This Looks Like a Job for Damage Control

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Jennifer Kale and Topaz

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Voodoo Lounge

Topaz visits the closed up Voodoo Lounge with Jennifer.

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In September 2010 the Voodoo Lounge closed its doors. With its owner MIA there was no one around to properly run the place, and do all those things that owners do, so the staff closed its doors and moved on. Shortly after the city listed it as abandoned property and a For Sale sign has hung on its door since.

Being empty for nearly three years takes its toll. Despite being locked up squatters and vandals have managed to loot the place. There are still a few tables, chairs and barstools laying around layered in dust and the plants hanging from the ceiling have long since died.

Walking down the stairs into the main bar, Topaz frowns as she looks around at what was not only her home, but also her revenue stream. Rubbing her nose at the dust she stirs from walking across to the once pristine wooden bar, she restrains a sneeze. The electricity has been shut off a long time so she casts a simple light spell to illuminate the large room, bringing to light the graffiti tags covering every available surface "Alright, this is going to take a lot more work than I expected.

"Wow." Jennifer's dressed to work. Which means jeans, a crop top t-shirt that barely covers her decently, and a backwards baseball cap. Oh, and a pair of shit kicking boots. Perfect for this sort of thing. "Good thing we have magic, girlfriend, because I am not scrubbing whatever THAT is off the wall." She points to some sort of mold growing on the far wall, "Shards and spit, Topaz, at least tell me the Book is safe?"

Having come prepared Topaz takes out a box of colorful chalk as she wanders around. She makes a distasteful face as the mold is pointed out "Indeed. I think I will do a bit of a decor change in the process." she runs a hand down a section of the bar that is still intact, "It is, the basement was left pretty much untouched." most of the magic that the building was imbued with is long gone, but some of the wards around the door to the basement are still intact, though are growing week. It would be easily recognized as a type of 'keep out' spell "The wards will have to be either replaced or strengthened.

"With two of us, that shouldn't be a problem. Three, if Miss Demoness gets off her ass and bothers to show up." Jennifer steps into the center of the room and inhales deeply, then snaps her fingers. A ball of floating flame appears, hovering over her hand. The walls begin to steam as all the moisture in the room is sucked toward the fire. "I grew up in a swamp. One of the first spells I learned was how to get rid of too much moisture in the house."

Feeling the surge of magic Topaz isn't to surprised when the fire ignites "Mold and mildew solved." she pulls a piece of chalk out and moves to the wall to the north. On it she begins to draw a set of magical ruins. One for purification, another for protection, and so forth. Once done with those she will move in a clockwise direction and repeat the same ruins on the other walls.

"Some of what we'll need will be old fashioned work. No magic. We'll need to rip out all the drywall and replace it. Then put up new paneling." Jennifer points out. She hops up onto the bar and watches as Topaz works on her runes. "New floor probably, too. We should put in wifi for all the technowizes out there."

"That means hiring a construction crew." Topaz frowns, she doesn't know how to do any of that stuff and while she does have some money stashed away, she isn't sure if it will be enough. "Wifi has been suggested to me before. Never got around to it. Guess now is a good time to go ahead and do it." once all the sigils are drawn she returns to her starting point and touches each of the ruins, imbuing each with magic, that flare to life briefly, before they fade from view. They can't be seen, but they can be easily felt by those with the sense for magic. "Do you know anyone that does that type of work?

Jennifer leans back to glance behind the bar and then sighs. She draws a finger in a straight line, vertically, in the air before her, splitting open a glowing rift. Jennifer reaches inside and snags not one but two ice cold micro-brews. One she tosses to Topaz. "I don't. My guess is Damian would, though. They'd likely be demon contractors but, hey, they can't be any worse than teamsters."

Topaz's nostrils flare, and it isn't from all the dust being stirred about. Her distaste for demons is known and understandable considering her experience with them "No demons. They will just go back and try to increase their position in whatever level of Hell they reside by giving up my secrets." she pops open the beer and takes a long pull of it to wash both the dust and distaste from her mouth.

Jennifer taps the cap of her bottle and it vanishes. Then she takes a swallow of beer. "Then we do what normal people do. We hire Damage Control to do it. They'll probably know how to work with the whole magic angle. It'll be a bit more expensive but I have some back pay coming from when the Initiative almost killed me to help pay for it."

She makes a hmming noise as she takes another swig of her beer. Topaz has lived in New York long enough to know about Damage Control and to have seen the quality and speed of her work, "This doesn't seem to be their type of work, but they at least would be able to integrate the magic into their work." she shakes her head at the offer though "I couldn't take your money, not for this." she ponders as she moves to the sink behind the bar and turns the tap. The power may be off but the water is still on, though it comes out all rusty looking at first, though that clears up after running for a bit "Unless you wanted to do so as an investor.

"Let's see. I have no place to live except here. I'm going to spend most of my time here. Some sort of mystic threat will manifest and I'll end up coming to you for help... why would I ever want to invest in this place?" Jennifer smirks and then says, "I'm tired of it. First I embraced it. Then I tried to fight it. Then I actually tried to be a superhero... I just want to be me. And I want to do it here."

That Topaz can understand, the need and desire to be yourself and for a little bit of normalcy, "That's why I opened the bar in the first place." she glances up as if she were looking through the ceiling "We are going to have to expand the studio upstairs..." her gaze comes back down as she grabs a dusty glass, one that managed to survive three years of the abuse the place went through and fills it with water "Or just make it bigger on the inside." she grabs one of the chairs and begins to water the dead plants "I don't have the energies to fuel that type of spell, but with the two of us we could probably do it."

Jennifer wrinkles her nose. "Possible." She says. "It would be better if we had something to work with. Creating a pocket dimension to store beer in is one thing. Creating a bigger on the inside than the outside apartment is entirely different. We'll need to do some research."

You say, "e It's going to take at least a month for my liquer license to go through, and probably that long to get this place to the point where it will pass a health inspection." as she waters each plant she breathes lightly on it, feeding each plant a bit of life energy, not enough to make it go full blown green and alive again, but enough for a spark of life to return and its roots to start producing new shoots "Let's hope that the upstairs apartment isn't in as bad condition as this." once the plants are dealt with she will dare to explore upstairs."

Jennifer glances upwards, towards the ceiling. She passes her hand across her face and those baby blues of her's begin to glow. "You are not going to like what you see. Unless you like pigeons. Lots and lots and lots of pigeons." She shudders. "Maybe I'll summon a mongoose or something."

A string of Urdu (her native tongue) words can be heard coming from upstairs, from the tone it can be assumed she is swearing. A rare occurrence for one such as her. "There is a whole colony of them. And all the windows are broken. But at least is isn't bats, they are harder to clean up after. I guess we will be living in an apartment until the living area can be fixed up as well.

Jennifer climbs the stairs up to the second level. "Yeah, this is going to require a professional." She sighs. "We'll get some place that lets us rent by the month. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. If the landlord hassles us, we can always whammy him."

"Finding a month to month won't be easy, and probably won't be in a good part of town. Though its only for a short while and I think we can handle any one that causes trouble for us while we live there." she moves back over to the bar, uprighting the one unbroken stool and sitting as she finishes her beer.

"I think the last thing you and I need to worry about is a rough neighborhood." Jennifer points out. "We'd have more to worry about if some idiot broke in and read one of our spell books." She finishes her own beer. The bottle gets tossed right back into the pocket dimension.

"All of my magic paraphernalia is still at Mas..." Topaz stops and corrects herself, "Doctor Strange's house." he is not her teacher anymore so she will have to get used to not calling him Master anymore "I have a workroom downstairs, that should be our first priority after making arrangements for Damage Control to come deal with all this." she waves a hand around. "The sooner we get your book under some heavier protection the better.

Jennifer nods, frowning. "Right. I wish I could toss THAT into the pocket dimension but its too easy for some dimension tunneler to get in there. Better it stays on this plane of existence. We'll set up new wards. Keep it out of everyone's hands. Bad guys AND Strange." She hasn't forgotten the Sorcerer Supreme tried to steal it from her.

Topaz nods in agreement that tossing it a pocket dimension would be a bad idea "Guess I should go downstairs and see what we have to deal with there." she slides of the barstool and makes her way downstairs. It's even darker downstairs, so she conjures up more light. The downstairs is much better than upstairs. A few empty crates and broken bottles, the heavy curtain is in a pile on the floor and looks like it houses a large family of rats, but overall its in much better condition than the rest of the place.

Jennifer sniffs as she walks downstairs. "Smells like an aversion ward. Subtle. Very clever, girlfriend." She hip checks Topaz and then walks past. Twisting her fingers in unnatural ways that would make any yoga aficionado green with envy, Jennifer unsets the wards so she may pick up her family heirloom. "Here we are. Safe, sound, and unopened."

"You mean besides the rat urine smell." Topaz wrinkles her nose as she crosses the basement area. It's easy to tell where the curtain once hung, not only by the hardware on the wall, but also because the opposite side of the basement floor is green tile and not just cement like the first part you come into. "I had other wards as well, but a lot were broken by Dormammu when he abducted me. Strange may have augmented that one to keep people out until my belongings were secured.

"Well, thank you Doctor Strange." Jennifer mutters. She sighs and then turns to Topaz. "I'm sorry. I should have been there to rescue you but..." She shakes her head. "Sounds like we both had problems with Dormammu. At least you were smart enough not to accept his offer of power when the chips were down."

She lifts a shoulder "It's in the past, and you had less reason to be there than others that should have been and weren't." they hardly knew each other at that point, if they even knew each other at all. That said she gets back to the business at hand "Looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us. Let's get to it."

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