The Order Part XI: A Last Stand

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A Last Stand

Rex Gregson, Marios Marinos, Ian Lawson, Savio Drago

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Bellvue Hospital

With the law breathing down his neck, what is there left for Dr. Marinos to lose? (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------

This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.

Rex Gregson
Obvious Exits:
[HL] - Hematology Lab - Bellvue Hospi [O] - Midtown - New York

The evening hours have started to set in but the visiting hours are still in effect allowing for folks to stop by their loved one's places. But, being in the latter portion of the hours, the hallway is only speckled with the occasional passerby. An older looking doctor is at a workstation, going over notes nearby while a tweed suited elder man in a bowler hat stands nearby, having a low toned conversation with him.

The door outside Wade's room is vacant of persons but that soon changes as an elder version of a familiar face stops outside, glancing in to the open doorway.

Rex was back in the hospital, carrying a small bag with her. She had brought a present, something better than flowers- chocolate.As she spots the figure there she halts instantly, staring at him intently to try and get a better look at him before he vanished again. Guido put a hand on her shoulder as well, perhaps warningly and she glanced at him with a frown.

As before, the visitor does not appear to be lacking in good clothes. Although not something excessively guady, there's no mistaking fine craftsmanship in the chocolate brown shirt that is mostly buttoned up or the nicely tailored black slacks and accompanying belt. It makes it all the odder that with such dressings, his hair, although showing signs of styling, is a bit long in the back, curling around the neck in slight twists. He lingers in the doorway a bit longer, scanning the room before he turns, walking down the hall away from her.

Rex pauses, then starts forwards quickly to catch up "Excuse me, sir?" she calls after him.

Hearing someone calling out to him, his steps continue for a few more steps down the hallway, moving out of sight of the work station area before deciding to, slow his steps, allowing for the busy body to catch up if she still chooses to.

Guido reaches out to grab after Rex but, damn it she's quick.

She does indeed intend to, coming around the corner "Sir? Sorry to bother you but I had to ask... Are you one of Mikes' relatives? Does he know you've been visiting?" she asks.

The man's glance lifts up, looking over towards the bodyguards in assessment, tilting his head before looking back towards Rex. "Yes and No," He replies, "I'll assume you'll keep it a 'No'?"

Rex Gregson blinks "I... If you want me to then okay. Though he'd probably want to know you were visiting, that you you know, cared." she points out.

There's a slight twist of bemusement at Rex's suggestion, "I can assure you that he wouldn't. Our family has several, complications."

"You would be surprised. But I'll respect your wishes. I'm a friend of his... Rex, and I just wanted to look out for him. " she explains to him, then offers a hand.

He reaches a hand to take hers, well, maintiained hands. Clean, properly manicured, Pristine. "Savio. My pleasure, I'm sure." He gives a smile, displaying where Mike gets his smile from, "It is good to find out his friends wish to watch out for him. But, you are wrong in assuming that he would ever want to find out what I was up to. Much less speak with me."

"Fair enough. That's between you and he I guess." she shook the hand, then released it "On that note I should go check on Wade and he I suppose. Just remember people can change their minds, right?"

He chuckles, "But for some, you have to force them if you want to change the mind. Perhaps you can help me with that." His smile fades as he gives a nod to Rex before leaving down the hallway.

She smiled back at that, quietly, then watched him go. She turned to head back to the room, face troubled. She wanted to tell Mike, but she kept her word as she tapped on the door.

The door doesn't open immediately but when it does, the one opening the door is Detective Lawson. "Miss Gregson." He greets, pausing as he looks towards the company she has brought, expression darkening a bit. "Gentlemen." He sighs, looking to them and then towards Rex. "Funny you should come across this room. I did have some follow up questions for you." He looks towards the bodyguards, "Any chance your, uh, sizable, entourage can take a break and go elsewhere for a bit?"

A blink of surprise at the Detective's presence there. She look at Guido, and states "I think I'll be relatively safe with the Detective. Go get a coffee, on me? " she offers. He nods and turns to depart, before glancing back to the Detective "Here or in a spare room?"

Lawson glances over towards the sleeping Wade. "The room next door is vacant. We'll use that to talk." Recovering his 'smile' that he reserves for witnesses he needs to cooperate, he waves her towards the door. "After you."

She steps through, glancing about to make sure it was empty as she steps in and waits for him, taking a seat on the empty, cleaned bed. "Is the investigation still ongoing?"

As she steps into the other room and Lawson follows, there's the faintest hint of someone else leaving Wade's room. But no one follows them into the spare room. The work station in the hallway has since grown quiet as it appears the elder men have since left.

Lawson doesn't speak immediately, instead taking the time to close the door and to check around the room. There's nothing special about it really, Two of everything, with the exception of the bathroom and TV. Two beds. Two bedpans, hopefully clean ones. Two chairs, two sets of curtains, two rolling trays to serve food on. You get the idea, it's a Noah's ark of depressing.

Rex Gregson sits patiently and waiting for him, having an idea of what he was doing, at least in theory as she too looks about, glancing to the window. Then she starts to fidget "Is it... dangerous? " she asked finally

Satisfied with the inspection, Detective Lawson looks over towards Rex, "What I'm about to say does not leave this room, understand?"

Rex Gregson licks her lips and sighs, nodding "Understood. Not a word to anyone" she promises, putting a hand on her chest. Her english accent started to slip out a little bit.

Lawson nods, glancing back to the door, "The group that started the problems for your friend have been compromised and it won't be long until more arrests are made. BUT." He looks back towards Rex, "It will take time to arrest them all. Don't tempt fate."

Rex Gregson looks relieved at first, but at the sharp look she nods, strightening "I'll take all precautions. No spontaneous appearances for a bit, bodyguard... my dad's arranging something for me. I'll lay low for a while and keep out of trouble." she promises. "Will Mike be safe? I dont know where he's staying - he didnt ake me up on my hotel offer."

The information makes his lip twist a bit upwards, "Good. Best he keep his distance." He tilts his head, pressing a couple fingertips to his temple, "Speaking of bodyguards. Where the HELL did you get them? They practically SCREAM mob."

Rex Gregson looks embarassed, and says "Ahh, mikes' record company offered them to me for a short time. They're good and reliable... quiet guys, but nice." she chuckles at his guesture "If my dad pulls his strings, I get my own Man in Black type next. " she joked

"Golem?" Detective Lawson asks, frown deepening, shaking his head. "See if your dad can pull the strings faster."

Rex Gregson blinks at this, surprised "... I got a similar reaction from Mike. Are they shady then or possibly in on it?Oh wait you probably cannot tell me." she sighs "I didnt WANT dad to use his authority in any way, but I'll let him know and see what he can do."

"Good." Lawson surmises, turning towards the door, "That's everything I really wanted to talk to you about."

Rex Gregson nods "Glad to know you're making progress. They have my number for when the trial comes up for the one guy who attacked me." she had intended to fully lay charges.

"It should be interesting." Lawson admits, glancing towards Rex as he starts opening the door. "Good night Miss Gregs-"


Detective Lawson's eyes widen as his hands go to his stomach. "Mar-?" A hand reaches in, shoving Lawson off balance as another figure steps into the room, closing the door behind him. The hand slashes at Lawson again, catching him in the throat and triggering a spray of blood for several feet. The elder doctor looks down, looking unconcerned about the man bleeding out before him, "You know, I never did like the name, Michael."

Rex Gregson sits, uttelry petrified for a long moment as the detective goes down. Then she was over the bed, placing it between he and the other man, her face going sheet white "Oh god!" glance about, inching backwards to the window. "Now what the hell do you want??"

"What I want?" The doctor replies, ignoring Lawson for the time being, eyes focusing on Rex, "It's simple really." He starts to step towards her, "I want my family back. But, I can't. So instead I'll just have to take his." The doctor's hand lifts up, displaying the bloodied scapel, "Extended as well."

Rex Gregson is quite white at this point as she tightens her grip on the little rolling table, still keeping the bed between them. A blink "That makes... no sense at all. D... Dead? IT wont bring them back you know!" She pauses, then in hales deeply. The scream she let out was QUITE volumous - she was opera trained after all, and it reverberated at the highest pitch she could manage.

"But it'll certainly make me feel better!" The Doctor replies, setting his hand on the edge of the bed as he tries leaning over to slash at Rex, wincing a little from the scream, "Eye for an eye. Son for a son. FAMILY FOR A FAMILY!"

Rex Gregson jerks back, but shoves the table towards him. Then she grabs the bedding quickly, getting an idea. With a practiced flourish she flares out the blanket, trying to toss it over his head and blind him.

Not expecting the blanket, the slashing ends up being of the blind variety for a few moments before he stops al together to work on getting the sheet off.

Rex Gregson bolts for the door, trying to circle around him as fast as possible, sending another rolling cart towards him to trip him up on the way to the door "Help! someone help!"

The doctor snatches off the blanket and starts giving pursuit, only to stop and mutter something less than polite as the rolling cart ends up whacking him in the knee. That doesn't feel good for his knees, especially after other events. "GET BACK HERE!" He snarls, starting to hobble after her. His posturing and expression are greatly distorted from that of the calm demeanor he had earlier.

Rex Gregson is out in the hallway now, loathe to leave the detective but having no way to defend herself as she shrieked again to get attention of anyone, heading the way she had sent the bodyguard "Not again not EVER again." as she flat out ran.

The shrieking does indeed get the attention of others. Primarily in getting nurses and the occasional doctor to dive into a nearby room and slam the door. Nuh-uh. Don't wanna. They saw those ER episodes where the doctors and nurses get killed by some guy who suddenly turned psycho. NO WAY.

As the doctor comes across an intersection of hallway however, there's a blur of chocolate brown layred on black that barrels out, slamming the doctor into the wall.

Rex Gregson hears the WHAM behind her as she ducks into another room and slams, locking the door behind her as well with a gulping sob

After a few minutes Rex peers through the little glass door in the window, sniffling a lot and shaken badly as she ries to see what was going on.

As Rex sobs, the door muffles the remnants of the scene, The doctor recovers enough to take a look at the tackler, his scapel dropped to the floor from the force of the shove. The expression is far from friendly as he glares at Savio. "You-"


The doctor doesn't say much else as his head is slammed against the wall once forcefully, it being enough to knock the crazy old doctor out. Looking to the unconcious doctor, he drops him to the floor and calmly kicks the scapel down the hallway before turning back to the doctor. He gives him a vicious kick to the stomach before walking off. Scowl on his face.

A squeak at what she saw, mostly at an angle, but she heard it too. She puts her back to the door and slides down, pulling out her phone, thinking. And then dialling... she had Guidos' cellphone in hers "Where the hell are you?? Its not that far to the cafeteria!" she almost shouted.

After some time has gone by, there is eventually a knock on the door. On the other side of the door, "Miss Gregson?"

Rex Gregson looks up at that, her eyes reddened as she tenses "...Who is it? " she asked wearily, having not said anything till now, hugging her knees. This was quite a shock for the perhaps naive, closeted rock star

A badge sets upon the window. "Miss Gregson. We need to talk."

Rex Gregson tenses at that, and nods as she finally stands and opens the door, wiping her nose with a kleenex "Yes sir. Maybe uhm, elsewhere? A station maybe?" she asked shakily

The man on the other side of the door gives a nod, "Come with me then."


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