Theology and Reality

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Aurora, Kelda, Tanya Rivera

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09/13/12 07:43


Jeanne-Marie happens by an Asgardian and a Spanish girl, the experience brings forth something of a theological debate in very simplistic form.

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It's New York, and it's late afternoon. The sun is starting to set, and the city is starting the wind down towards evening time. As storm goddesses go, Kelda is rather less than epic goddess appearing today. She's wearing clothes picked out by a friend, but far more modern than her usual robes. Of course... she was passing by the park as she caught the scent of food, and through aimless meandering, she has found herself standing before a hot dog cart and holding out what can only be a coin made of real gold as she tries to negotiate with the vendor, "Surely this would suffice. It be gold plundered from Jotunheim by Volstagg himself. I won it from him in a wager. I merely desire to sample these... Hot Dogs you provide."

The sounds of a horse clopping along can be heard approaching. It was nearing the end of her shift, and Tanya looked rather tired, if smartly dressed in her suit and top hat as she drove the black carriage, complete with black horse. She stifle a yawn, starting to ride past Kelda when the words catch her ears. Slowing the horse she turns to look that way curiously, intrigued at this other newcomer to the big apple.

Jeanne-Marie is sitting nearby on a park bench, reading a bible, when the odd speech mannerism capture her ear and she looks up towards the woman who is baffling the hot dog vendor. In the interest of helping foreigners, she closes her bible, slips it in her purse and gets up to approach the woman, offering softly, "excusez-moi, do you need some 'elp?" Sure, her thick accent may not make her the best candidate to help, but at least she's full of good intentions.

Intentions can go a long way (sometimes all the way to hell!), but Kelda turns those ice blue eyes towards the French woman as the vendor once more says, "That is not legal currency here in the states. I need money, not something I would need to have appraised before I could benefit from it."

And to that, Kelda just shrugs her shoulders and says to the helpful accented woman, "Aye. I merely wish to acquire one of this man's ... Hot Dogs." she pauses and adds, "I trust the word dog is metaphorical, and not literal. But... he does not seem to wish to take my coin in exchange. Perhaps thy might help me locate a place to sell this for local currency?" she asks, flipping the silver dollar sized gold coin into the air briefly before catching it once more.

Tanya slows further once more, and then secures the reins as she starts to climb out, joining the conversation "Some people may have faked ahh, coins in the past. People like to know right away if what they get is real. Here." she offers a bill to the man "I will have one too please. And yes, it is metaphorical. Its a strange word though. They are beef and chicken and such." she explains, trying to be helpful with a smile as she tips her top hat.

Jeanne-Marie was about to explain to the stranger what Tanya is quick to update her about, but as Kelda noted her lack of useful currency, Jeanne-Marie does what most would consider odd, and reaches for her wallet and takes out about $40 in bills, handing them to Kelda, "'ere, jus' so you 'ave somet'ing for naicessities." It doesn't look like Jeanne-Marie expects to get anything in return, and there's a rather warm smile on her face, she's glad to get the chance to help another.

Well, there is something -almost- simply accepting in Kelda's demeanor, as if this is the way she expects things to be, people doing things to help her. After all, it is what mortals do.. they worship and praise the gods, right? But, there is also the knowledge that she is in the land of mortals, and she eyes the money, and then looks towards Tanya. "Doest thee see?" she remarks to the vendor. "Thy could learn from the sample set by these mortals. Acts of kindness are indeed rewarded." and she reaches for the forty bucks, having no idea how much it really is or what it might be worth, but she catches the gold coin and holds it out between finger and thumb towards Jeanne-Marie. "If thee be so kind, then this shall be thine. It be a gift of thanks from Kelda Stormrider." That said, she kind of half bows, almost formal indeed. And then to Tanya, she turns to face the young woman and smiles, "Doest thee intend to share in the feast with me?"

Tanya buys her own hot dog, as it seems JM got the goddesses. A pause at the request, and she looks at the cart, and then back with a smile "I would love to ma'am. I can take a few minutes of break." she decides finally, taking her hot dog in one gloved hand, her own accent thickly spanish. The horse watches the three of them attentively "My name is Tanya. That is Khan."

Jeanne-Marie looks curiously at the odd woman, though she does seem to appreciate gestures of good will, Jeanne-Marie isn't altogether sure that the woman is seeing it for what was intended. "Please, thair eez no need. I only wantaid to lait you 'ave somet'ing until you find your way around. I don't want anyt'ing in raiturn. It's zee Christian t'ing to do." With Tanya getting her own hot dog, Jeanne-Marie is more than happy to buy one for Kelda.

Blinking slowly, Kelda inclines her head a bit. At one point she does her best to -not- reveal her emotional reaction. She is not all that fond of the concept of Christianity for a variety of reasons. "Far be it for me to refuse such a gift." she offers, reaching to tuck the coin and the cash into her fannypack that replaced the actual belt pouch she brought with her to Midgard. She steps aside and just waits for that which shall be gifted to her. Though she does look towards Tanya once more and then eyes the horse. "Khan... that is a name inspired by the mighty war leader from the steppes of many centuries past?" she asks. "It is a good name for a majestic beast indeed."

Tanya smiles warmly at that "He's not the bravest horse I've had, I admit. But his ancestors were, and he bears it proudly enough for being related to them. I've had him since a colt." she explains of the black mongol-andaleusian cross. "Did we want to go to a table to eat? its easier than standing." she notes, applying some mustard to her own dog.

Not getting any food for herself, Jeanne-Marie nods at Tanya's suggestion, "it is always a good idea to make new friendz, t'ere eez a table ovair t'ere," Jeanne-Marie points and starts heading for an unoccupied picnic table, "zo, w'ere are you from?" She asks Kelda rather curiously, not having met someone with her mannerism before. She doesn't ask Tanya any questions, just because she is the more normal of the two, and clearly doesn't need her help.

Now it's time to have a little fun. She may not have allowed her face to show her reaction to the whole christian thing, but at least now she is going to enjoy the other woman's reaction when she remarks, "Verily, I am from the shining city, the land beyond Bifrost. I travelled to Midgard from Asgard, home of the gods. I am as I said, Kelda Stormrider, born of the sky and the sun. Long ago, I was goddess of the winter storm. Where would thy both be from?"

Jeanne-Marie does indeed has a reaction to Kelda's words, she nods with a polite smile, and excuses herself. She just learn a very important fact about Kelda, the woman is crazy, and she needs much more help than Jeanne-Marie could offer. Luckily, because of her brother she's familiar with several psychotherapist that may be able to help, but now is not the time to push it on poor Kelda. First she'll have to consult them on how to approach the woman and inform her she needs help. Having excused herself, she starts to walk away from the table.

Tanya blinks and watches this. As Kelda departs when she was done her food, she moves after Jeanne-marie, and calls over "Are you okay? That was... sudden." she remarks.

Slowing down when Tanya goes after her, Jeanne-Marie offers a polite smile, "I am zorry, but I jus' realized zat woman needed 'elp. I was going to speak wit' someone w'o mig't 'elp 'er..." Jeanne-Marie points lightly at her temple with a sheepish smile on her face, clearly not comfortable making light of people with problems. Particularly when so many insist she has one herself.

Tanya frowns "Why does she need help? Aside from using gold to pay for things she looks like just another Asgardian." remarks the spaniard, puzzled.

"Any ot'er Asgardian? Zis is ridiculous...zere is only one God," Jeanne-Marie says with a rather firm sense of finality to her words, she definitely doesn't seem the sort who is open-minded and willing to debate what she firmly believes is the one truth.

Tanya pauses at that, suddenly realizing the problem "Ahh, I ahh, think I understand. But what about Thor? " she asks curiously as she walks along "and she hurts no one. Let her be, I think. They do have strange powers after all."

"You mean zee Avenger zat claims to be a Norse God? Silly...sure he 'as grait powair, like a lot of 'eroes, but zat does not make 'im a god. It iz bad 'abit he 'as for maiking zat claim..."

Tanya shrugs "If he wishes to, who are we to judge? " she asks.

Jeanne-Marie says, before reassuring, "I do am not going to 'arm 'er, just 'elp her. She then shakes her head at Tanya's question, "it eez blasphemy.""

Tanya tilts her head as she continues to walk along, but was starting to slow "And it is their choice though, isnt it? Forcing people to change is... not right. Not when it doesnt hurt anyone."

Turning slowly to face Tanya, Jeanne-Marie looks a bit uncomfortable at the topic of conversation. "So you rathair let 'er keep t'inking she is a Goddess? She can be damnned for zat, I am only going to 'elp 'er, give 'er a c'ance at 'eaven."

"But that's her choice. " a pause, and Tanya looked just as uncomfortable at this. She looked away, then back again "I think she will be okay though. What was your name again?"

"I'm sure she will be," Jeanne-Marie at least agrees with Tanya on one thing, as she extends her hand towards Tanya, "Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, vairy pleased to meet you."

Tanya takes the hand in her own white gloved one with a smile "Tanya Rivera. Pleased to meet you indeed! The horse is Khan. Are you new to the city?"

"Well, it 'as been a while since my last visit, but I am not 'new' new, I've been 'ere before," Jeanne-Marie answers while acknowledging the horse rather awkwardly, not looking too comfortable near the animal.

Tanya ahhs and nods "Welcome back then. I've only been here a few months." she remarks hserself, releasing the hand "But sadly, I must be going as well, to close up shop."

Jeanne-Marie nods at Tanya, waving at her, "of course, I 'ave places to go myself. Au revoir," Jeanne-Marie parts with Tanya and goes on to see who she can consult about Kelda.

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