The Wicked Witch of The West

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Jean Grey, Magik, Blindfold, Radiance

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02/12/13 21:32

February 12, 2013, 9:32 PM

Magik confronts Jean Grey about her decision to hire Emma Frost, former enemy of the New Mutants, as a teacher of Ethics at Xavier's School

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Blindfold was fidgeting with a worried expression on het face add rogue spoke with the mall security at the desk about a boy.

With rogue left with the boy to play body guard, transportation was arranged for Ruth as she arrived in a quinjet and came to find Jean. Knocking quietly "Miss Grey do you have a moment please if you don't mind thank you?" well that was more redundant then usual

Jean is, at the moment, sipping some tea in the foyer. She blinks and looks up over at Blindfold, giving her a warm smile, sensing a bit of distress, "Yes, Ruth, I'm here, what's the situation? I thought you and Rogue had gone off shopping?"

Raven black straight hair, parted down the middle of her head flows down over and under a band of cloth worn over her 'eyes'. Her hair feathers around her face in a soft carress, brushing against fare creamy skin with a straight nose and gracefully shaped cheeks. A defined jaw and chin cradled her mouth, the upper lip thinner then the bottom. Her hair flows down past her chin hiding the shape of her neck as it slips down a few inches past her shoulders. Her frame indiscernable beneath her plain scuffed shoes, loose comfortable fitting blue jean, a plain deep purple cotton knit shirt and a baggy royal blue hoodie.

Blindfold smiles softly "Yes thank you Miss Grey, we were but then a bit cane rushing into the mall in a panic....he needs or help"

Jean blinks, "Okay, what exactly happened there, Ruth? Sit down, and let's talk about it." She frowns a little, steepling her fingers around her teacup.

Blindfold feels het easy over and takes a seat beside Jean "he saw a girl kill some people, he was in a hysterical panic, said she had green eyes and write a black mask over her entire face, I saw that he would be next if we don't help. rogue and I went out the door he came in but the sense of death cling to the boy, he was in mall security custody at that point, yes sorry, I don't want him to die miss grey. I also saw...claws, shiny like metal, when did Logan have a kid, press if you don't mind my asking?"

Jean frowns a little, "She fell off the radar a while ago, I didn't think she'd be back. And she was killing people?" She shakes her head, "I think she must have been recaptured by..." Another frown, "I'll speak to Richenda about this."

While conversation is going on about a very grave matter, someone else spots Jean through a scrying pool and decides to drop by for an entirely different conversation, which she thinks is very important as well. A disc of light appears on the floor, and out of it rises Illyana, dressed in leopard print capri leggings, black tank top, and a ruffle flounce red jacket with bell sleeves. The point being, she actually dressed more fashionably then her Sorceress robes for this visit. Soon as Illyana's feet rise to floor level, the stepping disc disappears. "Jean Grey. Chow you explain makink Emma 'Evil Vitch of Vest' Frost teacher of Ethics at Xavier's?" But it's not like Illyana is really waiting for an answer, glowering at Jean with eyes that literally glow in a feiry red, Illyana makes a gesture and the cup of tea Jean was sipping flies directly into the floor and smashes. "Dis exactly vhat Emma Frost do to student bring cher chere? Shame on you!"

And, entering the foyer from the dorm areas, is Seth, sporting a track suit. He's mentally preparing himself for a late gym session, when he notices both Blindfold and Jean talking in the foyer. He approaches, "Evening, Ms. Grey... Ruth..." And then, Illyana Rasputin shows up in one of her stepping disks, throwing that big tantrum. He blinks, "Uhm...", he looks at the russian girl, whom he never met, then back to Jean in a query, "Friend...? Foe...?"

Blindfold tilts her head at Jean "If you don't mind my asking please, captured by who? who has been recaptured?" then turns her head toward illyana "Hello there, nice to meet you Miss" tilting her head with a wave to Seth "Friend Seth, nice to meet you again, yes thank you. Colossus's sister...he broke up with"

Jean looks over at Illyana, "At least Katherine was nice enough not to break any dishes when she heard the news. You're also leaving out a few important details, like how she's intentionally been placed in the 'devil's advocate' position opposite Captain America, who is co-teaching the class with her." She arches a brow towards Illyana, "If you want to have a discussion, we can have it. However, Emma is not cleared for the lower levels, she's simply here to help tutor some of the students with telepathic ability, and she is here to teach. And calling her the Wicked Witch of the West is a rather unfair stereotype. I'm fairly certain that Katherine dumped a pitcher of water on her recently, and she did not, in fact, melt."

Illyana is entirely focused on Jean Grey right now, so while it may come off as though she's ignoring Ruth and Seth, she in fact truly doesn't have attention enough to notice them while throwing her feat. "Kitty tolt me you kot Emma to teach ethics! She didn't say Captain America." Illyana still seems to refuse cooling down, even if Jean made a pretty good effort of explaining not only the situation, but the fact Illyana jumped on her without bothering to find out all the details. "Ha. Ha. Funny, Jean, but you vere not chere vhen Magneto was cheadmaster, you did not see vhat Emma do to steal New Mutants, kidnaf New Mutants, chow she play with cheads..." Illyana sounds quite livid, as she shakes, "vhat? I break cup? It nothink!" Illyana snaps her fingers, and all the broken pieces mend back into a proper cup, with the liquid that spilled gathering and floating back inside of it. "See? Cup I can fix...but student cheads when Emma finishet? Dey deserve better teacher...Xavier would not approve!"

Seth looks at Jean, "I haven't met the woman yet... and I know I'm just the recent student here... but, given all the experience both X-Men and the second generation of students had, and that there has been another incident that made her lose privileges here... Wouldn't allowing her to come back here be, I dunno, /wise/...?" He notices the cup being put back together, but is not saying anything about it. Right now, his focus is Jean.

Blindfold quietly stayed out of the argument between the two women. Probably a wise decision considering things

Jean looks at Illyana, "Oh, you mean the Professor that took in a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and made her an X-Man? Or perhaps the Professor that entrusted his Institute to Magneto?" She hrms, "She's a different woman than she was then. I have extended a modicum of trust to her, and if she does betray that trust, matters will be dealt with, I assure you." Her lips quirk a bit, as she seems mildly amused at the altercation.

That cup that was just mended? Yeah, well, Illyana flicks a finger and it goes right back to smashing against a wall this time. She doesn't like being proven wrong, but Jean does make a very solid argument. It was a heart wrenching process, but Illyana who was one of the biggest opposers to Magneto teaching the New Mutants did manage to reach a point where she actually respected him. "Emma is not Magneto," Illyana remains stubborn, her arms crossing tightly as she starts to appear a bit more childish in her mannerism, give it a second and she'll stomp her foot too. "Emma can play with minds. She messet vith Magneto, New Mutants, even cher own Chellions! She is..." Illyana hesitates for a moment, before she starts pacing about and then snaps, "she's as bad as me, okay!? You vouldn't vant me to teach, vould you?"

Blindfold finally gets up off the couch and taps het cane over to illyana to simply hug the woman in an attempt to distract her or calm her down.

Jean hrms, "Not anger management, certainly, but... Illyana, you can't prove someone is trustworthy, unless you trust them. And I actually wouldn't mind you teaching in the school, if there was a subject you felt like you wanted to teach. In fact, I'd encourage it." She shrugs a bit, "Believe me, I'm monitoring the situation very closely."

Illyana is pacing back and worth, fuming, her eyes glowing bright malicious red. Jean has made her point and proven that she's right in giving Emma a chance, but that doesn't change the fact it pisses Illyana off all the more. Then comes the unexpected embrace from Ruth, leaving Illyana surprised, and while she's still shaking as Ruth embraces her, the red glow fades from her eyes, as they return to their crystal blue. "Spasivo," Illyana murmurs to Ruth for the distraction that allowed her to calm down a bit, before turning to look incredulously at Jean, "vhat? Jean..." she points at herself, "me? Teach? You voult encourage dat?" Illyana isn't used to be given that much faith by anyone other than Kitty or Piotr, she's a bit at a loss. "You do remember vhat chappened durink Inferno?"

Blindfold smiles up at illyana "she knows very well and she's serious, yes please Miss Rasputin. Emma hasn't gotten over what happened to the hellions, she blamed herself, she thought they needed a task master, she burdens herself with grief and guilt for it, and hasn't let herself truly cry for them, though my shirt did get damp briefly, she is trying to be a good teacher, not a dull sergeant now, please thank you. You'd be a good teacher, students could easily relate to you, please yes"

Jean stifles a laugh, then nods to Illyana, "Of course, you have more experience than most I could get here to teach, particularly with the struggles with your dark side." She gives Illy a smile, "And remember, I have all of my own memories, and Madelyne's. I know exactly what that was like, from both sides." Which is something that not many people think about. Or probably care to.

Having said that, Jean may well be the only other person to have a true understanding of the machinations that were in place, and just what was at stake. "I vas alvays vorst student vhen I was chere, vorst trouble maker, vorst discipline. I'm no teacher material." Illyana says as if she knows better than Jean, but she does have what appears to be the ghost of a smile hovering on the edge of her lips, "but if you give me chance, den Emma can get chance..." she pauses for a moment, and then says very matter of factly, "I vill do as I vill vith cher if she hurts students can promise cher dat much." Illyana then turns to look at Blindfold, but doesn't appear to be nearly as moved by what turmoils Emma may have gone through. "Emma is one big lie, if there is one person I vish suffer like me, Emma is it." She then smirks at the idea student could relate to her, "I guess so, if I make it recess all time."

Blindfold chuckles "You are stronger then most would give you credit for, burdened with such darkness you fight against it and use it for good against it's nature, yes please. I know how you feel about miss frost but I've also seen her past. You will make a great teacher here, please thank you"

Jean nods slightly, "Believe me Illyana, if she hurts a student here, you'll have to wait in line." And there's the Mother Phoenix-Hen on the surface, giving Illyana a nod, "And really, I am being serious, I would like you here teaching. Whatever you felt comfortable with. And Emma... well, we'll see how this goes. It is a gamble, but the potential benefits far outweigh the risks."

"I vas never one to vait in lines," Illyana winks playfully at Jean, referring no doubt to her penchant for cheating on exams and escaping punishments during her time as a student. But in this case, she likely suggests she could drop in on Emma before anyone else might. Looking at Blindfold quizzically, Illyana seems surprised that Ruth is talking almost as if she knew her. She says nothing for now, just looks at Blindfold oddly, as if considering what to make of her. "You don't know me dat vell," she murmurs when Blindfold suggests she would be a good teacher, but then comes Jean's assertion that she is quite serious about Illyana making a good teacher, and Magik is left to feel uneasy. "Me? I am Illyana Rasputin, you remember?" She drifts backwards from Ruth and Jean, mulling the idea in her head, and as is her manner, a stepping disc forms out of thin air and in a flash she's gone. Not even a goodbye.

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