The Test Part III

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Black Crow and USAgent

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02/19/13 16:47

Brooklyn Bridge - New York

Black Crow tests USAgent (scene uses +roll system)

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It is a cold and bitter Tuesday afternoon, Black Crow in the guise of a crow sits perched on the bridge and waits. This site is of particular interest to the Native American mystic. Years earlier, he had fought and defeated Captain America here and once again he has been summoned by the Earth Spirit to test the newest version of Captain America. So he sits and waits.

USAgent steps onto the walkway that runs alongside the bridge, a simple trenchoat partially covering his uniform but otherwise not trying to mask his appearance. He's even wearing his mask. People sometimes stare and point, but most give him plenty of space, as they've learned that superheroes in public sometimes mean supervillains in public.

Spotting USAgent, the crow transforms into his human form, and drops form the sky literally in front of USAgent and stares the man down and looks deep into his eyes, hoping to momentarily paralyze the man, but find that it is not the case, so instead a simple staring match. “I am Black Crow. You are Captain America’s sidekick?” He knows the answer, but to test the man, he must test on all levels.

USAgent locks eyes for a bit. Maybe the word 'sidekick' overcomes the power of Black Crow's gaze, because he jerks and then scowls. "Something like that," he mutters darkly. In his earlier days as USAgent, he might have thrown a punch (or a shield) after hearing those words. "Black Crow, huh? The name rings a bell. But I don't remember too many of the details. What's your game?"

“Troubling times are coming, USAgent? And while I have sought out other heroes including some of your teammates in the Avengers, considering your role in representing America. I must be sure you are ready. I apologize in advance for what is about to happen.” Black Crow bows and starts his attack. He transforms into lightning and zooms straight for USAgent.

USAgent is fast enough to fling himself to the side - fast enough to avoid virtually any normal attack, but Black Crow is faster still. The lightning causes USAgent's limbs to jerk uncontrollably for a few moments, and his coat is singed. Shaking his head, Walker tugs off the covering and then shifts his shield around to cover himself. "Apologize? Is this some sort of -joke-?" He turns to try and keep track of Crow. "I'm giving you just one warning - stand down, or I'll be forced to take you down!"

USAgent crouches behind his shield, deflecting the lightning once again although enough arcs of electricity get around the edges to shock him once more. "Nnnn!" he grunts, trying to collect himself. "What's...this...about?!"

Admittedly surprised by USAgent's warning. His reputation is one of bullheadedness. Black Crow responds, "That is exactly what I want to see you do, Agent." Black Crow connects again with his lightning attack and while USAgent is stunned, He shifts back to human form and explains, "The Anasazi. The Native American pantheon are coming and will attack. Their reasons are their own and I am already jeopardizing my own existence in seeking out and preparing those who should defend. As a literal representative of America, you in particular may be integral. I must be sure you are prepared. My attacks pale in comparison to what they can do." While USAgent is stunned, Black Crow actually helps USAgent up, "You have already proven yourself honorable and equal to Rogers. The time for talk is over. I must test you in combat." He steps back and now the test will truly begin.

USAgent accepts the hand up, but then his eyes widen incredulously. Now the test will begin?! "Look, I don't know what you've heard about me...but one thing you should know, I'm treating this the same as any other fight. And once you're down, I'm taking you in. Maybe a few nights in the Raft will make you think twice next time you attack an agent of the government."

Laughing, even if I am defeated, I doubt the Raft can hold one such as I.” With that, he generates an abundance of fog covering the two combatants, hoping to obscure USAgent’s attacks.

USAgent's eyes narrow as he realizes that sudden fog is coming -from- Black Crow. Taking a few deep gulps of air, in case it's some sort of gas, he launches his shield at the Native American - or at the place USAgent last saw him.

Being a natural with a shield, The fog does little obscure USAgent’s attack which connects with the Black Crow. The mystic falls back with a pained expression, but ultimately impressed with USAgent’s abilities.

USAgent hears the telltale thudding of his shield hitting it's target, but he's already charging forward, snatching the disc out of the air as he catches it off of the rebound and flipping it in a practiced moment to stick his hand through the straps. Then he swings the broad side of the shield at the vague outline of what he thinks is Black Crow.

With USAgent obscured by the fog, he is unable to connect and so Black Crow attempts to turn into lightning, but is unable to for the moment still affected from USAgent’s prior attack with his thrown shield.

USAgent slashes his shield through empty fog, then whirls around. Did he just hear a boot scuffing against the ground? "Blasted fog," he mutters under his breath. Then without looking, he lashes backwards with a kick.

The kick connects hurting and angering Black Crow who is flung off the bridge dropping nearly 600 feet away within the now fog covered bridge.

USAgent has a momentary look of triumph as he knocks Black Crow out of sight...then realizes he just knocked him out of sight. He begins trotting through the fog, pausing once in a while to listen for sounds.

Black Crow is able to turn into a crow as he falls from the bridge and flies back up.

Through the fog the crow attempts to make eye contact with USAgent to once again attempt paraylsis through his stare.

Black Crow finds the attack does not work, perhaps as he is still in his crow form.

USAgent pauses when he reached the edge of the bridge, turning at the sound of the crow's wings. He turns his head slowly, listening. "Crow? Crow?! You still out there?!"

“I am.” The crow speaks in a fully human voice. It flies up numerous feet high in the sky and begins to disperse the fog. “You have fought admirably, USAgent. I admit defeat and have confidence you can stand up to the coming war. Prepare yourself, though. For it WILL come.” The crow flies off.

USAgent waits until the fog clears before straightening up, slinging his shield across his back once more and then calling for pickup. His scowl never clears.

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