Thinking of then, Thinking of now

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Then and Now

Black Widow, The Vision

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Gallery, Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, NYC

The Vision and Black Widow speak about past teams and current affairs.

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The Vision stands alone within the gallery of the Mansion. The 'L' shaped corridor boasts a wide array of different pictures. Most of the pictures are different iterations of the team. Vizh stands there in a wide stance with his hands clasped behind his back and under his cape. The Synthezoid quietly observes one of the earliest iterations of the team that he was a part of; Back when he had more color in his appearance than white.

Black Widow had come walking by and notices Vision staring at a picture of him and the rest of the team in the earlier days "Thinking of the past Vision?"

"Hmmm." Is Vizh's response to Black Widow. He doesn't look at her at first, but he eventually turns his head to regard Black Widow. He then grunts again, "Hmmm? Oh. Hello, Black Widow. Ah, no-" He turns his head to look back at the picture, "-not so much the past, really. I am contemplating on the Avengers to be honest."

Black Widow looks up the picture and says to him "Ah yes, the past few days have led me to think about the Avengers as well, and perhaps other as well. What thoughts are you contemplating?"

The Vision purses his lips at the question she poses to him. He's quiet for a few moments more before shrugging and answering, "What the Avengers are, what the Avengers do... what the Avengers mean." A pause before adding, "The team's fluid and dynamic roster." He looks over to Black Widow, "The team endures many challenges both external and internal."

Black Widow nods "Yes the people may come and they may go, but the Avengers stay eternal against all challengers, though sometimes the challengers are handled with different degrees of successes."

The Vision hmms thoughtfully on that for a second or three. He turns from the wall and faces Black Widow. He unclasps his hands from behind his back and crosses his arms over his chest, "Undeniable; That." He changes topics a few seconds after his last words were uttered, "How are you doing with that MGH investigation?"

Black Widow says "Unfortunately, a few of leads I was pursuing were destroyed in the attack, but I have had some slight setbacks, but I gained some new ones, so I continue on." Of course she doesn't mention whether the leads were people or things nor does she show that she was concerned if they were people.

The Synthetic Avenger nods in response, "Yes; That whole ordeal was most unfortunate. The loss of life; The damage; Everything." He purses his lips again and glances slightly down to one side. He asks as he raises his gaze back up, "Do you still require my expertise on anything concerning it?"

Black Widow nods "Yes I would, I imagine Dr.Johnson has not abandoned his vices so easily, even if his employer is taking care of them, so I would need to see if still frequent the online gambling sites or pornographic sites he did before."

The Vision nods stiffly, "Than I can be of some assistance. I can attempt to monitor such websites. I can deduce and track his IP address and attempt to locate where he is logging in from." He tilts his head slightly to one side, "Is that along the lines of what you may want me to do to help?"

Black Widow nods again "Yes that is what I wish, while I am imagine his employers will have things in place to prevent his IP from being traced easily, it will still give a general idea on where to start to look for him."

The Vision nods again, "I am certain that between my abilities and our computer systems I can overcome any challenge that his employers put into place." There is a slight uptick at the corners of his mouth. He says, "I will get to work on that soon." His head turns and he looks back towards the picture he was staring at earlier, "The sooner we get an idea of where he's hiding, the sooner we can end this supply of the compound."

Black Widow nods "Well we not end it totally discourage all of them, but finding him and whoever is backing him will send a message about the low tolerance we have for the production of the compound, even if Carol is succesful and gets them on to go on trial."

The Vision looks back to the picture and then allows his gaze to drift to a different iteration of the team. He says as he looks at the pictures, "I do what I can and make a report to all of the Avengers with my findings. After that, we can organize an operation to confront our person of interest." He pauses and comments, "You know we may need to change where our gallery is in the mansion if our roster keeps altering." He's referring to the Ares situation and Sif.

Black Widow nods "Indeed, we would have to talk to Tony about enlarging it, perhaps adding a second section, which would be something Tony could pay for with money found in his couch." and that was her attempt at humor, obviously that is something she doesn't have much training in. "So tell Vision, what is your feeling on the situation with Ares?"

Vizh turns away from the pictures and looks at Natasha once again, "My feeling? I have no feeling towards the situation. My opinion, though? I have one of those... which I believe is what you were trying to encourage me to express." He turns his whole body, once again, to face Black Widow. He shrugs his shoulders, "I believe more time and thought need to be considered concerning Ares. Right now, feelings are volatile right now. 'Cooler Heads', as I have heard them called, are hard to come by this soon after the crisis." He allows a small frown to form on his inhuman visage, "Ares did what he did for a reason. I am certain that is was the course of action he felt best in taking. Was it a mistake? Hindsight is incredibly accurate, after all."

Black Widow listens to Vizh "Yeah I meant your opinion, but I know Ares for a while and know what he thought we has doing was right, but I also understand people don't like it when Immortals play their games with people's lives and especially those lives are lost."

The Synthezoid nods at Black Widow, "Indeed; I will not pretend to understand the subtle nuances of Gods and their politics. It is a game Ares has had to play for longer than we can fathom." The Ghostly Avenger states, "Furthermore, after hearing his side of the story today I am..." he pauses and glances off to the side, "... that is to say, it is unfortunate that the situation has devolved the way it has." he shrugs and looks back to Black Widow.

Black Widow look questioningly at Vision "Heard his side of the story today? When was that?"

The Vision nods to acknowledge what she says, "Yes; We heard his side of the story." He pauses before elaborating, "We being myself, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel. Sif invited us to hers and Thor's residence in the Hamptons. She spoke to us requesting assistance concerning Ares. Ares arrived and proceeded to tell his side of what happened. His thinking and his motivations."

Black Widow nods as she listens, and makes a mental note to speak to Carol later "So perhaps you could inform me on what I missed then, because I would most interested in hearing what had happened."

Vizh shakes his head at Black Widow, "I can inform you, but my information will be lacking. I am still processing what was said. Suffice it to say, Ares explained that he was compelled into a line of action that resulted in crisis that occurred in Manhatten. Politics and intrigue among the Olympians that started several years ago and came to a head this past week. It was certainly a story that finds Ares in an unenviable position, to say the least." He pauses and gestures to Widow with a nod, "However, were I you, I would speak with Ms. Marvel about it. I should not say any more for fear of coloring your opinion on the decision we have to make towards Ares."

Black Widow listens to Vizh before speaking "Don't worry I will speaking to her soon, but don't worry anything you say would not color my opinion, and in fact I rather work off as many things as possible before I make a judgement, so you may continue."

Vizh purses his lips and is hesitant. He concedes and says, "As I said, I am still processing what I heard." He shrugs a shoulder and continues, "Years ago Ares was put in the middle of a conflict between his father, Zeus, and Zeus's brother Hades. Ares was used as a pawn by his father to gain more power at the expense of Hades." The Vision waves a hand as he speaks, "Apparently Ares sought to end his father's slow accumulation of power by taking himself out of the equation. This came to a boil in the event that tragically occurred in Manhattan." He shakes his head, "You will have to inquire with Carol in order to get more. I wish to continue processing the data to better understand things myself."

Black Widow nods "I understand and I thank you Vision for informing me. I will be speaking Carol soon, obviously we have things we must discuss." She has witheld information before, but always for good reason, as she hopes Carol has the same.

The Vision looks off to the side briefly before stating, "Hmmm. I have a project I should begin working on, Natasha. I think I should work on some worms and other tracking programs for my research on the MGH situation." He gestures up towards the ceiling to indicate he's heading to his room, "I should be going to begin on that."

Black Widow nods "If you wish, it was very nice speaking to Vision, it was very informative."

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