The Test

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Black Crow and Deadpool and illusions of Nanabozho and Hotamintanio

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02/05/13 01:22

Deadpool's Palace of Funk – Bronx

Black Crow visits Deadpool and tests him.

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Deadpool is, well, sitting in his seat, in his full costume, and for some odd reason, is wearing a cardboard Burger King crown.

Considering the type of place this is, Black Crow does not feel the need to hide his identity or shift into any other form than that of the Native American mystic that he is. And so upon entering the Funky Palace, he looks around and simply sighs and what has become of people in this day and age. He is here for a specific reason and so, he makes his way towards Deadpool ignoring any other people who may be present. “Deadpool, is your name is it not?”

Deadpool stares at crow-boy, and shrugs, and nods. "It's one of my names anyway," He admits. He looks at the getup. "Umm.. The Village People impersonator contest isn't until next week."

Scoffing at what Deadpool says, Black Crow ponders, “Who are these Village People that you speak of?” He looks about around the area and sighs, “I can see why the Anasazi want to destroy this city and your people.”

Deadpool blinks, and shakes his head. "The village people. Kinda famous, kinda infamous. One of them dresses up like a Mowhawk. Or Blackfoot. Or something.. Anyway, what's wrong with this place? It's fun, most of the time. I am a bit biased."

“Oh yes, my mortal form has heard of them. You must be one to frequent that YMCA place.” As Black Crow looks about, “This place is an embarrassment to humanity, not just your people. Men loiter here to harass the women who are basically dressed as whores and harlots.”

Deadpool shakes his head. "Never was one to hang out in the YMCA. I did do a merc stint with a naval base once. Or maybe it was a waterpark. I can't remember. Whatever." One of the waitresses overhears Black Crow's comment and huffs off towards one of the rooms in the back. Deadpool watches her leave. "I think you offended her. Aaaanyway, what do you mean 'my people'? I don't have 'people'."

“The white man. . .your mask hides identity, but it is clear you are one of them.” As the waitress huffs as she walks away, Black Crow cares not, “You have upset the Anasazi, Deadpool. Nanabozho and Hotamintanio would have words with you.”

Deadpool rolls his eyes. "For gods, they're remarkably stupid. They start picking fights, and when someone talks back to them they get upset. What do you expect when you go picking fights? People just to lay down and let themselves be slaughtered? Won't even work in my case. I can't die.

“Is that so?” A grin forms on Black Crow’s face as a fog starts to waft into the Palace. As it moves around any who is touched by the freezing mist is frozen. The mist seems to go around Deadpool and Black Crow, but touching everyone else within the funky club. Making eye contact with Deadpool, “Perhaps you are the right one then.”

"Perhaps you are the right one then," Deadpool repeats, in a childishly mocking voice, which sounds really odd, given his gravelly, grating voice. "What is that even supposed to mean?"

Shaking his head, Black Crow’s form suddenly shifts to that Nanabozho and smashes down on the ground sending a little bit of a quake while Hotamintanio appears behind Deadpool’s chair. “It means nothing to a fool like you!” He attempts to pick up the chair with Deadpool in it.

"Oh god damn it bunny-boy! Get out of my club!" Deadpool says, leaping off his chair."

Hotamintanio breaks the chair while Nanabozho grrrs, “Fool, meet a real trickster. You pale in comparison to what I can do.” Two twin beams of othon energy ring out from his eyes as they attempt to strike Deadpool. Hotamintanio gets his bow and arrows ready to launch at the merc with the mouth.

Deadpool is hit square in the face with the energy ring, but nothing seems to happen, he throws a punch at one who shot them. "What was that even supposed to do?"

Surprised by nothing happening when Deadpool is hit by the othon, Nanabozho is hit square in the jaw and the god falls over.

Hotamintanio takes the opportunity to fire off an arrow aimed straight for Deadpool. It is a stronger than usual arrow with an incredibly sharp edge that would typically shatter an entire tree.

Splorch! The arrow goes right through deadpool, leaving a large hole. "Ow. My spleen," Deadpool says, in an almost bored tone of voice. He staggers a bit before his healing factor kicks in and the hole left by the arrow slowly grows shut, the skin revealed underneath the costume heavily scarred by ever shifting tumors.

The gods stop a moment and stare. Nanabozho stands up from being punched, “You truly cannot die then, Deadpool. Perhaps you are the champion I seek.” Nanabozho’s form shifts to Black Crow and Hotamintanio disappears. The entire thing was an illusion and Deadpool and Black Crow are sitting down as they were before the illusion started.

Deadpool blinks. "Wait what the hell? Where did everyone go? The party was just getting started!"

“It was all an illusion.” The people in the club are still frozen as the mist was real. “Deadpool, I am Black Crow. While I am a servant of the Anasazi, I seek to prevent their destruction of this city, nay the entire country. You have specifically irked Nanabozho and Hotamintanio. I was sent here to send you to them. But this test has shown your abilities may prove fruitful. You may survive an encounter with them and may even provide hope for this land and your kind.”

Deadpool rubs his face through is mask. "I'm not getting paid for this, am I?" he asks, though his tone implies he really doesn't expect an answer.

“The reward is that you will save your people.” Black Crow looks at the club and the patrons and back to Deadpool, “You would save this.” He says that with a disdainful tone before the mist begins to fade and people go back to whatever it was they were doing and he rises, “Prepare yourself, Deadpool. For soon, you shall go to Shipolo.” With that, he begins to take his exit.

"Huh. I expected him to ignore the question entirely," Deadpool mutters, "Hey! You gonna unfreeze these people? Or do I need to find a hair-dryer or blowtorch or something?"

Deadpool realizes everyone's already unfrozen, and now staring at him in confusion. He just shrugs.

Freaking oblivious players making me look stupid.

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