The Order Part XII: Departures And Reunions

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Departures and Reunions

Richenda Gray, Rex Gregson, Blindfold, Dilana, Phantasm, Savio Drago

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Mc Cree Funeral Home

The Conclusion of The Order of Saint George plot. Goodbyes are given to Mike's aunt, bad news is shared about Wade, Mike's father makes a visit, Blindfold has visions, and Rex spots a familiar face. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ McCree Funeral Home. - RP Suite #1 ]==-------------------------------

If it wasn't for the location, from the outside, one would think this was just another house. One where people watch tv, cook meals, live their lives and sleep, dreaming of the days to come. Well, they'd be partly right. Many people sleep here but it is of the eternal variety.

And what a peaceful place it is. With all of the windows allowing light into the building, not impeeded by the white billowy curtains, it is a bright place and with the pale yellow paint on the walls, it could be considered cheerful if it wasn't for the dead people.

Upon entering the door, a sign stands, indicating the room in which visitors may find the Fiona Hannigan viewing. Down a hallway, leading towards the back gathering room, far away from the windows of the lobby, there is lamp lighting, acting as a beacon for those seeking the room.

The room is of decent size and a woman in her late 50s lies peacefully in a black box lined with white fabric. Upon the closed portion of the casket, a flower arrangement of roses, snapdragons, chrysanthemum, and fern rest on it. To the right, there is an arrangement of pink oriental lilies, carnations, snapdragons, and eucalyptus. To the left, there is a potted white Orchid. Across from the casket, is a table with the guest book.

============================================================[ suitehelp ]=====

With the trickle of people of black leaving the viewing room, filtering themselves to their spots to have low toned conversations. It appears that Fiona Hannigan is getting a good send off. Based from the attire and the general appearance of most of these people, a sizable number of those attending are from the Hell's Kitchen area. An elderly woman sporting a large black hat and veil steps out, moving over towards a sofa in the hallway and sets herself down. Soon after she's joined by another elder woman and they too start their hushed tones of conversation, sneaking a glance towards the back room.

Inside the room with the casket, Mike stands nearby, looking in to the sleeping Aunt somberly. His usual Goodwill-esque threads have been traded out for a suit of better quality, his hair pulled back into a neat ponytail.

Chenda's not fond of reading, but she does read the news. Plus, somebody in her class mentioned news of a tragedy befalling Mick Drago, and she checked out a fan page that mentioned the death of Mike's aunt. So she's here to lend moral support.

And she's honestly tried to fit in with the mourning mood. Her witchy black hair is bunned high on the back of her head, and she's traded in her usual denim ensemble for a black broomstick skirt, deep purple cami, a heavy black shawl that isn't see-through, but bears a distinct spiderweb pattern, and medium-heeled, lace-up black boots. Okay, maybe she ventured a little too far into mourner's territory and wound up crossing over into Gothland. It's not like mourning wear is easy to find in a secondhand store in SoHo!

She peeks in first, trying to see where the lone family member in the room is. Or maybe she's just having an unexpected attack of Out Of Place Fever. Fortunately for her, it's not hard to spot Mike, and she moves to join him, moving carefully through the crowd. "Mike... sorry I'm late," she says softly as she slips up beside him. "I came as soon as I got out of Social Studies."

Hearing another familiar voice, Mike turns his head. Eyes that are too tired looking for a Tuesday looks over Chenda's attire as the musician looks to her blankly. "Chenda?" His tone betrays a bit of surprise as he looks to the outfit, "Haven't seen you in awhile." He gives a small smile, "Remember to wear a belt?"

"Better yet, drawstring," Chenda ripostes, managing a faint smile of her own. "I came as soon as I could after I got the news. I'm so sorry, Mike," she adds, hugging him gently.

Mike's smile fades, "The one about my aunt, I'm guessing." He grows quiet, looking to the casket once more, "Don't think enough time's gone by for the other to get out."

"You've got some seriously nosy fans," Chenda replies in a whisper. "But I heard about your aunt first." She turns and looks down at Fiona Hannigan, quieting down. "What was she like?"

"Understanding." Mike summarizes, looking to the body, "I wasn't the best of kids to be caring for here. Trouble just seemed to be where ever I was. She took it in stride. Was angrier at the police than at me for the problems we had. She just, was there when I needed it." Mike swallows, clearing his throat. "So, how did you find out about Wade? I just got that call this morning."

Chenda nods sympathetically. "Reminds me of my Dad. Mom... not as much, but she could be. Um, Mike? Seriously... if you ever need to talk to somebody, dial me up. I mean anytime," she says soberly. "1-800 Chenda's shoulder."

Mike nods, not looking towards Chenda, "Maybe after this has set in. " He gives a forced laugh, "It's, kind of weird. When Baker died, I couldn't believe it. But, after all that's happened, my aunt getting murdered, the attacks, by the time the phone call rolled around this morning, I'm just taking the news as is." He clears his throat. "What do you think the chances of him pulling what Baker did is?"

"No rush," Chenda replies, her smile faint and sheepish. Sometimes her sincerity goes over the limits of social restraint, which is not something she's good at. "Just whenever."

She nods soberly at the question. "I wish I knew, Mike. I can't even take a guess."

Chenda gets to see one more nod from Mike in response, lips tightening. He looks down to her, "...not likely, huh?"

Chenda shuts her eyes and shakes her head, really not wanting to see Mike's expression on this note. "Prob'ly not. I wish it were."

Mike nods, a tired, weak smile, "Ah. Thought so...." His hands shift, sliding into his pockets as his glance moves down to the floor. "Sucks. You know, all he really wanted to do was go back to playing on tour."

"And you wanted him back on tour with you," Chenda says softly. "If anybody deserved the chance, it was him." She stretches up to hug him again. "I'm so sorry, Mike."

The hug isn't avoided. As the hands encircle him, Mike blinks. Shifting his hands, he returns the hug. Eyes closing, his chest rises as he takes a deep breath.

And Chenda? Just keeps hugging. Sometimes everybody needs one, especially during tough times.



With the light colored walls, there is a stark contrast with the dark attire of those mingling awkwardly in the hallway. Primarily elder folks of likely lower income by New York standards, they still have donned their best depressing clothes for the event. An elderly woman in a rather large black hat and veil sits on a hallway chair, leaning towards another woman as she speaks quietly, glancing occasionally towards the room Fiona Hannigan resides.

Within the room with the casket, there are not as many people actually viewing the body. Most have already gotten their glimpse and have headed home or are treating it as social hour in the lobby. Off to the side of the casket, seated on an ornate and rather uncomfortable looking loveseat, Mike sits. His Goodwill-esque black traded in for a more traditional black suit. In lieu of the knit-cap, his hair has been swept back into a well-kept ponytail. Leaning forward, he rests his upper arms on his knees, studying the floor, expression rather blank.

Another figure steps in. Dressed 'down' for Tyrannosaur, and 'up' for Rex, she was in a simple conservative one peice black dress as she looked about, little nervously as she made her way not directly to the viewing hall just yet, instead spotting Mike there. A pause, and she lookied about. Behind her was a figure that very much fit the bill of Secret Service, a tall man with a serious expression and sunglasses and black suit, trailing her. "... Mike?"

Hearing his name, Mike tilts his head up to look at the newcomer, "Rex?" His head tilts, looking to the security accompanying her. "You, got rid of the Golem guys huh?"

"... I did. I wish I'd only taken your advice earlier." she admits quietly, moving to sit with her. The man remains standing, attentive and alert "This is Kyle. He's on 'loan' from my mother. Are you okay? " she asked, concerned as she peered at him, looking at his eyes and trying to discern his condition.

The pale eyes, remain that, pale. But from the shadowing around, it looks like Mike hasn't had a good night's sleep in, awhile. He gives a weak smile, "I remember when they tried pushing them off on me. Drove me nuts. Most of my time was spent ditching them." He doesn't answer her question. Smile fading. He sighs, shifting over to allow her place to sit if she wants to. "You might want to sit down for this."

She obliges, and offers a gloved hand to him to hold if he wanted to, her lips pursed in concern "Am I going to be let in on secrets that would further endanger me? Sometimes... sometimes ignorance is a bliss." she notes.

Mike shakes his head, taking the offered hand, clenching it. "Not that. And, it'd be bliss not knowing but you'd find out this anyways and better you get it from me than a reporter." He pauses, frown deepening.

She relaxes her fingers at the tight clench, but doesnt object to it at all, her own curling up tightly now as well as she nods "Fair enough. I'm listening." she notes quietly "I've been worried about you. Armand is just frantic. I managed to distract him a little at least. Your friends I think are the most worried."

Mike is quiet for a few more moments, eyes starting to unfocus as his thoughts appare to be drifting away from Rex. The effect lingers until Mike lifts up his free hand, turning his head to clear his throat. He lowers the other hand down, starting to focuse back in on Rex, but there is no pleasantry to his expression. "There were complications with Wade's injuries. More than they thought initially."

Rex Gregson inhales a little bit at that "... Is he..." she states softly, not finishing the sentence as she swallows hard, her own hand squeezing a little tighter before relaxing again consciously. She was inwardly praying for the alternative.

Sometime, prayers aren't answered. Mike turns his head, clearing his throat once more. "Yes. Got the news a little bit ago." The one holding Rex's hand remains firm in grasp. "His family's taking care of the arrangements."

Rex Gregson inhales tightly, then lets out a slow breath "... I am so sorry Mike. If there's anything I can do... let me know." She notes, looking up at him, her eyes watering. She hadnt known Wade THAT well, but she had liked what she saw. "I'm going back to England soon. Not sure for how long. I wish I didnt have to but after events, I need to feel safe again."

Mike gives a nod, "Yeah." His tone is far from happy at the news, but then again, it's been a shitty week, "For the better."

Rex Gregson is quiet, perhaps detecting that "... Want to go with me? For a few days at least? " she offers finally "We can take Armand as well. Sometimes a bit of away time is good for the soul, and I know quiet places in England..." she offers

Eyes flick over to Rex, expression becoming a bit befuddled, "How would being around me help you with the 'feeling safe' part?"

She almost smiles at that, and states "Well, I have a Secret Service agent shadowing me now... and if you go to England, it may be harder for him to track you down. You know, under the radar..." she explains in a quiet voice.

Mike nods, growing quiet as he turns his head, the hand grasping Rex's letting go, allowing it to rest upon his upper leg. He looks over towards the casket. Lips tightening. "A few days." He nods. "Maybe swing by Ireland on the way back."

"Ireland is always nice. " she suggests, trying to enable him to the idea more "Have you ever been on a castle tour of the Shetlands? I'm told its very desolate, but peaceful." she suggests, glancing the way his eyes did. She looked away fast again.

That gets a shake of the head. "I just want to hit Dublin again." Mike admits, "My mom's family came from there."

Rex Gregson nods "I've not been to Dublin since one of my first concerts. I'll go with you." she promises, with a smile.

Mike glances over towards Rex, and upon registering the smile, he gives a small one as well. "Deal."

Rex Gregson stands then at that, though seemed reluctant to step away "I will go pay my respects now..." she promises, turning to do so. She did not take too long though, but left a single rose by the Coffin that she had stashed away somewhere, departing not long after with her shadow.

As Rex heads out the hallway, she soon passes another, dressed in the typical colors of mourning, there's not much that stands out about him at all. Other than the shared facial characterisitcs of the very man she left.

Off in the lobby, she ends up seeing another person. Similar color scheme. Familiar features, but likely not one she has memorized.


With the light colored walls, there is a stark contrast with the dark attire of those mingling awkwardly in the hallway. An elderly woman in a rather large black hat and veil sits on a hallway chair, leaning towards another woman as she speaks quietly, glancing occasionally towards the room Fiona Hannigan resides. Considering her positioning, she's likely been here for awhile, playing a morbid version of people watching.

Over towards the entrance to the funeral home, fortunately far enough away from the hallway to not get a clear view in to the room, a man who is not at all dressed for a viewing steps in. Nor does he seem all that respectful with the camera setup he has. Clicking away at whatever seems interesting, there is an uplift of murmuring from some of the mourners. Paparazzi. The vultures of the news world.

Ruth taps her way in, her cane bumping the sin of the paparazzi just as he goes to take a step "Oh excuse me, I'm so sorry my apologies please" Dr McCoy on her other side blinks and raises an eyebrow at Ruth. They were both dressed in somber black, Ruth for once wearing a dress and shawl, even get blindfold wad black for the occasion.

Not expecting for the cane smacking his knee, the camera man's hand lowers, nearly dropping the camera. Irritated he turns his head to look at the offending cane holder, "Hey what are you? Bl-" He pauses, looking to Ruth. He walks away to another part of the lobby, moving closer to the hallway leading to where the actual viewing was.

Ruth frowns up at the man before tapping her way after him "If you would please leave sir, this is a invitation, not a gallery or charity event, please thank you. Do you have no respect for the tragedy of this, please if you don't mind my asking? He's lost his mom and now his aunt and you want to make a buck off his pain and grief....please I'm sorry but you should be ashamed of yourself, making a profit on other's misfortune....there had to be better in you then that, yes please. Now please if you would leave and let the friends and family mourn in peace, besides you aren't dressed with respect to this occasion" Beast nods "The child is right, it is quite unbecoming to take such an opportunity for profit, most disrespectful. I'm afraid I would concur with the child that it is best you put the camera away and leave to change clothes to something more suitable and if you choose to return I would hope you have the good sense to leave all recording devices in your car, good sir"

Dilana enters the room just in time to hear Ruth berating the photographer. She chuckles a little on the inside, knowing she had good reason to say what she said. She then continues on, walking up to Ruth's side, wearing a pretty simple black dress which she probably bought specifically for today. She felt a little odd coming to a funeral for someone she didn't know at all, but would happily offer her support to Ruth and her friend nonetheless.

The camera man frowns, looking to the blind tail, stepping back from her and looking over towards Beast. He droops his head, seemingly guilt stricken over his actions. He sighs, looks to them, the incoming Dilana and lifts up the camera to take a picture of them before he heads towards the exit. Well, it's sort of what they wanted.

Ruth sighs "Poor man, I hope he realizes his mistakes and turns himself around, sorry yes but paparazzi is the last thing mike needs around here, he had enough to worry about" turning to beast and Dilana "Thank you yes, sorry about that"

Dilana offers Beast a friendly wave before turning back to Ruth. "Way to stick up for your friend and his aunt. You certainly sent him packing, and maybe he will be turned around by the guilt from his mistakes, but either way, at least you made him think about what he was doing and how it is effecting others."

With the camera guy gone, things have gotten more... peaceful at the funeral home with clusters of mourners continuing to chat in the lobby and hallway. Exiting the room containing the body of Fiona Hannigan, a man in about his mid to late fifties steps out. He too is wearing the colors of mourning but other than a frown, he seem to be reasonably calm about the entire matter. He pauses at the end of the hallway, reaching up to losen his tie somewhat. There's something oddly familiar about his appearance, bearing a strong resemblance to a certain mourning nephew.

Ruth grins with a sniffle "Just...didn't seem right to take advantage of other's misfortune like that, specially when Mike will never look at mother's day again, all because of a secret order and a crazy doctor, yes sorry. Just isn't right to be so callous toward others like that, sorry please" Then tilts her head in a way most familiar with her would recognize "Mike...movies...alive" shaking hey head she sniffles with a sift whimper and starts giggling "Come, please we have to..." turning her head toward the man loosening his tie she starts tapping her cane toward the man "Excuse me sir, please I'm very sorry for your loss, but do you have a moment, please thank you?"

Dilana nods in agreement with Ruth about the taking advantage of others misfortune. As Ruth heads over to the man who just entered the lobby and started loosening his tie a bit, she simply follows quietly.

As he is addressed, the man blinks as he looks to the incoming blind girl. A brow lifts before he rolls his eyes slightly. He gives a small sigh before shrugging, looking from the blind girl, to the dolphin one, to the blue one. Oh yes. This isn't THAT noticable a group. "Yes?"

Ruth smiles with a bit of a chuckle "I'm sorry I admit we do stand out a bit but stranger things have happened yes thank you. I'm Ruth, we may look different but we're still people, normal add anyone is, just different is all, everyone is different in their own ways, yes thank you. May I ask please why you seem so familiar to mike, so similar, please yes?"

"Relatives tend to look that way." The man replies, eyeing Blindfold and then the other two before looking to his watch.

Ruth nods "You're his dad...I'm sorry you two aren't closer, yes my apologies. Please, if I might ask one more question, were you responsible for what happened to a certain doctor's son? please I mean no disrespect, I'm simply trying to help, yes my apologies forgive me. The doctor has been consumed more then I thought by his own grief, some would say it had driven him madd, the eye for an eye route he was using has expanded I fear, yes sorry, please do be careful in your own doings, I don't wish to see anyone dead"

Dilana blinks a bit as she listens to Ruth talk to Mike's father. She isn't sure what Ruth is talking about, but it all sounds rather serious, particularly the part about people ending up dead. She stays quiet though, looking over toward Mike's father.

His head tilts, looking at Blindfold strangely at her question, "Doctor's son?" He pauses before shaking his head, starting to walk off. "I don't know what you're talking about." Great. His son befriends psycho kids. Lovely.

Ruth clears her throat "I beg your pardon sir but I'm not nuts, and your son doesn't make friends with psycho kids, thank you yes. I do think we need to talk though, I don't think you know the whole story about the terrible you and your son share, please thank you. Dr Marinos and the letters Oosg narrow it down please thank you?"

Dilana blinks again as Ruth calls after the man as he walks away, calling him out for something he never said. Was she able to read other's minds? She never picked up on that at the park. Still, what on Earth was she talking about here?

The man's steps stop, his head turning to look towards Blindfold, not saying a word but instead looking to her curiously, his head turns, glancing down the hallway where the light shines, "Shouldn't you be seeing to your friend instead of attempting to lecture me?"

Ruth smiles gently "Please, I'm not trying to lecture, I wouldn't dream of it, my apologies but please if we might talk, it won't take long, I promise but it is important. please, won't you giver me a few minutes, thank you?" her face and voice imploring.

Dilana just stands there quietly with Beast, wondering how this was going to go. Mike's father didn't seem to want to talk about whatever Ruth was referring to, that much was clear.

The father shakes his head, "Considering the insistence, the timing and the place, I can already see you're not one for being discrete. But, go ahead. Tell me the most important thing you got. But after that. I leave." His tone is clear. He is NOT kidding.

Ruth nods "Then perhaps we can find a room not being used at the moment, please thank you, we could use the privacy. please if you would, I think I know where we can talk" waiting for the others to follow before tapping her way to an empty room and opening the door.

Dilana is not sure if she should follow, but then, Ruth seems to wait for her, so she does. She would have to admit to being curious about what this was all about.

Having offered to listen to one thing, he starts to follow the small group, lifting up a hand slightly as a large guy in black starts to shift from the corner of the lobby. The man stops, going back into the corner, leaving the father to head into the room himself. Upon entering in, he waits until the door closes before saying anything, "Well?"

Ruth closes the door once everyone was inside "First, I meant what I said about Marinos expanding his eye for an eye tactic, sorry yes. I know he's cadmus because I met him, I see the past and the future, yes thank you. I have two things you should know, one that he blames you for his son's death and that's why terrible had come to your son, two, yes forgive me, two is that Marinos has expanded his circle of targets, an eye for an eye now includes your family and friends and Mike's as well, forgive me I wish I had good news but I do know a bit about the order. If you want to leave that's fine, you know the important parts now, be careful and stay safe please yes"

Dilana just blinks and stares with her mouth hanging open for a moment before she recovers a little from the shock of the bomb shell Ruth just dropped and snaps it shut. She isn't sure what to say, as that is some pretty serious stuff.

The man blinks. And despite being told that he and his son's friends and family were being targeted, he's reasonably calm. "Thank you." Turning, he opens the door and simply walks out. Leaving it at that.

Ruth smiles toward the man and steps out of the way to let him leave "Thank you yes" Then grins at Dilana "I would explain things more but actually that's it in a nutshell, yes sorry. Secret order that started out good, pick up where the judicial system leaves off, but they went astray some where, yes thank you. Cadmus killed Lawson, a police officer, who was st Michael in the order, he skewed the order down, worked both sides, I know the head of the order too, yes please. A bit much to absorb at once I know, short, but not the worst I've seen, thank you" then tilts her head again "Mike...frustrated...annoyed...tailed by bodyguards" then shakes her head and winces "Uh oh, maybe mike will be too happy about living to be upset that his dad is going to such bodyguards on him, yes sorry, I saw mike die but I saw mike live too"

Dilana is still a little shocked about all that has just been said. Certainly sounds pretty bad, but she eventually regains her ability to speak, and since Mike's father has left the room, she instead turns to Ruth. "I may have just met you, and don't know Mike or his family, but if there is anything I can do to help ensure the safety of Mike and the rest of his family, I'd be happy to assist."

Ruth smiles and holds her arms out for a hug toward dilana "I'd be glad for the help, yes thank you. Mike and his father don't exactly get asking, they walk in different directions, one in thee light and one in the dark but mike is a better man then most know, thank you please"

Dilana happily accepts the hug, though it may be a little shocking for Ruth as she may now finally be able to feel by size that Dilana isn't as young as her voice makes her out to be. "Your welcome, though I guess the next step here would be for me to actually meet the person I'm agreeing to help." She says with a dry laugh.

Ruth hugs dilana tight before letting out a soft gasp "You're...not a teenager are you, sorry forgive me, I hope you don't mind my asking. It's just your voice is a but deceiving, yes my apologies"

Dilana can't help but laugh and shake her head. "It is I guess, never really thought about it that way. But no, I'm pretty far removed from being a teen at 32, no need for apologies though, no way you could have known right?" She says warmly to Blindfold, trying to lighten the mood a little after the previous line of conversation.

Giggling a little Ruth nods "Not without poking in your head, no please. You'll like mike, he's a hero, he's saved me more them once, come he's in the viewing room, yes please"

With a nod, Dilana will follow Ruth to the viewing room, glad that she was politely refraining from poking around in her head, not that she had anything to hide. It just felt weird to think about someone just browsing through your brain seeing all your thoughts and memories.

As the pair make their way into the viewing room, an elderly woman in a large black hat and veil look towards the pair exiting what should have been a vacant room. A curious look comes across her features, but she doesn't pry, instead turning to talk to another woman seated alongside her.

The actual room with the casket is devoid of life, save for the one seated on an uncomfortable, overly ornate love seat. Leaning forward, facing downwards, the lengthy brown hair should have fallen down with the tilt of the head but it couldn't with it being tied back. Mike's attire has also gone with the mournful attire of the others, although black's not an uncommon color for him, that he's wearing a suit without some form of flair to it is just...weird.

Ruth taps her way in and places a sock monkey with a raven on it's chest in the casket and taking a moment in silence. Then turns toward mike "I'm sorry mike, I wish I had known, I wish there was something I could have done, yes sorry. I'd like nothing more them top take your pain away, yes please" tapping her way over to give the man a warm hug

Dilana just stands back a bit and lets Ruth pay her respects and talk with Mike. When Ruth doesn't introduce her to Mike however, she does speak up as soon as a point comes up where she doesn't feel like she's interrupting. "Hello Mike, I'm a friend of Ruth's, and you have my deepest condolences."

The tap of the cane is what initially announces Ruth's presence to the room. The shoulders shift, seemingly tensing as he lifts his head, pale blue eyes staring at her before shifting to look over to Dilana and then for the expected chaperone. As Blindfold moves in, he doesn't move. Neither to accomodate or hinder as it seems to be the theme for the day. He looks over to Dilana once more, "Hi. Ruth has weird ideas for activities to take her friends on, doesn't she?" Is that a joke? It'd probably be easier to tell if Mike was smiling, but his expression remains about the same. Tired. Exhausted. Likely in need of a good night's rest.

Grinning, Ruth gives a soft dry chuckle a she hugs the man "Mike, this dilana, dilana this is mike yes thank you. Mile, please may I ask when you last slept? You seem drained, you need some rest, yes please"

It does seem like a joke, but Dilana doesn't laugh given the present situation and how exhausted Mike looks, she just nods. "Well, I wish we could have met under... more pleasant circumstances. You look like you've had a rough few days at least."

Mike looks over towards Ruth. "Last night," he answers, matter of factly, looking towards Dilana, "Yeah, at least." There's a slight quiver of the lip, perhaps an attempt to smile but it never quite gets anywhere. He looks towards Ruth. "You know about Wade, right?"

Ruth gives mike a supportive squeeze "Yes I'm sorry but you need to have faith please. I...have bad news and good news and frustrating news, sorry yes but you need to rest you don't always get rest when you sleep, yes please. Dilana wants to help, please thank you"

Dilana just shakes her head a bit, feeling bad for Mike if he looks like that and has slept so recently. Sleep must have indeed not been very restful. When Ruth speaks of good and bad news, she wonders what the good news is, while quietly waiting and letting Ruth do the talking for now.

Mike squints at Ruth, "Is it news that you should be sharing here? Wade going to pull a Baker?"

Ruth smiles sadly "not exactly, sorry my apologies and well...Dilana sort of already knows about the trouble, I had a talk with your dad, sorry yes"

It would seem that Ruth wasn't sure if she should tell Mike the details of what was going on, or at least, not here. Dilana wasn't going to step on her toes and blurt it out either in that case. She simply nods, then adjusts her dress a little and rubs a spot where it was making her tail itch a little.

"Oh Christ." Mike mutters, his tone becoming annoyed, glancing over to Dilana and then back to Ruth. Voice growing lower in tone, "Ok. Skip the ramble and give me the cliffsnotes."

Ruth fidgets with her cane at the ambiance in his voice and takes a deep breath "I'll try yes thank you. Well first dilana doesn't know your secret but does want to help you, yes thank you. Now the bad news, unfortunately gellar knows the secret, he was able to put trip and two forget when he saw me, cuz I doubt he could heat what I told sandman, sorry yes. Marinos had expanded his circle if targets, he killed st micheal and his eye for eye agenda now encompasses your family and friends and your father's, my apologies yes. The good news is I saw you in a movie, they won't kill you, yes you're welcome. Frustrating news, you're going to get frustrated alot by being tailed by body guards, yes sorry" which was close to clifford as ruth has ever gotten

So the good news was just that she had agreed to help... Dilana would frown if it wasn't for her 'dolphin smile'. She listens as Ruth fills Mike in, giving a few new details, but none that would add much for her. For now, she just looks to Mike, wondering how he will react to this.

As soon as Ruth starts her 'careful' phrasing, Mike's already lowering his head, bring the palm up to cover his face. His head shakes. "I just..." The head shakes again, shoulders starting to shake as he gives a bit of a stressed-out laugh. "Oh god you've GOT to be kidding..." The hand flops down as he leans back in the seat, glancing up to the ceiling, "I'm done."

Ruth gives mile a hug "He is a bit unstable mentally if not bonkers, hee even thinks you turned into a dragon, my apologies if I had known he knew a blindfolded girl visited your apartment I would not have come into his view, please forgive me. But please do take heart, crisis this knowledge enough hag been changed that the order will not sacrifice you and the body guards are from your father..." tilting her head " body guards" shaking her head she smiles softly "There will be a day when you aren't tailed by bodyguards, when you don't need them and you /will/ live to see that day, yes thank you"

Dilana watches quietly as Ruth and Mike hug, and Ruth tries to reassure him. Afterward, she looks to Mike and nods. "When after Ruth was done speaking with your dad, I offered to help anyway I can, perhaps unfortunately after your father left the room. But I meant it. If you need anything, just let me know..." She realizes she still doesn't have a phone yet, but quickly writes down her email address and offers it to Mike.

Mike allows Ruth to hug him once more, but his body tenses up, glancing blankly to the doorway beyond. Eyes closing, he gives the slightest of nods, as he waits for the hug to be finished before he reaches over to take the offered email. He pockets it, "Thanks." He looks over to the blindfolded girl, "Ruth, could you and your friends head out? I could use a bit more quiet time. Alone."

Ruth gives a mike a final warm squeeze and rubs his back before ending the hug "He might be a crime lord but he's ask your dad and he'll do everything he can to keep you safe cuz he cares about you, yes thank toy, of course we'll leave you be but do get some rest soon please not just sleep thank you" worry for his current condition written on her face as she nods to beast.

Dilana nods to Mike. "Of course, take care and yes, get some rest if you can." She says warmly as she turns to Ruth and heads out along with her and Beast.

"Okay fine, I'll keep that in mind." Mike assures Ruth, shooing her off.

As the trio departs, the elderly woman in the big black floppy hat looks at them curiously once more, she turns, murmuring towards her chatting companion.

Alone again, Mike looks over towards the casket, expression darkening. "I'll keep that in mind."


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