The Truth About Xaviers

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Rush and Mirage

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X-Factor Tower

Mirage tells Rush about Xaviers

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==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==

With the holidays being what they are X-Factor hasn't seen that much action over the last few days. For once the people of New York are being seasonably cheerful. Sure there was still crime and misdeeds going on, but nothing on the scale that needed the teams assistance.

Late morning finds Dani back at the tower, she was here for a few days, than gone out west to visit the family, and is back again. Sitting at a table between the kitchen and living area, she is pouring over some paperwork, its common knowledge she has a job outside of XF but what isn't necessarily known is what that job is.

Rush heads up to the kitchen, nods at Dani and then procceds to root around for his normal huge serving of food. He's careful to include lots of carbs and proteins, and then washes it down with sugary caffeine. "Anything interesting going on?"

Looking up from her paperwork, Dani watches the young man few a few moments "No, thankfully it has been quiet." she gestures to the seat at the table across from her "Have a seat." she gathers the paperwork into a disorganized pile. Most of it has some sort of X logo on it, not unlike the logo on her mission uniform, which is isn't wearing at the moment. It's just jeans and a plain grey tee today. "Now that all you are a part of the team and the paperwork is all legal, there is one for thing you need to know.

Rush slides into the seat Dani indicated, setting down all of his food carefully so that it doesn't end up on top of any papers. He hesitates at her next words, looking up carefully. Something he needs to know? That sounds ominous. But Rush keeps his tone neutral. "Sure...what's up?"

"You have heard of Xavier's School right?" Dani starts out answering a question with a question and continues to ask another on top of it "What do you know of it? That it is just a prep school for the rich and the brainy kids?"

Rush's glaze over slightly as he tries to remember. "I heard of them, but...prep school? Huh, didn't even know that much," he admits after a bit. "Makes sense though. They don't have a football team." He pauses and then looks at Dani. "Do they?"

Dani chuckles and shakes her head "Not any you are other sports minded people would recognize." she leans back in her chair now that she knows he doesn't have any opinion on the school one way or the other "I went to school there as did Kitty. Kurt and Alex trained there as well. It's a school exclusively for mutants. As a member of X-Factor you have access to the school grounds and what it has to offer and could be called on to protect it from time to time.

Rush wrinkles his forehead, slightly dubious. "What it has to offer?" What could it have that SHIP doesn't, he's thinking. Then he ventures, "You mean like classes ? Science and accounting and stuff like that?" He doesn't seem too interested, but then another thought occurs to him. "Does it have...I dunno, classes on fighting, and using powers?"

"Yes, extensive ones, taught by highly trained mutants some with abilities similar to your own." Dani is thoughtful a moment as if trying to decide on something "Some of the teachers you may have heard of, like a few of the Avengers, some aren't so well known. I work there, as does Kitty at times. Alex's brother is even the headmaster. They have training facilities like the training room here as well, though there is is called the Danger Room, for obvious reasons.

Rush whistles softly. "Wow. Well one thing I've been wondering...when I was playing ball they had all this film. Like, recordings of the other teams playing, you could study it and get an idea of what you were coming up against. SHIP's got people programmed, like the Serpent Society." He fingers his shirt in the spot where simulated whips made rips in his shirt the other day. "Does this school have anything like that?"

"Yes, it's the bane of the student's existance at times." Dani grins "You think the simulation I put you through was tough? I put the students through training exercises as equally tough, if not more so. I think they were all happy I got moved from teaching to administration.

Rush looks at Dani as if seeing her for the first time. Then he shakes his head. "Yeah...I can see that." He chuckles belatedly, sounding a little forced. "But I guess it's the best way to learn. The better you practice, the better you perform when it really counts." He pauses, then seems to think of something else. "Wait, so these students...mutants. What do they do after they graduate?"

Dani gives a shrug "That's totally up to them. In most cases they stay and teach, in others they join other teams." she chews on her bottom lip a moment "Xavier's doesn't take any and all mutants. It's a small school. We take the hard luck cases, those that can't control their powers, orphans, those that have been shunned by family and/or don't fit into society because there mutantcy is obvious, like in the case of Kurt. Very few of the students come from happy, well balanced homes.

Rush nods slowly as he chews this over. "Like giving them a scholarship," he finally offers. "Guess there are plenty of hard luck cases out there." Then he looks out at a window, probably thinking of the streets outside even though the view from his seat is of the city skyline. "Nice to know there's a place for them." He seems to think of something. "Xavier...Xavier, now I remember where I heard that name. He was the mutant rights activist, right?"

"Charles Xavier, yes. He started the school years ago, with a small group of students. I was in the second group of students he took in. I think the group there now is the fourth?" she gives a shrug to indicate she isn't quite sure," I left shortly after I graduated, I just returned the beginning of this year from a two year, give or take, sabbatical. Time is funny in Asgard, it doesn't run at the same speed as it does here.

Rush draws back ever so slightly, his head also turning just to the side in a subtle "are you for real" motion. "Uh...yeah, if you say so." He doesn't quite know if she's talking about THE 'Asgard', or something else with the same name. Or for that matter if he'd believe her if she was. So he tries to let it drop. "So that's the school you talk about sometimes," he adds thoughtfully. "The one you go see when you're not around here. Mind if I tag along sometime?"

"Right. If i'm not here, that is where I usually am." Dani gives a nod to his question, "I'm going to insist on it. If you are going to be integral to protecting the place you will need to know who and what you are protecting. And trust me, it will need protecting." she then gestures to her paperwork "I'll let you know next time I'm heading there and I will take you along, for now I have to 'fax' these to the school." she gathers the papers and stands "I'll see you later.

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