The Reject Pile

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The Reject Pile

Armand, Phantasm

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Tate Apartments - Chelsea

Mike and Armand salvage Valentine's Day gifts for the local shelter

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-----==[ Mike's Apt - Tate Apt Bldg - New York ]==----------------------------

This studio apartment is quite simple. To the right of the entryway is the kitchen and bathroom, to the left a closet and a washer/dryer. Straight ahead, the Living/Dining Room combo. Walk to there and there's a sleeping alcove to the right. As far as furniture there are five notable pieces of furniture. Two futons in the alcove, two more futons in the living /dining room area, and a rather beaten, and likely salvaged from a street corner on trash day, coffee table. Resting on the table is an old TV and converter box.

It is unsure to what is sadder. The minimalism of the furniture, or that four guys pooled their money for this and this is all they did. But factoring the amount of sound proof paneling around the place along with the drumset, guitars, keyboard, recorder, and practice drum pads scattered about there's likely a good reason why the furniture count stopped where it did. With just two people sharing the apartment now, this quasi-two room, quasi-kitchen, one bathroom apartment seems quite spacious. Although, the occupants would prefer it much more if the other two former occupants were still there.




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[O] - Tate Apt Bldg - Chelsea

Several days after the onslaught of Valentine's day, peace has once again been restored to the lives of singles everywhere. The weekend is in full swing which means no having to stare at the random flowers gracing the desks of office desks all over the city. They all can get on with their lives and not have to be reminded about that holiday until next year.

That is, if you're not an unattached rock musician who has been having a lot of 'bad luck' with appearances causing for you to be marked for probably needing a hug. Inside the apartment that Mike, Wade, and Armand share, there is a mountain of stuffed animals. spatterings of brown, white, pink, and red dot the assortment of bears, bunnies, puppies, and kittens holding tiny hearts and bags of candy. The pile has taken up residence in a corner of the room closest to Mike's Futon. Nearer to the futon that's closest to the kitchen, and the one that isn't beloning to a specific resident of the apartment, there are a few other piles. One of separated packs of candy, one of ribbons and detached fabric hearts, and another of stuffed animals that have been de-Valentined. Perched on the unconverted futon with an open beer nearby, Mike sits with a seam ripper, working on removing a heart from the mouth of a puppy doll.

Armand carefully brings a plate of some type of berry nut cookie to the living room, finding a place to settle down near the pile, placing the plate down and the young man's hair is left loose, down around his shoulder and down his back as he wear comfortable black tank-top and a pair of jeans, nails sparkling green as he tentatively selects a stuffed animal, holding it up to the light. "You know...I am amazed how they were able to find an address to send you tings..."

"I'm not THAT hard to find." Mike murmurs, twisting the seam ripper in his hand to allow thumb and forefinger to tug at a newly exposed thread piece, causing for the heart to plop into his lap. Mission successful he chucks the puppy into the finished pile. "And most of these were sent care of the studio since that's listed on the album..." He tosses the heart over to the ribbon pile before grabbing a cat this time. "I'm guessing things were REAL busy at the bakery with last minute shoppers on Thursday."

"Well, at least you can know that hundreds of hormonal or lonely individuals with money have decided they are wanting you for their Valentine!" Armand offers cheerfully before he slips a slender knife from up his pants sleeve and then starts carefully working a piece of candy apart fromt he stuffed animal. "Oui, very busy, I still smell like chocolate."

"Or there's a lot of people who are afraid of rejection and pick someone who they have little risk of actually running into to give them said rejection." Mike replies, eyeing the bow on the cat, tilting it for a sign of where the threadwork begins. "Imagine how bad the boy bands have it with their fanbase being much younger and more prone to it."

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"I do not envy you, but it is sometimes perhaps good to have attention on you for a good reason. You connect with people, you have a very important job, non? To be targets of fantasy?" Armand lets a few tendrils of hair change to a dark red shade before reaching to select a few stuffed animals and tug them closer, and he does it without thinking about it.

"Sometimes." Mike replies, tilting the doll the other way. "There are drawbacks." Finding a stitch he cracks a smile and reaches the seam ripper over towards the thread he found. "Targets for something... but, each job has it's benefits and trade-offs, right?" The smile fades.

"Oo! I tink this is a bag of M&Ms!" Armand peers at the stuffed animal and separates the candy with deft knife work, setting the pig aside. "Hmm...oui. I tink you could say that about /life/ in general..."

Mike glances over to Armand as he mentions the M&Ms. "Make sure that the bag doesn't look tampered with if you're going to go after them," the musician cautions as he undos the stitchwork that holds the bow to the cat, "Don't know the people who gave these."

"Its a sealed package but I was going to use Wade as a test subject and bake cookies with M&Ms in them to see what happens. It should be safe." Armand is probably joking, but he's still as deadpan as ever as he looks around at the piles. "Where are we giving all of these tings?"

Mike glances up at the suggestion of Wade being used as a guinea pig, eyes narrowing, "Check for puncture marks. Just in case." There is no humor to his voice at this before he looks back to the stuffed animal, taking the bow off of it before chucking the cat into the done pile. "Once we get done de-Valentining them, they'll be going to the shelter."

"Do not be worrying, I only eat candy from strange people that's still in the package if I'm homeless." Armand assures Mike and nods slowly, picking up a puppy and setting to work. "Caaan...I keep 2 or 3 of them? I tink that's what normal people have, oui? A couple of stuffed animals?"

There's a bit of an upturn of the lip at Armand's request. "Since you're helping, yeah. You get first pick." Mike reaches over for another, "Thanks for helping with them." His eyes glance over to the cookies idly, "And for all the cooking and baking."

"Eee! Ahh, thank you!" Armand gives a little wiggle of joy and sets aside a little piggie before selecting another animal. "And you are welcome, Mike...for it all. It is the least that I can do and my hobbies aren't as interesting."

"Don't knock the cooking and baking hobby." Mike replies, "It's kind of nice coming back to food you don't have to cook but also don't have to pay restaurant prices for." He looks at the elephant doll curiously before tilting it. He hand squeezing it and causing for it's trunk to start raising up and shaking. There's a trumpeting sound followed by the pre-recorded phrase of 'You are one thing I'll never forget!' coming from within. Pale blue eyes study the figure and Mike sighs, capping the seam ripper before tossing the elephant far away from any of the piles. "Okay, new stack. Reject pile. If it's not good for a kid. Toss it there." He sets the capped sewing tool down before going to the done pile, "And now to go squeeze some dolls."

"..." Armand stares at the elephant as he stares at it and then jumps back a bit when he makes sounds and he exhales shakily. "I...oui, it is very good to have people to cook for." He sighs and moves towards a new pile, selecting a teddy bear with a heart on the stomach as he squeezes it and then tosses it away when it starts playing 'my funny valentine'.

Mike nods, "And I know Wade's probably out partying but I figure he's feeling the same way about the food." He sorts through the pile, squeezing a few of them before coming across another playing 'Push it'. He sighs, tossing it over towards the reject pile. "Well, at least this will save some time on detatching parts from stuffed animals if a portion of them are rejected to begin with."

"Mm, yes. He is a good monsieur in his own way." Armand is sorting through things carefully, holding things up, listening, setting them down, poking others curiously with a knife and then he takes a deep breath. "Always tinking on the bright side of life."

Mike finishes squeezing the remainder of the dolls in the finished pile before shifting back onto his seat on the futon. He grabs another stuffed animal to the side of him to check it. Finding nothing other than stuffed animal, he uncaps the seam ripper and starts working on removing the 2013 sewn into the rabbit's foot. "Me as an optimist?" He snerks.

"Oui, you always are telling me tings that are about hope and to do tings to get better and learn more and such. You never gave up on me even when I was ready to give up on me." Armand explains, tilting his head to the side as he hmms softly.

"Ah. Well, you never get anywhere by just giving up." Mike replies, eyes focusing on the foot. "And, you're a good kid, Armand. Yeah, you had some bumps and stuff. But I sure as hell can't say I did any better when I was your age. So, what reason do I have to give up on you?"

"Well, seein' as I am very good at baking, you got something good out of the deal as well." Armand teases softly before taking a deep breath and peering at the tag of a rabbit toy.

"An unforseen benefit." Mike replies, before holding up the seam ripper in point, "But a welcome one." The seam ripper lowers, "Hell, if Wade gets back into old form and I'm ever able to go on tour again on one of those buses, I'd be tempted to bring you along to cook on the bus." The sharped point rips several more threads, "After you graduate."

"Why are there so many piggies..." Armand then has to laugh softly, shaking his head at the addendum about graduation. "Very well, I shall work to graduate so I can be a cook on a tour."

"IF I'm able to go on tour again." Mike repeats for emphasis. The seam ripper is capped once more before Mike starts pulling out the losend thread from the rabbit.

Armand hesitates in his pile sorting to peer at Mike curiously. "...w-why wouldn't you be able to go on tour again?"

The same reason why the last concert series I did with Rex involved me playing at masked musician until the final minutes of the last show." Mike replies, reaching over to grab another stuffed animal, "Did you hear about the attack at the Metal Run?"

"I am not sure, you must tell me about it then." Armand does look a tad concerned as he tosses a teddy bear wearing lingerie into the reject pile.

"Well, about ten months ago I was in the middle of a festival tour and we reached the New York portion of the tour. Scorpia attacked it. Wade got hurt, Matt Wynebago was killed and so were five others. There were other injuries." Mike replies, "Turns out, someone hired her to target me."

Armand listens closely, brow furrowing at the details and he lowers his eyes for a moment before looking back up. " awful, Mike...I am sorry, I remember hearing tings of the nature but...oui."

"Yeah." Mike grimaces, "So, until we can figure out who's behind it, I'm not all that keen on putting out a list of the times and locations of where I'll be so that kills the basic gist of a music tour." He cracks a small smile, "But, surprise appearances still work if done right."

Armand snorts and nods, tilting his head to the side. "Okay, that I can understand, oui." Then he hmms softly. "Hence the mask ting, I like adds mystery to the whole, who's banging on the drums ting."

"Yeah, but I can't really keep doing that each time she comes asking to collaborate. People'll notice the pattern." Mike replies, grabbing another stuffed animal and giving it a squeeze. The Valentine's cow starts singing, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yar-" THUNK! The cow smacks against the wall, landing in the reject pile.

Fadey McFade Fade.

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