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Night Thrasher, Lyra, Gogo

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05/05/13 12:00

SoHo, New York City, USA

Night Thrasher, Gogo and Lyra run afoul of the Serpent Society; Two members of which ransacked an art studio in SoHo.

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The weekend in SoHo is active enough. A couple of the art studios are open for business today, but many remain closed to visitors. This gives those working those studios a reprieve from the public and an opportunity to assess the coming weeks. One of the closed studios, on the top-floor penthouse of an old upholstered-goods manufacturing plant is the site of activity this early afternoon in the Big Apple.

While everyone is off fulfilling their church obligations or their New York Yankees or Mets obligations, the Big Apple's boys (And girls) in blue get some calls from the neighbors. A low flying helicopter had careened into the neighborhood and landed on the rooftop above the art studio. Neighbors heard loud noises and even crashes on top and inside that section of the building.

Everyone says that driving in New York City is insane. Just take a taxi they say. But Annie likes her truck, and besides, it has a police scanner, which comes in handy. So she's cruising when she gets in all that chatter about the downed helicopter, and while she isn't terribly close, she isn't terribly far away either. So she parks her beat up truck and hops out. Then she's off the races, leaping and bounding along between the buildings, then as she gets to the area, she makes her way up onto a roof and the headlong rush continues, this time from rooftop to rooftop. She's been getting better at this lately, so she's even faster up here and soon comes upon the scene in question, dressed in jeans, flannel shirt, and beatup cowboy hat. Of course, she's giant and orange, so it might not be a disguise.

The Helicopter sits atop the building, having found sufficient room to land comfortably on a flat surface away from HVAC units and electrical relays. The rotary equipment on top of the vehicle slowly rotates as the engines of the aerial vehicle appear to remain on. No one is visible inside the VTOL, but there are several spots on the vehicle that could obscure view. On the tail of the vehicle is a symbol; a stylized open-mouthed snake or serpent. A roof access door has been pried open and the door, itself, is left hanging half on one of its aging hinges.

Across the alleyway on the neighboring roof is Night Thrasher. The Founder of the New Warriors sits in a crouched position. One hand helping to maintain his balance on the edge of the rooftop and the other hand raised up to his helmet. The Vigilante sweeps his gaze across the rooftop and the helicopter.

Annie stops on the building across the way for a look, then when she spots Night Thrasher she bounds across the gap and her cowboy boots crunch rooftop gravel as she slides to a stop not too far away from the hero. "Where are the passengers? Is this some sort of rooftop raid?" She walks over to the access door, "You got their keys? This is probably the escape route if they are robbing It's an art gallery downstairs?" While she looks, she peels off her shirt, revealing her Gogo top beneath it. The boots are stepped out of at the same time.

A couple of more taps are made against the side of Thrasher's helmet. Some clicks like a picture from a cellphone camera is being taken. Thrasher is not startled by the arrival of Annie, since he heard her coming a while ago; She's not exactly the stealthiest individual. When she addresses the Warrior, he turns his head briefly to regard her. Thrasher says, "Computer's telling me that's a Serpent Society logo. I'm not picking up any heat signatures... but the Copter's hot, so it's masking anything inside from me. Picking up something a couple of levels down." He stands out of his crouched position, "Who are you?" He asks her before looking back to the roof.

"I'm Annie Ritter, but you can call me..." She gives a dramatic butt wiggle and drags her pants off, revealing her two piece heroing ensemble/underwear. "Gogo. I'm sort of a hero. You're Night Thrasher. I've heard of you, but never met you. Obviously. I'm bullet proof, strong, that sort of thing. So, I'll go in first and soak up bullets, and you figure stuff out, because you are the Brainiac sort. Leader of...Leader of..." She screws up her alien orange face, trying to remember his team. "The night The The Outsiders?"

"New Warriors." Thrasher corrects the Tangerine Titan, "-And good to meet you, Gogo." He gestures towards the door of the roof access, "Clearly they entered through there." He drops back down into a three-point crouch. He says to Annie, "Can you squeeze through there?" The access door is a standard-sized door for a standard five-foot, eight-inch sized individual. Night Thrasher reaches over his shoulder, opens a small compartment on his backpack assembly and pulls out a few objects. He says, "If you can; Try to get inside. I'm heading for the Chopper." There's a whine of machinery as hydraulics activate and send the New Warrior leaping into the air. The hydraulic-assisted jump propels him over to the building the helicopter landed on.

Squeezing her way through doors not built for her size is nothing new. She's done it before, and other than a wardrobe malfunction there's not much risk to it. "I got it. Yeah. New Warriors. Duh. Sorry." Gogo heads in, and as she does so she calls back, "Nice!" She's not at her bigger size at the moment, so it's not going to be a case of having to be hunched over all the time at least. She heads in to see what's going on down below while Thrasher works the copter over. He's probably going to steal the keys.

A couple of police cruisers have arrived around the building at street level. Some individuals have gathered below and the police attempt to create a perimeter. Some men and women below all bellow at once to try and be helpful for the cops, "The weird helicopter landed on top! It hasn't left, there's no helipad here! Then there were crashing sounds. I think there might be a fight!" Statements and declarations of that like bombard the cops who are trying to get a handle on the situation.

On the rooftops, Gogo and Night Thrasher get to work. Gogo squeezed her way through a roof access door that had clearly been almost ripped from its hinges and hung by at least one stubborn, old hinge. Thrasher has made his way towards the still active helicopter that managed to land in a big enough spot on the roof. The Copter isn't a standard model and has a stylized snake emblem emblazoned on the tail.

After Gogo has squeezed through the door, she won't go far. A few feet away from her a couple of startled men stop in their tracks by the arrival of the Tangerine Titan. One man is smaller and shorter than the other, but both are wearing reptilian themed attire. The smaller one is ahead of the bigger one and it is he that speaks, "Rattler! Clear a path for us, we're compromised!" The big one, presumably Rattler nods, "You got it, Rock Python!" There's a clatter of something dropping to the ground behind Rattler and suddenly a large appendage snakes around him and jabs forward through the corridor towards Gogo; Rattler's large tail.

Thrasher reaches the Copter, places a hand against the tail and leaves a small tracking device stuck to it. He reaches the opening of the vehicle and cautiously jumps into it. Carefully the Founder of the New Warriors looks around the vehicle to make sure it's unoccupied.

Lyra was passing by not far talking to some officers when she heard things come over the radio thanks to her good hearing. She has made her way there, and at least is on ground level outside at the moment. She is trying to figure out where the helicopter is.

Trusting in her toughness, though with just a bit of her thought being diverted to why the guy is called Rattler, Gogo steps forward, trying to take the shot from the tail in order to grab it. "This looks like a convenient handle!" she proclaims as she makes for the grab with her own pythons. Serpent Society? She's wrestled against several of this brood before. All of them are witches, but with a 'b'.

For Lyra's sake, a couple of people gathered at the police line are looking up to the rooftop of a short, four-story tall converted form clothing factory. This building was converted into living and work space decades ago during the gentrification of this area. The top floor is an art studio and gallery. People are pointing up to the rooftop at every shadow that is cast thinking that there is action going on. A good guess can be ventured that the helicopter is on top of this building.

Night Thrasher continues to look around the insides of the copter. After a glance towards the back and then a look in the pilot's cabin, Thrasher determines he's alone. He hops into the pilot's seat and starts manipulating controls.

The big member of the Serpent Society referred to as Rattler looks strong, but, he's not on Gogo's level. The Rattler's tail, a tail very much like Scorpion's tail, can hit a normal person like a thick tree branch. But Gogo is probably unphased. Rattler grits his teeth as he tries to pull his tail back out of Gogo's grasp. He calls out, "Rock Python; She's a strong one!" Rock Python grunts, "I'll take care of her. Grab the goods." Rock Python, the smaller of the two, charges down the corridor at her, lowers his shoulder and attempts to shoulder check the much bigger woman. Rock Python, Gogo will find, hits hard but isn't any stronger than Rattler.

Lyra looks around a bit and then decides the roof is where she needs to go and decides that she needs to leap up there so that is just what she does. She prepares herself and then leaps towards the roof.

Gogo is punched back by the tail, but manages to keep her grip on it. Before she can take advantage of that hold, Rock Python takes advantage of it himself, catching her when her hands are busy. She's had a lot of practice getting plowed into by strong people since she's gone to unlimited wrestling, and it doesn't make her let go either. She is like a terrier with a favorite chew toy. A big orange terrier without a nose, so...maybe more like a bulldog. Like that proverbial dog when someone tugs on a toy, she tugs back, and shake. She gives Rattler a rattlin, trying to shake him from one side of the corridor to the other, specifically the Rock Python side. "Seriously, did you guys sit around at the Serpent Society and take dares on who would use the worst villain name?"

And Lyra will learn that it was a good choice to leap up to the rooftop. As Lyra leaps, some of the folks down below with the cops point and wow at the show of physical prowess from the heroine. When she lands on the rooftop, she'll immediately spot the helicoptor with Night Thrasher visible through the pilot's viewport.

As Thrasher works the controls of the helicoptor, he looks up through the viewport and spots Lyra. The Vigilante quirks the corner of his mouth as he finds humor in the arrival of another big, strong hero. Whoever is inside this art gallery is in for a rude surprise if they can get past the Tangerine Titan inside.

Through the roof access door, Lyra and probably Thrasher can hear Gogo going to work on the Serpent Society. There's a loud thud as Rattler is swung into the wall of the corridor. Rock Python ducks and weaves around the attempted use of Rattler as a weapon. He dives to the ground and slides towards the doorway leading to the roof. He sits up, pulls out a little sphere he calls a 'snake egg' and throws it at Gogo. It explodes at Gogo's feet and thick wires whip and whirl out from the explosion. The wires mean to wrap around the Tangerine Titan's legs to trip and entangle her.

Lyra nods to Thrasher as she sees him and then heads for the access door. She hears sounds and just by the sounds she doesn't know if the good guys are winning or losing. She flexes a little and then down she goes, entering the calm of her meditative combat trance.

Gogo shifts her grip, tucking Rattler's tail under her arm as she reaches out to try and snag Rock Python in passing. Her enormous fingertips rake up a trio of furrows along the plastered walls. One, two, three strikes in one swing. The batter is retired, and gets egged by the crowd in the process. Except this egg doesn't stink, it tries to entangle her. Well, she's got a quick response to that attempt. She releases the beast! She was big before, but cuddly small big. Sorta. With a release of inner flood gates, her body expands quickly. Nine feet tall and massively wide, she gets wrapped up while trying to get both hands on Rattler again, before he wiggles free in her distraction.

Upon going through the door, Lyra doesn't even need to step further into the corridor to see what has unfolded. Upon entering, right at her feet she will see the Serpent Society member known as Rock Python laying on his back after having thrown his entangling weapon at Gogo. The shadow cast over the Serpent Society member prompts the smaller of the two Serpents to look up at Lyra. Lucky for Rocky his eyes are obscured by the snake-themed helmet he wears. He does vocalize his feelings, "Crap." Rattler continues to struggle against Gogo. When Gogo is distracted by Rocky's weapon, Rattler yanks his tail free. The tail detracts back towards the bigger Serpent. He calls out to Rocky, "Rock; This is going south! Boss'll be pissed!" He looks over his shoulder to whatever he had dropped further in the corridor, then looks back ahead of him. He calls out, "Rock; Cover your ears. We gotta make a run for it!" As he calls out to his teammate, Rattler's tail starts to vibrate back and forth. A high-pitched rattling noise radiates from the serpent's bionic tail. A wave of vibratory force cuts a disorienting swath down the corridor meant to give the orange and green ladies a sense of vertigo and possibly create a path for the duo to escape to the roof.

Lyra isn't that easier to distract and smiles, "Well I don't think you belong here." she says looking down at Rock Python and reaches to grab him even as that vibration starts. She looks that way with a bit of confusion not sure if its really going to do much, its something she hasn't had any experience with.

A big hand reaches out to steady Gogo, but the wall wasn't made for blind grabs from her at any size, must less her current jumbo package. She rips out a section of the wall as the world starts shaking and she loses her balance. She falls into the section of wall she just tore out, and there is suddenly a bigger whole. "I had to be a smart a-a-a-ass-ss-s and make f-f-fun of your damn name." she says, holding her hands to her ears.

The high-pitched vibrations Rattler's putting out reaches even the shielded ears of Night Thrasher inside the helicopter. Briefly disoriented and confused by the sensation, Thrasher sucks it up, finishes with the controls of the copter and then raises his fist in front of him. With a squeeze of his hand, a foot-long blade extends from the armored gauntlet. That blade is then jammed into the pilot's console. The sound of metal scraping metal is made as Thrasher pulls the blade out of the console. He turns and leaves the vehicle.

Rock Python twists over onto his stomach at the warning from Rattler. He covers his ears and the wave of vibration washes over him and the corridor. Luckily for the Serpent society those that wear cowls and helmets have something to mitigate most of the effects of Rattler's vibratory device. Rocky was expecting the nausea and vertigo to do more to the Green Heroine, so he's surprised when he's grabbed by her.

The vibration stops when Gogo is sent off balance. The tail retracts behind him and wraps around what Rattler was carrying earlier. One can spot that it's a small wooden palette and presumably something from the gallery. With the palette in tow, Rattler charges forward towards the door with Lyra in front of it. The bigger member of the Serpent Society lowers his shoulder and attempts to plow through Lyra.

Lyra didn't make it through it as much as she might have thought. She starts to get disoriented just before the sound cuts off. She blinks a bit and has a moment of vertigo, probably dropping Python if he struggles at all. This is going to leave her a bit open to getting tackled.

Annie remembers her plan to escape the entangling wires while she's having bricks fall and smack her in the face. Bricks smashing in the face is good for jarring thoughts loose apparently. The plan was to suddenly shrink back down to her smaller size, so that's what she does. Which is not as pleasant of an experience as growth, but it does create slack, and she scrambles through the hole and out of the corridor, freeing herself. She then turns and pokes her head back in right as Rattler and Lyra look ready to crash into each other.

Rock Python is dropped. The smaller of the two serpents tries to struggle but Lyra's strength outclasses his own. When he's dropped, he scurries across the ground to get around Lyra to make a break for the door to the roof. As he makes his way to escape, he reaches into some place on his suit to produce another of his snake eggs. Rattler continues charging up the corridor and means to plow right into Lyra, in an effort to check her to the wall and clear a path to escape to the roof. The Serpent Society knows their helicopter is awaiting them outside. If only they can get to it.

Lyra has time to brace herself for the charge but it might not be fast enough. She moves but not all that far and its like ramming into a brick wall. The brick will give but it hurts like hell. She turns as it still will let Rattler stumble past her.

Gogo waits, letting them get outside. She knows Night Thrasher is out there, and was doing something to that helicopter. She trusts the leader of the New Warriors to have something up his sleeve, besides, she doesn't want to smash up the interior of this building anymore. So she waits for the villains to clear out, then charges after them. "Hey there green girl! I saw you at that concert!"

The two Serpents get through! They are free and clear, though, Rock Python's in better shape than Rattler. Rattler slammed into the Green Heroine and will regret doing so in about five minutes when his brain unscrambles. Miraculously for the Serpents, Rattler still has the palette held in the coils of his bionic tail. Once through the door, Rattler drops down onto all fours as the stun of slamming into Lyra is kicking in. Rock Python is up on his feet now with a snake egg in his hand. He calls out to Rattler, "Get up! This is our chance!" He hurls the egg towards the opened doorway. It explodes in midair and sends a wirey bola flying through the air threatening to entangle the Gamma-powered hero.

Thrasher has, by now, exited the vehicle. He is standing out there in the middle of the rooftop. In one hand he has his pair of escrima clutched. In his other hand he's squeezed his hand into a fist, clutching a small strand of wire with tiny pellets dotting the wire. Thrasher starts to twirl the wire in that hand. It may be apparent that the Serpents don't notice Thrasher's presence. With the two powerhouses they just temporarily escaped inside... they have reason to be distracted and focused on them.

Lyra had turned to try to move after Rattler so doesn't see the bola coming though it probably isn't going to take her out for long, it does tangle her up, "Oh you are going to pay for that." she cries out and then hears the voice, "Yeah was a nice concert, wanted to chat but had to run, we should do lunch." the way she talks its like this pair really isn't much of an effort.

Gogo stops to pull the bolas off of Lyra. A lot easier to remove them from someone else than from yourself she figures, plus, the badguys are heading right towards Night Thrasher. He's undoubtedly got some crafty plan. He's that type. So for the moment, she goes with the flow. It's not like she can't smash the helicopter if the guys actually get into it and get into the air.
Gogo says, "I'm Annie. I love your skin color." Yep, strange conversation in the middle of a fight, "Green is my favorite."

Rattler shakes his head to try and clear the little birds away from circling over his head. The birds are briefly replaced by stars that orbit his head. Moments later there's no metaphor left to describe his being dazed and confused as his mind clear enough for him to regain his senses. Rattler gets up, draws the pallet closer and takes a step toward the Copter. He's given pause by the presence of Night Thrasher. Rattler grumbles, "Rock; There's more of 'em." Rock Python turns after seeing his snake egg 'succeed' against Lyra. The wires are a high-tensile steel alloy so it would be nothing for Lyra to flex and break through it. Rock Python spies Thrasher and sighs, "He's no one. I've got him." He pulls out another Snake Egg.

Thrasher tilts his head slightly to one side, "You got me?" He asks, "I've got your ride." He jerks his head to the side to gesture towards the coptor and then raises his wire holding hand to touch a button on his other gauntlet. The rotary assembly starts to rotate faster and faster, as if he remotely made it happen. As he lowers the wire holding arm, he flicks his wrist and flings the wire full of pellets towards the two Serpents. The wire flies through the air and lands at the feet of Rock Python. The pellets, which turn out to be blasting caps, explode loudly and forcefully at Rock's feet. The noise and force are enough to unbalance the smaller Serpent.

Lyra smiles, "Not bad yourself, I am Lyra, or Teenhulk whichever works." she says and as Gogo helps she flexes herself as well and gets them off, "Shall we go give him some back up?" she asks and then moves to go up the stairs and out, "Wanna get coffee after?"

Laughing at the invitation in the middle of a supervillain fight, Gogo says, "Sure. Assuming everything goes okay." She winces at the explosions at Rocks feet, but that's her cue. She races forward, orange toes digging out chunks of the roof as she puts some 'oomph' into charging. But this time, she doesn't go for the villains. She goes for their prize, and tries to snatch it out of Rock's grip as he gets rocked by the blasting cap barrage.

Night Thrasher, after throwing the strand of explosive charges, grabbed the second escrima from his other hand. Now wielding a battle stave in both hands, Thrasher is on the move. The New Warrior heads towards Rock Python while the man is off-balance. He charges at him while waving his escrima at him. The hardened sticks hit super-dense skin and armor as Thrasher pummels Rock.

Rattler is set off balance, too, by the blasting caps. The pallet slips from his bionic tail's grasp as the caps in conjunction with the stun of slamming into Lyra are enough to finally loosen the bigger Serpent's grip on their prize. The prize is successfully acquired by the Tangerine Titan as she swoops in to save the day.

Lyra smiles and decides to take a book from something her father has done and then leaps from the doorway to land right between the two serpents, "Lets have a smashing time." as she throws her fists to the sides as if trying to break from from something trying to catch them both without really damaging the roof too much.

Gogo takes her prize and leaps to the next rooftop with it. Once there, she sets down the package, then turns to see how things are going on the far roof. She can play backup while keeping her eye on the prize. "Get em!" she cheers, taking up position to block any attempts to cross the gap.

Lyra's leap in between the two Serpents is quite devastating to their attempt to escape. Why? She clubs the two of them pretty heavily. These guys are not the bruisers that Lyra and Gogo are. The two of them are flung laterally like rag-dolls by the TeenHulk's strike. Rock Python careens through the air and only stops because he crashes into a large HVAC system. THe HVAC unit crumbles and absorbs the force the impact. The HVAC unit has the vague shape of an arm chair, which is fitting, since Rock is sitting in the hole like he would if he were sitting in a La-Z-Boy. His head is slumped over, unconscious from the impact. Rattler is equally flung by the strike against him. Unfortunately, Rattler lacks an HVAC unit to stop his sudden trajectory. He flies right over the edge of the building and Gogo will feel the building she's standing on shudder as Rattler crashes through the glass on the second floor of the building.

Night Thrasher stands there after this display of TeenHulk's strength. He's rubbing one end of his escrima against the back of his head. He huhs, "Well that's that." The escrima are returned to his backpack assembly and he runs towards the comfortable-looking Rock Python.

Lyra blinks and winces, "Oh damn." she mutters and moves over and looks through the hole rattler made, "Well, should get them to the authorities before they wake up." she says softly.

"Well heck. That was all it took?" Annie puts her hands on her hips, looking across the gap at the other heroes. "Good work TeenHulk. You too Night Thrasher. I guess you already know that though." She twists to look at the palette, "I wonder what they took?" She then swings over the edge of the roof and drops down to the spot where Rattler hit, checking out the hole while she dangles like an ape. Her big arms aren't just for making her look petite and pretty.

Rattler can be seen by Annie, having crashed through a person's studio apartment. Some IKEA furniture is forever ruined, as if that was hard to do, and a wall leading to the room's lavatory has been temporarily removed by the wrecking ball that was Rattler. Rattler is laying on the floor of the bathroom and is propped up at the shoulders by a high efficiency toilet.

Thrasher gets next to the "lounging" Rock Python. He reaches down and rips off one of those Snake Eggs. Thrasher raises the snake egg, inspects it and then reaches towards the snake-suited man with his free hand. He pulls him up out of the ruined HVAC unit and plops him on the rooftop. He drops the Snake Egg on the prone body, it explodes and the villain's own entangling weapon is used to tie him up. The New Warrior drags the unconscious Serpent towards the edge of the rooftop.

Lyra smiles a little, "Hit a bit harder than I wanted." she says and unlike the other hulks seems rather calm. She cocks her head to the side, "What is that, that they tried to get?"

Gogo swings down into the apartment and grabs Rattler by the ankle. She then king kongs her way out the hole before leaping over to the building with the other two heroes. A swing and she's up on the rooftop, dropping Rattler with the bound Rock Python. "Oh...I guess we should put the palette back. So the owners don't have to move it themselves." Offering a smile to Lyra she says, "That was some wicked smash." Then she looks over at Thrasher, "You got another one of those to tie up this one too?"

Thrasher reaches the edge of the roof and yanks the unconscious Rock Python forward. He swings him over the edge of the building and dangles him there. The Leader of the New Warriors leans forward and glances down below. He calls out, "NYPD-" His voice is amplified by something in his helmet, so his voice sounds likes it's booming out of a megaphone, "The Serpent Society would like to turn themselves in." He pulls Rock back from the edge of the building and tosses him next to Rattler who was kindly deposited by Gogo. NT looks up to Gogo, "I don't. But I'm sure our friend here has one." NT reaches for where Rock stores his snake eggs and, sure enough, produces one. He raises it up and drops it on Rattler. Soon the larger of the two Serpents is entangled in the other serpent's weapon. He addresses the two of them, "Good job, thank you for the assist on this one. I'll speak with the police." Sure enough the boys (and girls) in blue start filing onto the rooftop from the roof access.

Lyra nods and smiles, and looks at Gogo, "So about that coffee."

Gogo nods to Thrasher, "Hey. Thanks. Better you than me. I am not fan of talking with the popo." Then she turns to Lyra, "Sounds like a plan. Just let me see where I dropped my pants." She laughs and heads in the direction of the ruined door, snatching up her pants before the cops confiscate them as evidence.

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