The (Rather) Short (and Incredibly Perplexing) Goodbye

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The Short Goodbye

Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre

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07/12/12 11:30

Sybil's (former) Room, Xavier Mansion

Leyu comes by to invite Sybil to their date, and finds out Sybil has been ejected from the team.

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The door to Sybil's room is open. Inside, she has several carpet bags open. Clothing and sheets, tapestries and the like are folding themselves and carefully packing themselves away in the bags. Sybil sits on the bed, watching it all happen rather dispasionatly. Even if she is causing it herself.

With her plans coming together quite nicely, Leyu decides it's time to let her 'victim' in on what is going to happen. She comes down the hallway from her own room, a long black dress bag in hand and trailing down her shoulder and back to her knees. But when she reaches the open door, she stops stock still, watching what is transpiring. She doesn't immediately say anything. What is there to say? Eventually, though, she manages to get out, "Sybil? What is .... going on?"

"I have been kicked off the team." Sybil says. Glumly? No. But there's no real spark in her words, either. "When I joined, I told Alex Summers that I was not distributing drugs at my club. I lied. He discovered this and has chosen to remove me from duty." The clothing continues to pack itself. "If I am not gone in an hour, he will arrest me. The charges would not stick, of course, but I would rather not be arrested."

Stunned, Leyu just stands where she is, watching it all happen. Nothing is unraveling, really. Not until the wall coverings do so to remove themselves from the mahogany tiles. But yet she is left with the inescapable feeling that everything has unraveled in an instant. "I ... but ... "

"I will be alright. I have survived before and will survive again." Sybil says. One of the tapestries rolls up and then stuffs itself into a duffel bag. "Really, Leyu. There is no need for tears. I am not, it seems, destined for the life of the 'good guy'."

The Japanese young woman looks at Sybil, and then at the rest of the packing. "I ... well. I suppose it doesn't matter, does it? I was coming to give you this dress. To tell you that I arranged our trip. Our date. I have the tickets, the reservations, everything." Can Sybil understand how huge a deal that is - or was - for Leyu? How abjectly everything now changes, right in front of her, with no warning at all? Can Sybil care? "First, Dervish disappears. Then Kurt is kicked off the team. And now you? And there is that Sabertooth creature, out there murdering people, and apparently working for the same people we report to?" She sighs, hanging her head. "Naieve, I am sure you would say. I am sorry, Sybil. Obviously, I will miss you." It /is/ obvious, right?

Sybil glances away for a moment. Does she actually seem... guilty? She purses her lips, then speaks very, very softly. "Leyu. I need you to listen to me." She looks up into the Japanese mutant's eyes. "I need you to listen to me very carefully. You NEED to stay on X-Factor. *I* need you to stay here. It is important and you MUST trust me. Your presence here will matter tremendously."

Genuine emotion from Sybil? That catches Leyu a bit off-guard, enough that she stops and listens, if a tad dazedly. How could her staying on the team matter at all? But she listens anyway. She always wanted to matter, after all. If this is her chance to matter, she'll do it. Or try her best, anyway. "Al -- alright, Sybil. If that is what you want, I will stay. I will trust you." Another might ask why Leyu would trust Sybil the drug-dealing hedonist sexpot. It's not an invalid question. But in spite of herself, Leyu /does/ trust her. And maybe it's also time she proves that, too? "I suppose I will need to postpone my arrangements for the date?" she queries. "Should I keep the dress, too?" Yes. Did Sybil catch that? Leyu actually got Sybil a dress for their date. Pretty big deal, that.

Sybil glances down at the garment bag that Leyu is carrying. She smiles. "Yes. Keep that. We will deal with it... another time. I promise." She reaches out and touches Leyu's hand for a moment. "I am... touched that you went out of your way for me. Thank you."

Leyu opens the hand Sybil touches, making contact with her own fingers against Sybil's, even if she doesn't try to interlace their fingers. "I wanted to help you. I was sure you would be upset about what happened to the club. I knew you had been distracted, ill-prepared to help me with our date. So I found someone else to help me." She sounds proud of herself, rather than condemning of Sybil for the delay. "I will keep the dress, and postpone the arrangements. But I will keep you to that promise, Sybil." She offers a small, slightly uncertain smile. Then she darts forward, pressing a very brief kiss to the other woman's cheek. "You're welcome." she murmurs, just before she pulls back, looking around them at the disassembly of Sybil's room. "Good luck, until we meet again."

"Until then." Sybil agrees with a smile. Then she turns back to her bags. To the room. To her clothing packing itself away. "I suppose... it is time to move onto the next stage of my life, then." She murmurs to herself. The bags all close with a nice snap and then rise up into the air to follow her. Out of her room. Out of the mansion.

"I suppose so." Leyu offers. She doesn't know quite what is going on. But at this point, she's putting the onus on Sybil. If Sybil wants her staying in X-Factor, there must be a reason. So she will wait to see what that reason is. That, and hope she does it right when the time comes. For now, she turns and walks back to her room with the dress bag still held up, from her hand over her head, draped over her shoulder and down her back to her knees. Must be some dress.

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