The Order - Pt. 1

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The Order - Pt. 1

TeenHulk, Shadowcat, La sombra

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2010/04/26 21:00

Hell's Kitchen

A warehouse, an explosion, a fire, and locked doors lead to the need for a quick rescue (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==----------------------------------------

Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.


With the temperature in the low 50s, the New York Night is rather cool for those not used to the winter temperatures of the city. But even for those used to it, the low 50s is good encouragement to not delay in the transition from point A to point B. It is due to this that a shadow of a figure is able to wander into the alleyway near an abandoned warehouse and wander back out awhile later without being noticed by passerby. Quietly the figure came, and quietly the figure leaves, seemingly leaving everything where it should be.

Lyra is walking along the street in the outfit she normally wears. Some might think her crazy but then the cold really doesn't bother her all that much, though she really needs to get some more clothing.

Working a little harder at this 'superhero' gig, TAnya was walking along as wel, although in street clothes too as she moves to pass by the warehouse, hear erabuds in, but the music turned surprisingly low, listening instead attentively, her heart racing as the dark haired spaniard walked briskly.

Oh dear, someone's got earbuds in. And they probably have the volume up so loud that they can barely hear anything else. Can just hear it now. Boom boom ba boom ba boomdity boom ba-


Huh, that's not how the song goes. There's a bit of a rumble accompanying the off count sound eminating from the general direction of the back of the warehouse. But outside, there doesn't seem to be anything going on. The rumble dies away. WEIRD.

Lyra cocks her head to the side and now that she hears and frowns a bit. She decides to start to move in that direction. She leaps from where she is to the Alley and starts towards the warehouse.

She frowned, never liking such loud music.. Even the Cavalia music wasnt THAT loud. She blinked though at the last and turned in that direction, surprised. She stared at the warehouse, trying to think about what that boom may have been, not liking what she was thinking. Lyra moves into her sight and the earbuds are out as she calls over "Did you hear that too?"

There are decidely no more booms coming from the warehouse. But there's something off about the locked up warehouse. As the two start to make their way over to the chained up building. There is the sound of feverish rattling coming from one of the doors. The chain dancing as it holds the fighting steel barrier against the wall.

Lyra frowns, "Don't think I like the idea of that." she says and glances towards the door that is moving like that.

"No, nor do I. I am guessing that 'yes' you did hear it though." remarks Tanya as she stands beside Lyra, shifting uncomfortably foot to foot "Call Nine one One? " she asked the other woman, staring at the door. A shiver ran through her body as she looked at her empty hands, then back up once more.

The door continues it's fight with the chain. But with the added proximity, there's the sounds of muffled shouts on the other side of the door. Other than the rattling chain, the rest of the warehouse seems peacful. One of the windows further back has even a nice cheery dancing aura of yellow and orange upon the glass.

Lyra shakes her head as she hears the sounds. Her enhanced senses make sense of what is going on and she rushes the door to rip the chains off.

"Hey, wait!" notes Tanya as she moves after Lyra "You dont know what that is... it could be dangerous." she warns, even as she pulled her phone out to start dialling up nine one one.

Shadowcat materializes with lockheed perched on her shoulder "Ship said there was trouble and I got a note slipped to me earlier in the day about something like this." Moving straight for the door to the warehouse

Not so fast! The chains are extremely heavy dut- Oh. A hulk? *scribble* *scribble* *rewrite* *rewrite*

The heavy duty chains break apart as if made of a more daisy like material. The remnants of the door's adornment flutters to the ground in the manner one would expect from metallic petals. Fast and not graceful at all. CLUNK. Free of the chains, the door starts to push open, only to stop a few inches as the fallen metal wedges against the base of the door. But it's enough for two frightened male faces to glimpse outside. One of them even reaching an arm out. "FIRE!"

As Lyra starts to pull at the chains, Tanya blinks at Shadowcats' abrupt arrival, at the clal she slows though, nodding as she presses the keys "Careful, Shadowcat. She would need room to try and work." she warns, not wanting either of htem to get in the other's way as she waits for 911 to pick up.

Shadowcat in her x-factor uniform ands not an innocent one at that, looks to her purple dragon and points at the door. Lockheed nods and flies in. Shadowcat just smiles at tanya "Lucky for me then I don't need doors" and runs straight thru the wall to search for survivors.

Lyra shakes her head and tries to rip one of the doors off. She is suprisingly calm for a hulk, though its hard to mistake what she looks like.

Upon the third ring, Tanya's patience is rewarded with a woman's monotone, unenthused voice, "9-11, what's your emergency?"

As Shadowcat comes in, she is greeted by what should be a vast warehouse. where, half of it is currently on fire. Towards the back, there is a sizable amount of building debri and toppled crates that have blocked off the back area from the exits at the front. It is also much hotter in here with quite the stifling feel building up and starting to get harder and harder to see as smoke starts to build.

Outside, the signs of the fire are starting to show slightly, coming out of small gaps in the ceiling. Tendrils hinting to the chaos below. The door creaks as it's being bent open. Likely the only thing slowing her down are those two puny men doing their utmost to crawl out of the gap the moment there is one. Can't squish them after all. That'd be counterproductive. by the time the door is completely bent off, the two men that were behind it are completely in the clear. There aren't any others situated near that opening.

"Yes. I am at *address* Or so and we heard a boom. There seems to be ah..." at the mans' call, she paused, and looked at Shadowcat, and then blinked and looked back, stepping back a little bit "A warehouse is on fire!" her accent was growing a little heavier "There are people inside, we are trying to get the door unlocked! ... Send firemen, Por favor?"

Smiling as lockheed did his best to clear the smoke, Shadowcat searched the room before taking a big breath and walking they the crates and debris to search the rest of the warehouse "I'm not leaving until I'm sure there's no one else here alive"

Typity type type. "Alright Mrs. Please calm down." Typity type type "Firefighters and Paramedics are being dispatched. Do you need for me to stay on the line with you until they get there?"

And it's so good that Shadowcat does. Over to another exit area there are the sounds of two other men banging away at the door. It too apparently being locked from the outside. And suspended up above, in an office that is positioned high up to overlook the whole warehouse, another man is situated, kneeling at the open door as he's trying to keep another man from falling to what appears to have been the staircase prior to the explosion.

Already, there's the sound of a siren going off from the H404.

"I am calm!" notes Tanya, stepping back a few steps "okay, a little nervous. I am moving out of the way and ahh... I do not know, do you need me to?" she watched for Shadowcat, trying to figure out something else she could do. "I hear the sirens ma'am."

Shadowcat looks from the doorway and then up at the office area "I'm shadowcat from x-factor and the dragon is my partner we're here to get you out" using her ninja skills...and some phasing, kitty scales the wall to the office area and reaches for both people "take my hands, trust me it'll be ok just don't let go. When we get to the floor I need everytime to join hands and hold right to each other and me, everyone understand?" She calls down to the people on the floor before grabbing hold if the two in the office. Airwalking down to the floor with them.

"I don't need to Mrs." The operator replies, "Unless you need me to stay with you until they pull up, I will hang up." The lights from the firetruck becomes visible as it reflects off the windows of a building situated near an intersection.

There is a small cry of 'mommy' in a less than masculine manner from one of the men in the office, likely the one who just spent a chunk of time clinging for dear life. With Shadowcat's guidance, they do make it down. Getting everyone to hold hands near the door takes a bit more time to do as one of them apparently preferred the fire to human contact. Takes all sorts.

"okay then!" notes Tanya as she closes it, and starts to circle the building, to ensure and try and open as many doors as possible so that there were more exits.

Shadowcat smiles at lockheed ad he tries to comfort the youngster by playing 's I'm a cute friendly dragon' and crawling into the boy's shoulder. Once everyone was holding hands tightly she phased everyone they the door "Now quick around the building to the front, help is there" leading the way as she made sure no one got lost along the way.

That, does not help. Upon dragon touching his shoulder, the man tries to go through the door. Without Kitty. Ow. Conveniently enough, it makes a loud enough bang to indicate to Tanya which door has people behind it.

Nearly dropping her phone, Tanya looks up at the door and she turns to start working it open. Finding it chained, she sighs, and focuses, her long, sharp blade appearing as she start to bash the lock with the hilt.

Patting lockheed as he looks sadly at her she looks at everyone and bends down to take the man with one arm over her shoulders and slips am arm under him before teaching for someone to grab her other hand "Alright everyone hours a hold? I'll need a little help with our unconscious friend so everyone keep a tight hold" once she knows everyone had a hold on some one and our herself she walks they the door, and the sword and tanya. One trip the group won't forget 'i walked thru a sword welding woman and didn't get a scratch

It takes a couple whacks but eventually the lock breaks with the combined force of Tanya's swing and the weight of the sword giving extra pressure to the hilt.

As for the four men, dragon, and a Shadowcat? They make it through in time to see one of the firetrucks show up and the firefighters hustle out to get their hoses ready. At the sound of the police siren, the still concious men bolt.

Tanya pushes the door open to help get the men out as well, hearing the sirens as well. She blinked as the men bolted and shouted "Hey! WAit! Where are you going?"

Shadowcat blinks ands stats wondering what this fire was really all about, then grins at tantra, still carrying the unconscious man. "And not even a thank you, so much for gratitude huh?" Chuckling "least one stayed, though"

The men do not respond as they are more focused on their objective. FLEEING. Ungrateful, aren't they? But no matter, one of the rescued men stays behind. Granted it's due to being physically unable to runaway, but small victories. Small ones.

By the time the fire department get setup and the ambulance gets here, the warehouse is quite visibly burning and it's deemed too involved for them to go inside. Nothing to do but watch it burn and keep it from spreading.

Tanya sighs in relief and nods at Shadowcat "are you okay? Hello Lockheed!" she notes, waving to the firemen and police officers, "I think I have to go and talk to them now..."

Shadowcat smiles with a nod "Thanks for the help, yeah I'm fine. Though I am kinda curious why those people left in such a hurry" and you know what they say about cats and curiosity! "Don't be too long over there, we should get something to eat after this" lockheed rumbles happily as he waves a purple paw at tanya, glad for some attention. "I should get this guy to the medics, he tried running they the door without me" yeah the guy wasn't the brightest bulb on the string. With a smile shadowcat started making her way toward the ambulance lights

Waving back to the dragon, Tanya nods "USual place, one hour? " she guesses as she was approached by the two firefighters. She straightened, flushing a little. Man, they WERE hot as the calendars...

As one goes towards the police and the other goes towards the medics, the scene fades to the twinkling of pretty multi-colored lights and an warm aura trickling from the warehouse into the night sky...


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