The Reflection Curse

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The Reflection Curse

Sally Blevins, Suzanne Endo

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07/13/12 23:00

A limo

Following 'Time Traveling Machines, Oh My', Sally bodyguards Suzi on the way back to the penthouse. They discover what Amora's little curse is doing.

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When they finally reach the car, Suzanne waits for Sally to give her the all-clear before exiting the Club, moving quickly to the door and sliding in, allowing Suzi to slide in after her before instructing the driver where to head off to - back to her penthouse - and which way she would prefer to go. Since retrieving the leather-wrapped metal case and its contents from the meeting, she has not let it out of her sight or her hands. She cannot fairly blame Sally for its 'theft' by Amora's magic, but she is very testy and upset.

Not the least reason for this is that Suzi nearly died from her own security measures and that magical bimbo's reckless stupidity and arrogance. Almost as upsetting, despite having known it would be true anyway, was the revelation - in her eyes - that Sally's loyalty was obviously to Shaw and his associates, not immediately to her, leaving her much more exposed in that meeting than she would have liked.

Once they are both settled in the car, Suzi finally releases the case, shifting it about and settling it on the seat across from them in the limo, welll out of the way. Despite the heat and humidity outside, gooseflesh is still risen along her bare arms. Suzanne leans back against the headrest, just groaning. "Not a good night." This has thrown everything into disarray. She'd had no intention of revealing Cybermancer to Shaw just yet, and she had never intended to tell anyone, ever, about the true origins of the technology. Now ...?

She's all business for the beginning. Sally making sure that Ms. Endo is secure and safe physically, before thinking to attempt to calm down the woman's emotional state. She lets the silence grow after Suzi's comment, before shifting, kneeling on the floor of the limo, digging into the bar. One glass, 2 ice cubes, and enough of a dark brown liquor to come half way up the cubes of frozen water. Shifing, facing the woman, she offers up the heavy glass, "Relax, nothing ever goes fully the way we want it, Suzi." she says, "Take this, relax, it's happened, can't change that."

Suzanne arches her eyebrows eloquently at the blonde then at the glass, before extending her hand to take it from Sally. She is generally far more a wine woman than whiskey, but she'll take it for now. Why not? "I damned-near died, thanks to that blonde bimbo's reckless disregard, and no one gives a damn." She leaves off, 'not even the woman who has promised to protect me.' No need for it. It's obvious, right? "Damned stupid whore. And damn Shaw for pushing this. There are some things /no one/ was /ever/ meant to know." She's pretty livid. Still, she sips the whiskey, slowly. She just sits there and seethes for a bit.

She stays there, right infront of Suzi. She reaches out again, palms flat on the seat, eaither side of Suzi's thighs, "You didn't die." she says slowly. "You weren't hurt, physically." she continues in a soft, gentle tone. "And that 'whore', I owe many things too, namely, were it not for her, you and I would have never met, I would not be here, I would be...elsewhere, your chances of survival would be less than they are now." She doesn't raise her voice, "I owe that woman many many things, more than I could probably count, she's done me a great service, done something I never would have thought could have happened." she finishes, "She is my friend, someone I would trust with my life."

She pauses, "Shaw has his reasons, it may be difficult to see them, impossible at times, but trust in him, that maybe, just maybe he's got something working, something that will make things even better for you, in the end."

Suzanne eyes Sally levelly, never raising her voice, though that doesn't take the bite out of her tone. "No. I didn't die, though that is of no credit to you tonight, Sally, nor to that /woman/. If I had not been so quick to disarm the devices in that case, I would be dead. That room would have been nothing but a smoking hole. Given your abilities, I suspect you would have survived. I cannot be sure it would have killed this Amora, though I can surely hope it would. As for Shaw, I really don't know. But I /know/ that /I/ would have been very, very dead." She lays it out, so that there can be no question, no doubt. What she said in the meeting wasn't hyperbole. It was bare, bald truth. Face it.

Suzi shakes her head slightly, still facing the blonde. "You are entitled to your divided loyalties, Sally. We haave not even yet known one another a month. I cannot expect that you would hold me in the regard you do Shaw, or Amora. But understand me when I say that what /you/ owe her, I do not. She disrespected me, she dismissed me, and she very nearly slew me, because she was reckless, presumptuous and arrogant. She will have a long way to go if she wants anything like loyalty or trust from me." And, just as simply, Sally will have a long way to go before she will get the trust from Suzi she has been getting up to this point. They're starting over, all over again.

"As for Shaw?" Suzanne continues. "I trust that he is capable of doing what he says he can do. I trust him to look out for his own self-interests. And he sees profit to be made in an alliance with me. I will take the aid he has offered - yourself included - because it suits /my/ needs and wants, and I too see profit to be made in alliance with him. Just as I see a profit to be made in an alliance with Emma Frost and her company, if perhaps less about the boardroom and more about /other/ things." What other things? She doesn't specify. "Nevertheless, /no one/ alive or dead was ever meant to know the origin of my armor or my ideas. Eventually, I'd have told him, and you, about it. But never the why of it, or its inspirations. /Never/ that." And Sally has seen enough to understand that Suzi is the kind of woman who has already considered whether to - and how to accomplish it - have them murdered to assure her secrets. Not because she relishes murder. But she means what she says, and no one was meant to know these things.

The blonde smiles, a hand patting the woman's thigh, "Well, I will promise you this. What has been discussed inside those walls, will never be discussed outside of them, by me. I can't make promises as to the other two, but from me, what's happened there, stays there, like Vegas." she says with a smile. The young woman rises and shifts to sit next to the woman, "In the end, you would not have perished, I promise you that, Suzi. I would not risk you in such a manner." She sighs a little, fingers raising, pinching lightly at the bridge of her nose.

Suzanne, whatever her reasons, hasn't rebuffed the physical closeness of Sally's approach, not even the touch on her thigh, though she almost does at that. Given the brevity of Suzi's dress tonight, that's perhaps a bit more boundary-pushing than she was prepared to accept. But in the end, she merely tenses slightly, saying nothing. Sally moves soon enough, so there's no reason for more. "It's not really about whether you would ever mention it, Sally. It is about the fact that one /was not meant to know/. The knowing changes matters, in ways they must not be changed." She's not going to discuss temporal causality, but that's clearly where her issues lie.

Suzi has no idea how it is Sally feels she could have saved Suzi. But right now, what matters most is that she has made her point. "You should, perhaps, have fixed one of these for yourself." she comments, raising the class of whiskey on the rocks.

Trying to unknot the depth of her unease, Suzi leans back again in her seat, turning to look out the window, perhaps to use the passage of the skyline in the window's view to soothe away her tension. Instead, Suzanne gasps and startles backwards, into Sally, sloshing the glass of whiskey messily. "< What the Hell?! >" she exlaims, in Cantonese. A moment or two later, she repeats it, less of a shout than before, in English.

She was just beginning to relax, seated next to the woman, well, as much as one can when being a bodyguard. She hadn't commented to the drink for herself. That's something for later. The blonde just sits there, looking out the other as she speaks first in a native tongue, and then in a second one. Something not quite right...woah! The sidelong glance, catching Suzi's reflection in the window, as Amora. She frowns. "I..." is all she manages to get out. Quite taken back, for what to say in this, of all situations.

Suzi leans over and sets down her half-emptied glass of whiskey, watching the reflection in the limo window as it matches her movements perfectly. She tests this a bit, and then checks a few other reflective sufaces with similar results. "I take it when you look at me, you still see ... me?" Because when Suzi looks down, she still sees /her/ body, not Amora's. The stupid magical wench did this. This what her comment meant, before leaving the meeting. Damnit! Concerned, she fishes her phonen out from her handbag and taps it, opening it from its secured state. Her fingerprints scan accurately. And the camera still shows Suzi, not Amora. "It appears to be restricted to reflections." Which means many high-end camera systems will see Amora, not Suzi. "Why the Hell would that idiot do /this/ now?"

She goes silent. Looking at the phone's image, "Perhaps....this is a blessing in disguise." she says softly, after a moment of silence, "Depending on the visual sensors used by Ghost, he won't see you." she says after a moment.

Suzi pauses for a few moments, and then glances speculatively towards Sally. "Possibly. It would depend on whether or not his equipment is using direct CMOS-sensor exposure, or mirrored reflection to the CMOS sensor, for its visual imagery." High-end cameras, like those used by professional photographers, still use the mirrors, even when digital. But the majority of digital camera systems use direct exposure, which seems to remain unaffected. It's a crap shoot, as it were. "Even still, I doubt that was Amora's intention. So why would she do this?" Already, Suzi is mentally troubleshooting how to deal with this, for as long as it stays in place. The most annoying will be getting ready to go out, her primary use for mirrors. She imagines doing her makeup in front of a computer screen with a built-in high-def webcam. How irksome. But necessary, it would seem.

"It was just a thought, but...when dealing with someone like Amora, why she does anything I never know, simply....because she can." she says with a slight shrug. Sally shifting, facing Suzi, "Sorry I doin't have a better explanation." Though no apology for it actually happening, oh no.

"Why someone else does something is /always/ important, Sally. If Shaw has not taught you this, then allow me to do so. It is often of tantamount importance." Suzanne offers to Sally, calmly. "If we do not know the reason, then we must divine the reason, while finding a way to deal with the problem, at least in the short term. This will be rather bothersome and annoying. Given your knowledge of her, is there anything you can think of that might cancel this spell? Any standard weaknesses to her mgicks?"

She goes quiet, looking out of the window next to her after that sentence. The teen frowning a little, shifting slightly and only half-listens to Suzi. She's silent a moment longer than Suzi might actually like, "No." she says, "OF the magick i've been a party of, i've not found any way to counteract it....not that I would want too. It's been of a great benefit to me."

"Well, this magic is not of benefit to me, Sally." Suzi reiterates. That said, she doesn't just whine at the other woman, though she would certainly be entitled to do so. "What sorts of magicks have you been party to, from this Amora woman?" she asks, instead. That could be useful information.

There's a small smile as she's asked that. Another pause, "Forgive me, but I don't think I can tell you everthing, some of that is....highly personal, and not something I talk about with many people have ever talked about with, I hope you understand." A pause, "There was a portal I used that she set up, to ease attending a meeting somewhere, and that's mostly it."

Suzanne sighs. She needs information, and she hates having it denied. But news which says on top of everything she has seen, Amora can also create portals to pass multiple people to distant locations is more than enough to worry her that this woman is entirely too powerful in the alien art of magic for her to handle safely. She may be able to find a weakness, but it would probably require killing the woman, if possible, in order to assure safety from reprisal. That's not a step she'd like to take if it can be avoided. "Well, I don't know enough about magic - and likely never will - to be able to puzzle out a weakness on my own. Rather unfortunate, really." Because at it stands, Suzi cannot imagine ever trusting Amora. "Let's get home. I need some sleep. And I have to plan out exactly what to tell Sebastian. I know he is going to ask, soon enough." Details about the Cybermancer armor's capabilities, and her own.

"I'm sorry I am not ready to tell you more, Suzi, I want to help you, but some things are too personal." she continues. She leans forward, tapping the intercom from front to back, "Use the fourth alternate route." she orders to the driver. No warning words that speed should be picked up, just a simple even tone. The limo does turn though, taking several of them rapidly to get the CEO and her bodyguard home quicker.

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