The Voodoo That You Do, Oh So Well!

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Sandman and Topaz

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02/05/13 10:00

Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village

Sandman and Topaz have a chat.

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Despite it being early on a Tuesday morning, somewhere in the world it is evening and so in his mind, he is justified in going to a bar. Sandman, a semi-regular of the Voodoo Lounge, enters the well-known in certain circles bar. Strolling past empty chairs and empty tables, he heads to the bar, noting no customers are here. Good more for himself. The Avenger slides into one of the leather barstools and wonders if his favorite bartender is around this early.

Considering the fact that Topaz lives above the bar it is a pretty safe bet that she is around, especially considering the hour. Despite there not being a signal of any kind on the door, she always knows when someone has come in and within moments of the door opening somone can be heard coming up the stairs from below. Thinking its the beer delivery guy she is plesantly suprised at who has come, "Well, laadla, aren't you a sight." she smiles and moves toward the bar. "You have not been around. You aren't cheating on me with another bar are you?"

An empath of Topaz’s level would sense a bit of the doldrums on Sandman’s part which quickly turns to energy when she arrives. “Topaz. . .me a cheater?” He hmmmns, “On anyone else sure. But you, never.” He taps on the bar, “I was going to ask for a drink, but you know what would be great. Some coffee? You got anything cooking? ‘Sides yourself that is.”

Laughing heartedly at the response Topaz moves around the bar "It just so happens I do." while normally a bartender would ask about caffeine or not, she doesn't, she doesn't need to. It's one of those things she just knows. What she doesn't know is where the coffee cups are, so it takes her a few moments of searching behind the bar to find one, it's got kitties or something similary cutesy on it "So tell me, what has keep you away so long?" she asks as she rinses the cup before filling it up.

“Double duty. . .hell now triple duty. I am extending myself and wearing myself thin. Being in so many spots at one. It is as if there needs to be more than one of me.” Sandman grins a bit and right after he says that sand flows from his body until a duplicate of him appears sitting in the stool next to him. They both wink simultaneously, “Hey do bartenders have that whole privilege thing that lawyers have? Like if I tell you something, you gotta keep it to yerself.”

Topaz chuckles at the trick, always interested in seeing what certain customers of hers can do. "He's going to have to share your coffee, that's the only clean mug I have." a finger is pointed to object in question. At the question she shakes her head "Oh no, every month the best of the dirty secrets we bartenders hear gets printed in the newsletter." for a moment she even manages a straight face, but an upturn at the corner of her mouth and the dimpling of a cheek gives away that she is joking.

“Good then.” Sandman chuckles at her joke before getting serious. He feels an unusual easiness around the bartender and so he begins, “Well, I teach at a school for mutants and kids who have special abilities. So that keeps me busy and then I have recently associated with a team that, while seemingly on the up and up, is more in line with my old way of doing things.” With the coffee present, he takes a long sip as his duplicate is absorbed into him.

She doesn't seem all that disconcerted at the reversal of the trick, but considering her lifesytle she's probably seen a lot stranger, "I didn't know there was such a school? I assume that's on purpose. A school like that wouldn't want to advertise, to great a risk." she leans foward slightly against the bar her head tilting "And do you continue to associate with this group of people that aren't what they first seemed?

“The school is well protected by the Avengers and the X-Men. It is secret. I haven’t shared too much with you and won’t share anymore, but if you know of any kids who need help. We are here to help them.” Sandman mutters, “Would have been nice to have that when I was younger.” He shrugs and continues, “I do continue to associate with that group. No matter what I do with the Avengers and as a hero. I seems I am destined to return to my old ways. At least this way, it is sanctioned and not quite as ‘bad’ as when I was an outright villain.”

"You speak to me of destiny?" Topaz chuckles "If I went along with what destiny had in store for me, I would be the slave to a evil Sorcerer, or worse. Destiny is choice, it is not chance." her finger taps on the bar as she brings home her point, "It's your decision what it will be and no one elses." it seems that despite her mystical nature and all she has seen, she doesn't beleive that there are three old crones weaving a life for everyone.

“Well, Topaz, you’re sweet. . .especially on the eyes. . .and I get a sense there is a lot more to you than I first thought. But life isn’t that simple.” Sandman finishes his coffee, “Well, I gotta get going. But this is a conversation we should finish. You make me smile.” He smiles, “Thanks for the coffee and the confidence.” With that he makss his exit.

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