in next HAllowe'en." she grumbles at that as she stared after the head not really wanting to go after it. She heard the police sirens, then asked "Do police in this country still have Chaplains? LEt's hope they sent one."

"I doubt" Monique answers, eying the head that still rolls back to them "And that thing is..." persistant she wanted to say, as the policecar dashed forward, breaking no to drive over the burning head. The front went down in the movement, brushing the floor with the bull bar and sending the head once again flying into their direction, tumbling uncontrollably. "DUCK!"

Tanya ducks indeed, but perhaps instinctively, the sword slicd up once more. Like an icky verion of 'Fruit Ninja' perhaps as she tried to cleave it in half dramatically.
Tanya says, "I dont want to know what it is!""

"You belive I do?" Monique yells back as the head looses the left quater of it's... face, clashing into a tree behind them. The tree branch she has used as a weapon Monique tosses at the almost destroyed head, cracking it into bits that decay to glowing coals almost suddenly.
The police officers leave their car, the hands at the holsters "Police! drop your weapon NOW."

Glancing up at this, Tanya blinks at the police, then looks at Monique, and then back. THe sword vanishes though before it hits the ground. The horse lay dead nearby.

The left officer gestures at the horse "Demons, huh? looks more like someone made a bad halloween joke. You are too early! Throwing burning pumpkins at police is not something taken ligtly!" he yells, while the other one rumbles into the radio. Something about veterinary emergency and stupid kids.
"I am sorry officer, but..." Monique mutters, pointing at the not existant remains of the demon - and the gangers "It tas a trick played at us. They used some sort of... claws or bear catch to harm her horse."

Tanya folds her arms at this, staring at the two police officers "Why would we fake a nine one one call emergency just for a prank? I am not a 'kid'. I am thirty two years old." she states simply to the officer "And considering a few months ago there were demon... ghost things overtaking the city, I do not think you should dismiss our claims so easily." She colds. She had little patience for idiots, even police officers. A glance to the horse, sadly, and then back once more "And it was not a pumpkin. Check your dash cam. I know you have one." she continues.

The woman sighs as the Knighs pulls the attention on her, but it is a possibility to leave more unnoticed. The however cop takes a few steps back "okok. uhm... your horse?" he asks, poining on it "uhm... does not look like it will make it... do you want to... give it mercy yourself?" he asks. "Or wait for the Doc and see what he can do?"
If the cam would see more than a rough round ball of burning it would be much easier to proof...

"... Its already dead." she responds, glancing to the body laying there. She did though, look rather upset "And it is a... ghost horse of sorts. It is not really alive you could say? I do not know the english word for it. Ghost is not right." she admits, her accent thickening. perhaps deliberately. She does though, relax as the police start to back down and act rationally "But thank you."

----Fade to Black----

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