The Play's The Thing

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The Play's The Thing

Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch

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08/20/12 22:30

Times Square - New York

A coordinated purse-snatching goes awry thanks to an off-duty Wanda and New York's Favorite Spider-Menace

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Late in the evening and all is quiet. Sure the city never sleeps, but for once this late at night it's definitely perhaps taking a nap. One other New Yorker who wishes he could be doing so as well is none other than the Spectacular Spider-Man!
Those 8 a.m. classes are definitely taking their toll, but at the least it leaves plenty of swing-time open for the rest of the day. Or at least that's how Spidey rationalizes it as he slices across the night sky, barely a blue and red silhouette in front of the large skyscrapers of New York's skyline. Should someone glance up they'll see little of remark, just a faint blur. Yet when Spider-Man looks down he sees the hectic steady ebb and flow of the night time crowds.
Right at this moment, though things have been quiet, things are hopping on Broadway. It's about that time when theaters are letting out, the third acts of their plays having ended and so some of the better dressed and more affluent individuals of New York begin their jovial way home. The sidewalks are full with people in dress formals, and a myriad of expensive cars are lined along the street as drivers and taxis wait to pick up their charges. To most folks it's just an end of the night. To some of the city's darker elements it's known as 'Pidgin Hour'.
The first sign that Spidey gets that something is up is that tingle, that little jangle in the back of his head. Danger, malice, misfortune all seem to come to the fore as his eyes focus across the way. He leaps off the side of the building, falling down... down down, snaring his descent with a /THWIP!/ as he shifts that plummet into a smooth arc that sends him darting forward and towards Broadway. He follows that jangle just in time to round the way, to see the commotion.
It's a typical bait, switch, and hit. Attention is drawn by a group of men walking past a crowd of theater-goers. People are jostled, voices are raised. A scuffle breaks out, then with the raised voices and movement people don't notice the quick snatches of a bag, a pack, and somebody's purse.

Wanda was, meanwhile, just enjoying a night away from the Mansion at the theater. Not that she would ever mind being an Avenger, but there are a few times, especially lately, where it's sometimes good to slip away. Of course, she comes out just as the commotion gets underway, and blinks in surprise as the snatchers make their break for it. A wry look crosses her face, as you don't have to be a telepath to hear her think, "You have GOT to be kidding me..."

Definitely not the usual bailiwick for the World's Mightiest Heroes. But hey, somebody has to patrol the streets. And that somebody is already darting down from on high though most people won't even notice.
It's only when more voices raise and this time the ruckus is broken by the shriek of a woman proclaiming the loss of her purse that the crowd reacts. There's a surge, a shift, confusion reigns as nobody knows exactly who is doing what, so hard to tell at ground level. Then again from on high it's much easier to read the darting forms of a pair of men making their departure.
Like a streak of light, he arrives just in time. There's a /thwip!/ heard as his voice lifts in that cheerful sing-song tone of his, "Heya folks. I just stepped out for a snack." He flips through the air and lands on a lamppost, espying the situation and gauging the flight of the four perpetrators. There are the two obvious ones from above darting down the sidewalk. Then there are the two that were the distraction that are doing their best to fade into the background of the crowd.
"Did. Mr. Mistoffelees get enough money to finally pay his rent to that evil Javert guy?" Even as he's crackink wise, however, Spidey's moving. He's off the post and swinging from the marquee. A smooth flip in the air, another webline fired, and suddenly the two runners find themselves strung up on a set of flashing lights proclaiming their ignominy.

Wanda shakes her head, then looks around and spies the two that were the distraction. She smiles a bit, then murmurs a few words and leaps into the air, flying over towards the pair that are trying to vanish into the crowd, "Now now, you just ruined a perfectly good play for me, and that was not very nice at all." She looks to be waiting for the pair to separate from the crowd, because otherwise... it might get a little dicey.

They're at the edge of the crowd and clearly trying to maintain the idea that they're not together, especially since they were just arguing moments ago. But when the woman starts flying into the air, that's when all bets are off. With no hesitation, almost as if they were on the same wavelength, the two men spin and start to beat feet in the other direction even as Spider-Man makes sure the other two are secure.

Wanda sighs a bit, and just does a twist of her wrist as she glides through the air. There doesn't seem to be a visible effect... until a fire hydrant sends a burst of water right into the other two just as they were attempting to flee. Pure coincidence, really, as the dressed-down Avenger lands near them. "And how well did /that/ work out for you, again?" Her hands rest on her hips, as she looks rather sternly at the two rather-soaked perpetrators.

The hydrant's water /whooshes!/ and slams into the two men, almost as if the stream of water was following them. It sends the two hurling into the wall fwumpf right under a poster for a coming attraction. They thump down only to have a mass of webbing cover them and lock them in place.
"Say lady," That cheerful voice reaches her ears again, "If you're going to horn in on my turf then we'll have to work out a whole hero sidekick dealio." There's Spider-Man, perched atop the big P on the Palace theater's marquee. "You can be Spider-gal, or something."
Though now the crowd is starting to come back to itself. There's a rumble as voices lift and words are hurled.
"You see that?"
"That lady stopped those guys!"
"Nah man, Spider-Man totally busted that fire hydrant open!"

Wanda smiles wryly up at Spider-Man, "And here I thought my identity was public knowledge already..." She looks back at the crowd, wrinkling her nose a bit as a flash of nervousness crosses her features, "Sadly, I can't fly for that long, but if you could give me a lift?"

"Oh sure, I can see the headline now." There's a light thip-thap as Spider-Man drops to the ground beside her, and really... he's pretty thin, and not that tall really. But then again she's seen him before, still perhaps not quite so up close. Spidey offers her his hand in a gentlemanly manner and tilts his head at her, his eyes hidden behind those mirrored lenses of his. "Spider-Man Attacks Crowd, Kidnaps Woman!" She might see his nose crinkle just a smidge behind the mask, and perhaps the curl at the corner of his mouth that might signify a smile.
Once she's situated, ideally with her arms around his shoulders he'll ask, "Where to?"

Wanda takes the offered hand with a smile, then slips her arms around his shoulders, "Upper East Side, actually. I have to admit, I'm a little hurt you didn't recognize me, but then... it's rare I'm out of costume, I suppose." Her lips curl a bit as she waves to the crowd, then hangs onto the webslinger as there's undoubtedly a /very/ rapid transit coming.

Lifting splayed-fingered hands up, a double webline is fired straight across the street. With a /THWAP!/ the lines hit their mark, draw taut, and abruptly they're yanked off the ground and into the air. Indeed it's really quick, there's that rush of speed and adrenaline, then he twists and another line fires. Suddenly they're swirling to the side. He lets go of the line, the two of them hurtled into the air and for a time almost flying free... then gravity begins to reassert its hold on them and he fires another webline, smoothing their course into an easy swing that's much easier on the old nerves.
Over his shoulder he turns his head to lift his voice to her, "Actually, I kinda did. Though, to be fair, I recognized the diamondy reddish energy on your hands. Instantly puts me in the mind of the good witch Wanda."
There's a smooth arc, his legs shifting forward to add to their momentum. He's very warm to the touch, perhaps something to do with his heightened metabolism. And what's more she can feel that shift and flow of powerful musculature as he reaches, extends, swings.

Wanda laughs softly at that, "Well, I wasn't sure if you noticed the other two, so I figured I'd help out." She clings rather tightly to the wallcrawler, then laughs, "I was only expecting to watch a musical, after all... but then, this is New York, I suppose I should just be glad it wasn't the Frightful Four or something."

"I totally had it all under control," Spider-Man says that lightly enough, clear that she'll catch the hint of amusement in his tone of voice. Yet while they're swinging over the glow of Manhattan's skyline, things so high up seem rather nice and peaceful comparitively.
"Want me to take you by the mansion? Or I can drop you off somewhere. Though I should warn you, I usually try to run up the meter by taking Park avenue." The webline tenses as they swing around the edge of a building. He reaches behind him to make sure she's holding on tight, his hand at the small of her back even as he scissors his legs just enough to make the flip transition. They steady out and continue their course.

Wanda smiles wryly, "Well, it /does/ beat a cab... though, you know, I always wondered... why didn't you ever join the Avengers? It isn't as though you're inexperienced with this." She blinks a bit at the course correction, hanging on just a bit tighter before she laughs, "Wow, that's amazing!"

"Yeah, I'm kinda showing off." Spider-Man smirks back but now it's just a straight shot towards the mansion. He lets their pace become leisurely with him steadily just firing a webline, swinging smoothly, then firing another with the other hand. It's definitely a sight faster than the cars that are stuck in traffic below them, the street lights casting the red and blue of his uniform in dark shades. "But, not to be too much of a jerk, but the Avengers thing... it's sorta not my speed. I try to do this stuff. If I spent all my time, you know, saving the world..." He lets those words trail off, not exactly condemning the Avengers for being focused on the big picture.

Wanda nods a bit, "You're not around to stop the muggers on the street. I understand." She smiles, "But obviously we aren't spending /all/ our time saving the world, I clearly had a few hours off for a musical." A slight shrug, as best as she can, anyway, as she watches the skyline fly by, "Still, I've always wanted to ask, since you'd be such a natural for it."

"Nah, I'd be terrible. One day you'd be in the mansion, you'd find that I'd eaten your favorite yogurt, and that I left my smelly socks all around, and suddenly the shower's full of webbing. You folks would be begging Jarvis to kick me out in a week's time." Though she can tell he's making light, it's clear he often deflects with that whole humor thing. But at least he's good-natured about it. Distantly she might see the mansion coming up, a few blocks down the way as he begins to slow down on the swinging, perhaps letting her catch her bearings.

Wanda gives Spidey a rather dry look, "Considering that Jarvis has dealt with Namor, the Hulk, and my brother... I think you'd barely be a blip on his radar." She grins, "But, suit yourself. And if you ever do change your mind, or just need a little extra help with something, don't be afraid to call, okay?"

Bracing her again with a hand at the small of her back, Spider-Man makes one final swing and then drops down at that wrought iron gate that leads into the mansion. He rests his hands on his hips as he stands before her, cocking his head to the side. "Sure thing, maybe if I need help next time I'm moving apartments I'll give a ring and ask to borrow some of your flying monkeys." Ooh, did he just compare her to the Wicked Witch of the West? The cad!
He snaps off a small salute, smiling behind the mask as he starts to take a few steps away, just out of arm's reach as it so happens. "Seeya around, Scarlet."

Wanda looks /almost/ tempted to put a hex on Spidey, but she refrains, giving him a wave, "See you, Spider-Man." She looks about ready to laugh, but holds it in until the webslinger is gone, at least. A wry grin does quirk her lips, though, as she shakes her head, "You be careful, alright?"

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