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Shatterstar, Dagger

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10/23/12 20:39

The Bronx

Some more vaguely noir investigations in the Bronx

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After exiting the bar, Shatterstar gives Dagger a brief nod. "That was well done," he remarks. "We know more than we did before. Shall we go to this factory next?" He looks around for Grice and his distinctive car.\n\n Dagger smiles with a humble blush coloring her cheeks "It was nothing, Cloak would've gotten more info probably but there would've been more of a commotion for sure. Not sure I buy the huge dog though, dna was human not canine or mutant. We know more then we did before but it's still not making sense. What could make a human /look/ like a huge dog?" nodding in agreement as she tries to puzzle it out. Was the human wearing some sort of costume? that would make for a difficult ID\n\nGrice and his beat up set of wheels remains outside, the man himself trying to look casual and reading a newspaper in the car as he sits there. Hoping that he won't be out in the cold for too long.\n\n"I can think of many things that would make a human look like a dog. Or to cause wounds like those inflicted by such an animal. Mutated beings, cybernetic killers, mystic creatures...and that's just the Sci-Fi channel." Shatterstar shakes his head. "It is a mystery...but I think we should look for more clues. Your new friend mentioned people disappearing from a factory..."\n\n Dagger nods "Yeah let's check out the factory, the gang had been coming down hard on those folks, one of them probably had a grudge about it. Thing is, a mystic creature...would thathave the dna of a human?And mutated beings wouldn't show up on a dna test as human, wouldn't they show up as mutates? Cybernetic..that's a possibility. Let's find Grise and go over what we know"\n\nShatterstar heads over to Grice and then taps lightly on the driver's side window.\n\nGrice winds down the window. "You learn anything?" he asks, and unlocks the doors of the cars. "Lets go, I don't want some punks to steal my hubcaps.".\nNot that he has much to fear, his car is likely not going to make a good target.\n\nShatterstar opens the door and slides in. "It was Dagger. All she had to do was talk to them." Shatterstar seems mystified at this non-violent approach. But he quickly updates Grice on the factory clue (by paraphrasing everything the Baldie said, only in a military-briefing style of delivery). "We are going to check out this factory next."\n\n Dagger slides in after Shatterstar and closes the door before shrugging "Being a girl helps, knowing how things run helps too. His friends won't be punching him in the arm for being a snitch. We get info and he moves up in their eyes, it all works. We're still trying to figure out the huge dog part though" she fills grise in on the change of who's boss and the ID of one of the victims he's got in cold storage. Least next of kin could be notified, everyone deserrved a proper burial. Whispering a prayer under her breath as she crossed her chest.\n\nGrice licks his lips a little nervously. "Alright, sounds like a plan.". He glances at the digital clock on the dashboard, and starts it up.\n"Huge dog?" he wonders, as they drive off.\n\nThe factory isn't too far away, just a few blocks, though it's a little hidden, not next to the main road, you have to drive up in between two blocks of flats to get there. As it's late afternoon it's still open, the black and red sign over the gate faded and peeling a bit. 'LEO TEXTILES'. Beyond the gate is a single mid sized warehouse of sorts, a couple of guys loading crates into a truck by hand off to one side, and an office doorway at one side.\n\nGrice asks, "You want me to wait in the car again?".\n\nShatterstar nods absently to Grice as he peers at the factory. Then he looks at Dagger. "I don't think 'talking' will be so successful here - this is a place of work, not of relaxing. Maybe we should investigate some of those crates and the truck."\n\n Looking out the window at the factory "Same approach sure won't work here but maybe a police officer present will give us an edge. The two of us sure can't go 'investigating' trucks and crates, that's against the law for us, tresspassing to start that list. No this will require some bargaining. Maybe we go in looking to get info on the baldie attacks 'so we can bring them in'. Ask around who's got the biggest grudge about those attacks and what exactly they were all about. Gang's either do this sort of thing for three reasons, pressure the boss about a deal, deal gone bad, or to build a rep. Well or the reverse, someone trying to muscle in on the gang's action."\n\nGrice nods. "Sounds reasonable. It's not against the law to just ask a few questions and not be a pain in the ass. Breaking and entering though, well... that is." he says with a quick smile, as he piles out of the car. "I guess we can talk to those guys hauling crates, or find a manager, or whatever you like.".\n\nShatterstar climbs out and follows after Grice, still eyeing the crates and truck. "More questions," he sighs.\n\n Dagger chuckles as she piles out of the car shaking her blonde hair back behind her shoulders "First you gather info so you don't point your finger at the wrong person, then the fight begins. You sound just like Cloak, Shatterstar. Just remember even we have to abide by laws" well ok most of the time\n\nAll the time if there's a cop like, right next to you... One would hope, anyway.\n"So where to, huh?" asks Grice. Though perhaps the decision is already made, as a those guys loading crates have stopped loading crates, and are now looking at the three strangers.\n\nAt least two of whom look rather... odd, after all. At least, for a factory forecourt.\n\nShatterstar gestures at the loading guys. "We could ask them if they know Steve. And if any of their co-workers show signs of mutation." He says the last part in a completely neutral tone of voice.\n\n Shaking her head, Dagger obviously didn't think those were good questions "No one's going to own up to knowing one of the dead, that's like walking up and demanding one of them confess to the murders. And mutants aren't really liked so no one's going to admit to being one, for fear of being fired on the spot or worse. But let's ask those two" indicating the two that look out of place "Officer Grise do you have pictures with you maybe?"\n\nGrice ers. "I can probably dig a few out. Of Baldies, I presume." he checks, and digs out a smartphone. Even noir detectives have to move with the times after all.\n\nWhile he's checking up on that, the guys loading the crates are merely watching, apparently curious. They look pretty normal from this distance! work overalls on, looking like they could use a break. And they are taking the opportunity presented to mooch on the job.\n\nShatterstar looks dubious. "Actually, it may not be common knowledge that Steve and the others were killed. Unless these workers were the ones who executed them. Then they would likely remember..."\n\n Dagger would order some pizzas for them if she could, but with pockets carrying only pocket lint...well lint wasn't considered currency. Still she started walking over to the loaders and nods her head in agreement with \n\nShatterstar "Good thinking. so instead we go from the angle of 'we heard a bald headed gang was giving people trouble over here'. that ought to be a start" she says quietly to Shatterstar\nShatterstar nods in agreement, then heads over to talk to the loiterers. "Excuse me...would you happen to know anything about a member of the Baldies named Steve? I understand that caused some problems with some of the workers here..."\n\n Sighing, Dagger moves over to the loaders "We just want to track them down and put a stop to the trouble they've been causing. We heard a bald headed gang were stirring things up over in this part. Anything you could tell us would be useful"\n\n"Steve? Yeah, I heard of him." one of the moochers says, a little cautiously. Though he's a bit less cautious when Dagger talks about stopping him. "Yeah, yeah thats right. A bunch of thugs." he says, shaking his head. "They've been around here quite a bit. You guys the law?" he asks, looking over Grice especially, as he does rather more look the part.\n\nGrice just nods at that. "Yeah. Just asking a few questions is all." he replies, as noncommittal and chilled out as he can manage.\n\n Dagger smiles to the men "Well he is" thumbing her finger at Grise then points to shatterstar and herself "We're just helping out "Can you tell us what happened?" yup Dagger couldn't look anything but sweet and charming, innocent some would say.\n\nShatterstar seems oblivious to the fact that people respond so much better to Dagger than they do to him. Or for that matter the finer points of conversation in general. "And when was the last time you saw Steve around this factory? Which way did he go after he left?" Shatterstar adds to Dagger's questions before the workers even have a chance to answer her.\n\n"Huh? Er...". The workman eyes Shatterstar. "I don't know, a couple of weeks ago? I don't really look out for him or anything." he says, scratching his head. And yes, he does respond a lot better to Dagger. Of course... \n"That gang have just been causing a lot of trouble lately, the last few months or so. Roughing up people who live around these parts, making out they are cops or something. They started wanting money a few weeks ago to leave people alone, that didn't go down very well. Lots of fights, people getting hurt. One guy got hurt real bad by them, he's not even been back to work since. But they kinda went quiet about a week ago though; I assumed the cops finally caught up with them or something.".\n\n Dagger nods "So they were moving up from a street gang to an extortion ring? I'm sorry to hear your buddy got hurt so bad. We're trying to put a stop to the trouble. Could you tell his name and where we might find him? We just to get his side of things." ready to step on Shatterstar's foot if he tries to say that something caught up with the gang.\n\nShatterstar opens his mouth to say something, catches the look in Dagger's eye and keeps silent instead.\n\n"His name? Jake... uh.". He eyes Shatterstar, but seems a bit reassured by the presence of the cop, even if he is quiet, and Dagger. Grice even digs out his ID to speed things along. "It's ok, we're the good guys." Grice declares, licking his lips and eying Shatterstar somewhat nervously.\n\n"And I'll write down his address for you.". And with that the workman goes to get an old invoice and a biro, and writes down an address on the back. "He's just a little guy, works in the office here. Didn't have much of a chance, the way I heard it, got kicked about real bad right outside the gates. I hope you do something about those guys, take them off the streets.".\n\nShatterstar watches the worker write down the address, then turns to look at the gates. He isn't sure why people keep looking at him. Maybe next time he'll wear something other than his costume.\n\n Dagger gives Shatterstar a soft grin before smiling with a nod to the workers "We'll do our best and thank you for all your help, we really appreciate it." looking over at the gate for cameras, that'd be useful some vid feed of what happened.\n\nThe workman thanks Dagger. And he even picks up on the camera she soon finds. "Oh yeah, I can ask the boss for that, I'm sure the boss isn't gonna mind handing that over.".\n\nGrice heads on in to the factory, and after ten minutes or so comes out again clutching a memory stick. "Okay, got the camera footage, easy enough. Everybody's very cooperative; seem a bit surprised we're even doing something about their little problem.". Grice shakes his head. "It's easy for the small time stuff to slip through the cracks I guess.".\nAnd with that the three all pile back into his car, no doubt to return to the station to pick over what they got.

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