The Witch comes to visit

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Scarlet Witch: Iceman: Cyclops: Blindfold: Vaughn: Richenda

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09/04/12 21:30

Front Drive of Xavier Institute, moving to courtyard

The Scarlet witch pays the X-mansion a visit, talks with students and staff.

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-----==[ Circular Drive and Main Parking - Xavier Estate ]==------------------
The circular drive is an extension of the long private drive from the gate and Graymalkin Lane beyond. The drive is made of cobblestone inset tastefully and encircles a grassy knoll that raises up to present a classical fountain. To the north is a parking area for guests and occupant vehicles. Quite large, the area can maintain up to 20 vehicles. To the south is a parking garage that allows for 8 vehicles including a repair shop and fuel pump. To the east one can see the mansion courtyard and the mansion itself towering above. While to the north, west and south, one can see the thick hardwood trees that not only obscure views from the areas beyond, but also drape over the drive and offer a lush green hue in the spring and summer, a lovely autumn burnt orange, and then hold snow in the winter.

Automated systems open the gate once it is clear who has come calling. Which is not unusual for grounds the size of the X-Mansion. By the time her car actually arrives at the front of the main building, a lone figure has come out to greet her. And because that lone figure is Bobby, the first "greeting" takes place between when the car has been shut off and when Wanda actually gets out of the car. That greeting just happens to take the form of a large snowball which splatters against the car window with a dull thud.
Wanda smirks a bit as she gets out, "Cute, Bobby." She looks a bit amused, "Should I have brought my winter parka for this?" Shutting the door, she doesn't bother locking the car... frankly, it's more likely the car would be annihilated in a surprise attack by the Horsemen more than actually stolen here. She walks over towards Bobby, wiggling her fingers as if possibly preparing to hex the poor boy again.
Bobby flashes a bright, impish, and utterly unrepentant smile. But, just in case, his hands go to his waist, ready for belt malfunctions. Or maybe he's just standing with his hands on his hips. Yeah, that's it. He shrugs, "Just wanted to make sure you knew you were in the right place." He makes a sweeping gesture with one hand towards the front door, "Come on in."
Wanda smiles, "Thank you. I figured since Scott also said I should come visit, I'd come up and see how things were going." She makes her way inside, letting Bobby get the door as she looks around, seeming rather happy to finally have made it up here.
-----==[ Courtyard - Xavier Estate ]==----------------------------------------
The courtyard of the Xavier Mansion is an expansive octagonal area bordered on five sides (north, northeast, east, southeast, south) by the main structure of the mansion, and bordered with walled fences to the northwest, west, southwest.
The courtyard is made of polished golden marble styled in a grid like pattern with a stone border. The center piece of the courtyard is a large fountain (not the Phoenix of modern comics) that is designed so people can sit upon the circular edge and listen to the flow of the water. The fountain itself is composed of various mermaids pouring water from buckets.
To the west, northwest, and southwest there are gates allowing access beyond. To the northwest is a primitive pathway that leads through a copse of trees. To the west is a paver pathway leading to the main parking area (which can be seen), and to the southwest is a paver pathway that leads to the garage (adjacent to the parking area).
To the southeast and northeast are entry points to the main classroom annexes. Then to the east one can gain access through the double doors into the main structure's grand foyer. The southern and northern structures are the living quarters of the administration and are off limits to the student body.
The building itself towers above the courtyard on five of the four sides and rises up two levels with large windows where one can peer through to see the going's on inside.
Bobby heads into the courtyard that leads into the Mansion proper, taking the lead after a couple of steps. He talks to Wanda as they walk, "Glad you could make it up here. Kinda nice to get out of the city from time to time, right?” I mean, your back yard is Central park, and it might be bigger, but there's so much less foot traffic in ours." He grins over at Wanda, "Though I think it's a toss up which one you run into stranger people in."
Speaking of strange people, Ruth for some odd reason was out by the fountain of all places, the mist from the fountain setting her hair sparkling with dew as she carefully woven some lace with weighted beads.
Wanda smiles, "I think I'd have to settle for New York in that regard." She looks over at Ruth, and says, "Hello, it's good to see you again." She didn't exactly catch her name before, but she does recognize the girl from a few meetings in passing.
Iceman looks at Ruth as Wanda speaks to her, and gives a little chuckle, "Right, so you've met at least one of the students. Which reminds me, I found out where that wolf whistle came from the other day. Another one of ours.” He pauses, and addresses Ruth, "Ruth, you've met Wanda?" It seems less a question than a way of making sure that Ruth knows who belongs to the voice that might not be familiar.
Blindfold turns her head toward the two with a smile and waves "Hello, yes, it's nice to meet you both again. Yes, thank you Bobby. Hello again Wanda, how are you both?" then chuckled ‘cause she probably knew the adult trio from the other day better then they realized "Well, you actually saw a few of us in the park that day. Vaughn of course and Seth as well, yes, it's no trouble. The other woman though, you've both worked with" Sitting by the fountain weaving lace Ruth didn't give away civilian identities and code names for the blonde woman with high standards. Bobby and Wanda had just come in together.

Wanda shrugs, "I'm doing well, I suppose... all things considered. I've gotten a few invitations to come up to visit and see everything here, as it has been a while, so here I am." She smiles and looks around, "Was hoping to see more of the students, but I guess it is fairly late in the evening to be out and about."
Bobby gives Ruth an odd look at her comment about the other woman in the park, but then shakes his head rather than pushing the point. He nods at Wanda's words, "Yeah. I mean, a lot of 'em are night owls like any group of teens, but usually won't find them out here at night." He shrugs, "But stranger things have happened. Around here, frequently."
Exiting the Mansion, Scott Summers dressed in complete and recognizable blue and gold costume complete with skullcap which is lowered and in place of his visor or shades, he wears ruby quartz contact lenses which give him the appearance of having red glowing demonic eyes, but are really his natural powers held back by the lenses. He makes his way and smiles, "Wanda, glad you could make it. I visit you this morning; you make it here this evening." He looks to Ruth, "I see you have met Ruth. One of our students." He smiles to her though she cannot see him and then he looks to Bobby and holds up his smart phone and begins to play a video. It is a YouTube video which shows Bobby's pants around his ankles and standing in his tighty whities. The video repeats the effect of his pants falling down with various sound effects. Cyclops says nothing but just stares at his fellow X-Men with his usual intense stare.
Blindfold nods her head "Richenda I think is still up, in the girl's dorms" a warm smirk given Bobby, but giving away identities was rude. Then, turning her head toward Cyclops, she smiled with a friendly wave before her hand returned to her lace work...trying not to laugh at the sounds playing indicative of pants dropping.
Wanda “hmms” softly, apparently not too surprised that Scott has video, as she says, "I think the Benny Hill music is particularly inspired, out of the lot." She smiles over at Scott, "Thought I'd take you up on the invitation from the other day, and it has been a while since I've been up here."
When Scott first holds up his phone, Bobby cocks his head to the side. Then he sees what's playing. Over the next several seconds, his face goes through a run of different expressions that look a little like a student in an "Intro to Acting" course who was ordered to "emote". Confusion, followed a wince of embarrassed recognition, followed by disbelief. Finally, he hands his head and his face settles on resignation as he reaches up to massage his temples, "I'm going to be living this one down for so long..." He looks over at the video again, sighs, and then gives a little chuckle, "Eh, I've had worse pictures taken. At least they were a clean pair, right?"
Blindfold for some reason blushes as she nods to Bobby in agreement "Yes, I'm sorry, you have indeed. Luckily perhaps this hasn't been the worst of them?" after all there had to be something worse that Bobby had had to live down.

Wanda considers, "Well, I think there was this one time when we were on opposite sides, and... let me think." Oh dear, she might have /all/ sorts of dirt on the resident Popsicle. A faint grin creeps upon her lips as she tries to recall a specific incident.
Bobby's expression turns somewhat panicked as his mind races back to all the embarrassing incidents that have happened in his time as an X-man. Given Bobby's sense of humor, there's been plenty. His cheeks go a bit red as he tries to recall just which of those times Wanda was around for. Quickly, he says, "Yes, well, we all have stories, I'm sure." He looks at Wanda, "I mean, come on, you've got to have a few embarrassing moments of your own."
Bobby and Wanda were standing talking to Ruth as she sat weaving lace on the edge of the fountain. Apparently someone had snapped a vid of Bobby in the park losing his pants and now he was blushing quite a lot. The next person to turn red? Was Ruth as she faced them both with a look of shock as she froze in her place. There weren’t enough therapists in the world to help the little blind girl.
Coming into the courtyard now, Chenda Gray manages to trip over a loose stone in the walk. Yes, the girl who never trips just did. She stumbles, catches her balance, and continues on. She doesn't seem to realize she's heading right for the gathering by the fountain.
At least, not immediately. She does finally hear the words of Bobby, speaking of embarrassing moments, and tries not to smile. She can relate to public embarrassing moments. Anyone in (or formerly in) show biz can, really. She lifts a hand and waves, so as not to interrupt the conversation.
Wanda looks at Bobby and smiles serenely, "On the contrary, I don't have any embarrassing stories at all." And she actually keeps a straight face as she says that too, amazingly enough, though she does look over at Ruth with some concern, "Oh dear, are you alright?"
Perhaps he is just a masochist or one of the staff is a sadist - here either is possible - but Vaughn is out in the heat running. He is wearing a pair of sweat pants and a tee-shirt and looks like he is about ready to collapse at any moment. The crowd is not his objective. A handful or two of the water from the fountain however is. At this moment, the teenage boy doesn't even look at the handful of people gathered. He stops at the fountain's edge, placing his hands on it, whispering to himself. "I will not throw-up. I will not throw-up," as he catches his breath.
When Wanda takes note of Ruth's blushing, it draws Bobby's attention there as well. He belatedly realizes that having this particular conversation in front of Ruth might not be the best idea, and speaks up, "Oh, right, uh... she has visions. Past, future. And going by her blush... I'm a little worried about which she was just seeing. And whose." He gives a little cough, bringing his hand to his mouth for a moment, and then gives a quick wave to the newcomer before he lowers his hand again.
Blindfold it's a long moment before Ruth is coherent again, oh the mental downloads. When Ruth snaps out of it she turns her head toward Wanda with a chagrinned smile "Oh yes, thank you, I'm fine. You both just have very colorful pasts" then there were two more "I don't think we'll have to look for Richenda she'll join us. Though oh my gosh! Vaughn, are you alright?!" Seeming quite worried about her friend.
Chenda glances over at Ruth as well. The girl had been blushing fit to beat the band. She sighs softly in relief as Ruth breaks her silence. "Thankfully... Ruth, you always scare me when you do that," she says, clasping the eyeless girl's shoulder. Bobby and Wanda each get a smile and a nod. "And yes, Chenda has joined us."
Her attention quickly turns to Vaughn. "Jeez, Vaughn... it's this hot and you're out running?" concern underlying the exasperation in her voice.
Wanda gives Ruth a warm look, and gently places a hand on her shoulder, "Oh, I'm sorry, I suppose I should have warned you first. But then I didn't know your powers... and I've had enough happen to me as it is that looking at my past is probably not the most pleasant of things." She smiles over at Chenda and Vaughn, "Hello, I'm Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as the Scarlet Witch. It's good to meet both of you."
Vaughn stands up and stretches slightly. He reaches into the fountain and scoops up a double handful of water and pours it down the back of his neck. "How can it be that cold?" He arches his back as the water trickles down. He grins lopsidedly at Ruth and Chenda, "Yeah.. I'm fine... I needed to blow off some steam before I started screaming and the text books..." He looks over at the Scarlet Witch with a goofy grin, "I'd offer to shake your hand, but trust me... I'm doin' you a favor keepin' my distance at the moment..."
Bobby looks at Vaughn and frowns, "It's cold 'cause you're way overheated." Bobby puts his hands together in front of his body and focuses for a few moments on a surprisingly finicky use of his powers. In a few moments, there is a cup, made of ice, and containing cold water condensed from the air sitting in his hands. He hands the cup to Vaughn, "Drink. Now. And sit down before you fall down." He looks at the others for a moment, "I don't know medicine, but I do know heat."
Blindfold turns her head toward Richenda with an embarrassed chuckle "Sorry, my apologies, I don't mean to alarm anyone. Least it's not sentinels again?" trying to put a bright side on her pause outs. Then smiles at Wanda as she gives Richenda a hug "No need to apologize, it's alright, really, thank you yes, just a lot to take in all at once. Kind of like when you both were in the park with that woman. It's not your fault though, nothing you could do to avoid it I'm afraid so no apologies needed, but thank you, I appreciate it." looking to Vaughn with concern "I think I remember something about if you get too hot, you have to gradually cool down or something bad happens, I'm not sure though, I'm sorry"

"You can take my word for it, too," Chenda vouches with a grin, as she's closer to Vaughn. "Not too fast, Vaughn. After all that exercise, it'd give you cramps." Bobby gets a grateful look.

And on to Wanda, with a smile. "Scarlet Witch... I've heard the name," she admits. "I don't read very well, but what I could find on you was fascinating. S'wonderful to meet you."

And last but far from least, Ruth and her hug. She hugs back enthusiastically. "What happened in the park? Somebody was saying something about embarrassing moments there..."

Wanda coughs softly at the mention of embarrassing moments in the park, "Well, maybe Bobby can best explain /that/, while Scott is posting something on YouTube." She smiles wryly, and nods to Chenda, "Likewise. It's been a while since I've been up here for a visit, and I thought I'd make some time."

Vaughn takes the cup of ice and water and nods, as he sits down on the fountain. As Chenda agrees with his statement of doing Wanda a favor by staying upwind, he gives a mock shocked look, "Hush you!" He takes a sip of the cold water. Unfortunately, none of it makes it down this throat as he snorts at the incident in the park, especially considering in some ways Vaughn was the one that started that with the thrown wolf whistle behind Iceman's back.

Bobby looks up to the sky and mouths "why me?" He shakes his head, looks at Richenda and says, "I'd try to dodge the question, but apparently." And he turn a rather evil look at Vaughn, "Someone posted it on YouTube, so I'm sure someone would just give you the link." He shakes his head, sighs, and says, "Short version? I got on Wanda's nerves, and she hexed me into an epic wardrobe malfunction." He adds, poking fun at himself, "I think everyone concerned is just glad I wasn't going commando that day."

Large, hooded brown eyes are the centerpiece of this girl's face. Depending on her mood, they might shine, flash, or sparkle, but they are rarely without expressive light of some kind. They're framed by straight brows that drop at the outer edges of her eyes and strong but nicely-sculpted cheekbones, softened by the pale tan of her skin. Her nose is just a bit wide for the current mode, but harmonizes well with the whole of her face. Her lips are a bit thin and inclined to smiling, above a firm chin. The whole is framed by wavy black hair, worn long but often pulled back out of her way. The rest of her is slender and strong, but pleasantly shapely as well.
Chenda is clad in a purple long-sleeved tee with a black collar and sleeves. With that she wears faded flare-leg jeans, tight in the hips and thighs. A gypsy-patterned scarf is tied just above one knee, and a black fringed scarf is folded three-corner and tied around her waist, draped over her left hip. Bright red tennies complete her outfit.
Blindfold grins at Bobby "Maybe Mike could get you a belt like richenda's? Hmm might be an idea" Ruth was trying to be helpful; she just didn't realize what her comment might do.

"The school insists I'm Showstopper, but my real name's Richenda Gray. But just call me Chenda. Everybody else does after they say Richends the first dozen times," the gypsy girl replies with a smile. Ruth's overheard remark has her blushing almost instantly. That happens a lot. "Um, Scarlet Witch? Could you promise never to hex /me/? 'Cuz with my luck with clothes, I'd end up totally starkers," she adds softly.
And back to Bobby. The circus girl is polite enough not to laugh, though those dark eyes do twinkle merrily. "At least you've got a sense of humor about it. Seriously, happens to everyone." Another look at Iceman, and she lowers her voice. "But I'd still want the link." Was that a wink?

Wanda smiles wryly, "Well, I don't hex people unless they really deserve it, anyway. Though, Richenda, I have to ask, where are you from originally?" She grins, "I think Scott was posting it, though he'll probably deny it of course."
Vaughn chuckles softly to himself as he sips the water, offering Iceman a slight shrug. He is content to be quiet and just take in the conversation, even if his eyes seem to be tracking things that aren't there.

Blindfold giggles Chenda giving the girl a hug "One of these days I'm sure someone will figure out a way to keep your pants on, yes, and then all the boys will be quite frustrated. Sides, they may have given you the name Showstopper, they gave me the name Blindfold." trying to give Richenda a distraction before turning her head toward "You feeling any better Vaughn?"

The color that was slowly fading from Bobby's face comes rushing back. He looks away for a moment, then turns his attention back to Richenda, "Showstopper, huh?" He looks at her for a moment, his expression suggesting that he wants to ask something, and then he reconsiders. With a smile, he turns to Ruth, "Ok, between your comment, and hers, I've got to ask. What's with her belt?"

"Um... I'm not sure what town it was, but I think it was in Arizona. I moved around so much when I was growing up, I didn't really have a hometown," Chenda explains, just a touch of sadness coming into her voice. "I was a circus kid. Dad was old-fashioned American, Mom was Spanish Gypsy; total romantic comedy plot, but it was true. I miss 'em." The memory's painful. Blindfold's next hug comes as totally welcome, and she takes it gratefully, returning it in kind.
At least, until Blindfold mentions belts. And then Iceman mentions hers in particular. Caramelly skin or not, Chenda blushes to the roots of her hair. "The belt was a present from a friend in New York... and I think Ruth just spilled the beans on why," she adds, hiding her face in her hugmate's long hair.

Wanda smiles, "Oh, Spanish Gypsy? I thought you looked like you had the blood. Did you learn any Romani?" Her voice softens as Richenda goes on about her parents, and she sighs a bit, "I definitely understand that, with what happened to my adoptive parents." Her real parents, she doesn't exactly elaborate, but then she probably doesn't have to.

Vaughn continues to sip his water as he absorbs the conversation as it passes by him, figuratively not literally. He nods slightly to Blindfold, "Yeah.. at least about the overheating... still want to throw my books in a woodchipper."

Bobby opens his mouth to make a comment and then, in a rare moment of tact, decides that the comment would be totally inappropriate to make to a student. He closes his mouth again, but he can't help the smirk on his face. He shakes his head and turns his attention to Vaughn, hoping to get on a different track in the conversation, "Any subject in particular that you want to shred, or is it just the grand collection of 'em that's got ya down?'
Blindfold blushes and hugs richenda good and tight, muttering an apology. So many lost families...and some guy's would be more then happy with a girl who couldn't keep her clothes on, ba-dum tiss! Then gives Wanda a sympathetic face but then the subject was changing and she turned her head toward Vaughn now that he was in the hot seat "Would the pool be a good place? Everyone could cool off?" while some really enjoyed swimming in the evening when it was dark and the pool lit up, it didn't do anything if you couldn't see.
Chenda is silent for a long moment, just hugging Ruth. It takes a while for Ruth's question to penetrate. "Um, no... totally gibberish to me. I do want to learn, but nobody teaches it at the school. Not in classes, anyway." Bobby's silence is noted, and quietly appreciated, as that faint smile she turns on him shows.
Ruth actually has a good idea, but... swimming... Chenda shakes her head. "I do need to get back to an instructional video. Raincheck, Ruth?"

Wanda smiles, "Well, I'm just in New York, at the Mansion of course." She offers Chenda a card, "Here's my number. If you want to learn, or just get to know a bit more about it all, let me know. And... I should probably not keep you too long here, but I'm sure I'll be around more often." What exactly /that/ means, she doesn't say.
Vaughn shakes his head, "It's not any subject in particular... well math is giving me fits, but it's more of the fact that I haven't been to school since I was thirteen, when I left home." What a nice way of putting being beaten and left for dead by your own father. "I know this sounds stupid, but I forgot how to learn." He sighs, "Well, as nice as the idea of playing in the pool sounds... I really have to figure some of this stuff out if I want to be able to keep my job on the weekends, like Scott said I could."

Bobby hods at Vaughn's statement, then chuckles, "Knew it was math, it's always math." He gives a little nod as the boy goes on about his educational history, or lack thereof, "Well, math is kind of my thing, believe it or not. If you want a hand getting caught up, I'm willing to work with you. He gives a little nod to the others, "I'm going to head in. See you guys around."

Blindfold turns her head to richenda and then Vaughn "Hmm maybe a study session at the pool? It's ok Richenda you and I can just sit on the stairs or something and we can all help each other with homework?" Then picking up..or knowing Vaughn's history he to got a big firm hug "I'm sorry one deserves something like that" But it seemed everyone wasn't as much of a night owl as the blind girl. So with nice refusals done everyone scattered.

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