The Skrull leading the Blind

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Skrull Leading the Blind

Blindfold, Finesse, The Isotopic Man, Super-Skrull (as The Immortal Iron Skrull)

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11/29/12 02:00

Greenwich Village - New York

Super-Skrull encounters some X-Kids and an Isotopic Elder

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-----==[ Greenwich Village - New York ]==-------------------------------------

The Village is easy to get delightfully lost in. There are trees everywhere; the streets are narrow and crooked and twisty, and the buildings seem to lean in over them, sheltering the people on the sidewalks from the view of the world. The people who live here take pride in their neighborhood - it's expensive, and it's stylish and always has been, but it's expensive *because* it's stylish, and it's stylish not because of surging waves of artificial gentrification but because the residents work hard at making it that way.
The Village centers around Washington Square Park, and spreads outward from there in its own pattern - since it was a town of its own before New York swelled to include it, it's never been forced into the strict grid plan. Significant locations in Greenwich Village include NYU's primary campus, the Oscar Wilde Bookshop (the world's oldest gay and lesbian bookstore), a number of Off-Broadway theaters, and one of the most-frequented basketball courts in the city. Also local to the Village is the annual Halloween parade - which each year draws as many as fifty thousand participants, and an audience numbered in the millions.
A sign is posted at 122A Bleeker Street that reads, "Starbucks Coming Soon!".

The Isotopic Man
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Blindfold chuckles "Many lessons can be garnered from the past yes thank you. Those who are do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it." then turns toward jeanne "Many pies are far more fattening, though sweet potato and minced meat pie are both good as well, yes thank you"

The Isotopic Man sighs a bit. "And those who repeat the past often do not live through it." Looks up to the sky, its unclear whether or not he's seeing anything, the mutant disguised very well, appearing to be a blind chinese venerable old man between the ages of 85 and 100 in a mix of traditional and modern attire.

A sinister presence watches and listens. He's completely invisible to the naked eye - but in a twist of fate, perhaps not invisible to otherwise blind eyes. The lurker notes the people here, and as he's done quite often these last few weeks briefly examines their attire of those he sees - and the visible weapons of Finesse as she leaves - before deciding on his own form. A few moments later...

"I only need one time, I never make mistakes," Jeanne says what may be taken for a boast, yet there's no bravado in her voice, it's like she stated a fact. Turning to Blindfold she says, "Ruth, I have to get going, but I'll definitely make it a point to see you soon about making pumpking pies. Thanks." Just as she came, Finesse bolts away with a revving of her bike.

Iron Skrull appears suddenly in an alleyway not far from where Blindfold is. Literally appears. One moment the space is empty, and in the next instance there 'she' is. She steps out into plain sight, places one fist into the open palm of the other hand, both held in front of herself at chest level, then inclines her head slightly over them. "Greetings."

Blindfold smiles to Jeanne "Alright, I'll see you back at the room, I have a wonderful recipe for pumpkin pie" meaning they'd definitely talk later about pumpkins. Then something gets her attention and she turns her face up toward the sky as though searching before turning toward the new voice "Hello there, nice to meet you yes thank you"

The Isotopic Man quotes something in chinese quietly. Nevertheless, he faces the new voice and with a closed fist and open palm, makes a similar gesture back to Iron skrull. Glances to Blindfold. "Are you making the pies to celebrate the season, or are you just a fancier of pies?"

Iron Skrull opens her mouth to say something, then pauses and gives both an odd look. "Pies? Did you say pies?" She seems uncertain for a moment, then shakes it off. "Ah...that is, yes, nice to meet you both." He looks between the two, then looks in the direction Finesse drove off. "I am known as the Immortal Iron Skrull...who are you?"

Blindfold smiles "At a boarding school, especially during the holidays pie never lasts long with teenager running around, thank you yes" well teens always were bottomless pits, specially the boys. "Well it's nice to meet you Miss Iron Skrull, I'm Ruth and this is Mr Wen"

The Isotopic Man mutters. "Skrull... skrull.... the word is vaguely familiar to me." Trails off mysteriously. Sighs. "Standing about as long as I have tires me. Will you join me someplace where I might rest myself?" Chuckles. "Ah yes, growing people must eat, and eat plentifully. Don't want malnourishment, do we?"

Iron Skrull turns her head this way and that, scanning the streets. Finally she points at the nearby Joe's Coffee House. "I would not refuse a cup of tea...shall we?" Without waiting for a reply she starts heading in that direction, crossing the street and forcing cars to stop or swerve around her.

Blindfold turns her head toward Wen wryly as though asking 'really? really??'. Wincing at the screeching tires and angry honking of horns "I suppose traffic signals weren't in the alien visitor's brochure, yes thank you" Then waits for Wen before following him, losing the iron skrull in all the racket....wen could see where she went right?

The Isotopic Man laughs suddenly and calls out to iron skrull. "Did you forget, visitor, that neither of us can see? Where did you go? Are you coming back to lead us across the street?" Voice loud enough to be heard. "Skrull? Hello~?"

Iron Skrull pauses in the middle of the street, then turns and heads back, causing just as much commotion as the first time. "Very well...this way. Please." The last part is added almost as an afterthought as he stands between the two, takes both by the elbows and then directs them towards the cafe.

Blindfold snickers as TIM announces their predicament, then winces again hearing hollering accompanying the racket this time. A figure not far away from her seemed to go suspiciously on the alert and tails Ruth closely as she walks with Iron Skrull.

The Isotopic Man taps along, following Iron skrull serenely without a word till about the middle of the street. "When I had my sight I played majhong quite a bit. If I still had it I would play you over tea, skrull."

Iron Skrull leads the way to the coffee shop, then selects a table outside with four empty seats. She deposits each of the others in a chair and then selects one next to a menu posted in the front window for herself. She reads off a few of the specials for the others and then the different sections of drinks and food. "So you both lost your sight? Or were you born this way?"

Blindfold felt odd at being manhandled like so but she didn't complain "Well I won't speak for Mr Wen but I was born without my sight, a birth defectyes thank you" Her chaperone taking a seat at a table nearby. "If you don't mind may I please ask what brings you here?"

The Isotopic Man chuckles. "I was a young man when I met the esteemed Fu manchu. Resting up from injuries I sustained during the chinese civil war, which was at the time still ongoing, Fu offered me one golden block per month of service to go with him to a remote area of the gobi desert. We found a skrull ship there. A device malfunctioned and released a gas in my face. I went slowly blind and aged rapidly to this state, but I gained.... abilities..." He trails off without explaining further. He names a chinese tea as his order.

Iron Skrull seems to be thinking over Blindfold's question, missing the chaperone as completely as she missed the odd feel of Wen's arm. But then, she's not really familiar enough with humans to know when that is normal (for example a super-hero...or villain) and when it's not (an elderly chinese man). But the story does trigger a response. She turns her head slowly towards him. "You found a -Skrull- ship...?" she repeats, voice low. "Which ship? Describe it. Please."

Blindfold remains quiet, putting her own order politely in for a chair tea as the focus turned to Wen. She didn't want to interupt or or disturb so she simply took a napkin from the table and placed it in her lap before folding up her cane into 6inch segments.

The Isotopic Man sighs a bit and toys with the tip of his cane before laying it aside. "I assume it was a skrull ship, Fu, who was older and wiser than I at the time, thought it might have been one. Though in truth it was buried deeply into the ground, and had been buried for a long, long time. I'm not a geologist but we have to climb up a mountain and go deeply into a cave to reach it, so nothing could be determined of its outside. It was far in advance of earth and composed mostly of metals that are either rare or nonexistent on earth, thats all I can say for certain." Pauses and sips tea. "...Further it was nearly 100 years ago. Memories fade over time."

Iron Skrull nods slowly in understanding. "I see. Perhaps I should speak with Fu Manchu when I have the chance. He may permit me to examine this ship myself. If it is still there." Her expression turns grim for a moment. Then she turns towards Wen again. "100 years ago? That is quite a long lifetime for one of your species, is it not?"

Blindfold smiles toward the waitress with a nod and redundantly thanks her politely "Well if it was a hundred years ago that would make Mr Wen, probably around 115-120 I would estimate, yes thank you. We humans rarely live to 100, it's still a news worthy feat to this day, yes please" sipping her chai softly.

The Isotopic Man chuckles. "I wouldn't be the mysterious asian man if I didn't keep some secrets. As for fu manchu, I'm not certain he's still alive, I haven't heard from him in decades, and the area we went to was used for nuclear testing in the late 60s, so the ship might not even be there anymore." Sips chinese tea. "One of my secrets to longevity though is to drink one shot of scotch a day and smoke one cigar a day. I've got to have something to hold on to at my age, otherwise I might well fall and break my hip." Chuckles again.

Iron Skrull chuckles politely in response, though it seems forced. It's possible she doesn't quite understand the humor. Or maybe it's disappointment at the thought of Fu Manchu not being available to question further. Finally she turns towards Blindfold. "So your friend...the one with the uniform. Is she a super-hero?"

Blindfold grins finding indeed a bit of humor in it but for other reasons then the obvious. Then turns toward Iron Skrull "She wears a uniform? Ohh that might have been the school uniform, we're roomates at a boarding school, I'm sorry my apologies" mostly because she obviously couldn't see what people were wearing.

The Isotopic Man has nothing to say, so listens only, drinking the tea one sip at a time calmly and casually.

Iron Skrull says, "A trainee, then? Ah, I hadn't considered that. I've been trying to meet heroes - this city seems to have an unusual concentration of them. But I had no idea there were also training facilities nearby."

Blindfold giggles "Training facilities? I meant High School! Shea and I go to school together, humans have to go to school to learn until we're about 18 years old, it's called an education, High School is the last phase of it, teaches nothing of crime fighting though, I'm sorry, my apologies if that disappoints. We go to a boarding school together where we live and go to school at the same facility, yes thank you. Education and schooling can happen in a number of ways, there's public schools, private schools, military schools, and prep schools and boarding schools, not ranked in that order though no thank you"

Iron Skrull nods unhappily at Blindfold's explanation. She's not sure if uniforms and batons are the norm at ordinary schools but he supposes it's not worth the time to follow up even if it is some sort of fighting academy. Or 'military school' in her words. "Ah...well, thank you for the explanation. Perhaps it's best if I continue my search then." She stands up and inclines her head slightly, in a repeat of her initial bow. "Farewell."

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