The Rhino Charges

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Arachne, Dagger, The Rhino, Lilith Drake, Scarecrow, Porcupine (emitted by Black Panther)

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-----==[ SoHo and Tribeca - New York ]==--------------------------------------

This area has the reputation of being a quirky home for starving artists. The reputation is somewhat outdated; first SoHo, then TriBeCa, attracted artists, then galleries, then celebrities seeking to identify themselves with the artists, then people flocking to be seen with the celebrities, in a spiral of costs and gentrification. By now, though there are 250 art galleries in the space of one-fourth of a square mile, the artists themselves are by and large gone.

The architecture in SoHo is still unmistakable - Italianate, neo-Grecian, and Victorian Gothic structures decorated with wrought- and cast-iron. And the converted warehouses and factories still boast the expansive living spaces of their lofts; it's just that it's highly-paid professionals who can afford them, not the artists and sculptors who made them famous.

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It's 3:43am. Overcast with light scattered showers. There's a rumbling in SoHo. The rumbling grows louder and ends with a rock shattering sound which is followed by the sounds of an alarm.

All of this is centralized around the First Bank and Trust of New York State. Emerging from an alleyway, the Rhino smashes through two parked cars as he drags a 10x15x8 ft titanium/steel vault safe onto the street.

If only a little rain were a deterent to crime...but it isn't so Arachne is prowling the rooftops, keeping an eye on the streets below. She isn't to far away when the sound of an alarm breaks through the relatively quiet night.

Dashing across her rooftop location she flings herself through the air 'throwing' out a line to swing between the buildings toward the scene of the crime. Upon seeing the culprit and the vault he is dragging she reports in via comms that she is engaging Rhino. Flipping through the air she will land on top of the vault, and just wait in a crouch until the vault thief realizes something is up.

Dragging the vault down the middle of the street, the Rhino moves at around 30 miles per hour and seems gleeful that he's getting away with it. However, police sirens are heard closing on his location from the upcoming cross street. Blue and red flashing lights can be seen just before they appear perpendicular in his path, lock up their breaks and come to a skidding stop blocking the intersection that he approaches. The cops get out of the vehicles, run around behind, and get poised to start shooting toward the Rhino. Pow Pow, ptnw ptnw go the bullets as they glance off the armored hide of the beast.

With her free ride over and the police as a blockade, although an inffective one, Arachne grabs the chains that are being used to pull the vault and quickly realizes after a few quick tugs that it will take more time then she has to free them. Not wanting the cops to be the center of attention for a criminal such as the Rhino she is going to have to distract the dimwitted guy from them, so instead she just yanks on the chains to get his attention. She knows she certainly isn't going to be able to yank them from him.

"What tha!?" the Rhino says as he glances behind. That doesn't slow him down and he's still barreling toward the police cruisers.

Recognizing Arachne, he smiles, "Hey there toots, you hookin a ride with me, cause you'll go far."

Pow Pow, Ptnw Ptnw!

"Yeah, but no where near the right direction." Arachne quickly quips back as her hand idly circles as a line of web manifests to circle his legs. The line of webbing though is not strong enough to impede the strong build of Rhino and quickly snaps as he continues on toward the police cruisers.

The Rhino alters his course to his left, twists and pulls hard on the chains that are held strong in both of his hands (chains over his right shoulder). The Rhino calls, "That's too bad!".

And with a slinging motion, the chains pull upon the vault and hurl it toward the police and their cruisers. The vault topples and begins to roll as it has lateral forces put upon it.

Flinging an arm forward Arachne manifests another line of webbing, sailing it across the horizontal section of a lamp post (one nearest Rhino) to wrap around his waist. Once the line is secure, she runs in the opposite direction he was moving. The goal being to have him suspended in midair from the post.

The webbing is cast over the lamp post, tacked onto Rhino. Arachne will then position herself and start to pull. That's when the weight of the rhino is revealed. She could lift him, however the lamp post won't support the leverage and his mass. The horizontal arm of the lamp post snaps and falls down upon his head.

During all of that, the Rhino is too distracted to initially notice as he watches the vault slam into both police cruisers smashing the vehicles and then tumbling a few more yards before coming to a solid stop.

The police were able to get out of the way.

The Rhino turns toward Arachne and after glancing at the lamp post and the webbing, he grins and says, "Seriously lady? You think after all these years of fighting spiders, you people would catch on."

The Rhino then raises both his arms and smashes down onto the pavement thus sending a ripple of pavement in a conical direction toward Arachne. This will bubble up beneath her feet and toss her into the air. She's fully able to acrobatics out of it, but for the most part it's a diversion on his part.

Arachne seems unperturbed by the lamp post breaking or being flung into the air. All the attention is on her now and away from the police, as it should be. Flipping through the air she grabs another lamp post and uses it to fling herself onto the side of a nearby building. An arm shoots out again, a smallish, thickly woven web appears to wrap around the head and neck of the Rhino, in a effort to choke him and possibly impede his vision.

Already moving, the Rhino has started a charge toward Arachne's initial position.

She attacks. And the entangling webs about his face are suddenly and automatically burnt away. Something the Rhino had recently installed because he got tired of Spidey blinding him.

Altering his course, the Rhino closes the distance between himself and the wall that Arachne is on. Suddenly, for what ever reason he stumbles and careens into the wall without any control over himself. Punching a hole in the wall, the Rhino disappears into the interior of the building (into a clock makers shop).

The disruption of the wall does nothing to disturb Arachne's current position. The hole is beneath her.

A sympathetic wince crosses Arachne's face as the wall crumbles when the large man careens into it. She feels sorry for the shop owner, he will have quiet a suprise in the morning. Moving down the wall, she peeks through the large hole "This would be so much simplier if you would just give yourself up." she calls in to him.

Arachne will spy the Rhino face down in the middle of the shop. He's uninjured and not even dazed. Just more pissed than anything as he pushes himself up and snarls, "It'd be much simpler if you'd just shut yer pie hole and go take a swim in the East River."

"The Hudson is closer." Arachne gestures in that direction "With your strengh you could easily throw me there." pushing off the wall she flips down so she is standing in the new store entrance. (Holding action)

Whipping around, the Rhino smiles, "I think I'll do just that." and he will charge hoping to close and grab her.

As the Rhino charges Arachne leaps upward flipping forward over him to land on his back. It's a bouncy landing since he is still moving forward and she grabs for the decorative horn on his headpeice, but misses, probably because he swung his head around. Missing her handhold she looses her precarious balance and falls backward.

The Rhino spins around when she leaps upon his back. He grabs for her while she falls, but misses. "Get over here!" he yells and continues to advance.

Sumersaulting into a crouched position after her graceless fall Arachne makes a grab for Rhino's ankle. She hits easily enough but either because he is moving forward and able to break the hold or because with her smaller hands she can't get a tight enough grip around his thick cankles, the result is the same, she can't maintain the hold.

The Rhino is sick of this dance and says, "Hold Still!" as he punches her with a good 60 tons of force into the nearby interior wall of the clock maker's shop. Obliterating several of the clocks on the wall.

The Rhino notes the stunned Arachne and smiles as he says, "That's what I thought." He closes on her and grabs her by the hair. He'll then start walking out of the shop while dragging her behind. "Come on, you got a date with the Hudson."

It's early morning, approx 3:30 am, alarms went off when the New York Bank and Trust was smashed into and had its vault forcibly removed. Cops showed up, Arachne interceded, she put a call out to her allies, and engaged the culprit Rhino. Several cop cars lay around in various states of wreckage as does a lamp post and a clockmaker's shop has a new entrance, which is mostly a large gaping hole in the side.

Currently, the large Rhino, dragging Arachne by the hair, strides away from the shop, mumbling warnings of some sort to her

Figurately shaking off her moment of daze, Arachne reaches up and wraps a hand around his wrist pulling herself closer so that some of the pressure is taken off her follicles, before digging in her heels and making a grap for a parked car in passing, and part of the car will do, but a bumper is what she is wanting.

Arachne will take hold of the parked car with her foot, but suddenly realize that the Rhino will easily overcome the pull as he glances back to see that she's trying to keep from being pulled. He will pull her and the car into the middle of the street.

Sirens are heard off in the distance as other police and fire/rescue approach.

Dropping down onto a wall ledge by a gargoyle...why did new york have so many gargoyles anyway?...Dagger looks down and calls "What is this land of the lost? You're no caveman" Glowing in one hand appear four light daggers "Hope you atleast bought her dinner first. You're clearly lacking some basic manners" Then Dagger tries to throw the light daggers at him or into him.

The Rhino is struck by the daggers and he looks up sharply toward Dagger, "You bitch! That smarted!" but it doesn't immediately take him down like it would a normal human villain or crazed druggie. Dagger's daggers did have an effect, but not enough just yet.

Bracing her feet, Arachne yanks at the bumper as she is dragged down the street. It doesn't take much and with a rending sound the bumper is free of the car and in her hand. Despite this she isn't oblivious to everything and while she can't see who has shown up the voice is certainly familiar.

Looking back to Arachne, "Gimmie a break, you gonna hit me with that thing?" he asks while lifting her up by her hair to be hung stright in front of him. But that position won't last, for he has plans, "How about we do something different." That initial hoist was to get her in the right position to be tossed. He turns at the hip taking a step and then whips Arachne directly toward Dagger who is an easy target. The two will slam into one another with significant force. Arachne will be stunned and knocked a good 300 yards away. While Dagger takes the damage, rolls out of it. She's not stunned or slammed. But it still hurt.

With that, the Rhino will then take off running.

"Oh I'm sorry, you didn't want to be smarter? We really should work on that vocabulary of yours" then she gets hit by Arachne man does that hurt, checking on arachne she goes after Rhino "Hey get back here the zoo wants their hide back" rhino hide that is. With a handful of light daggers in each hand she runs after Rhino and throws the daggers at him.

The Rhino continues to charge away, out pacing that which Dagger can maintain (he charges at 4 areas per round, she moves at 3). He runs down the middle of the street directly away from where he sent Arachne flying.

When he's hit with the daggers, he growls and gives indication that the attack hurt, but he doesn't slow. He will be out of range in 2 more rounds.

Dagger realizes she won't be able to stop Rhino "I swear halloween comes earlier and earlier. Since when did adults go trick or treating anyway?" Time to check on arachne and see if she'll be ok. Heroes were tough, they got knocked out all the time and nothing happened.

By then Arachne is shaking her daze caused by being forcibly flung through the air and the resulting impact. Gingerly she gets to her feet, wincing in pain at the collection of bruises and lacertions she has collected dues to her fight. Since Dagger is approaching her she will assume the fight is over.

Soft hands take the small of Arachne's back and her elbow as someone helps stabilize her stance. The woman standing next to Arachne seemed to come out of nowhere, is radiantly beautiful with her long and straight raven black hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. Her accent is thick and Ukranian as she says, "Steady child. You have yet to regain your footing."

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Arachne casts her masked gaze to the woman who appears beside her "Amoung other things." she murmurs as she brings a hand up to rub the back of her head, where one of many bumps and bruises are. Politely removing herself from the strange woman's grip and takes a few steps away and toward Dagger.

Before she can comment, Lilith is distracted by:

Leaping out from behind a wall, the Scarecrow ( ) yells, "NOW WE HAVE YOU, SHE-DEMON, PREPARE TO DIE!"

From another side of a wall leaps out the Porcupine ( ) who yells, "PREPARE TO FACE THE MUSIC!"

They both stop and stare, realizing that there's more than just Lilith who stands as potential targets. Scarecrow says lowly, "Uh oh."

It's known by Arachne and Dagger alike that Porcupine and Scarecrow are nefarious criminals who are always looking to get up on something and of course playing an angle. Lilith says, "Return to your mistress, tell Yi Yang that I do not work for her and if she persists, I will be forced to kill her."

More villians popping out of hiding is not the best way to calm the already keyed up Arachne, a hand is raised and webbing flying toward Scarecrow before she can even register the villians reluctance or Lilith's response to it and them. It doesn't help that she knows the reputation of the two. When it finally clicks seconds later she glances back over her shoulder to Lilith "You only need one to take the message, right?"

As the Scarecrow is webbed, Lilith smiles and replies, "I enjoy the way you think." then turns to the remaining villain, "BEGONE!".

Porcupine runs like he's being chased by Hellfire.

The Scarecrow squirms and begs for help.

The Scarecrow is strung up for the police and the Porcupine was sent running off to his boss. The whole while, LIlth remained close to Arachne. In this, Arachne could sense the nurturing, perhaps healing quality of her touch (essentially, it felt good). Having moved into a more secure location, Lilith confronts Arachne on a more personal level by inquiring, "Why do you do it?" then before a question can be asked as to what 'it' is, her heavily accented Ukranian voice expounds, "Why do you risk your life, health, and beauty, to fight what you consider villainous?"

Were it not for the vibes the woman gives off, Arachne would probably be wary in the prescence of Lilith, she still finds the encounter a bit odd though, especially when the strange, well to her, question is asked "Do you prefer the short answer or the long one?"

"The long, please." Lilith requests as she moves Arachne to a crate on which both of them may sit and converse. Also in a position which Lilith can maintain contact, her touch continues to be pleasureable, nurturing, and restorative in nature, even while her eyes are dark red. Though she doesn't present with deadly claws or fangs.

Arachne gives a slight sigh. It is a question she has answered numerous times before and usually with the short, uncomplicated answer "There is no one single reason why really. And none of them are really more important than the others." well one is but despite all the good vibes she isn't about to talk about the kid one. "It wasn't even something I would have choosen if circumstances would have been different. It seems to be though that the heros are always outnumbered, so I mostly do it to keep the odds in our favor." she makes a so on and so forth kinda gesture "And of course the making the world a better place, etc.

Her words are soft, yet challenged as she pieces it together in her own head while relaying to Arachne. The blood red lips of Lilith convey, "I was once as you. Yet I was bent on making all that was wrong, right. My father has corrupted so much, destroyed, wrought deception and twisted the very natures of man and beast. I would see him and all that he has created fall to dust. Yet now, after having faced the great oblivion, I question why - why continue, why press forward or bother to even try and resist the discord and inconsequencial measures against that which is good."

"Because we have to live here and the instinct for survival is a strong one." Arachne begins as she shifts slightly on the crate "And since survival is hardwired into humans we strive to make where we are living as comfortable and safe as possible. There are always exceptions though, which explains the criminal element.

A few more seconds passed as Lilith continued to gently caress Arachne's arm, shoulder and back. Then she slides off the crate and faces Arachne directly. Fingertips delicately guide wild strands of hair from Arachne's face as she says, "I'm thankful for the criminal element. Their existence fill my needs."

It's weird for Arachne, having someone act all motherly and nurturing towards her, mostly because this woman isn't any relation to her, then there is the fact of her age, and she is a mother herself. If anyone is acting motherly it is usually Arachne. Under the mask her face takes on a perplexed visage for those reasons and the statement "Yes. I guess you could say the same for me. Were it not for the villians and criminals I would probably be stuck behind a desk pushing papers.

There's a slight smile that forms in the corners of Lilith's lips, "We would both die of boredom, if that were the case." Her fingers brush against Arachne's cheek and then she steps back and away while saying, "We will meet again."

"Of course, hopefully we will still be on the same side." as it stands Arachne still isn't sure what side the other woman is on, especially with her earlier mention of Yi Yang and previously working for her. She then stands up, heading to the buidlings ledge to depart in her own fashion.

Lilith is gone.

Her departure could give Arachne a fleeting sense of absence. As if Lilith's attention was something she could have craved, enjoyed, something /more/. Yet, that feeling will easily fade if she ignores it. Leaving Arachne the night, to face it alone.

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