Million Dollar Bounty

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Million Dollar Bounty

Blindfold, Gambit, Phantasm

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Yankee Tavern - Bronx, New York City

A casual chat is interrupted as Gambit's past catches up with him

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-----==[ Yankee Tavern - Bronx ]==--------------------------------------------

Since 1923, the Yankee Tavern has been "the original sports bar". Conveniently located on 72 East 161st Street in the Bronx, one block away from Yankee Stadium. It is an ideal spot for pre-game dining and/or post game celebration. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, accepting MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

The Yankee Tavern is a spacious facility "rewarding patrons with a cold beer and good steam-table eats for a few blocks walk", according to Time Out New York Magazine. The bar decore is a virtual museum of Yankee memorabilia, with murals of Yankee greats like Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, and most prominently Babe Ruth. In fact, the Babe was known for coming in and buying a round of drinks for the house.

Currently under the knowledgeable care of Joe Bastone, the Yankee Tavern has been owned and operated by the Bastone family since 1923. It's a great place to watch any sporting event, with an exciting and fun filled atmosphere open to all types. The Tavern serves some of best pastrami and corned beef in the Bronx, as well as sandwiches and entrees. The bar also stocks a variety of beer and mixed drinks.





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[O] - Bronx - New York

Being Sunday and in an afternoon, the Tavern is not all that full around the bar. As each game appears tuned to a game of some sort, several focused on just one game in particular, Mike seems to have picked a seat that's not the most advantageous of viewing them. Instead he is seated facing towards one near the door. However instead of watching the game, he seems more interested in the sandwich and chips in front of him. Gotta love the lunch specials.

Gambit walks in with Ruth. He has ditched his all too familiar X-Men uniform for a pair of faded and torn blue jeans, and a Guns N Roses t-shirt that looks as if its been through the wash about a million times. Over the band t-shirt he wears a dusty leather bomber jacket. A toothpick rests between his teeth and bobs with every word he speaks. He looks at Ruth from behind a pair of sunglasses and asks playfully, "You shur you ready for this, petite?"

Blindfold chuckles as she taps her cane along the floor "Being blind hasn't stopped me from learning new things, why should I let it holds me back now, please yes?" yeah she was looking forward to this, then tilts her head and turns with a smile toward Mike with a wave "of all the bars in all the city...we had to meet in this one?" putting a new twist on an old quote

Glancing up to the sound of familiar voices, Mike lifts a free hand up to wave to the incoming pair before seeming a bit befuddled by the quote Blindfold gives. "You know, I've read a theory based around an explanation to how you can see the same people over and over again in large cities and generally the ones you notice most often have something in common with you, or the areas you frequent."

Jovially furrowing his brow, and moving to the head of Mikes table, Gambit chuckles. "An jus whaa might you ave in common wit a blind girl an a Cajun?"

Blindfold smiles "Afternoon Mike, nice to meet you again, we do tend to run into each other often. I should get Mr LeBau to listen to some if your music, yes thank you"

"Apparently the type of areas we frequent." Mike replies, cracking a smile, reaching down to pick up his sandwich, "If you guys haven't grabbed lunch already, you should try the sandwiches here."

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Gambit waves his hand, "Done ate maself, cant speak for tha girl, though." He nods towards the back of the bar where the pool tables reside. "Actually, made our way cross tha city cause l'enfant ere wants ta learn tha ins an outs o playin pool," he adds.

Blindfold grins sheepishly "I...actually sorry of missed lunch, sorry yes" then tilts her head "hmm you two have more then frequented places in common, yes please"

Mike glances back towards the pool table area and nods, "Alright, have fu-" He pauses, looking over to Blindfold, "Do I even want to know?"

Blindfold smiles reassuringly to Mike "yes, indeed you do, it had to do with your current trouble"

Gambit's ears perk up. "Whaa kinda difficulté thaa be?"

The smile that was on Mike's face has since faded, he waves a hand to the seats in front of them, inviting them to sit down. "The kind I'd rather not speak loudly about." Pale blue eyes fix upon the blind girl.

Blindfold nods solemnly before feeling along the table for a chair. Quietly in a voice that wouldn't carry "Orsini...botched abduction...Mr Lebau can explain, yes thank you"

Gambit looks distantly for a moment as he searches his mind. "Orsini," the name fades out of his mouth almost silently. "Dat be il ya longtemps, petite. Whaa thaa got ta do wit' you, Mike," he asks clearly perplexed. As he speaks three people enter through the door behind him, a woman accompanied by two men. There would be no reason for anyone to take note of these people as they make their way into the establishment and take a group of seats next to one another at table across the bar.

Mike's glance flits to the three people entering the establishment, watching as they move towards the bar and then looks over towards Blindfold and Gambit again, resting his hands on the table as he leans forward, ignoring the sandwich for now, "Had a less than pleasant introduction to him in a subway involving a knife in my back. Turns out he has a habit for doing that to people."

Blindfold nods "Orsini works for an organization that wants Mike and his father dead, Orsini is a lawyer that got a potential killer off, yes sorry" her voice still pitched lite and soft...well softer then it usually was and then she tilts her head "You're going to owe me a pool lesson Mr LeBau...we're headed for trouble, yes thank you"

The three who entered moments before order their drinks. The woman is a tall muscular woman olive skin, and pitch black hair that falls down her back and across her shoulders in loose curls. She wears a stylish short black dress. Next to her is a wall of a man, he is close to 7 feet tall, and almost 4 feet from shoulder to shoulder, barely fitting in the seat. He wears a well pressed dark grey suit, and black leather gloves. His light hair is trimmed close to his skull, and a thin stylish beard wraps his chin. The second man is lanky, wearing a tousled suit, with matching hair. Peaking out from under his suit, the observant can clearly see his shoulder holster. As they wait for their drinks, the lanky man begins to stare suspiciously in the direction of table where our heroes sit.

Gambit nods thoughtfully. "Si je m'souviens," he states. "So you lookin' for someone ta take your back in a fight, Mike," he asks with a hint of a tease. He looks to Ruth at the mention of her lessons. "Course, petite. There's beaucoup time in tha day. We get to tha tables." He seems to overlook the comment about trouble, assuming she's referring to the conversation at hand.

"Constantini." Mike corrects, "Constantini's the lawyer..." He sighs, picking up his sandwich once more, "And it wasn't a fight. It was an attack." The sandwich lowers back into the basket without another bite, "Though, it's my fault for not having my guard up." He shakes his head, getting up from his seat, "Sorry for keeping you from your pool." He glances around for wait staff.

The lanky man at the table begins to whisper to his compatriots. A few softly spoken words are passed back and forth between the trio. There is a nod here and there, and soon all of them have turned their attention towards Gambit and his friends. The lanky man reaches into his suit, but his hand is stopped abruptly by the larger man who shakes his head negatively.

Blindfold shakes her head quietly telling gambit "more trouble then just the discussion at hand, trouble that comes sooner, sorry yes. my apologies, forgive me, I got names mixed up." turning her head up to Mike as he stands "Please, don't worry about it Mike, I can learn pool any time, yes thank you but I enjoy my time with you" the look on her face sad that Mike is leaving so soon.

Mike's not leaving just yet. Spotting a server, he lifts up a hand and gestures to his table, indicating the desire to close out. As the server tilts her head to see the food not completely eaten, she gives a questioning look before heading towards the server station. Well, most of the message recieved at least. At the mention of trouble coming soon, Mike looks to Blindfold curiously, "Something I should sit down for?"

Gambit looks at Ruth quizzically. "Whaa you be goin' on 'bout, petite? Quelle piene? I see no trouble 'ere," he says as he starts to really look around the bar for the first time since they had entered.

Blindfold nods to Mike before turning her head toward gambit "Things will go very bad before we leave here, trouble yes sorry, trouble in three....the past revisits to become the future" vague, cryptic, and not as detailed it helpful as usual but much like the typical fortune teller gypsy

The woman is the first to get up from the table. She saunters seductively over towards the table where Mike, Gambit, and Ruth sit. She smiles sweetly at Mike as she arrives. "Don't I know you from somewhere," she asks innocently, her voice tinged with a slight Grecian accent. She briefly eyes Remy and the girl next to him. Looking back to Mike she adds with excitement "You're in that band, aren't you? You know, the one with the guitars and the drums!"

Mike sighs, setting a hand on the back of his chair to pull it back out, pausing as the woman comes up to him. A practiced smile comes into place as he looks to the sweetly smiling woman who gives the general description for any band there is. "That kind of describes most bands, but, I'm not in a band right now."

Blindfold quickly takes a few steps away from the table once her cryptic message is given and starts heading toward the pool tables as she taps her cane.

Gambit watches as Ruth walks away from the table, but mostly his attention is on the woman standing in front of him. A suave smile parts his lips, but much to his chagrin it seems all of her attention is on Mike. What a blow to the Don Juan of the X-Men's pride.

The woman croons, "Of course you are. I saw you on the TV." While the woman has Mike's and Gambit's attention, the larger man stands, throwing the table he was seated at out of his way. With a speed that seems improbable for a man of his size, he races across the bar. Lunging at Gambit's neck, he knocks anyone and anything in his way to the floor with great force.

Blindfold revved the pool tables and picks up a couple balls. Taking a deep breath she throws one at the house of a man's head, not where it is but where it will be by the time the pool ball reaches it. "This is not a fight you will win, so please if you would leave my friends alone thank you"

"Concert or news sto-" There's something about tables being thrown that kind of distract people from the conversation's they're having to draw their attention to either the table, or the person who THREW it. With the presence of the noise, person running in their general direction, his body switches to a defensive positioning. Feet adjusted, and hands moving away from the chair, he seems expectant of the charging form to be heading to him. So, it's a bit of a surprise when he realizes that it's Gambit being targeted. "The f-?"

One would think that someone with Gambit's reputation couldn't be caught off guard. One would be wrong. Before he knows what is going on the large man has Remy pinned to the wall with one massive hand around his throat. He struggles for air as he reaches out to grab onto the large man's jacket. His hands begin to glow with a pinkish color that starts to seep out into the fabric of the suit.

The third man, now stands from his seat and brandishes two brilliantly silver plated pistols from within his suit. "Anyone who does not have a multi-million dollar bounty on their head should leave," he speaks in a loud, but gentille manner, "NOW!" The larger man seems unphased by the pool ball striking him in the back of the head. He turns his head briefly to look in the direction of his attacker. The woman whom just seconds ago had been talking to Mike spun out of the way of her partner, and is once again focused on Mike. Her hands reach out towards him, tendrils of a viscous black mist extending from her fingers.

Screams of terror come from all corners of the bar as people climb over one another in a mad dash to exit as quickly as possible.

Multimillion? Man, someone is a SPENDTHRIFT. Mike's eyes narrow, looking to the man attacking Gambit, to the guy with the guns, and then to the female companion of the group who is reaching towards him wi- Mike leaps back away from her, eyeing her, "Uh. No. Hands off."

Without even looking in Blindfold's direction, the man with the twin pistols aims one gun over his shoulder. With a squeeze of the trigger, he says, "Tut tut, my dear. You wouldn't want to make that one angry, I assure you."

"Oh sweetie," the dark haired woman purrs with a perfectly devious smile, "If I wanted to touch you, there's nothing you could do to stop me." The tendrils move faster, looking to entwine Mike in their grasp.

Mike's retreat isn't very successful this time around as his movement is quite hindered by him backing up without being able to see where he's going and the speed of those things he's dodging going up considerably. As he ends up bumping into a table, his backwards motion's stopped long enough for the tendrils to wrap around in a bear hug. "Oh f-." Yes. You don't need to be Blindfold to know that there is no autograph in the future for this woman. And, considering some of the choice words he's exhibiting for her, it's likely a good thing Blindfold's not standing next to him to listen as he starts trying to wrench himself out of the grip.

Blindfold pouts pitifully at the bean pole "I have faced more then the three of you and you attacked my friends" throwing two pool balls in quick succession at his guns "Mr LeBau is a good man thank you yes l

The large man growls at his captured prey, "Bella Donna sends her regards. And her money to anyone who brings her your head." The proud grin on his face seems to indicate that he hasn't done his homework. As his suit jacket glows a magnificent pink, the light emanating catches his attention for the first time. By then, however, it's too late. The jacket explodes, throwing his large form back and to the floor with a painful thud.

Gambit drops to the floor, rubbing at his bruised neck. He looks to where Ruth is across the bar, and then to Mike near him, trapped in the grips of the odd black smoke. With the urgency of the moment, Remy forgoes his weapons, and sweeps a leg out to take down the dark haired woman. "Get tha girl," he coughs. "Get 'er outta 'ere, an keep 'er safe."

The dark haired woman's leg are swept out from under her. Though she manages to keep from hitting the floor with full force, it is more than enough of a distraction for her to loose her grip on Mike.

Flying pool balls smack the two pistols from the dapper man's hands. As quickly as if he were a teleporter, he's standing directly beside Blindfold. He pulls two more gun from his jacket, pressing one against the blind girl's temple. "Don't worry, my dear. I have more where those came from," he whispers.

With Mike's fighting the grip as he can, it does become noticable when one motion causes for him to turn with the force. Blinking, he looks over to Gambit in time to hear the Cajun's request. Giving a nod, he bolts for the pool table area, grabbing Ruth's hand and yanking her along, not to the front door where the masses have gone, but towards the back exit. "Come on!"

Blindfold pulls back on Mike's grip as she had one more ball in hand and truss to whack the dapper man square in the face with it "No, I'm sorry but I have to help if I can, three against one isn't fair. AND I'M SORRY FORGIVE ME, BUT BELLADONNA IS CRAZY!" sometimes attacking people's employer was a good distraction.

Mike spins tightening his grip as he continues pulling Blindfold as quickly as he can towards the exit, tugging her close for him to hiss in her ear, "The more you slow us down, the longer it takes for him to get backup."

A volley of gunfire blazes in Mike and Blindfold's direction. The dapper man seems less angered by the comment regarding Belladonna, than the sting of a pool ball that was smacked into the side of his head. The large man rolls in agony on the floor, his body scorched from explosion of his clothing. He tries on occasion to get back up, but instantly falls to the floor. The woman having gained her composure yells back to the dapper man, "Ignore them, LeBeau is our target." Her tendrils now reach out towards Gambit.

Gambit masterfully dodges the tendrils. His body still aches, but he won't be surprised this time. As he flips head over heels in evasion, he reaches into his pockets and brandishes a deck of playing cards. Charging them with energy, the unleashes a hand full of them at the dapper man. "You all just keepin' dumber an dumber. I really need to talk ta my ex-wife bout the abruits she keep hiring," he chides. He's trying to buy time.

Blindfold gets tugged out the door but looks worried at Mike "He needs our help Mike, please yes! He's a friend and if there's something I can do to help him then I have to try no matter what, please Mike let me try thank you. If you would please, call the police thank you"

Can't talk! BULLETS! "Fff-" The gunfire is more than enough reason to keep the two moving forward. Holding one hand out while the other tight on the X-student's arm to keep her leaving with him instead of just wandering into some stray bullets, he slams the palm of the door on the push lever, granting them access to the alleyway. As the door swings shuts, Mike's run doesn't slow as he suddenly turns, steering them around the restaurant's dumpster, blocking view of them from the street way and the restaurant's exit. Stopping, he glances back sits down, tugging Blindfold down with him. "Stay here. Stay quiet. Let me know if they're coming. THAT'S how you can help." With order given, he closes his eyes, and starts to focus.

The relative calmness of the alleyway is shattered as part of the back wall bursts into fragments of brick and mortar. When the dust settles, the dapper man can be seen laying in a pile of debris. Smoke rolling off his body, his eyes flutter violently before shutting. From inside the building Gambit's voice can be heard over the chaos. "Un vers le bas deux pour aller!"

Blindfold sighs sulking "Does trigger happy getting knocked thru a wall count, please if you don't mind?"

Inside, the larger man has managed to get to his feet, but is still working to get his bearings. As Remy fends off the Grecian woman with his bo staff, she grabs at the weapon with her tendrils. "Now, now, belle," he says smoothly, "I t'ink we got off on tha wrong foot. Howsbout you lemme take care o' your big friend over there, then tha two of us can find some nice resturant an' 'ave dinner, non?" At that, one of her tendrils wraps itself around Gambit's leg and begins to throw him about like a rag doll.

The Grecian woman huffs angrily as she tosses him about, "I'll show you wrong foot you Cajun dog."

"I'm aware of that one." Mike murmurs, frowning, "Now shush." Hopefully there won't be any more disruptions, as he concentrates.

There's no visual difference that occurs within the restaurant as concentration goes underway, but an unseen arm wraps around the woman's neck, locking on in an attempt to cut off her air.

Blindfold knew she was told to stay put and it of the fight she snuck to pick up one of the bricks and try throwing it at the big man as her other hand reaches into her pocket letting her cane dangle from her wrist and with one push of a cell button she dials 911 not answering the phone, they'd figure out it. She was so gonna get cheers out for this but she could still wake Mike from where she was.

The woman clutches at her throat, gasping for air. She claws at her neck, but can find no explanation for her pain. Her tendrils retract, and release Gambit. Remy bounces off of the wall behind the bar, sending broken liquor bottles flying in all directions. He's not sure why the tendrils let him go, but he's really not going to complain, either. The woman falls to her knees, choking until she passes out.

The large man, has his sense back about him. Seeing that he is now the only one standing, he charges at Gambit behind the bar.

Woman out cold, the pressure releases her and soon goes after the large man, using the aspect of not being visible to its advantage. Something leaps onto his back but then the feeling seems rather vacant as there's only the pressure behind the neck, soon joined by the unseen arm wrapping around once more. Let's do it again!

Gambit pops up from behind the bar with a still intact bottle of booze in his hand. He waggles a finger at the quickly approaching large man. "Ah-ah homme grande," he teases as the bottle glows. With a deft throw, the bottle flies end over end. It explodes both with kinetic energy and shattered glass and booze in the large man's face.

Blindfold turns her attention to string bean out cold and starts searching him for weapons hurriedly "I really need to learn stick fighting..." she says to herself.

The combination of Mike's spectral choke hold, and Remy's impromptu molotov cocktail seals the deal for the large man who crashes to the floor of the bar. As the dust settles, the sounds of police sirens can be heard approaching from the distance.

Man down, there is silence from Remy's unseen backup. For all of a few seconds. A shelf of booze gets whacked up and drops down, missing the support that holds the board in place, the bottles start sliding off the sloping shelf one by one, filling the room with the sounds of shattering glass.

Mike opens his eyes and groans, looking a lot more exhausted than he did eating that sandwich.

Gambit rushes out of the bar through the large hole left by the dapper man. He sees Blindfold leaning over the unconscious man. Putting a gentle hand on her shoulder he says, "Come on, petite. Time for us ta be going." He looks around, still not seeing Mike. "Ou es Mike?"

Blindfold stops searching the dapper man "please Mike are you alright, thank you!" smiling at gambit with a nod and points at the dumpster as she reaches into her pocket and pulls her cell out "phone, end call" the cell ending the phone call "Forgiving me for saying but your ex wife can sure carry a grudge Mr LeBau, yes sorry"

Threat done with, Mike gets off the ground and gets to his feet. Grumbling a little, he rubs the bridge of his nose and starts to step out. Not FROM the dumpster but around the dumpster, "Yeah, just super."

Gambit nods at Mike. "Again, je dite, is time ta be leavin," he pauses, "Trust me, we dun wanna be 'ere when tha Boys in Blue show."

Wheee ooo whheee oooo WHHHEEEE OOOoooo...

Blindfold nods to gambit and gives Mike a grateful smile "Thank you very much Mike for your help, yes please" then turns her head toward gambit "If you don't mind my asking please, do you think miss grey will understand?" gathering her cane into her hand from the Staal at her wrist and she was ready to go.

Gambit snorts lightly, "No petite, Ah dun reckon she will atall." Turning one last time to Mike, "You make it on your own, mon ami?"

Mike nods, looking to the destruction, "Yeah. It wasn't me they were going after." He looks back to Gambit, "Maybe you can explain that bit later." He starts to head back towards the opening of the alleyway, "You guys go on. I have to stick around and give a statement of some sort when they get here."

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