The Thief in a Red Dress

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Black Panther, Night Raven, Yi Yang, Dragon Tong

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06/07/12 22:45

Seaport District

The Black Panther stumbles upon Night Raven held hostage while hunting for his stolen property.

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Warehouse district, seaport, Manhattan, 2:13am. The Dragon Tong was up to their typical illegal and nefarious doings when the Night Raven found his way into their location. He thought he was in luck as Yi Yang was on hand directing the movement of sensitive cargo. What ever she had in that metal crate was of great importance to her. Night Raven still doesn't know what was inside. This is because things went quickly awry.

Not 45 seconds after his penetration into the warehouse was he ambushed. He should have seen it coming. He should have known. But it was lights out for the Night Raven.

When he came-to the Raven discovered that he was bound to a metal chair with rope (legs and arms). On either side of him stood operatives of the Dragon Tong and in front of him the lovely Yi Yang in her oriental dress of red with flowers. She smiled and tic-tic-tic with her tongue in a disappointed and scolding fashion. Her words were condescending, "You failed again, Night Raven. You should have known that I was expecting you." She then disregarded him and walked away to see about her cargo shipment. Night Raven noticed his pistols laying on a nearby crate (10 yards away).

The container was loaded onto a truck and driven off. Yi Yang returned to NR and was about to scold him more when the glass of the skylight is shattered and a black, shadowy figure falls onto stacked crates. The operatives of the Yi Yong open fire with their automatic weapons. Yi Yong takes off running as she commands her operatives to kill the intruder, and kill them all. She disappears into the shadows of the crate stacks.

By this time, the Night Raven had cut the majority of the rope and was able to break free. The operatives on either side of him are distracted and well within striking range. There are perhaps 22 operatives in all. Every one of them with an automatic weapon looking for the intruder.

In the shadows behind crates, Dragon Tong operatives meet their doom. Strikes are heard and random automatic fire ceased. Someone is taking them out.

Four operatives rush into the shadows to engage the enemy. The two are left next to NR, poised and ready to attack any movement - which may be friendly.

His preferred weapons are far away, moving to get them will draw attention and let his captors know he is out of the chair. Instead, he takes the chair with the hands now freed from it and rises to overhead swing it at one of the armed men next to him. Hopefully he can knock him out enough to get one of the automatic weapons - which, despite his preference and age, he does know how to use.

Breaking from the ropes and standing doesn't draw the attention of the Dragon Tong operatives. They are standing a little in front of NR and thus do not see him. They're more fearful of what came through the skylight than of some washed up old and grizzled man whom Yi Yong manhandles.

Other strikes are heard by the unseen figure. Shots are fired and one of the Dragon Tong yells, "I got him, I got him!"

The chair swipe overhead was completely disaster for Night Raven, missing one of the two men near him. Thank goodness real gunfire is errupting to cover the chair hitting the floor behind one man. Still holding the back of the chair, the grizzled washed up crime fighter takes the chair by its back again and this time he'll make a double swipe ... that is swinging the chair from left to right to hopefully hit both men standing guard over him.

Blam and Blam. Both villains go down as their guns are skipped across the floor. One goes unconscious, the other remains conscious and will rise to his feet with a "HEY!" He lunges for the NR and will throw a punch that will do a whopping 6 points of damge.

Meanwhile in other parts of the warehouse, gunfire errupts again as they realize that the assailant isn't down for the count. Other gunmen rush into the darkness and pow, bam, piff, sock noises are heard along with screams of 'holy crap!"

Gladly sucking up the punch, his scar tissue serving as a body armor against normal fists, Night Raven will continue his chair assault. He won't risk going for a gun just yet as he has an assailant in front of him. Thusly, he'll back up and overhead swing the chair diagnolly in he hopes of either further damaging his opponent or hopefully hitting his chin button and dropping him like his friend.

The Dragon Tong operative drops like a rock.

NR will likely notice 5 other operatives standing in the mouths of the darkened corridors through tall crates. They are reticent to enter as they don't want to face what is within. They have their backs to the NR.

Other yells and sounds of fighting occurs within the shadows beyond the crate walls. Gunshots are fired and it's likely drawn the attention of the police by now. But they won't be here for several minutes.

Letting the chair go, Night Raven chooses an automatic weapon. With five operatives standing near the darkened corridors of the crates, its like ducks in a barrel with enough rounds he figures. Whatever is in the darkness choose to be there, he has targets in front of him. He grabs the weapon two hands and aims a strafe of bullets at knee level near the corridors, sweeping from right to left.

Like ducks in a barrel, the Dragon Tong operatives go down in a hail of automatic fire. Cut down in their prime, their unborn children can be heard screaming in dismay by the Watcher. Their mothers have tears come to the corners of their eyes for unrecognized reasons. Then the fighting stops behind the crates as all of the other Dragon Tong have fallen. Things become deathly quiet save for the beating of NR's heart and the breath passing through his throat.

Standing under the shoddy old warehouse light, the one from 1920 that has the large circular shade overhead and dangles from 30 feet of cord, Night Raven remains in the light looking out at the dark corridors. "We are both smart enough to conclude I have realize I am not alone in the warehouse," he says, catching that breath and then standing up, pointing the muzzle of the automatic weapon at the floor, using his free hand to straighten pick up his hat and put it squarely on his ugly mug. "Dragon Tong is dealt with, mutual enemies as they might be, either we show ourselves and figure this out or go our separate ways."

Even more silent than a Ninja, the Black Panther lands behind Night Raven. Within reaching distance, the Panther is ready for the unknown vigilante to turn and attack. He states in a low voice with a foreign accent, "Who are you?"

Standing in the light, Night Raven doesn't move so much even as Blank Panther lands like a ninja, the only telling of his passing being the force of air pushed out of the space he know occupies and ruffling Night Raven's grey trencoat. "Night Raven," he states simply enough, turning his head, not his body, to look over a shoulder, "And the same for your friend, who are you?" The automatic weapon is still at his side, pointing at the ground but it doesn't take a genius to see he didn't switch the safety on and the weapon is still hot.

Intoning, the steady voice of the darker figure states, "I am the Black Panther." and begins to walk around the Night Raven - opposite of the way he turned his neck. "It would seem that you and I share a common goal."

A slip of his thumb pushes the button and the slight glimpse of orange indicates the switch to safety. Then again, guns and slips of thumbs are all it takes to make things hot again. His head follows the man as he walks around, his body remaining firm in its stance. "It would seem that way, in more ways than one perhaps. I'm curious if you're swooped in out of the darkness to fight organized crime or if our goal is more common in that you were specifically after the Dragon Tong?" Bending a knee, he puts the automatic weapon down.

The Panther comes into full view as he walks to one of the downed Dragon Tong operatives. His attention looks down upon the man and will note the strike point that the chair made in the side of the operatives head.

"They have something that belongs to me." is answered. Which could have been the metal crate (4x4x3 in feet) that was rapidly shipped out of the warehouse on a truck.

"They've taken plenty from me that I'll never get back," responds Night Raven, standing and walking to retreive his pistols for the moment. He doesn't scoop them up just yet, rather standing upright as the other is, observing perhaps. "Though what they have of yours, that is tangible. I assume you know their operations are global and whatever it is, it may be headed out to sea as we speak, perhaps with the intent of taking it to foreign bases of operation. I don't know what it is exactly though or what they want of it. So long as it is important to them though, it means the trail that lead me to this warehouse can still be followed. My goal is Yi Yang, we can agree to mutual partnership perhaps to achieve our common goals." It is in the form of a question though, perhaps tryint to establish that mutual agreement so he can pick up weapons and drop his own guard some.

"Technology." Answers the Panther as he moves to the other nearby and downed Dragon Tong operative. He kneels and pushes on the shoulder of the operative to roll him onto his stomach. Pulling a zip tie from his utility belt, the Panther will bind the hands of the operative at the small of the operative's back. While he does this, he continues with the answer. "In our /alliance/ I offer the information of which I have obtained; There is to be an auction for my property. I have yet to ascertain the location of said auction. Perhaps you have information of these matters?"

Picking up the pistols finally, he checks the chambers for rounds. If not for the mask, his frown might be visible as they are emptied - he has revolver loaders in his pocket but doesn't bother to load. He pockets the weapons, "That is interesting, this auction. I don't have information on that, but I have information that Chernyi Derzhat intends to deliver large shipments of heroin outside the harbor." That being some Russian group with global connections as well. "I know the Gianna family intends to meet with other New York bosses and affiliate organizations regarding distributions to prevent excessive blood shed after the shipment arrives. It sounds like the meeting of bosses may be turning into something bigger than I am aware of, not just drug rings but all organized crime, something of a summit?"

"When and where?" Asks the Panther as he lifts the groggy Dragon Tong operative and moves him toward the chair with the intent of uprighting the chair and sitting the operative within.

"Thank your friend Spider-man for this," says Night Raven, the spider-man name not so familair to his tongue and perhaps with some disdain. "The man with information on that was sent off to the Metropolitan Correction Facilities before I could kindly ask him when and where the meeting was taking place." Though, perhaps reading the intent of Black Panther, Night Raven moves to grab the chair in prepartion for the operative. "Perhaps our friend here knows something about that."

Sitting the operative in the chair righted by NR, the Panther reveals and breaks a small capsule in front of the operative's nose. It causes a start from the operative and he's wildly awake. Then he suddenly realizes his position and is does not appeal. The Panther then speaks in Mandarin to the Tong operative, making a polite request of information.

The operative respectfully declines the revelation of information, pointing out his loyalty to Yi Yang and the Dragon Tong and it not being his place to give out that information to masked crusaders. Night Raven doesn't know whats going on, he takes out his branding stick, a cylindrical flashlight like object, "Let me know if he's cooperating." As if the object might help talks go along more smoothly (for the good guys at least).

The Panther seems to have a low growl and will feign annoyance to the denial of information. More words are spoken in Mandarin and he will show his extending claws to the Tong operative in a subtle threatening manner.

The growl and claws don't help the operative much, in maintaining discipline that is. Breaking he says, in Mandarin, "The Big Wing Wong, a week from today ... over on Mott St." Then he turns his head to avoid any accidently claw to face touchings.

"Thank you.", is replied as the Panther straightens up and relays the information to his companion, "Mott Street, a week from today.".

With a nod, Night Raven acknowledges, repeates, "Mott Street, got it. Know the location." Ignoring the operative who will most likely be picked up by the police, he ponders, "Then, Black Panther, do we wait and join again at that meeting, or agree to discuss a plan of action before that day arrives." As in, part company now, meet on that day, or meet again before then.

The Panther pulls something from his belt, clicks it, and states, "The police are on their way. If I have additional questions, I will find you. Otherwise, Mott Street in one week." and he walks toward the shadows.

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