The Trouble Magnet

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Better Chaperones for Ruth, Definitely

Jean-Grey, Blindfold

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Jean's Office, Xavier Mansion

Ruth updates Jean and almost gets grounded

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Returning from her supervised visit to the city during free time after dinner, ruth headed straight for Jean's office, tapping her cane along the floor she knocked softly on the door even though it was study time.

Jean has a pair of reading glasses on, not that she really needs them, but it's the whole 'looking like a responsible Headmistress' thing. That, and she's currently reading a book. Her mind flickers out towards the door, and she smiles a little, "Come in, Ruth!" She finishes the chapter, then bookmarks her place for later.

Blindfold opens the door and steps in before pushing it closed behind her "I hope I'm not disturbing you Miss Grey but I thought you should be aware of a few things, that recently transpired, please thank you"

Jean smiles a little, "For my students, Mister Dresden can wait. What precisely happened?" She gestures to the chair, even though she knows Ruth can't see it... it's detectable regardless. "Did you want something to drink? Water? Tea? Cocoa?"

Blindfold smiles, seeming a little worried as she tapped her way over to the chair and felt with a hand to take a seat "Cocoa would wonderful thank you yes Miss Grey" taking a deep breath to arrange her thoughts "Well first Ambrose was quite helpful in aiding me with a hooligan who tried to steal my bag, yes I'm sorry, Amby got punched in the face and knocked back but the brute ran off. Then I met a rather unusual man, radioactive burning touch and verging on old like Logan, though Logan might still be older I beleive, yes thank you. The man thought I had somesort of power like mind reading, then Jeanne came along and helped me try to convince him I was just good at guessing, the man over all is not a nice person but I was in no danger, yes I'm sure. the other person though is likely the most disturbing I'm afraid yes Miss Grey"

Jean telekinetically gets her Keurig going, selecting one of the cocoa cups and placing a mug with a bamf under the spout. "Okay, I'm glad you're alright, first off..." She pauses, and considers, "Oh, and I did talk to Dani about Ambrose, and I'll be interviewing him before we do any final decisions on his employment." She steeples her fingers at her desk, taking off her reading glasses as the now steaming cup of cocoa floats gently over towards Ruth. Jean then says, "Were you able to get any sort of impression off this man that you met? It almost sounds like the Radioactive Man, though it does not seem like his... style."

Blindfold turns her head toward the mug floating and gently plucked it from the air as though knowing where it was...or rather seeing where it would be. "Yes thank you Miss grey" taking a sip of cocoa carefully "He wasn't the radioactive man, he goes by the Isotopic Man, he's changed his name a number of times and ws in disguise, I'm afraid yes. Even his birth was arranged, planned" ruth shakes her head softly in dismay "It's both amazing and horrible how events can shape a person, not always for the better" taking a deep breath she sipped her cocoa "He was born Liu Chu, probably never knew his father, someone posed as his grandfather but wasn't and stole everything from him, his mother was Su chu. He then changed his name to Igor Kapec, but he's going by Chang Wen now" ruth goes on to explain the man and his past "Nothing of his appearance was real, not sure you could trust anything he said either but it was hard to tell and I didn't want to poke in his head, my apologies thank you"

Jean nods, "Sounds like some sort of experiment by the Chinese... maybe something akin to what happened to Logan." She sighs a little, "And he does sound dangerous. I'll let the Avengers know, but if he's not hurting anyone, I'm loathe to just confront him as that might cause the very thing we're seeking to prevent."

Blindfold nods in agreement "That isa concern yes, regretably he was born much like Bling but also exuding constant radiation, that his mother and her whole family died from, he has to wear lead lined clothes and wound up killing the man who posed as his grandfather. so much anger thru his life, yes thank you. As much as he's a conern I'm afraid he pales to the other person I met, Miss Grey. I'm not grounded again am I, I did bring a chaperone with me and they kept a close eye on me, please yes Miss Grey"

Jean chuckles softly, "No, you're not grounded. But you are going to require a chaperone, because frankly Ruth? You are a trouble magnet." A bit of a smile at that, "But then, that seems to be part and parcel with being an X-Man, so one could argue you are well on your way."

Blindfold chuckles "Guess that means I can't argue anymore that I'm not a bad luck charm then, yes thank you. Trouble migth find me but I don't tend to run from it either, yes sorry" also a simple truth. there were those that ran from trouble and other that ran right into it. "There is potentially quite a large problem though. A skrull seemed to beam in, sometimes appears as a male and sometimes a female, this time it was a female, called herself the Iron Skrull, but her codename was super skrull, her real name is Klirt, yes quite worrisome" which was the cloest ruth could approximate to the actual pronunciation. "She said she was looking for superheroes, though I had to do some careful talking to divert her from thinking Jeanne's uniform and batons were due to being a superhero trainee and she was quite interested in Mr Wen's story of a mishap a hundred years ago with a skrull ship, yes thank you"

Jean blinks, "/The/ Super-Skrull... I'll have to contact Doctor Richards about this." A wry expression crosses Jean's face, "Trouble magnet, I think, is an understatement for you. Though I believe the name is Kl'rt, but... why, exactly was this skrull looking for superheroes. Did they say?"

Blindfold shrugs helplessly "I'm sorry I'm afriad she didn't say Miss Grey, she called herself the Iron Skrull but I picked up that her codename in super-skrull" nodding at the proper pronunciation "Yes, thank you that was her real name, she certainly didn't understand much about traffic or what school was. She said she found it interesting that the city had such a concentration of superheroes though if that helps yes thank you. I did not think it wise to let her think there were trainees to be found in the city as well, Jeanne was out looking for her secret admirer who just might be the Jack-o-Lantern, Levins himself, I fear yes" then turns a wry expression toward Jean "Some people run from a burning building, others run toward it to help"

Jean frowns a little, "That doesn't... sound like Kl'rt. He, well, for Skrulls the term can be a bit loose, they don't have a set gender, typically. But, well, the real Super-Skrull is familiar enough with Earth society that I wouldn't think they'd have that issue. And he wouldn't be surprised at the superheroes populating New York either." She steeples her fingers, looking thoughtful, "Yes, that's a bit of a problem also."

Blindfold nods "It was Kl'rt though, perhaps the problem with traffic wasn't a lack of understanding but merely not caring about traffic, I saw 'the iron skrull' as male at times, sometimes female, disguised as female this time though, yes thank you" then nods about finesse "Well it is quite complicated with Sebastian Shaw trying to find out about Levins, yes sorry. Levins is a sociopath by definition, killed his parents and made his trademark, then raised and trained by Crime Master, unfortunately yes" then considers things "Hmm perhaps Kl'rt was being deceptive, hoping to get more information from humans if they thought he was new to the culture much like a tourist, please just an idea"

Jean nods, "Now that, in fact, does make sense." She smiles a little as Ruth reaches that conclusion, then blinks a little, "Wait, you encountered Shaw as well?" Her voice grows a little sharp at that, as some things are hard to forget. Or forgive.

Blindfold nods "Not tonight no but a while ago, yes Miss Grey. Specifically the night that Shatterstar joined the X-men, he was there too and I met him, Mr Summers was told about it when Mr Summers and I returned from a eventful trip to the city and met up with shatterstar"

Jean hmms a little, "I... see." She looks at Ruth, "In that case, you're going to have a chaperone whenever you leave the campus. Considering everything you've experienced lately, that seems to be for the best." Her eyes narrow as she considers a few things, "In the meantime, you said you knew Armand?"

Blindfold looked puzzled for a moment "Does that mean you're otherwise lifting the chaperone rule, please if you don't mind my asking Miss Grey?" then grins "Yes, thank you, he lives with Mike, enjoys his cooking and usually wears green and cream or white, he can control his hair as if it were alive, yes thank you"

Jean Grey gives Blindfold a wry look, even if she can't see it, "No... I think you're going to need a more... experienced, chaperone, when you leave campus. Field trained." As in, a 'real' X-Man. "And I think I'll have you come with me, when I go to meet Armand and the others." Her lips quirk a bit, "It will help, I think, to have someone he's familiar with there."

Blindfold gets a wry expression on her face "Trouble Magnet, yep. I understand Miss Grey, yes thank you. Richenda might be useful to bring along as well when you speak with Armand, she seems a bit closer to him then I am, and she was roadie for Mike, yes thank you"

Jean nods, "A good idea. And yes, considering your previous and current encounters, Ruth..." She sighs a bit, "I'm afraid I don't really have a choice with this. If there's not a chaperone of the level of experience available I require, you can't leave campus." Not exactly grounding, but Jean isn't taking chances with student safety.

Blindfold grins understandingly "I understand the position you're in Miss Grey, I certainly do not want to repeat my experience with Ballista, yes thank you. I realize it is not easy to balance freedom with safety and I would not wish to make the school or faculty look poorly, no I certainly wouldn't. There is plenty to do around campus and more soon"

Jean smiles a little, "Well, that's good then. And as I said, you can still go out with a chaperone... but they need to be a bit more of a veteran. Even Rahne or Dani would be fine for that, honestly. It's just... well, as you said, you know the position I'm in here." Not that she likes playing the heavy, but in this case, it's probably for the best, "And part of me is wondering if your power is somehow 'guiding you' to these trouble spots. Something to consider anyway."

Blindfold smiles nodding her head "I tend to follow my visions where they lead me as it tends to be where I'm needed. Thank you for not grounding me Miss Grey, I appreciate it yes thank you" emptying her cup of cocoa before running her tongue over her lips.

Jean nods, "Well, I wouldn't ground you unless you did something to merit it, and it doesn't seem like this would be the case. However, in your case, I am going to need better protection for you when you're off campus, and that I can't waver on." She then smiles a little, "Anyway, I've kept you far later than I should have, and you'll need to do the rest of your homework before classes in the morning."

Blindfold smiles rising from her seat and fumbling for her cane "Thank you for your time Miss Grey, I should get on that homework, I have to finish a paper for tomorrow, yes thank you again"

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