The Skrull in Winter

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Super-Skrull crosses paths with Spiral again

Super-Skrull (Winter Skrull), Spiral

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10/22/12 14:00

The Bronx

Super-Skrull runs across Spiral again

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-----==[ Bronx - New York ]==-------------------------------------------------

The Bronx is the third largest borough of New York City, as well as being the third most populous. Heavy industrial areas lie besides residential districts in this borough. Because of this, the sky is usually grey above this section of New York, giving it an ominous feeling. Trees seem not to grow here, and if they do, their leaves are dried and dark. Shae stadium is located within this area.

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[8B] - 8-Ball Willie's - Bronx [AB] - Main Floor - Abandoned Glass F
[AT] - Abandoned Tenament Building - [DP] - Deadpool's Palace of Funk - Br
[EP] - Edge, P.I. - Bronx [JY] - Junk Yard - Bronx
[KP] - King's Park Shelter - Bronx [MD] - Mel's Diner - Bronx
[S] - Queens - New York [SU] - Subway System - New York
[SW] - El Barrio - New York [VI] - Vulcan Ironworks - Bronx
[W] - East River - New York [WH] - Warehouse - Bronx
[YS] - Yankee Stadium - Bronx [YT] - Yankee Tavern - Bronx

Spiral is having fun teleporting around the Bronx, seeing the sights, checking up on a few locals... Unfortunately subtlety is not really one of her strong points, even with magic to help out. Which is why she's leaving one of the local bars, cloaked in a spell - seemingly a somewhat unreal looking tall woman clad in a long, sparkling robe or dress, with normal enough eyes but long white hair. Needless to say, she didn't exactly fit in, even if it looks like she has two arms.

Winter Skrull exits a bar as well, although his egress is through a second-story window on the side and not the main entrance. Carefully closing the window behind him, he leaps down to the floor of the alley, flexing his knees at just the right time so that he lands with a very muted thump. Then he quickly moves to a spot with his back against the wall near the corner. A large stocky man exits the bar a few seconds later, and walks down the sidewalk passing right by the Skrull's alley without noticing the figure lurking there...

Spiral for her part needs to go to a shady spot where she can drop her 'disguise'. So she wanders right into the nearest alleyway, ignorant of any other people following her, or other people leaving the bar, or whatever.
Once in the alleyway she drops the disguise, returning to her six armed blue spandexed self, a stormy expression on her face. "Bah..." she mutters, anger seething within her.
She's a freak!

Winter Skrull watches the stocky man pass by and then go farther down the street. He's almost two blocks away before the Skrull leaves the alley, wearing a simple black hoodie that conceals his arm (and more importantly, with the hood up conceals his ears...and that chin). Soon it becomes clear that he's following the stocky guy, and trying at least to be discreet about it.

Spiral eventually is done, and calm enough to proceed. So she waves one hand, and teleports up to the nearest roof. There, she pauses before teleporting off as she sees the goings on below her finally. Oh how curious, she thinks. Not exactly why she was here in the first place, but interesting nevertheless, so she peers over the edge, subtle like, to see how events unfold.

Winter Skrull follows along after his target, then as they go a few more blocks the streets start to thin a bit. Less traffic, from cars and pedestrians both. The cars that are present are parked in spaces where they fit alongside the street. The buildings no longer have bars and businesses, now they are mostly townhomes or houses. They're in a more residential area. Less people...but also less witnesses.

Spiral trails along, teleporting from one rooftop to another. She's not completely silent by any means, the occasional ping of her teleporting, or the sound of her boots scraping across the tiles, but quiet enough for her purpose, probably. Driven by idle curiosity.

Winter Skrull finally comes to a stop by a tree, positioned so that it's between himself and his quarry. The stocky man climbs into an improbably small looking sportscar, starting the engine. The Skrull's hand slips into the pocket of his hoodie...

And suddenly there's a tremendous CRASH!! as the back of the sporstcar explodes!

Spiral blinks blank glowing eyes. Well, that's not very nice. And this is sort of her 'hood, in that she'd rather that obvious stuff doesn't go on around here.
Not without her say so, at least...
So she waves one hand, teleporting over to the building right by where the apparent car bomber is skulking. And then with another wave, she teleports him up to the roof next to her.
Where she apparently plans on giving him a good ticking off. Two hands rest on her hips, while another one points at him accusingly and the remaining three wave around her in a vaguely threatening fashion. "That's not so good, blowing up cars in this neighbourhood. Someone might take offence." she tells him crossly.

Winter Skrull has a look of triumph on his face at first, which quickly turns to astonishment as his view of the crippled car is replaced by one of the Bronx skyline. Then he foces on Spiral and the look is even more surprised. "You!" he exclaims. "What are you--" he cuts himself off. Then if anything his expression becomes shocked. His eyes widen, and he seems to hesitate before plastering confusion over his own face. "That is...who are you? And what is the meaning of this?!"

Spiral has no clue who he is, and probably wouldn't care /that/ much if she did. So she remains unimpressed. "I saw what you were doing down there. If you do that sort of thing enough it won't be too long before heroes arrive and then it'll be work work work." she tells him sourly.
"So I'm thinking that perhaps you shouldn't be allowed to run around with those two arms of yours. For your own good, of course." she adds, voice now menacing. "Either that or I go drop you off at some jail and earn some points with the local constabulary. It would be much less fun, though.".

Winter Skrull gives Spiral an appraising look. "You? You are going to take my arm? It will take more than a few swords to..." he pauses, eyes narrowing. "Jail? Prison? Don't make me laugh. Prisons are an inconvenience, nothing more." He pauses, and then slowly admits, "Most of the time."

"I do not know who you are." Spiral says imperiously. "In any case, I do not appreciate you blowing things up in this area. If you want to cause trouble, I suggest doing it in Xavier's school, it would be more enjoyable for all concerned, I'm sure.".
"And prisons are an inconvenience at the best of times." she agrees.

You say, "Xavier's school? Tempting, but their defenses are, formiddable." It takes him a moment to come up with the right word. "Perhaps humans are more interested in keeping invaders out than prisoners in." He gives Spiral a long, considering look. "But what do you know of Xavier and his people?"

"Little enough." Spiral says, waving one hand dismissively. "I have met a few, and that is all. So who are you, anyway? You are not one of the normal humans, that much is clear.". As he doesn't exactly seem to have turned into a quivering puddle yet, most distressing. "Especially given you refer to 'humans' yourself.".

Winter Skrull rubs his chin in thought, then seems to come to a decision. "You know of my people -- the Skrulls?" Without waiting for her to reply, he goes on. "We are able to change our shape at will. You do know me..."

His shape wavers, changing until he's wearing the form he did when they first met. "In a way." He morphs again, finally resolving into his own shape. A slight sigh escapes his lips, as if it's a relief to assume his true form. "I am no ordinary Skrull. I am the Super-Skrull. Greatest warrior in the Armada. Hero of the Empire. A legend throughout known space!...and an exile from my people."

"I see. Well...". Spiral is cut short by an electronic beeping sound, and she looks confused at first, before recognition dawns. "Damn." she mutters, reaching down to a pocket on her leg and tugging out what looks like a hi-tech commlink of some sort.
"I really have to pick this up. So perhaps some other time." she tells the revealed Skrull hurriedly. "Duty calls.".
And with that she waves a hand, and disappears!

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