Thunderbolts' Tuesday Workout

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Elektra, Spiral, USAgent

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12/18/12 14:00

Thunderbolts Secret HQ

USAgent and Elektra and later Spiral get some gym time

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-----==[ Gymnasium - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan ]==-------------

This large room serves a dual purpose. It is divided by a translucent partition that has a archway in the middle.
One side, the smaller of the two, is equipped with a variety of workout equipment ranging from treadmills to free weights to natulis machines.

The other side is equipped for other types of training, mostly of the hand-to-hand variety. There are two doors several feet apart in the wall that leads to small locker rooms.

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[LQ] - Living Quarters - Thunderbolts

Elektra comes in from Living Quarters - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan

Elektra has arrived.

USAgent is on the 'hand to hand' area of the gym, but is working with a boxing dummy the type found in dojos and fighting gyms around the country. It's weighted and the parts that people would hit are heavily padded for protection. Only this one has been further modified for superhuman boxing practice. It's wrapped up like a mummy, only instead of bandages it is covered in thick chains. Enough slack is piled up around the base that it must be close to a ton in weight, and should hold steady even when hit with incredible force.
Ironically, all the extra protection apparently still isn't enough - spaces where the chains have seperated enough for blows to strike the original padded surface underneath show the cushions are torn and battered. And the entire dummy has scooted several feet to one side of the area under the force of repeated strikes.

Elektra pads into the gym, the assassin dressed for a workout as well. Loose shorts and a close-fitting t-shirt with Columbia U across the chest, her long hair is tied up and back with a scarf. She pauses just inside to remove her shoes and socks - old habit - and enters the workout area slowly. Hearing the rhythmic thud-thud-thud of heavy blows against the dummy, she makes her way over to watch.

USAgent finishes a combination of blows with one massive kick that nearly makes the dummy tip over, then when it springs back up it heads the other way, towards USAgent himself, he holds up an open palm and catches it before it can smack him in the face. Then he turns and looks for his towel. His gaze runs across Elektra. He pauses and then nods crisply. "Elektra. Didn't hear you come in." He wipes his brow and then allows himself the smallest of smiles. "Though I suppose that goes without saying."

She actually smiles at that as well, approaching with deliberate steps. "Not many people -do- hear me approach, when I don't want to be heard." she replies. Elektra shifts her gaze to the dummy then back, adding. "Kind of rough on the equipment, aren't you? What do you call yourself, when you're not wearing the flag?"

USAgent's eyebrows go up slightly at the question. He looks into Elektra's eyes for a long time. Maybe he's trying to think - when is he -not- wearing the flag. Or maybe he's wondering how much to tell her. This team is...different, than any he's ever been on before. "John," he finally replies, apparently having seen enough to make up his mind. "John Walker."

Elektra nods once at his reply, almost a formal gesture. "Elektra Natchios." she replies, although he undoubtedly already knows that much. With that, she settles into a ready stance and begins moving through a kata. It's not based on a single form, but seems to be more of her own, personal melding of styles.

USAgent watches for a few moments, then goes over to his modified practice dummy. He takes a few breaths and then reaches down (bending at the knees, not the back) and wraps his arms around the contraption. Grunting slightly with strain he lifts the entire thing off of the ground and then moves it over to the side of the training area, out of the way. When he comes back, he goes back to watching the kata, seemingly unwilling to do anything to break her concentration.

Elektra is moving smoothly through the routine, many of the forms familiar to him. Quite a few are not, however. The woman moves with the grace of a bird in flight, forms melding together like a spring breeze. And then she strikes like a cobra. Those would be least familiar to John, but the speed and precision could be nerve strikes. Or worse. Her eyes close partway through the exercise, and she doesn't open them again until she finishes.

USAgent seems to appreciate the obvious skill. When she's finished he claps politely. "Not bad," he remarks. "I recognized some of that - but there's just as much I've never seen before. How much time do you spend on these routines a day?"

Elektra eases smoothly to her formal stance again, nodding politely at the applause. "Long enough that I no longer need to think through the moves. I usually practice with weapons." she admits. "But I also tend to be a bit rough on the equipment that way." The small smile returns at that, and she adds. "I would not expect for you to recognize recognize all of it. Many of the moves are for killing."

USAgent raises the bottled water he acquired from somewhere in mock salute. Then he takes a few long drinks. "We all have our specialities," He finally replies, tone dead serious. "But that's not exactly your only one, is it?"

Elektra's breathing has quickened a little and there's a sheen of perspiration that causes t-shirt and shorts to cling. "If all I was good at was killing, then Ares would not have recruited me." she replies simply. "It just happens that when I -do- kill, there's no one better at it than I am."

USAgent nods in agreement. "You could very well be right. The point I was trying to make is that I'm just as impressed by your abilities in stealth and espionage. Spiral's abilities are a little...ah, unreliable at times." Not to mention her attitude, he thinks to himself. "Arachne is more dependable, but she has to rely more on her powers and on opponents who aren't quite for her physical gifts." USAgent glances towards the door, as if to make sure she didn't hear him saying that. "You're probably the one most suited for missions where stealth and subtlety are required."

Spiral comes in from Living Quarters - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan
Spiral has arrived.

Elektra's brows raise a little when he glances towards the door, and her smile becomes almost genuine now. "Perhaps you're right." she replies simply. "But doesn't it bother you, having someone with my *record* on the team? I've read my file, after all. It credits me with some kills simply because they look like my work."

USAgent nods slowly. "It did bother first. But no more than with some of the other characters who took this opportunity. I have to assume that you and the other Thunderbolts with *records* are here because you're ready to put the past behind you. And you're willing to put in the time and effort to prove it." He pauses for just the right amount of time, then smiles grimly. "And it will take time. And effort."

Spiral doesn't ping into existence, instead she simply appears. Maybe she teleported but quietly, maybe she's been there for a while but cloaked - who knows. She smiles a distracted sort of smile, one hand on her chin, while two others brush back her mane of unruly silver hair. "Ah, talking about records?" she asks innocently. Her record is no doubt as black as pitch!

Elektra's smile eases into a more neutral expression at John's last remark, the mask returning. "Since my death, I have stopped trying to prove things to people." she replies. "I am no longer that person. Either you can accept that or you can't." When Spiral appears, she turns her attention to the woman. "Only mine, so far."

USAgent's mood seems to grow a bit more serious as well (even though it was never really 'light'). But then he finally nods, grudgingly. "Fair enough." He turns to Spiral as well, then back to Elektra, calculatingly. "Elektra and I were actually talking about skills, and the thing about records kind of came up. I'm sure Ares has gone over everyone's skill sets already, but I'm of the mind that you can add new skills, when you need to. Or when you want to."

"You mean, update my records?" Spiral asks US Agent. "Okay, sure, maybe I'll do that." she replies, not sounding very sincere. Why in the multiverse would she want to do that, she thinks! "Why do you want me to do that?" she actually wonders aloud, brow furrowing into a frown briefly. And then she glances at Elektra, a faint hint of curiosity flickering across her face. Death, that is not a transformation she is a specialist in.

Elektra turns back to John, giving him a formal nod. "If you have any further questions about my skills, I believe my file is mostly accurate. You can also ask specifics if you wish, but I will not discuss past cases. Whether they were really mine or not." Giving Spiral a nod as well, now, she adds. "Good afternoon." And then she departs the gym a an uncharacteristically normal pace.

USAgent nods crisply to Elektra, then glances at Spiral. "Not updating your records. That's going to happen anyway as per your agreement with the Government. Once you've completed the service required of you," he's quick to add. "I mean learning new skills. If you put the different members of this group together, there's someone or something for every conceivable situation. But that's not always going to be practical, or even possible."

Spiral arches a brow at that. "Learning new skills. I see. Well, I suppose that's always a worthy thing to do." she replies, with some faint interest. If only faint. "Learning from each other, no doubt. I suspect Elektra's martial arts probably isn't very appropriate for someone with six arms." she notes, bitterness creeping into her voice a little.

USAgent flashes a look of impatience. "No..." he affords. "But her skills at throwing weapons, at marksmanship." In quick motion he reaches down to one of the utility-belt style pouches he's taken to wearing, and then produces a throwing star. Just as quickly USAgent makes the weapon disappear again. "Her skills at stealth and some of the more esoteric skills from her background." You can tell he's doing everything he can to avoid words like 'ninja' or 'assassin'. "Those could be very useful given the nature of the operations we're likely to be conducting."

"Hmm, true enough, I suppose. And what do you think you'll be able to learn from me?" Spiral wonders, thinking this is starting to sound better and better. She even chuckles a little. "I suppose I could give people six arms if they really wanted..." she offers, looking faintly crafty for a moment. "No refunds though if the customer is dissatisfied!".
"But I already asked, most already turned down that offer." she adds a little more reluctantly.

USAgent quirks an eyebrows. "Most?" He echoes.

"...I have not asked everybody yet." Spiral replies simply. "You want six arms?" she adds, looking at him directly for a moment.

USAgent flexes one of his arms, almost out of reflex, then seems to remember himself. "That might throw off my timing," he finally manages to reply, trying to keep diplomatic. "And I'd have to change my uniforms. I just got this one made." Then he shakes his head. "But honestly, one of the slots you fill on this team is 'mystic and magic'. Maybe you could give the rest of the team some pointers on how to recognize and overcome effects of that nature."

Spiral blinks at that, and ponders. "I do not think that that sort of thing is something you can really pick up in an evening class." she tells him. "Magic is a very broad subject, and that which I am skilled in personally is rather ... alien, as far as this dimension is concerned anyway. Unlikely to be encountered by a native of this place. I suppose I could teach people about the geography of the multiverse perhaps, or cybernetics... I think I would be a poor teacher though.".

USAgent shakes his head. "Never mind. There's other things the team needs to work on." He smirks slightly. "Besides, not everyone's cut out to be a teacher. Or a student," he adds a moment later.

"No, perhaps not." Spiral replies simply, though with a smirk. "I doubt Elektra, or Arachne, would have any interest in anything I could teach. Aside from dancing, perhaps." she suggests, picking the most mundane skill she has of all. "But most of my dances assume six arms, so not even that most likely. Somehow I doubt anybody in this team would be interested in lessons of that sort anyway, no?".

"That seems like a safe bet," USAgent agrees. Then he tilts his head, looking at Spiral carefully. "Anyway, I've got to do some more thinking on this. One of the things I want is for the team to understand basic undercover work. How to blend into a crowd, and how to keep from drawing attention."

Spiral laughs a little at that, and she holds out her arms. "Really?" she says, voice dripping sarcasm. "How to keep from drawing attention. Hah. Well, I have my invisibility spell at least." she says, bitterness threatening to overcome her it seems as she trembles a little, the taste of bile in her throat.
"I am not human, you may notice.".

USAgent notes the reaction, and the team leader in him decides to change the direction of the conversation slightly. "I did notice. That's one of the reasons you're on this team. You bring a unique set of powers and skills to the group."

"Yes, I'm sure every team needs it's own freak." Spiral spits out, not so easily defused as all that. "Thank you very much for noticing; I'm sure I'll prove very useful to you.". She bristles, and only with difficulty does she seem to make an effort to calm herself, closing her eyes and wrapping four arms around herself for a moment.

USAgent rolls his eyes when Spiral's are closed, but then resumes his facade of impassive leader. "Well..." he waves in an off-hand gesture. "It was just an example. Clearly I need to think some more about this whole idea."

"I suppose so. I'm glad the weight of command has never been upon my shoulders..." Spiral says, with a faint flash of sympathy there for a moment. "I am not the easiest person to work with - but I do have my reasons.". Not that she really plans on confiding with anybody here too much, but meh, whatever. "I was only curious what was going on here, anyway. Now I know, I shall continue on my way.".
And with that she begins her dimensional dance.

USAgent heads over to the other side of the gym for a good hour or two of calisthenics. Ahh, Tuesdays.

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