The Test Part II

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Black Crow and Daredevil

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02/12/13 23:07

Hell's Kitchen - New York

Black Crow tests Daredevil

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It is late evening in New York. A cold wintery day as New York has already recovered from a blizzard that buried the city. Few people are out and about in, especially in Hell’s Kitchen. Among the few is a small almost unnoticeable little black crow. The crow swoops through Hell Kitchen’s, seeking someone specific. An old ally, the bird is an odd sight since most birds do not fly around at night in the dead of winter. But this black crow does.

The fact that it's cold may actually help deter those criminals who might otherwise be active in Hell's Kitchen this evening. It's a hope, at least, for it means a lighter night for the neighborhood's self-appointed protector. Despite the cold, he's perched on the top of one of the buildings as if surveying the streets and alleyways, waiting to hear...or not hear...anything that needs his attention.

The dark doesn't bother him one bit.

The appearance of the bird catches his attention; crows have a different wing-shape and span than pigeons. It distinguishes it from the more populous birds in the city...and even though not too many seem to come into Hell's Kitchen, this one gets a greeting. "Isn't it a bit cold out to be doing that?"

When the bird receives the greeting, the features on the face of the bird change to appear more human and a smiles forms as it continues to encircle the man without fear. “Daredevil, I was hoping to find you, old friend.” The voice is a deep mixture of old world influence with some trappings of modern society. Flying abit away from the hero and dropping from the sky a human forms appears kneeling on the roof. The human form of Black Crow rises and looks to his friend and extends his hand out to shakes Daredevil’s, “And while it is good to see you, I apologize in advance.”

A talking bird...but one meets many strange things when one dons a costume and starts being a vigilante. "Black least you picked a quiet night." The offered hand is sensed and he takes it to shake briefly, "If you're apologizing for coming into Hell's Kitchen, no need. If you're going to do something here...I'd like a little more than a proactive apology."

“It is time for up close observation and so a test. . .and please know that this is only a test and should not mar our friendship.” When the hand is offered, Black Crow moves quickly instead of shaking Daredevil’s he reaches out to push the hero off the roof of the building.

There is a moment of surprise as Daredevil is one he thought his friend...but he quickly tosses one of his billy clubs with the cable lines and hooks it onto a fire escape. Using the momentum to swing up to a landing, he regains his composure as his feet get back on the 'ground'. "Are you possessed? I welcomed you here as a friend, but more of that and I will happily kick you out of my home."

“Actions speak louder than words, my friend.” Black Crow looks to Daredevil and his form suddenly shifts to that of Bullseye and he comes at Daredevil with a high kick. The kick is telegraphed and with his senses, he should know this is not truly Bullseye.

Daredevil knows Bullseye. He knows how the man's hearbeat goes, how he moves...the physical form aside from the height and weight is pretty much moot. He doesn't sense faces, after all. The kick is intercepted and parried before he tries a leg sweep while the other is already off-balance, "Want to give me an explanation for this?"

“Bullseye” falls back when Daredevil completes and connects with the leg sweep. “Bullseye rolls back and takes the form of Typhoid Mary and charges Daredevil, “There are those who would seek to destroy not only this city, but those of your kind!”

The thing is, the shapechanging doesn't do all that much. Daredevil knows it's not the form that's been taken. They don't sound or move or smell the same. The 'Typhoid Mary' is just a female form now, "Yeah, there sure are. I've met a few. Is this meant to be news?"

As Mary continues the charge, the form turns into that of the true Black Crow at the last minute to tackle Daredevil, once again off the building but this time falling with him, should he connect.

What is it with falling off the buildings? Daredevil grunts as he's tackled and the whole 'falling thing' isn't a favorite, especially when he now has to try and grapple something that can support both of their weight. He tries to get a line to a flag pole or something to stop their fall as he wasn't planning on becoming a smudge on the sidewalk tonight. "Can't fly, you know..." is growled as he aims the line for the closest flagpole.

As the line latches onto the flagpole, they are saved from falling, but as Black Crow maintains a grip on the hero, “But I can.” He attempts to punch Daredevil in the midsection before letting go and letting himself fall.

Daredevil doesn't let go of the line as he's punched, but he does kick out to try and shove Crow away. He grimaces at the pain in his abdomen before he goes to pull himself up to another landing to rest. He's just going to let the other fall -- as he said, he -can- fly. "Next time, I won't be so nice."

Kicked off by Daredevil, Black Crow transforms to lightening and zaps his way to the flagpole and reaching the top of the line, returns to human form and attempts to cut the wire with his mystical knife, “You can tolerate pain and have shown creativity, but how well do you do without your wire and club?” He asks as he cuts away at the line.

With the line cut, Black Crow leaps off the flagpole and transform into a crow, but a human sized one and flies down to grasp Daredevil in his talons. The bird maintains a human voice, “As I said I am sorry. You have proven your resourceful, but I must be sure you are fully prepared.” If allowed he will fly Daredevil back to the roof and safely deposit him there.

As long as he's not dropped, Daredevil will let himself be carried back to the roof. He keeps the clubs out, prepared to fight the now-giant bird if need be, "Prepared for what? Last I checked, I'm not exactly in your employ."

“You are not in my employ, but I know you to defend this city and your people until your dying breath.” The giant crow safely places Daredevil on the roof, “And the test has gone well so far. You were resourceful and showed your unfazed by the appearances of some of your more dangerous enemies.” Black Crow does not know Daredevil is blind. “But now a more direct and even test. . .and the final one, my friend. I will answer any questions and tell you all know, but please indulge me in this. For your sake as well as mine.” He remains as he is, but takes a martial arts pose and gestures for Daredevil to come at him.

While he has both bladed and mystical weapons at his disposal, Black Crow honors his statement, knowing Daredevil to be an honorable warrior. He leaps out first looking as if he is going for a high kick, but instead squats at the last minute in an attempt to leg sweep at the blind hero.

Daredevil is prepared to move out of the way, but the feint does catch him. He falls at the sweep, but then quickly rolls off to the side and back to his feet before throwing a punch as the other's balance is a little off...or so he hopes.

Black Crow's balance is off and the punch connects sending him back. He instinctly reaches for his dagger, but pulls it back. Black Crow knows he is outclassed in a straight forward hand to hand fight. Daredevil is quicker and Daredevil is the better fighter hands down. But he must complete his task. He takes a boxing stance and jabs forward with his right and then goes for a quick follow-up with his left should he not connect with the first jab.

A boxing stance? Daredevil recognizes that immediately. If that's the technique that Crow is going to employ, he will most certainly be ready for it. The first jab is parried and he swings in low to the solar plexus even as the other swings with his left, leaving his torso free.

Managing to get a hit to Daredevil’s torso, when he is hit in the solar plexus, he falls back a bot and catches his breath. With the moment past, Black Crow leaps forward, arms outstretched in an attempt to grab Daredevil in a bear hug and squeeze with his super strength.

Daredevil oofs lightly as he gets a jab to his own torso, but even as Crow pauses to take a breath, he's prepared for what might come next. Seeing the other charge him, he backs up a step or two before actually giving a leap of his own to flip over the man. It's a risk, but there's a reason why he has the name he does.

Falling forward as Daredevil completes the leap over, Black Crow loses his balances and actually falls forward teetering on the roof, “Wait, I cannot fly at the moment. . .” He suddenly falls off the building plummeting down to his death.

Daredevil leaps over the ledge without a moment's hesitation after the other. He may not have a club with a line, but one of the ends can become the hook of a cane. He dives, hoping to catch up with Crow so that he can grab them...and hook the cane onto something to catch their fall.

The hook manages to catch the edge of the roof for which Daredevil can hang over, but Black Crow is not caught, too far to grab Daredevil. He manages to shift his form into lightning and careens at superspeed to the top of the roof where the hook of the cane holding Daredevil is. He returns to his human form and holds his hand out to assist Daredevil, “You did well, my friend. Despite the unknown test and fight you still risked your own life for mine. You are ready for the Anasazi.”

Daredevil hesitates a moment before he takes the offered hand to be helped up. "I wasn't going to let you fall to your death...although there were a few times where I was tempted." He still grimaces, however. "Ready for the what? You promised answers."

Once Daredevil is up, Black Crow simply says, “You were promised answers and will have them at some point.” Black Crow transforms to lightning and simply zaps away.

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