Three Spiders and Pym

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Hank Pym and Arachne

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09/12/2012 14:30

Medbay - Avenger's Mansion

Pym's experiments escape, it is up to him and Arachne to recapture them.

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==[ Med Bay - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion ]==

This large room is totally white from the ceilings, to the walls, and to the floors. The middle of the room is filled with many medic beds of all sizes and shapes. Each is covered in white sheets with a white pillow. Along the walls, many cabinets, drawers, and tables are found. Located all over are medical equipment of all sorts and of the utmost quality and very advanced for its time. Anything from a stethoscope to a heart monitor is located through out. Several monitoring devices, IV's, medicines, antibiotics, and other such chemicals and the like are also located in different types places. Along the wall handing up, are several containment suits to allow medical attention when exposure to the patient is harmful. Also fire suppression gear as well as climate control is through the medical area. The door is air-locked and can be completely sealed off if the need ever arise and unable to be opened unless from the outside.


Rushing into the medlab with a frown, Hank Pym looks frustrated and a bit scattered at the moment, hurrying his movements. He glances from side to side, looking along the floor, glancing up and down the room in a hurried fashion. Noticing Arachne in the room, he seems surprised and reaches his hand out to caution her as he says, "Oh, I didn't know someone was in here. Don't move," he begins, "They're in here," he tells her cryptically. Moving a bit slower, he eyes a ventilation grate at the opposite wall and moves toward it, "They are using the air ducts to move around," he assures her without looking back at her.

Sitting crosslegged on one of the many beds in the room, Arachne or Julia as she is called when not in the line of duty seems to be concentrating on the laptop sitting in front of her. From the looks of it she was recently in some altercation. She is bandaged and bruised in a few spots but doesn't look to seriously hurt. Looking up as Hank enters the room she glances around "Who is in here?" her confusion is apparent.

Holding out the plastic container for her to observe, Hank Pym looks frustrated some more as he explains, "Some...specially treated spiders," he explains to her, "They reacted a bit differently than predicted," he reports with a purse of his lips. Looking back at the ventilation grate, "They seem drawn to concentrated oxygen for some reason. You haven't noticed anything, have you?" he asks her, looking back at her with concern. He looks at her, looking at the medbed, the computer and the floor below her.

Julia tilts her head at him as he explains and her gaze follows his from bed, computer to floor, "Sorry no. I wasn't exactly paying attention to much of anything when I came in here early this morning and I just woke up about an hour ago." she pushes the the laptop closed "I take it these are the type of specially treated spiders that shouldn't be running loose." like the type that resulted her certain individuals gaining unique spider like abilties.

Hank Pym plops down the plastic vessel onto the medcounter and whips out his electronic thingamagig scanner. He frowns at the reading and glances at the grate again, "Yes, they're by that grate. What? Oh, they are microscopic spiders treated with hydroxyphenyl acetamide. I didn't expect the chemcial to give them added incentive to burrow out of the container. You haven't seen anything, hmm? Well, maybe you can help me anyway."

"If they are microscopic how am I supposed to be able to see them?" its a rhetorical question and Julia swings her legs off the bed and hops off. Since she was her for medical reasons she is obviously in civilian clothing as well as barefoot "Of course Hank. What can I do?

"See them?" Hank Pym asks with confusion, "Oh, well you can't. Not in the usual means anyway," he tells her. "Good. I need your help to spot them, Julia," he tells her as he walks up to her, raising the calculator gadget device in his hand. He zaps them both! With a swirling motion, the world suddenly becomes larger and Pym shrinks both of them to microscopic size. He gazes across the grey floor with the gold grate at the end, "Sorry about that. I need to administer this hydroxyphenyl acetamide inhibitor before the changes become permanent. We should be able to see them now," he says and points toward the grate.

Julia opens her mouth to start to say something, but the sudden swirly, shrinking sensation shuts her up. Funny how being shrunk for the first time will do that to you. "That's alright." she says absently as she turns in a slow circle taking note of how different everything looks when you are tiny. "Pardon?" is asked when she realizes he is still talking, and she turns back to him following with her gaze to where he is pointing "Oh, yes, seeing the spiders." she quickly begins to make her way to the vent grate.

Hank Pym points toward the grate, "The hydroxyphenyl acetamide enabled their burrowing and send them into a frenzy for some reason," he explains. He then starts to hike across the long length of the floor toward the grate in the distance that was so close by before, "It turned them white, so they should be easy to spot," he explains. He glances at her again as if noticing for the first time, "Are you alright...?" he wonders. He glances over her again, as if for the first time.

"Was it supposed to do that? Turn them white?" Julia asks, then clarifies the question. At first she seems to be moving stiffly, but after what is a yard or two relative to thier dimimutive size she is moving with her usual grace, mostly. "I'm fine. I just had a Scorpia issue to deal with early this morning. She left a few marks but I'm sure I can handle catching a few escaped spiders.

Hank Pym gives a nod to Julia, but frowns at the reports about her escapade, not asking further, "I shouldn't say for some reason. I know exactly what happened. It empowered one of their proteins in the alpha position and--" he begins to explain, then chuckles, "Sorry. Just be careful. No doubt they can bite through almost anything," he tells her. He points ahead, "I think I see them. Right?" he asks. The white Spiders are much larger than the shrunken Pym and Julia, like monsters of this micro world.

Julia looks ahead to where he is pointing, "It's a good thing I'm not afraid of spiders." which would be silly really, the woman with the spider powers and codename being afraid of spiders, "Duly noted. I will keep all arms and legs out of thier mouths at all times." she looks at the large spiders, then at Hank and back a few times, "Exactly how are we going to get them back in their containment vessel? I mean I can immobilize them with my webs easy enough, but well..." she spreads her arms out to indicate the large size of the spiders compared to them.

Hank Pym takes a microscopic tool out of his pocket and enlarges it to a large propellent needle, "After I administer the inhibitor, it should be easy enough," he explains to her, "I can place the container over this position if we mark the location and keep them...webbed in place perhaps," he explains to her. He examines her again, then glances at the two spiders, "Can you get their attention? I only have two shots with this," he explains. The two white spiders are gnawing at the gold grate, but turn their heads at Pym and Julia as they come near, as if to indicate that they sense them.

"Does a spider have eight legs?" again another rhetorical question to answer his own. Julia doesn't wait for a response she just dashes forward, sprinting rapidly toward one of the large arachnids. She knows full well they can feel her coming toward them through the vibrations her pounding feet cause as they strike the floor. When she is several feet away she leaps through the air, arm out, fingers extended, a large net of psychic webbing flying outward toward one as she twists then flips through the air to land in a crouch on the abdomen of the other.

Both of the large spiders draw away from their gnawing fun and eye Julia both at once. One of them is webbed and looks abnormally frustrated at Julia's webbing. He whips his head back and forth. The other twists like a dog and tries to jab at Julia with its huge pincers. Hank smiles in appreciation for her athleticism and steps forward, whapping some purple goo onto the underside of the first webbed spider. It only enrages him further and Hank has to duck for cover, "Dang it! Whoa!" he lets out as he narrowly avoids the swipe.

Like her codenamesake Julia can cling to just about anything and the back of a spider is no different. As the creature twists around to try to jab at her she scurries sideways another line of webbing materlizes in her hand which she slams onto the pincer that nearly impaled her arm. The webbing is quite sticky, it has to be if she is going to be swinging around buildings with it, and will adhere to the pincer easily enough. She then jumps from the spider to the grate below. Once down she ties/adheres the web line to the grate and it (the web line) quickly starts to shrink so that the spider's head or what passes for one is secured to the vent.

Diving away from the first spider's lurches, Hank Pym curses his luck, "Dang it anyway," he says as he watches the spider pull against the webbing. He sticks the second with the goo just after Julia webs it too and smiles, "Ha! Gotcha!" he lets out, but the spider struggles to free itself from the webbing. It hits Hank with its large backside as it swings back and forth. Pym flops over onto his back, like a football player hit square in the midsection. He groans, " out..." he says dizzily.

Julia ducks at the warning, narrowly avoiding having the same thing happen to her. Darting out from under the spider toward Hank she leans over and grabs a handful of his coat/shirt, whichever, and drags him to a safer distance before one of the spider legs can come down on him hard enough to impale "How long does it take for that stuff to start working?" she stops at a what she hopes is a safe distance when she asks, her gaze remains on the spiders.

"Immediately," Hank Pym groans out as he sits up after Julia drags him by the labcoat. He grabs her arm and stands up, then takes his calculator out of his pocket. ZAP! Pym and Julia start to enlarge and the world around them returns to normal size. Putting a hand to his forehead, Pym pauses a moment before grabbing the plastic container and whapping it down onto the spot where they once were, "Are you alright...?" he asks.

Grapping the nearest piece of furniture as the sudden growth catches her off balance, Julia staggers, but keeps on her feet, thanks to the nearby chair "I'm good. You?" she wasn't the one that had the wind knock out of her by a spider backside, or whatever that part is called. Eyeing the container dubiously "It will hold them now?

Hank Pym picks up the container and looks it over, then glances at Julia, "Yes. It seals automatically," he says and lowers it to his side. He smiles, rubbing his side as he says, "Sorry for interrupting your day, Julia. How about some boring coffee next time?" he asks amusedly.

Julia waves off the apology, "Just about anything is better then writing up incident reports." which is probably what she was doing when he came in. Nodding at the coffee suggestion she grins "Obviously you haven't been to the coffee shop around the corner." taking her laptop she begins to head out "See you later Hank." she offers with a parting wave as the doors part and she exits.

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