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Spiral and Elektra meet

Spiral, Elektra

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Thunderbolt's base. Ignore mention of Doc Ock!

Spiral and Elektra meet up

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The new headquarters is in various stages of remodeling, but the new team has been given preliminary approval to visit. New. Team. It's such a foreign word for the woman known simply as Elektra. The assassin usually works alone, but in any case she's never really been touted for her social skills. She's here because of one man, and he is the person she's agreed to answer to in this arrangement. All the same, she tries to keep an open mind as she enters the large room.
Padding quietly on soft-soled boots, she moves slowly enough to be noticed. Or at least not to startle people with a sudden arrival. In costume, the white silks flutter lightly in the breeze of her passage. Looking around, her mouth twitches into a wry expression. "Octopus tanks? Really?"

Spiral isn't exactly bringing social skills to the team either. Though her memory is improving, but the more her memory improves, the more maddening her history seems to be. Somewhere along the line she's reclaimed her blue uniform with the pompom calves, though she isn't wearing any helmet or anything, as she wanders around Doc Ock's former base, half paying attention to the place, half apparently lost in her own world.
Emerging from the torture chamber, she shakes her head, looking over her shoulder at the door with her glowing eyes. "They need that door soundproofed." she declares. "I won't be able to hear myself think in here otherwise! I speak from experience. Or, prescience, maybe, not that it really matters.". She folds four arms as if in thought, but has one spare to point at Elektra. "You don't look like you're here to paint the walls.".

Elektra smiles a bit more genuinely and nods, blue eyes sizing up the other woman. "Neither do you." she replies simply. Padding over with casual grace, she offers. "I'm Elektra. John Aaron recruited me for this assignment. He told me we would be setting up shop here. I'm assuming that they'll clear away the seafood buffet first."

Spiral is certainly capable of politeness, so extends one hand to shake. "And I'm Spiral. John Aaron, yes, I remember him. He said something about me being guilty of interdimensional crimes, I didn't realise when I first arrived I was so famous! That's all a blue for me at the moment. But it should be fun, seeing what all you two armed aliens get up to..." she says. "This place seems so interesting, such fascinating people. And yes, the theme of this place doesn't seem very suited to this Aaron character, there needs to be something much more forbidding, much less marine life.".

Elektra pauses a moment before accepting the offered hand to shake it briefly. "It would seem that having a questionable reputation is a requirement for membership in this society." she replies, without elaborating on her own qualifications. "My understanding is that we're here to handle the jobs that either no one else can, or no one else will. I am expecting that we'll be getting our hands dirty." A glance at the six arms, then she adds wryly. "All of them. So where are you from, if not here?"

"Somewhere between neverwhere and forevermore." Spiral says, sounding quite serious. "A dimension ruled by a fat, disgusting blob of protoplasm. At least John Aaron isn't quite that ugly, and he doesn't smell so bad either. And I guess it's better to work for some power here like a government, then it is to just be some six armed freak who people will want to put in a cage. And make contacts! It's always good to know people, good for business.". She looks over Elektra with some interest. "You are the first I've met so far, somehow I don't think Aaron will be so good a contact.".

Elektra shakes her head quickly, replying. "I don't trust the government. I'm here at John's request, not theirs." Whatever else John Aaron may be, he's somehow earned -this- woman's trust. "I'm giving him a chance with this, because I agree with the idea behind the cause. I'm not a hero, but I'm very good at what I do."

"The idea behind the cause? What idea is that?" Spiral asks. "He said something about a pardon for me, for crimes I can't even remember. So many dimensions, it's so easy to get everything mixed up when the multiverse is such a muddle. Not so much about causes, other than getting things done.". She shrugs. "It will boil down to something much the same as back home in the end, I'm sure. 'Dance, Spiral!'.".

Elektra tilts her head a bit at the question. "What cause, or what idea? The idea is that the spandex-wearing heroes can't fix all of our planet's problems. Can't or won't. Not every problem can be solved through heroism. Sometimes you need to cut out the diseased wood to let the tree live. That's the idea that I support. I'm here because I'm good at killing people, which isn't something the heroes like to do."

"Ahhh... well my previous employer wasn't shy about killing people if he thought they were boring, so not much change there either, then. Cut out the diseased wood, eh? I hope you don't have anything against people with the wrong number of arms.". Spiral looks down at one shoulder. "It wasn't a disease, though...".
"If killing people is all you want to do then you really are an excellent contact, I'm sure we'll get on well enough.".

Elektra shakes her head and replies simply. "It's not all I want to do. It's just that I'm good at it." The hint of a smile returns, then, and she adds. "I'm not prejudice, though. I don't kill people because of what they are, but who they are and what they've done. So long as we're both on the same side, I'm sure we'll get along fine."

"Who they are and what they've done, how simple those two things sound when you put it like that.". Spiral closes her eyes tight for a moment, thinking, and slowly shakes her head. "But I know a few people who have done things I'm not very happy with so I suppose I see what you mean." she notes, thinking about Longshot for a moment. "So do you know who else is in our happy band? You know I think I was in a team like this once before.".

Elektra shrugs lightly at the question. "John did not elaborate on the other team members, I'm afraid. This is even the first time I've heard of you, Spiral." A shake of her head, and she adds. "Then again, I don't watch the news. I've never been in a team before, but I've worked with others."

"I don't think I'm very famous here, maybe in other dimensions." Spiral says lightly. "Or maybe among certain people here, but not in general. People don't like freaks, here. Why, I had some hobos attacking me the other day, when I was too confused to do anything about it.".
She pauses for breath, before adding, "The government here knew about me, anyway. I have a nice side business in body augmentation, so if you ever decided like more arms, then you can come to me. Thats what I mean by this being good for business contacts, see. Advanced body modification or your money back! You look like the sort who might be interested.".

Elektra actually chuckles at the offer, shaking her head slowly. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm quite happy with my present number of limbs, but I'll keep you in mind should that ever change." Looking more curiously at the six-armed alien, she asks. "Do much business here in the City, then?"

Spiral scowls at that. "Happy with your present number of limbs, hmm? I'm sure you are...". And she folds her six arms, glowering for a moment, before she slowly manages to slip back into sales mode. "It doesn't have to be extra arms. Whatever you don't like about yourself!". A pause, and she notes, "It doesn't have to be right now, you can think on it a little. Maybe I'll make some suggestions, after I see you in action. Besides, I still can't quite remember how I used to do that so it probably wouldn't be wise to try it right now.".
And she shrugs. "In the city? Not especially. Anywhere, anywhen." she smiles.

Elektra cants her head to the left, giving Spiral a -look- now. "Anywhere, anywhen? That's a peculiar way to phrase it. It sounds like you don't see time the way the rest of us do. Or something." Folding her arms as well, she leaves the follow-up question implied rather than asking directly.

"Once upon a time I wanted to see it all. An object lesson, I think - be careful what you wish for." Spiral tells her darkly. "You are quite lucky really, time, it all makes sense to you, but it really doesn't make sense at all. I've seen my past and my past saw me, and that was only the beginning of all the things that made no sense.".
With a shrug, she adds, "Someone was playing mind games with me recently, it really hasn't helped what is an already difficult situation for me, so I am not at my most coherent right now." she admits.

Elektra nods sagely as she listens. "I do understand what you mean, at least somewhat. You see, I died once myself. And while it wasn't that bad, it does change your perspective on certain things." She regards the six-armed woman with something almost like sympathy, now, and adds. "I think we'll get along just fine, Spiral."

Spiral's eyes widen a fraction. "You do? And you did? Fascinating. It would only get more fascinating if you managed to kill yourself. You must tell me more about it one day... I did try killing myself at least once, but death is one part of the multiverse I have not experienced, fortunately.".
The six armed former stuntwoman smiles, and bows her head briefly. "Even if you do have the correct number of limbs, I will try to not let it bother me too much.", she offers. Uncommon consideration from an insane psychopath.

Elektra shakes her head, mouth twitching into a small smile. "I had help, actually. And I think it would probably be easier that way. Faster. I haven't tried to do it myself." She speaks of death and dying quite casually, perhaps since it's out of personal experience. Changing the subject, then, she asks. "So have you heard when they'll have this place ready?"

"No. It'll happen though. Maybe the previous occupant will find out. It is an interesting place. No doubt if he does find out, that would be interesting in its own right. I could find out, but I'd only forget if I came back, so no point.".
Questions about when are one of those things that makes Spirals head hurt, so she's already wandering off, to continue exploring. "Our paths will cross again." she says by way of farewell, pleasantly enough.

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